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The X-Files

Die unheimlichen Fälle des FBI

1993 - 2018

Number of episodes:
201 Episodes in 9 Seasons


The exploits of FBI Special Agents Fox Mulder and Dana Scully who investigate X-Files: marginalized, unsolved cases involving paranormal phenomena. Mulder believes in the existence of aliens and the paranormal while Scully, a skeptic, is assigned to make scientific analyses of Mulder's discoveries that debunk Mulder's work and thus return him to mainstream cases.

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201 Episodes (1993-2002)

from Episode: 1.01 - Deep Throat

Birth Name:
Martin Fulterman

Born August 26, 1946
in Brooklyn, New York, USA

Staffel 1 - Alle Folgen mit Mark Snow


A young F.B.I. agent is assigned watchdog duty over a fellow agent, but finds herself drawn into his investigations of paranormal and unexplained phenomena.

Deep Throat

Agents Mulder and Scully investigate the suspicious behaviour of a secret air force base in Idaho, coming into contact with government forces which threaten their careers and safety.


Every thirty years, five victims are found with their livers extracted in seemingly inescapable locations. The only possible exit is through tiny spaces no normal man could fit through. It is up to Mulder and Scully to stop him - even if it means one of them becoming dinner...


A Sioux City girl, whose mother once encountered a UFO, disappears in the middle of the night. Mulder pulls Scully into the case while an inquiry is made about his choices: does he intend to use this case to further the search for his own abducted sister?

The Jersey Devil

When a body is found in the woods of New Jersey missing a limb, Mulder tracks the case to an old X-File and decides to investigate. Despite the local police department, Mulder and Scully try to find the legendary "Jersey Devil" before it attacks again.


Two terrorists are found dead in a back alley of Philadelphia. Their body temperature still remains normal, and their muscles still shake. Mulder and Scully investigate the case in lieu of CIA officials, and uncover a woman with an unfortunate past involving murder.

Ghost in the Machine

The chairman of Eurisko, a computer corporation, is found electrocuted in an executive bathroom. An old partner of Mulder's asks him to help, and they soon track down the computer genius responsible for the main operating system. They must shut it down, but it has other plans...


Mulder, Scully and 3 scientists travel to the arctic to investigate what happened to the previous team of scientists sent there, and discover what they believe is a new life-form that makes its host want to kill other people.


A Missions Control Comm. Commander from NASA contacts Mulder and Scully. She believes that the spaceships sent out recently have been tampered with, and suspects sabotage. Mulder's childhood hero, Colonel Belt, is in charge of the ships - but could he be the saboteur?

Fallen Angel

An unidentified craft has crashed in the town of Townsend, Wisconsin, causing the government to 'quarantine' the area. With information from Deep Throat, Mulder sets off to investigate by himself. Both him and the military are searching for one thing: The alien pilot who escaped.


The fathers of two identical girls are found exanguinated in the back yard of their homes. Could these murders be a step-up in the series of accumulating cattle-mutilations in the U.S., or a missing link to a government project known as "The Litchfield Experiments"?


Three British members of Parliament have caught fire and been incinerated in front of their families. An old friend of Mulder's leads him on to the case, which is as cold as the fire is hot. Can Mulder face his fear of fire, or will he perish in the flames?

Beyond the Sea

Two college students were kidnapped at Jackson University in North Carolina. Luther Lee Bogs, a convict facing the gas chamber in less than a week, claims to be able to contact the souls of the missing students. If Mulder and Scully reduce his sentence, he'll cooperate. Things sound fishy, but soon it seems that he can also communicate with Scully's recently departed father...

Gender Bender

Five murders have been committed involving a strange seductive substance. The victims are found dead and the murderer seemingly changes gender before escaping. The substance leads Mulder and Scully to a Massachusetts Mennonite sect, who may have more information than shows.


A bank robbery ends with a fatal shootout involving the robber and another agent. After he is resuscitated, he reprises his job and life. Yet, the corpse of the robber is missing a wedding ring, and evidence involving the case is disappearing. Two men died, one came back.

Young at Heart

John Barnett, Mulder's first Bureau case and seemingly dead killer, is back in action. Reclaiming his affection for cryptic messages as well as his taunting personality, he leads Mulder and Scully on a chase involving heart, mystery, and science.


When a trucker hauling automotive parts encounters a UFO, Mulder and Scully are sent spiraling across multiple arrays of evidence. Mulder can't trust his source, nor can he let the government cover up the truth. He learns, along with Scully, what the truck is really holding.

Miracle Man

A Tennessee man's adopted son who has publicly healed many believers on his father, a preacher's, behalf, is recently giving his pupils death. While he believes that the devil has corrupted his gift, the county sheriff calls Mulder and Scully in to prove the boy a murderer.


A Montana Native American reserve is the center of attention as Mulder and Scully investigate the strange death of a local Indian man. The shooters claim they saw a monster attack them, and an old legend of lycanthropic nature comes forward.

Darkness Falls

30 loggers in Olympic National Forest of Washington State disappear within a week of their arrival. Due to the disappearance of another logging group in the 1930's, Mulder takes the case and invites Scully along to investigate. What they find certainly shines some light on the subject, in a particularly creepy way.


In this sequel to "Squeeze", Tooms is released after an investigation. However, he needs to be stopped before he can claim his last victim and go into hibernation for another 30 years.

Born Again

The only witness to a 14th Precinct cop's apparent suicide is an eight-year-old girl, who was found miles away from her New York home. Mulder suspects that the girl may have special abilities such as telekinesis, and soon the agents uncover a murderous plot.


The death of a scientist working on jet propulsion technology leads Mulder and Scully to Roland, an autistic man who works as a janitor at the lab. The remaining scientists are being killed one by one, while their work is being completed without them.

The Erlenmeyer Flask

A man infused with alien material eludes police officers in Maryland, and disappears after jumping in the river. Deep Throat guides Mulder and Scully through a new realm of information, while Scully discovers proof of alien existence she never dreamed existed.

Staffel 2 - Alle Folgen mit Mark Snow

Little Green Men

With the X-Files shut down, Mulder is assigned to wire taps while Scully returns to teaching at Quantico. All hopes dulled of ever finding evidence to what he has seen, Mulder is about to give up hope; luckily, however, the proof he was looking for may have just presented itself.

The Host

A body is found in the sewers of New Jersey, and Agent Mulder is strangely assigned to the case. Soon, the killer seems more like an X-File-worthy creature than a homicidal man. Could his placement in this case be coincidence, or does somebody want the X-Files to continue?


A small county in Franklin, Pennsylvania has been home to a series of mass killings, where the murderer seems to have gone crazy in an unexplainable way. Mulder, with the help of Scully and his old buddies at The Lone Gunmen, tries to solve the case before it happens again.


A doctor specializing in sleep deprivation is found dead in his condo after reporting a massive fire outside the door. No fire was seen nor reported otherwise, but when Mulder asks Scully to take a closer look, she finds disturbing evidence that questions reality.

Duane Barry

An institutionalized man who claims to have had multiple alien encounters escapes the hospital, taking his doctor with him. Agent Mulder is brought in to help the hostage negotiations. All the FBI wants is the hostages out alive, but all he wants is to be heard...


Reviewing Scully's message to him from before she was taken, Mulder tries to piece together where Duane Barry is headed. Krycek, though reluctant, agrees to help and tags along. There are forces at work all around them; some are military, some may be small and gray.


Whilst Agent Scully is still missing, Agent Mulder embarks upon an investigation involving vampires in Los Angeles, subsequently becoming involved with a sultry female vampire who yearns to escape her lifestyle.

One Breath

An unconscious Scully appears in the Emergency Ward of NE Georgetown Medical Center. As her mother and sister look after her, Mulder vows to track her captors down. After a talk with Asst. Director Skinner, Mulder hunts down the Smoking Man and demands the truth - at any cost.


A distress signal is received from a volcano research team in the Cascades. The last captured image from their robot, Firewalker, shows a dead team member and something else inside the volcano. Mulder and Scully investigate, unaware of the true nature of the killer.

Red Museum

Agents Mulder and Scully investigate when a religious cult is accused of kidnapping, branding their victims with the words 'He is One', or 'She is One'.

Excelsis Dei

A nurse (Teryl Rothery) who works in a home for the elderly in Massachusetts claims to have been raped by an invisible assailant. Mulder and Scully investigate, and soon find that the patients of the home are not quite what they seem. One of them appears to be seeing what isn't there, and the continued occurrence of seemingly inexplicable events (including apparent miracle cures for Alzheimer's Disease) point toward an extraordinary explanation.


Several murders in Aubrey, Missouri which occurred in the 1940's resurface when a county police officer digs up the bones of the missing FBI agent once assigned to the case. A similar murder occurred just a few nights ago, and it is up to Mulder and Scully to bring the story to rest.


Bodies are being dug up in Minneapolis, Minnesota, nails and hair removed from the young female victims. Mulder creates a working profile of the suspect, though the case is hard for Scully to accept. The killer is starting to kill to retrieve, and she may be next.

Die Hand die verletzt

A group of teenagers in New Hampshire, who decide to test an old myth about satanic rituals, nearly escape a killing which leaves one of them dead. Mulder and Scully investigate the case, which leads them to suspect the town, the school, and, most importantly, its staff.

Fresh Bones

When a soldier stationed at a processing center for Haitian citizens crashes his car into a tree marked by voodoo, his wife refuses to believe it was suicide. Mulder and Scully search for the man responsible, but must be careful that they don't get marked next.


Upon receiving three obituaries of three identical-looking men via anonymous e-mail, Mulder and Scully investigate the growing number of homicides throughout New England. When a new charade of evidence is presented, neither Mulder nor Scully know what to think.

End Game

The search for the bodies of those in the lake continues, as a note from Mulder's father leads him to an abortion clinic in Rockville, Maryland. What he finds he can neither believe nor explain, but the doctors there need his help, before they are exterminated.

Fearful Symmetry

An elephant found roaming an interstate road in Boise, Idaho escaped from a locked cage in a zoo across the county. The night before, a construction worker was mauled by a seemingly invisible force. Many other forces are at work, and Mulder and Scully must see them all.

Død Kalm

When some people on a ship are rescued, it is discovered that they are aging and later, dying. Mulder takes it upon himself to investigate the ship, which he believes has been the target of Philadelphia Experiments.


The strange death of a circus sideshow attraction in Gibsonton, Florida, leads Mulder and Scully on a bizarre whodunit adventure into the world of the performing arts. Was the killer the Fiji Mermaid, the Dog-Faced Boy, or any of the town's other inhabitants?

The Calusari

A two-year-old boy in a Virginia park is mysteriously killed, and a further look shows a ghostly figure luring him. Mulder and Scully investigate despite an existing official inquiry, and learn that the boy's brother is in great danger as well - for evil follows evil.

F. Emasculata

When a package with infected contents releases the virus on its inmate recipient, a dozen prisoners contract it and Mulder and Scully are mysteriously called in to help. What they find demands that the truth be told to the public, but that's the one thing they cannot do.

Soft Light

Three deaths have occurred around Richmond, Virginia. The only traces which each of the victims seem to have left behind are black scorch marks of unknown origin. Mulder and Scully are called in by an old student of hers, and the search for the truth begins in its shadows.

Our Town

Reports of foxfire on a field in Dudley, Arkansas lead Mulder and Scully to a bizarre situation regarding the townsfolk. Employees of the Chaco Chicken Corporation are displaying bizarre behavior, and the death rate is slowly increasing.


A man known as "The Thinker" has hacked into the U.S. Department of Defense mainframe and uncovered 50-years-worth of proof that the Gov't has been dealing with aliens. Mulder and Scully race against time to distinguish truth from lies, uncover the secrets, and survive them.

Staffel 3 - Alle Folgen mit Mark Snow

The Blessing Way

A furious pursuit of Agent Mulder is underway, and more importantly, the government wants the data tape he carried. Agent Scully, against all odds, searches to uncover his whereabouts, persisting that he is alive when all others deny it.

Paper Clip

Mulder returns to Skinner and Scully while the deadly pursuit is still at hand. Led by an old photograph of his father and a group of scientists, he and Scully discover more than they could imagine in an old West Virginia warehouse. The truth, of course, may kill everyone.


A local teen discovers he has gained great electrical powers after surviving being struck by lightning.

Clyde Bruckman's Final Repose

Several local psychics in St. Paul, MN are found dead in their stores with no real evidence left behind. When the police department hires a famous psychic to lead their case, Mulder and Scully are quite skeptical - but Mulder's found a psychic of his own.

The List

Napoleon "Neech" Manley, an inmate in East Point State Penitentiary, FL, has gotten the electric chair. Before dying, Neech prophesied his own return and the death of five who were responsible. Rumors of a hit list surface, and Mulder and Scully must find it before it's too late.


The corpse of a woman, or what's left of it, is discovered in a car in Cleveland, Ohio. Mulder traces the questionable homicide to previous cases in which the victims, all female, subscribed to a newspaper column. The killer has now found his way on to the Internet.

The Walk

A disabled war veteran at the Army Hospital in Fort Evanston, Maryland makes claims of a phantom soldier who has killed all his loved ones and kept him alive to suffer. Mulder and Scully work to solve the rising amount of homicides, but Mulder has some theories of his own.


At the same time that a 15-year-old girl was kidnapped from her home, a previous kidnap victim, now a waitress, collapsed also. Mulder tries to prove that both victims are linked, though neither local law nor Scully will believe him, as the waitress herself is a suspect.


Following a lead on a video tape of a supposed alien autopsy, Agent Mulder discovers the fate of a recovered alien ship, whose pilot may have survived. Scully, searching a list of suspects, discovers a group of women who, like her, were abducted - and learns of their fate.


While Mulder remains on the passenger train he believes is holding an alien captive, Scully is led to a disease research facility in Perkey, West Virginia, where she is told ordinary men were subjected to tests. Amidst lies and doubts, Mulder must stop the train - or at least its bomb.


Over the course of three years, eleven would-be stigmatics, or people who claim to have harnessed the power of God, have been killed. Just as Mulder proves the most recent one was a fraud, he and Scully get a call about a boy who bleeds from his hands, and may be in danger.

War of the Coprophages

When an exterminator in Millers Grove, Massachusetts drops dead and 2 more townspeople follow, every citizen screams "roaches!" Indeed Agent Mulder, the town's best hope for survival, is hot on the trail of the creepy crawling insects, and it's all a matter of not bugging out!


A string of several curious deaths brings the rural Caryl County to the streets, preposterously shouting "Satanists!" As Mulder persistently investigates the case alongside a highly doubtful Scully, he learns that the culprit may be, not exactly evil, but cosmic.


After a serial killer, who claims to have killed people under the influence of a demon, is arrested, the murders continue. Meanwhile Mulder, who believes that the demon might have picked someone new, goes neck-deep in the investigation.

Piper Maru

A French ship on a salvage mission docks in the States, and its crew all suffer strangely severe radiation burns - all but one man, who piloted the rescue suit. Old secrets resurface as Mulder searches for the truth to this newborn mystery as well as its... alien... origin.


The search for the long lost digital tape is short-lived once Mulder is able to track down a secretive government official. While Scully cares for hospitalized Skinner, Mulder learns what Krycek has been up to, and they try to track down the salvaged UFO before it's too late.


A seemingly unmotivated murderer, who can apparently talk his victims into killing themselves is on the loose and it is up to Mulder and Scully to study the clues left to them by the person and capture him.

Teso dos Bichos

A team of diggers who are rescuing ancient Indian artifacts from otherwise certain destruction uncover a burial urn containing the remains of a female shaman known as an Amaru. Though many protest its removal, the urn is sent to a Boston Museum, where its curse ensues.

Hell Money

Once a man is burned alive in Chinatown, San Francisco and several ghostly figures vanish from the scene without a trace, Mulder and Scully enlist the help of a local cop. Spirits of the dead seem to tie in with an underground organization. Losing their game can mean death.

Jose Chung's 'From Outer Space'

The story of two teenagers who were abducted by aliens interests popular writer Jose Chung. He seeks out Scully to retell her account of what happened, but everybody else has different views. Who are the mysterious Men in Black, and are we really alone in the universe?


FBI Assistant Director Walter Skinner is the prime suspect in a homicide involving a woman he was with the night of her death. Mulder and Scully are all he has to prove his innocence, as superior officers try to shut him down and the only clue is a mysterious old woman.


The disappearances of a Boy Scout leader and a biologist within weeks of each other draw Mulder's attention to Heuvelman's Lake in Georgia. Resident officials believe the case to be a joke, but Mulder hopes to find proof of the lake's long-rumored prehistoric monster, "Big Blue".


A man who killed five people claims that all of his victims were the same war criminal he saw on TV. Investigation by Mulder and Scully turn up something unusual with the television signals in the area, and Mulder must uncover the truth before Scully becomes the next killer.

Talitha Cumi

When the victims of a fast food restaurant shootout are miraculously healed and the healer vanishes without a trace, Mulder and Scully investigate. At the same time, Mulder's Mother is taken ill and an old source confronts him with photos pertaining to a long-repressed past.

Staffel 4 - Alle Folgen mit Mark Snow


The continuing search for Jeremiah Smith leads Scully to uncover encrypted data files whose purpose is not yet known. Being closely hunted by an unknown assassin, Jeremiah leads Mulder to a secluded farm in rural Canada while men in suits determine Mrs. Mulder's fate.


The remains of an infant suffering from an uncharted amount of birth disabilities are uncovered in a field in rural Home, Pennsylvania. The only suspicious residents are three brothers who have lived on their family farm for twenty-some years. They live there alone. Or do they?


Several African American men in Philadelphia, PA have gone missing, and one of them turned up dead under mysterious circumstances. All pigment in his skin was lost, and the cause of death may have a connection to an ancient African tribal monster who stalks the night for its prey.


An intended passport photo for a missing woman develops warped and twisted, showing her terrified and surrounded by beings. With a little investigation, Mulder develops a theory that the kidnapper of this woman has the power to psychically display his thoughts on film.

The Field Where I Died

Agents Mulder and Scully investigate a suspicious religious cult, which inadvertently draws Mulder into recalling a past life, in the field where he died.


The bizarre, perhaps ritualistic death inside Greenwood Memorial Hospital's Aesthetic Surgery Unit is cause for alarm. Though head practitioners are at first unwilling to help Mulder and Scully with their investigation, several more 'possession killings' force them to.

Musings of a Cigarette Smoking Man

Mulder and Scully are called to meet with The Lone Gunmen. It is there that Frohike reveals an uncovered history of the infamous Cigarette-Smoking Man. The story told involves his desperate attempts to live a worthy life while continuing to conceal and change American history.


When a man carrying a sample of the mythical black oil into the US is detained and the sample is released, the hierarchy involved in its concealment must act. Led by a revived and vengeful Krycek, Mulder and Scully seek to find its origin, its purpose, and perhaps its cure.


Called upon to disclose Agent Mulder's current whereabouts, Scully must stall the hearings until further understanding of the mysterious "black cancer" is revealed. Mulder, in the mean time, must escape a Russian prison camp, or be subjected to the "testing" until he dies.

Paper Hearts

A recurring dream of Mulder's leads him to discover the 14th victim of a serial killer whom he caught years before as a detective. The murderer takes heart-shaped fabric from each of his young girl victims' clothing, and insists Mulder go on a goose-hunt to find the final two missing girls - one of which may be his sister.

El Mundo Gira

White flashes of lightning followed by yellow rain in southern California north of the border give new life to an old Mexican folk-tale of El Chupacabra, a gray-skinned being whose victims decompose fast. Are the stories true, or is there simply a new viral pathogen in the world?

Leonard Betts

After an ambulance accident leaves Pittsburgh, PA's EMT of the Year Leonard Betts without a head, and what's left of his body seems to walk right out of the morgue, Mulder and Scully investigate. They find what may be evidence of evolution from man to something... cancerous.

Never Again

Agent Mulder has taken a week-long vacation and it's up to Scully to track several Russian war veterans in Philadelphia, PA. She arrives, upset and disturbed, but soon is distracted by a single man with a tattoo. The tattoo, unfortunately, has a cynical mind that is eager to kill.

Memento Mori

The horrible truth behind Scully's illness is revealed: she has cancer and may die. Such has been the fate of a dozen other women who, last year, introduced themselves as abductees and made claims of being with Dana on an alien space ship. Mulder must find a cure, and fast.


Three teenage murder suspects involved in the death of a Jewish store clerk in Brooklyn, New York, are in danger, for it seems that the murder victim himself is vengefully claiming their lives. Mulder and Scully work to solve the case, but their suspect may not be alive enough for them to take in, or stop.


The execution of an honored military general by a seemingly invisible assailant receives the attention of Assistant Director Skinner and a special task force including Mulder and Scully. The feds have less than twelve hours to find the mysterious man before more generals are killed.

Tempus Fugit

Mulder and Scully investigate a plane crash in New York state. The crash appears to be UFO caused because one of the passengers was Max Fennig, an alien abductee, who Mulder and Scully know from a previous encounter. The agents work against the military which attempts to cover up what really happened to that flight.


The investigation continues for agents Mulder and Scully of the apparent downing of Flight 549 by a UFO. They encounter deadly opposition from the military which continues to cover up the truth of incident.


A mysterious old man is killing scientists working on the development of a cryobiologic compound. He freezes them to death with this same compound that doesn't even exist yet.

Small Potatoes

Five unrelated women in a small town give birth to babies with small tails. The prime suspect is a man who can shape shift into whomever he wants.

Zero Sum

A swarm of bees mysteriously kill a postal worker in an enclosed restroom. Assistant Director Skinner covers up the evidence. Mulder investigates Skinner's apparent involvement with the crime.


Several women are killed in the same manner within blocks of each other. One of the dead women's ghost is seen by the proprietor of a bowling alley attempting to communicate. The cryptic message "She is me" is found where the apparition appeared. It's also apparently the dying woman's final words.


Mulder wakes up in a strange motel room with blood on his shirt and not knowing how he arrived there. A double murder has been committed with Mulder's gun. Mulder and Scully attempt to clear Mulder's name while finding out what is causing Mulder's memory lapses and blackouts.


Mulder is given an opportunity to obtain irrefutable proof of the existence of extra-terrestrial beings. At the same time, Scully deals with her cancer. Michael Kritschgau, a Department of Defense employee, later gives Mulder information that turns Mulder's beliefs about extra-terrestrial life upside down.

Staffel 5 - Alle Folgen mit Mark Snow


Mulder kills a man in self-defense who was spying on him in his apartment. Scully tells the FBI that the dead man in Mulder's apartment is Mulder. Mulder uses the opportunity and the dead man's ID to infiltrate the Department of Defense and search for answers about Scully's cancer. Scully also continues to look for answers about her cancer and the spying done on Mulder.

Redux II

As Scully lies in the hospital dying of cancer, Mulder continues to search for answers. The cigarette smoking man approaches Mulder with a deal to quit the FBI and join him in exchange for curing Scully's cancer and learning the truth. Mulder testifies before an FBI sub-committee about the dead man found in his apartment and a possible mole in the FBI.

Unusual Suspects

The origins of the Lone Gunmen are shown. At a computer and electronics show in a convention center in 1989 Baltimore, Byers, Frohike, and Langley have separate booths. They combine forces to help a mysterious woman who uses their computer prowess to obtain confidential information about a heinous government plot. A pre-X-Files Agent Mulder appears to be investigating this woman as well.


Mulder and Scully travel to an FBI team seminar in Florida with two other agents. On their way to the seminar, they are stopped by a police roadblock. Mulder and Scully stay to help in the investigation of the mysterious disappearance of a hunter in the Florida Everglades. It appears to be the work of invisible predators.

The Post-Modern Prometheus

A letter to Mulder from a woman who has become twice pregnant through strange circumstances, brings the agents to her small town. There Mulder and Scully discover a mad scientist who has been doing experiments with humans and animals. Among these experiments they discover a modern-day Frankenstein's monster, who may possess the answers to their current investigation.

Christmas Carol

Agent Scully is spending Christmas with her family in San Diego. While there, she receives a mysterious phone call from a caller with the voice of her deceased sister, Melissa. Tracing the phone call leads her into the investigation of the death of a woman with a young daughter named Emily. Emily bears an uncanny resemblance to Scully's sister Melissa when she was the same age. This leads Scully to find out who Emily's natural mother is.


With both of her adoptive parents dead, Scully looks to adopt Emily. Mulder and Scully investigate where Emily came from and how she came to be. When they discover that Emily is not quite human, their investigations lead to a large experimentation involving old women being artificially inseminated with alien/human embryos.


Robert Modell (Pusher) escapes from prison. Mulder and Scully find themselves in another game of "cat and mouse" with a killer who can manipulate the minds of his victims. Mulder questions whether Modell is the one playing the game this time around.


A 16-year-old boy is accused of burying his stepfather alive in the orchard mud. Later, a girl's father is also killed mysteriously near the orchard. It appears the orchard has murderous qualities. Mulder and Scully look into a connection with the two teenagers and their counselor who has a troubled past.


Scully takes a much needed vacation in New England. When she arrives at a grocery store, Scully encounters several people who have clawed their own eyes. Scully assists the local police department in discovering the cause of this unusual occurrence. Scully's investigations lead her to a single mother with a disturbed little girl and her even more disturbing doll.

Kill Switch

Two U.S. marshals, several street-level criminals, and a computer software pioneer (Donald Gelman) are all casualties of a bizarre diner shoot-out in the middle of the night. The Lone Gunmen help Mulder and Scully track down Invisigoth, a computer hacker who knew Gelman. She informs them about an artificial intelligence program created by Gelman that has deadly intentions. The only way to stop it is to feed it the "kill switch", a CD containing a neutralizing virus.

Bad Blood

While investigating bizarre exsanguinations in Texas, Mulder kills a teenage boy whom he mistakes for a vampire. Awaiting a meeting with Skinner, Mulder and Scully attempt to get their stories "straight" by relating to each other their differing versions of what happened during their investigation.

Patient X

Faceless alien rebels are committing mass murders. Mulder and Scully meet a multiple alien abductee, Cassandra Spender. As the consortium tries to determine how to deal with these new alien rebels, Mulder and Scully work to figure out Cassandra Spender's connection with these mass killings. In their way is Agent Jeffrey Spender, who doesn't believe that his mother, Cassandra Spender, is an alien abductee.

The Red and the Black

Mulder and Scully look to retrieve Scully's memories from the incident on the bridge where the mass killings happened. The consortium pressures Krycek for the vaccine to the black oil. As Spender continues the search for his mother, Mulder and Scully go to Wiekamp Air Force Base in hopes of finding the alien rebel being held captive there.


In pre-x-files 1990, Mulder goes to the home of Arthur Dales, a retired FBI agent. Mulder asks him about an unsolved case from 1952. Arthur Dales tells Mulder the story of his involvement in one of the first x-files. The case also involved Mulder's dad, Bill Mulder.

Mind's Eye

A blind woman sees flashes of a murder in her mind. She is later arrested at the site of the crime for the violent killing of a drug dealer. The abrasive woman, Marty, maintains her innocence, despite knowing specific details of the crime. Mulder and Scully investigate Marty's bizarre connection with the crime.

All Souls

A wheelchair-bound handicapped girl manages to walk out of her house and is later found dead in a praying position with her eyes burned out. Scully assists in the investigation at the bidding of her priest. She discovers two other girls with the same deformities who may be in a similar danger. The case soon comes to have deep religious and personal significance to Scully concerning her deceased daughter, Emily.

The Pine Bluff Variant

During an undercover sting operation on a terrorist organization, Mulder appears to help the suspect escape. Due to Mulder's strange behavior, Scully becomes suspicious of Mulder's involvement in this organization and suspects he may not be working on the side of the FBI.

Folie a Deux

Mulder gets sent to investigate a threat made against a telemarketing firm. While at the firm, Mulder gets caught in a hostage crisis where one of the employees claims his boss is a monster and that he is turning the other employees into zombies.

The End

During a chess tournament, a young boy becomes the centre of an investigation concerning the alien mythology. Meanwhile a face from Agent Mulder's past causes friction in his relationship with Agent Scully.

Staffel 6 - Alle Folgen mit Mark Snow

The Beginning

Mulder and Scully's ability to pursue the X-Files and their partnership is threatened by the hunt for a deadly creature in the Arizona desert, whose capture could prove Mulder's theories about the existence of extraterrestrial life.


With Mulder trapped in a car by a seemingly deranged man, Scully races to determine if the man is suffering from a deadly illness and if Mulder is in danger of becoming the next victim.


A trip to the Bermuda Triangle lands Mulder in the middle of a bizarre conflict on a mysterious ship, with the fate of the world in his hands.


An anonymous tip finally brings Mulder and Scully to the mecca of all UFO lore, Area 51. But when the agents witness the flight of a mysterious craft, their lives are profoundly and perhaps irrevocably altered.

Dreamland II

Scully begins to suspect that her partner's strange behavior is more than it appears to be, while Mulder fights to return his life to normal before it's too late.

How the Ghosts Stole Christmas

On Christmas Eve, Mulder and Scully stakeout a house that is supposedly haunted by the ghosts of two lovers who killed each other in a lovers' pact 81 years before. Inside, the agents find two apparitions who are more than willing to give insight into the relationship and personalities of Mulder and Scully.

Terms of Endearment

Mulder suspects demon fetal harvesting when a woman claims her unborn child had a horn and tail and was taken by a devil while she slept. While others conclude that the woman killed her own baby, Mulder suspects that her husband is involved and that he may be the devil in disguise.

The Rain King

A mayor of a small town asks Mulder and Scully to investigate Daryl Mootz, a man who apparently can make it rain at will. The mayor believes Mootz is responsible for causing a local drought so that he can charge individuals for rain on their farms.

S.R. 819

Skinner comes down with a mysterious condition that puts him on the verge of death. An unknown voice on the phone tells Skinner that he has 24 hours to live. Mulder and Scully rush to find a cure for his condition. His impending death is somehow linked to S.R. 819, a Senate resolution that will supply money and medical supplies to the World Health Organization.


Agent Scully gets paired up with a new partner to investigate a singular case. Alfred Fellig, a freelance crime photographer, has a knack for arriving at crime scenes shortly after the murder and long before the police arrive. Local authorities suspect Fellig may be killing the victims himself before photographing them.

Two Fathers

After being gone for almost a year following her abduction, Cassandra Spender reappears, in perfect physical condition as the first successful alien/human hybrid. The consortium scrambles as the faceless alien rebels seek to expose their conspiracy with the colonizing aliens. Mulder and Scully try to discover the identity of the Cigarette Smoking Man and protect Cassandra from the consortium who want her dead.

One Son

Agents Mulder and Scully find themselves under strict quarantine after coming into contact with Cassandra Spender. Meanwhile, the suspicious Diana Fowley increases her loyalties to the Cigarette Smoking Man.

Agua Mala

At Arthur Dales' request, the agents go to Florida during a hurricane to investigate the disappearance of Mr. Dales' neighbors, two marine biologists and their son. During the storm, Mulder and Scully get stranded in an apartment building where a sea monster is on the loose.


A bank robbery gone wrong turns into disaster for Mulder and Scully. Mulder gets shot by the bank robber, and he and Scully, along with everyone else in the bank are blown up by a bomb strapped to the bank robber's chest. However, this same day continues to repeat in an endless cycle always ending in the same result.


Scully and Mulder go undercover as husband and wife in a high-class planned community where several couples have gone missing.


Mulder and Scully investigate a series of murders that may be connected to a Chinese breed of dog.


An escaped convict apparently has the ability to pass through solid objects. He has $90,000 hidden somewhere from the bank robbery for which he was imprisoned. Mulder and Scully must find the deadly convict before he can get to his ex-girlfriend and the money.


An introverted writer, Philip Padgett, develops an obsession with Scully and moves into Mulder's building in order to be closer to her. Inspired by her, Padgett writes his magnum opus: a story of secret love and serial murder, featuring Scully and Padgett as main characters. However, the murders in his story begin occurring exactly as written. As he struggles to finish his novel, Padgett realizes that only Scully's death can produce the perfect ending.

The Unnatural

Mulder uncovers a story involving a Negro baseball player in the 1940s who played for a minor league team in Roswell. When in a photograph he sees the Alien Bounty Hunter it is assumed that Josh Exley, the baseball player in question, might just be alien himself.

Three of a Kind

The Lone Gunmen are at a defense contractors convention in Las Vegas trying to get inside information on military secrets. When Byers spots Susanne Modeski at a casino, he convinces the other lone gunmen to trick Scully into coming to Las Vegas to help them investigate why Susanne Modeski is there and what she is up to.

Field Trip

A young married couple's skeletons are found together on a field in the mountains after only being reported missing for three days. The area where their skeletons were found is known for UFO activity, so Mulder and Scully go there to investigate it. Mulder finds the couple alive and all signs point to an alien abduction. But everything is not as it seems.


An artifact with strange engravings on it is found off of the coast of Africa. When a rubbing of these engravings is shown to Mulder, confusing noises happen inside his head. The agents look to uncover the origin of this mysterious artifact and to find out why it is having a singular effect on Mulder.

Staffel 7 - Alle Folgen mit Mark Snow

The Sixth Extinction

In Africa, Scully searches for answers for Mulder's condition by studying rubbings taken from the fallen spacecraft. Back in D.C., Skinner tries to help Mulder by finding Michael Kritschgau at Mulder's request, who may know what is causing Mulder's accelerated brain activity.

The Sixth Extinction II: Amor Fati

Mulder's condition continues to deteriorate. He is kidnapped from the hospital by the Cigarette Smoking Man for insidious purposes. Mulder experiences dreams of another life, away from the x-files. Scully searches frantically for Mulder before it's too late.


Rob Roberts has an addiction to human brains. As he tries to control this overpowering hunger and turn his life around, Mulder and Scully try to find out who the brain-eating monster is.


At the turn of the 21st century, a religious fanatic enlisted by the Millennium Group resurrects four members of the group as zombies to bring about the end of the world. Mulder and Scully enlist the help of Frank Black to help stop the apocalyptic designs of the Millennium Group.


A high school boy is accused of the violent murder of a sheriff's deputy. Mulder believes he is innocent. The agents find that someone with super-human speed may be the culprit.

The Goldberg Variation

A man is tossed off the top of a 29 story building by gangsters. Amazingly, he gets up and walks away unscathed. Mulder and Scully investigate when Mulder suspects this man may have paranormal abilities. The man in question may just be the luckiest man on Earth.


Five years have passed since Scully escaped from Donnie Pfaster, an obsessed death fetishist. When Reverend Orison helps the madman get away from prison he immediately turns to the 'one' that got away...Scully.

The Amazing Maleeni

Mulder and Scully investigate the apparent murder of a magician who was decapitated just minutes after he was able to perform the trick of turning his head around 360 degrees. The agents are perplexed when Scully discovers during the autopsy that the deceased died well before he performed his final trick.

Signs & Wonders

A man is found dead in his locked car, killed from over a hundred snake bites. However, no evidence of snakes being present is found. The man was a former member of a religious cult that believes in snake handling. Mulder and Scully believe that this snake death was no accident, and that it may have been a murder involving this snake handling cult.

Sein und Zeit

Mulder requests to be put on the case of a seemingly routine child abduction case of a missing little girl. Mulder finds a connection between this case and old x-files involving missing children. Scully believes that Mulder is personalizing the case, relating it to the abduction of his sister Samantha.


Mulder enlists the help of Harold Piller, a police psychic, to search for the missing girl, Amber Lynn LaPierre. Meanwhile, Scully searches for answers about Samantha's abduction, leading her to the Cigarette Smoking Man. Both of their investigations lead to Mulder finally learning the truth about his sister's disappearance.


The investigation of a neighborhood monster isn't too weird for the crew of Cops to follow around Mulder and Scully.

First Person Shooter

The Lone Gunmen request Mulder and Scully's assistance in a murder case at a video game company. A virtual reality game has gone haywire, and players are dying for real at the hands of Maitreya, the central character in this game. Mulder and Scully enter the game in an attempt to find and stop the killer.


Voodoo appears to be involved in the murder of a prominent doctor's father-in-law. Mulder and Scully work to stop the killer who uses hex-craft to exact his revenge on the doctor's family.

En Ami

A boy is miraculously cured of his cancer, without medical treatment. After Scully visits the boy and his family, she is met by the Cigarette Smoking Man. He offers Scully the chance to obtain the cure for all cancer in exchange for going on a trip with him to get the cure and keeping the trip a secret from Mulder.


Mulder and Scully are on a stakeout of a female serial-killer of prostitutes. Mulder gets called away from the stakeout by Skinner to investigate the disappearance of federal judge's daughter. The strange appearance of a raven shortly before she went missing leads Mulder to believe this case may have paranormal significance.

All Things

Scully is finishing up the autopsy of a person at a hospital. A file mix-up involving the autopsy folder and another patient's x-ray leads Scully to discover a former lover of hers has been admitted at the hospital. Meeting with him again causes Scully to re-examine the decisions she has made in her life, leading to her where she is to today.

Brand X

A potential witness in a high-profile tobacco case under Skinner's supervision, is found dead in his bathroom from mysterious circumstances. Skinner asks Mulder and Scully to assist him in the investigation. They find a man who smokes a unique kind of cigarettes, the second-hand smoke of which, has deadly results for the inhaler.

Hollywood A.D.

Skinner's buddy from college, Wayne Federman, trails Mulder and Scully on a case involving a pipe bombing in a church, at Skinner's insistence. Wayne is a writer/producer from Hollywood gathering material for a FBI-based movie. Mulder and Scully turn out to be the reluctant stars of this movie by Federman.

Fight Club

Two strikingly similar women, who do not know one another, cause people to erupt into violence upon each other, whenever these two women come in contact. Mulder and Scully set out to solve the mystery of this unexplained violence involving the two women.

Je Souhaite

Two brothers have a less than helpful genie who grants their wishes with disastrous consequences. Mulder comes into possession of the same genie, and his wishes garner similar results.


Nearly a decade since their first case, Agents Mulder and Scully return to Oregon to investigate a strange entity in a forest, risking their partnership and lives.

Staffel 8 - Alle Folgen mit Mark Snow


New Deputy Director Kersh has Agent John Doggett investigate the missing Mulder case. Doggett's skeptical treatment of Mulder's disappearance puts a thorn in Scully and Skinner's sides.


Scully leads Skinner and an unhappy Doggett to Arizona to protect Gibson Praise from an Alien Bounty Hunter disguised as the missing Mulder.


Scully isn't exactly warm to Doggett on their first X-File together in which they investigate a human bat.


Doggett is a little dismayed when Scully investigates a murder in a barely inhabited town in Utah without him. When Scully's car breaks down and she finds the town people aren't as sweet as they seem she struggles to find a way out of the demented town.


Doggett and Scully once again butt heads on their latest X-File which involves a boy who has returned after being missing for ten years but still appears to be seven years old, the age he was the day he was abducted.


A man lives the most recent 5 days of his life backwards and finds out that he is the main suspect in the murder of his wife.

Via Negativa

While Scully tends to her secret, Doggett and Skinner team up to track a cult leader who may be a psychic assassin.


Doggett and Scully deal with a killer who may have X-Ray vision.


A man believed to be dead from Gulf War Syndrome comes back to life and slowly turns into metal.


A small Indian man on a creaky cart is believed to have the ability to leap into people's bodies.

The Gift

Scully and Doggett investigate a case Mulder was working on before he disappeared involving a family and a monster straight from Native American lore.


Doggett takes to the Boston subways to try to figure out where a deadly virus that is killing citizens is coming from.

Per Manum

Scully stumbles upon a woman whose abductee experience and symptoms are amazingly similar. The fear now is that both their upcoming births will be to non-human offspring.

This Is Not Happening

Jeremiah Smith appears out of nowhere and formerly dead abductees are coming back to life, giving Scully and Skinner the idea that Mulder may have a shot at still being alive.


Billy Miles, thought dead, is found alive and Scully still thinks the still-dead Mulder can come back to life; meanwhile Skinner comes in contact with Krycek who may have a clue as to what exactly is happening with these dead-alive abductees.

Three Words

A man is shot on the White House lawn with a disk titled "Fight the Future"; Mulder, on the brink of expulsion from the X-Files, investigates while Doggett uses an old friend from the military, Knowle Rohrer, as an insider to the possibility of a conspiracy.


When some of us are vulnerable we can let pure evil come inside us, like in the case of a recently fired worker. But does the evil inside him have a connection to the murder of Doggett's son Luke?


Doggett and Mulder unwillingly team up investigating an oil rig where some mysterious murders have happened and the possibility of the Black Cancer being involved is a haunting reality.


A bizarre reptilian creature captures Doggett and his new Mulder-obsessed partner underground and only a X-Files deposed Mulder can help them.


The X-Files team must protect Agent Scully and her unborn child as groups of Super Soldiers try to stop her pregnancy.


Agents Mulder, Doggett and Skinner investigate (along with Alex Krycek) the Super Soldier conspiracy, while Scully goes into hiding to have her child.

Staffel 9 - Alle Folgen mit Mark Snow

Nothing Important Happened Today

Doggett's investigation of Kersh and the FBI isn't making him any friends, especially Brad Follmer, a new Assistant Director who has a romantic past with Reyes. Meanwhile Scully denies to tell anyone where Mulder has gone while a female super soldier is on the loose and may give Doggett the clues he needs to make his point known.

Nothing Important Happened Today II

While Reyes and Skinner try to convince him otherwise, Doggett practically goes rogue for his own pursuit of the Truth. His findings, and help from the female super soldier Shannon McMahon, may lead to answers critical to the status and health of William Scully. But Knowle Rohrer is back from 'the dead' and stands in their way.


A professor/inmate in a psychiatric ward may be influencing other men to kill ritualistically. Though Doggett sees it as pure manipulation, Reyes can't help but suspect none else but the devil himself possessing the professor's body.


A killer murders Reyes and mortally wounds another dimension. Reyes, under investigation for a nearly killed Doggett realizes the killer can shift dimensions to fill out his disgusting fantasies.

Lord of the Flies

Doggett and Reyes are unsure whether a boy intentionally or unintentionally can control the habits of flies; during the investigation Scully acquires a new 'partner'.

Trust No 1

Mulder contacts Scully which sets off a chain of events involving an NSA man obsessed with speaking and giving information to Mulder.

John Doe

Doggett wakes up in Mexico and can't remember his name or what he is doing there. His only clues are small flashbacks of a child (his son) and two mysterious marks on his head.


Reyes finds herself inexplicably connected to a case involving ex-cons who are being skinned.


A man is chased from the Canada/US border and reportedly burned alive though his body is not found. Meanwhile, in the burned remains the FBI finds papers with the same UFO markings Scully found in Africa.


Scully's baby becomes a bargaining chip for a psychotic UFO cult that feels the baby is ultimately connected to a UFO they have uncovered.

Audrey Pauley

Reyes is seriously injured in a car accident and finds herself in a hospital similar to purgatory with other hospital patients suffering from serious traumas. Slowly they all begin to disappear. Meanwhile, in the real world, Doggett refuses to accept his friend's 'mortal' wounds and uses a bizarre hospital employee to both connect with Reyes in the other-world and capture a 'Dr. Death.'


After thirteen years in prison, a man named Fassl is released and cleared of murder charges when DNA evidence proves he had nothing to do with the murder of an entire family though he was present on the scene. Doggett, who made the arrest, refuses to accept Fassl's innocence and pursues the case again.


Reyes, Doggett, and Scully are pulled into a bizarre serial murder case involving the number '3', numerology on a whole, and an eccentric man who likes to play checkers.

Scary Monsters

Reyes and Doggett, with the aid of a young Mulder-worshiping FBI agent, investigate a father who is exhibiting bizarre behavior regarding his son who he has kept hidden from the outside world.

Jump the Shark

The Lone Gunmen, with the (unwanted) aide of Morris Fletcher, must stop a destructive virus from entering the populace.


A disfigured man attacks Doggett trying to retrieve X-Files for Mulder...but he might be Mulder himself.


A Frank Black-esque cadet in Scully's class directs Doggett to a current murder case that may have something to do with a case that went unsolved 9 years prior...the murder of his young son.

Sunshine Days

Reyes and Doggett investigate two murders revolving around a house that is, at some points in time, identical to the Brady Bunch house.

The Truth: Parts 1 & 2

Mulder's return leads to his being tried before a military tribunal that seeks to justify and prove the very existence of an alien conspiracy -- and the X-Files.

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Mark Snow - Die Musik der X Akten
Mark Snow, meiner Meinung nach einer der besten Komponisten für Filmmusik, schrieb nicht nur das unvergessliche Intro von Akte X sonder hinterlies in allen 201 Folgen seine Note - bildlich gesprochen...

Mark Snow versteht es wie kein anderer die Stimmung der jeweilgen Szenen mit Musik nochmal um ein vielfaches zu verstärken.

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