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The exploits of FBI Special Agents Fox Mulder and Dana Scully who investigate X-Files: marginalized, unsolved cases involving paranormal phenomena. Mulder believes in the existence of aliens and the paranormal while Scully, a skeptic, is assigned to make scientific analyses of Mulder's discoveries that debunk Mulder's work and thus return him to mainstream cases.

John Neville - The Well-Manicured Man in The X-Files
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John Neville als The Well-Manicured Man bei Akte X
Image: John Neville as The Well-Manicured Man in The X-Files

†  November 19, 2011

as The Well-Manicured Man

8 Episodes (1995-1998)

from Episode: 3.01 - The Blessing Way

Born May 2, 1925
in London, England

John Neville died November 19, 2011 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada , passing away at the age of 86

Staffel 3 - Alle Folgen mit John Neville

The Well-Manicured Man

The Blessing Way

A furious pursuit of Agent Mulder is underway, and more importantly, the government wants the data tape he carried. Agent Scully, against all odds, searches to uncover his whereabouts, persisting that he is alive when all others deny it.

The Well-Manicured Man

Paper Clip

Mulder returns to Skinner and Scully while the deadly pursuit is still at hand. Led by an old photograph of his father and a group of scientists, he and Scully discover more than they could imagine in an old West Virginia warehouse. The truth, of course, may kill everyone.

The Well-Manicured Man


The search for the long lost digital tape is short-lived once Mulder is able to track down a secretive government official. While Scully cares for hospitalized Skinner, Mulder learns what Krycek has been up to, and they try to track down the salvaged UFO before it's too late.

Staffel 4 - Alle Folgen mit John Neville

The Well-Manicured Man


When a man carrying a sample of the mythical black oil into the US is detained and the sample is released, the hierarchy involved in its concealment must act. Led by a revived and vengeful Krycek, Mulder and Scully seek to find its origin, its purpose, and perhaps its cure.

The Well-Manicured Man


Called upon to disclose Agent Mulder's current whereabouts, Scully must stall the hearings until further understanding of the mysterious "black cancer" is revealed. Mulder, in the mean time, must escape a Russian prison camp, or be subjected to the "testing" until he dies.

Staffel 5 - Alle Folgen mit John Neville

The Well-Manicured Man

Patient X

Faceless alien rebels are committing mass murders. Mulder and Scully meet a multiple alien abductee, Cassandra Spender. As the consortium tries to determine how to deal with these new alien rebels, Mulder and Scully work to figure out Cassandra Spender's connection with these mass killings. In their way is Agent Jeffrey Spender, who doesn't believe that his mother, Cassandra Spender, is an alien abductee.

The Well-Manicured Man

The Red and the Black

Mulder and Scully look to retrieve Scully's memories from the incident on the bridge where the mass killings happened. The consortium pressures Krycek for the vaccine to the black oil. As Spender continues the search for his mother, Mulder and Scully go to Wiekamp Air Force Base in hopes of finding the alien rebel being held captive there.

The Well-Manicured Man

The End

During a chess tournament, a young boy becomes the centre of an investigation concerning the alien mythology. Meanwhile a face from Agent Mulder's past causes friction in his relationship with Agent Scully.

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John Neville als The Well-Manicured Man

Autor - August 5, 2012

John Neville als The Well-Manicured Man
John Neville als The Well-Manicured Man

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