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The Flintstones

1960 - 1966

Number of episodes:
166 Episodes in 6 Seasons

The misadventures of two modern-day Stone Age families, the Flintstones and the Rubbles.

Harvey Korman - The Great Gazoo in The Flintstones
All The Flintstones Episodes with Harvey Korman

†  May 29, 2008

as The Great Gazoo

12 Episodes (1965-1966)

from Episode: 6.07 - The Great Gazoo

Birth Name:
Harvey Herschel Korman

Born February 15, 1927
in Chicago, Illinois, USA

Harvey Korman died May 29, 2008 in UCLA Medical Center, Los Angeles, California, USA , passing away at the age of 81

Staffel 6 - Alle Folgen mit Harvey Korman

The Great Gazoo / Cop / Maitre d' / Don

The Great Gazoo

Wilma made a big breakfast to Fred who suspects something: she wants to go out and eat at the expensive and posh "Chateau Rocktambleau" restaurant for one night. Fred and Barney can't afford this type of place, until an encounter with an alien creature might change their minds. They meet the "Great Gazoo" from Planet Zetox, who grants them every wish they asked for... This gives them an opportunity to Fred and Barney to take out the girls at the "Chateau". But at one point, can an alien be there at all times to grant their wishes?

The Gravelberry Pie King

The Slate Quarry workers want a raise and union themselves to get their share. They ask Fred to negotiate. However, as Slate is keen to raise the salaries of the employees, he must fire someone, and it is Fred. Now unemployed, Fred must find a new job. He happens to have gravel berry pie for dessert. A supermarket Tycoon, Mr Safestone, is impressed and asks Fred to make these pies and sell it as the Gravelberry Pie King. Both families are involved in the production, but Gazoo tells Fred he does not have its fair share. He tells Mr.Safestone, and then again he is fired. Fred is stuck now selling pies for himself...

The Great Gazoo

The Stonefinger Caper

An organization who wants to take control of the world targets to kidnap a professor who looks like Barney. However, they spot Barney and attempts to abduct him. However, the Great Gazoo gives Fred a taste of James Bondrock by lending him a sophisticated sports car. However, the little alien will be of much help when Barney and Fred are finally caught by Dr.Stonefinger and his henchmen, as they force them to tell the recipe of a secret formula they don't even know about...

Royal Rubble

Two unusual characters are watching Barney while on a day on the beach. These are Rockarabian guards, who are thinking Barney is the heir to the Rockarabia Royal Throne. Barney is brought into the hotel where the Rockarabians are staying. Curious to see what Barney will expect, Fred attempts to enter despite heavy security. But Barney saves him and invite him to the royal pleasures. However, when Barney has to take wives from a harem and facing the principles of the prime minister who seems very strict, he wants to go back to his simple life with Fred. But getting out from this situation can be deadly, as abdication can mean a sudden beheading !

The Great Gazoo

Seeing Doubles

As the wives want to go on a date, Fred and Barney must go to an important bowling practice. They ask the Great Gazoo to create doubles of themselves. All goes well, but the "clones" are taking too much place and Fred and Barney are not eager to lose their place among their wives...

How to Pick a Fight with Your Wife Without Really Trying

Fred's childish ego about being superior annoys Wilma to a high, so much Fred must sleep at Barney's while Betty joins Wilma at Fred's house. However, both are making nightmares about how they can cope being singles again, but at one point, they can't get themselves out of their heads...

The Long, Long, Long Weekend

Fred borrows money from Mr.Slate to spend a good long weekend with the family. He spends the money for a new hammock and gets Wilma a giant backyard rotisserie. However, while playing croquet, Barney shows Fred a magazine talking about the future. Doubtful about this future, the Great Gazoo invites Fred, Barney and the wives to a trip to the 25st Century. What they see is unbelievable, from a trip to the Moon to an encounter with a direct descendant of Mr.Slate's !

The Great Gazoo

Two Men on a Dinosaur

While going to the races at Hollyrock Park, Fred and Barney are waging on dinosaurs picked by the Great Gazoo. However, two shady characters who witnessed their sudden gains, tells their boss, a gangster called Big Ed. He kidnaps Fred and Barney to force them to give other picks at the Dino track. Can Gazoo save the day again before Fred gets his head cut by Big Ed's powerful judo chop ?

Curtain Call at Bedrock

Wilma's social club is putting up a production of Romeorock and Juliettestone at the Bedrock Playhouse. Though Fred seems perfect for the role of Romeorock, he asks Barney to take it. Barney is not very much in the mood to play this, even with the help of the Great Gazoo...

The Great Gazoo

Boss for a Day

Fred is tired of getting picked up by Mr.Slate at the job. To help him out, Gazoo switches the role over for a day. As Slate is having a hard time as a worker, Fred seems to have it easy until the main administrator of the Slate Quarry comes into the picture...

The Great Gazoo


Fred wants to go Bowling, but fakes a headache to avoid a night out with Wilma who has an invitation for a ball. She invites a former rich boyfriend of her teen years. Jealous of this "showoff" who drives a Rockarari, Fred goes to bowling anyway with Barney but has his mind elsewhere. Along with Barney, he goes to this ball, where Wilma seems to have fun. To get more into this, Gazoo helps Fred to have a date by transforming Barney into a girl named Barbara !

The Great Gazoo

My Fair Freddy

A member of Bedrock's Country Club overhears Wilma telling Betty that Dino has aristocratic descendants. Mistakenly taking this for Fred, they ask the Flintstones to become members. Fred is a bit honored, but needs to learn some "class". He asks the help of Gazoo, needing one last chance of doing a good deed to get back to Planet Zetox. However, Fred must face a bit of embarrassment when he performs ballet in the garage. Fred and Wilma are a bit afraid to be not that much "sophisticated" for the Country Club set, but maybe going as "themselves" might help...

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