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1960 - 1966

Number of episodes:
166 Episodes in 6 Seasons

The misadventures of two modern-day Stone Age families, the Flintstones and the Rubbles.

Hal Smith - Diverse in The Flintstones
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Hal Smith als Trumble bei Unsere kleine Farm
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†  January 28, 1994

as Diverse

34 Episodes (1960-1965)

from Episode: 1.01 - The Flintstone Flyer

Birth Name:
Harold John Smith

Born August 24, 1916
in Petoskey, Michigan, USA

Hal Smith died January 28, 1994 in Woodland Hills, Los Angeles, California, USA , passing away at the age of 77

Staffel 1 - Alle Folgen mit Hal Smith

The Flintstone Flyer

Fred hears some noise at Barney's place. He noticed he is building some kind of "egg beater". But Barney tells him he is inventing a flying machine and Fred have doubts whether this thing would really work. After seeing Barney successfully riding the machine, he proposes to name it the Flintstone Flyer, but since he's too big, the machine won't work for him. Afterwards, hearing that this is Opera night from Wilma as he wants to go bowling, Fred thinks of a plan to stay home. He faints a general disorder in front of the wives and Barney, who offers to stay with him. And Barney proposes to Fred to fly to the Bowling Alley with an improved Flinstone Flyer. It works this time, but little they know the Bowling alley is next to the Opera House...

Additional Voices

Hot Lips Hannigan

Fred is trying desperately to get an act for the "Amateur Night" at the Loyal Order of Dinosaurs. After failed attempts for a singing act, a trampoline act and a magic act, Fred and Barney made the girls disappear in a "Magic Box" and goes to a night club listening to an old school friend doing a music concert. What he does not know is that Betty and Wilma followed them disguised as "teenagers".

P.A. Announcer / Dan / Boxx / Colonel / Seller / Dinosaur

At the Races

Knowing that their friends'Pool Hall is on sale, Fred and Barney decide for a plan to buy it and go on business for themselves. They would risk Fred's one week wage to bet on a long shot at the Dinosaur races. But Fred will have to face Wilma's suspicious attitude, especially when it involves risking money to pay the bills. Fred and Barney think of a plan, but the road might be rocky...

Butcher / Patron / Announcer

The Drive - In

Wanting to go for business for themselves, Fred and Barney take the risk without letting the wives know and purchase together a "Drive-in" restaurant. However, Betty and Wilma suspects something when two sexy waitresses who used to have jobs with the former owner comes into the new owner's house. And their suspicions gets confirmed when they go for a ride and stops at the "Drive-in".

Love Letters on the Rocks

Forgetting that he wrote these in his teenage years, Fred discovers love letters in a drawer, suspecting that Wilma has a "secret lover". Along with Barney, Fred swears to find this "lover" by any means. In this case, he asks the help of famous private detective Perry Gunnite...


In the Dough

As per Betty's suggestion, Wilma decides to put her cake recipe, the "Flint-Rubble Double-Bubble Cake" into a baking contest. Fred have doubts about this contest, until he hears that the recipe is chosen for a "bake-off", he jubilates. However, on the day where they're supposed to leave, Betty and Wilma caught the measles from a neighbor. Fred and Barney must think of a plan since these contests are only meant for housewives, especially when Fred thinks disguising as their wives is not a bad idea after all...

Radio Announcer

The Good Scout

Wondering why Barney does not go to Bowling anymore, Fred discovers that he volunteered for the "Sabertooth Tigers", a scout troop. Wanting to show his early scouting skills, Fred joins the troop as leader of the small kids. And his skills are put to the test at their first hike at "Rock Canyon", with results more or less successful as he thinks...

Fred Flintstone: Before and After

An unscrupulous producer uses Fred for an "before/after" ad, without knowing that he is the "chubby" man in the "Before" side. Humiliated, Wilma asks this ad to be removed. The producer has a better idea: Fred will take the challenge to lose 30 pounds in a month. Fred accepts, however he might need help, as dynamite in the fridge is not always the best way to keep him off food. He joins the local chapter of "Food Anonymous", which can help him out...

Staffel 2 - Alle Folgen mit Hal Smith

Tumble / Manager / Attendant / Bronk / Chet

Droop Along Flintstone

Fred's cousins, Tumbleweed and Mary Lou Jim, come to visit him. The flamboyant rich cousin asked Fred to guard his ranch in the desert while he's away in Eurock, without letting him a choice. The Flintstones and the Rubbles go to the Tumbleweeds'dude ranch, where Fred and Barney are acting like real cowboys. At one point, on a Dino-horse ride, the men get lost and get into a Western ghost-town. Little they know that they are in a middle of a movie set... And thinks that the actors playing in it are real cowboys...and Indians.

A.A. Carborundum / Photographer #2 / Kid

The Missing Bus

Unsatisfied of some new conditions at the Gravel Pit, Fred quits his job and looks the ads for a new one. He goes for a test at the "A.A.Carborendum" company, which specializes in transporting children in school buses. Impressed by Fred, Mr Pebbles and the president of the company hire him. At the first day of work, Fred soon discovers the job is not as motivating as he pretended first...

Mr. Hardrock / Ambassador / Fireman / Man #3

Social Climbers

While shopping, Betty and Wilma meet an old school friend who became a rich socialite. She invites them to the annual "Ambassador's Ball". On their side, Fred and Barney got tickets to the "Firemen's Ball". Some arguments follows, as the women's win their case. Fred and Barney are forced to go to "Charm School". The night of the ball, Fred and Barney fools around with the men while Wilma and Betty get bored of the womens'snobbish gossips. They try to get more life in this party, however this might get spoiled by two crooks disguised as "waiters waiting for the money".

Soda Jerk / Referee / Announcer

A Star Is Almost Born

While shopping, Betty and Wilma drops in at a drug store. A TV producer sees Wilma's hands and wants her in his next production. Seeing the next big deal, Fred becomes her manager and trainer and even risks his job to get his wife go into show business. He is ready to go too far for this ?

Fuedin' and Fussin'

Another feud started between Fred and Barney about some simple things. This time, Barney wants to sell the home. While a rich Texan wants to purchase the Rubbles' house, a redeeming Fred thinks of a plan to keep Barney as his neighbor.


Wilma's mother is in town and Fred does not like it. Mrs Slaghoople's antics really ires Fred, especially that she decides to move with them and Fred takes the garage to live in. However, on a golf game, he founds maybe the best match for his mother-in-law in the person of Texarock Millionnaire Melville J.Muchrock. Mrs.Slaghoople is very pleased of this match, however, rumor of a "fake millionaire" who takes money from helpless women makes Fred suspicious about his mother-in-law new boyfriend. It's up to him and Barney to settle the score before she gets ruined by this suspicious Texan...

Divided We Sail

Fred receives an invitation to be a contestant for the popular show "The Price is the Price". However, Barney takes his place due to a sudden "stagefright", and happens to win a houseboat. As it was Fred's ticket and Barney participating, they have no choice but to share the prize. More trouble comes ahead when they decide to put the boat afloat... Can two captains stop arguing and get the boat sailing ?

Take Me Out to the Ball Game

Interested by Barney's activities as a little-league baseball coach, Fred wants to be a part of it and becomes umpire for the matches. Little he knows that the parents of the kids are taking the thing too seriously. The day of the game between the "Bedrock Giants" and the "Grittsburg Pirates", he learns it the hard way...

Staffel 3 - Alle Folgen mit Hal Smith

Dino Goes Hollyrock

Dino is a fan of "Sassie", a TV show shown on Channel 7 featuring a lady Dino. Annoyed by this, Fred gets over the top when Dino purchases too much "Dino-Gro" pet food to get an autographed picture. However, when he sees that the studios need a male Dino to share the lead in the show, Fred brings Dino for a "try-out" at the studio. However, if Hollyrock seems promising to Fred money wise, he noticed that it has its hard sides, at the cost of maybe losing Dino.

Announcer / Cop #2

Barney the Invisible

Fred is again at his "get-rich-quick" schemes. He wants to invent a new soft drink able to knock off all the famous soft drinks in the market. He tests several ones with no luck. At one point, Barney do taste a sample but he becomes invisible. Fred has to hide this fact to Wilma and Betty and try to reappear Barney as he was before more trouble gets on the way...

Teammate / Rocket #1 / Guy #2 / Voice #2

Bowling Ballet

Fred is in a bad luck streak: he is unable to bowl correctly and a very big championship awaits his Water Buffalo team against the Rockland Rockets. It reflects in his job where he accidentally destroys a truck. Mr.Slate may forget this incident if Fred wins the bowling game. And to make matters worse, some employees have bet their wages'money on Fred's team. Trying to find a solution, Fred might find it at Bedrock's Dance School, where a little ballet might bring back his coordination...

Rock Roll

The Twitch

To help for Wilma's charity show, Fred must find an attraction. He visits a friend who is a star agent. However the choice is very poor and Fred must act quick to get a top billing name. He lies to Wilma when he tells he has hired rocker "Rock Roll" to the show. But to redeem himself, he and Barney go meet the rocker at his suite and he accepts. But some bad luck about "pickled dodo eggs" might occur and Fred must think of a plan "B" if the rocker becomes mute...

Peddler / Emcee / Guard

The Buffalo Convention

Unable to get the perfect gift for Wilma's birthday, Fred gives her a "doozy dodo bird" who talks, that she accepts reluctantly. At the same evening, Fred and Barney attend the Water Buffalo meeting where they announce a major convention in Frantic City. Aware most of their wives will not let them go there, the Grand Poobah will send a fake doctor to give them a case of "dipsy-doodlitis" to excuse them from their home. However, all goes well, but the dodo bird overhears and repeats what the false doctor said. Fred and Barney must get ride of the bird before it snitches to Betty and Wilma...

Orville / Tex / Boy / Clerk

Baby Barney

In order to prove his uncle Tex that he has a "descendant" and to get his inheritance, Fred must find a baby to pass for his son. After unfortunate attempts to adopt a kid, he asks Barney to pass for Fred's son against his will when Uncle Tex comes to visit.

Staffel 4 - Alle Folgen mit Hal Smith

Mr. Berger / Cat / Orderly / Driver / Bailiff

Little Bamm-Bamm

Fred gets tired of Barney and Betty coming every night to entertain Pebbles. As he throws them out of the house, Wilma is infuriated and tells Fred that the Rubbles have not yet a child. He apologizes to them, however, Betty and Barney wishes upon a shooting star. The next morning, Barney stumbles into a basket containing a little boy, named Bamm-Bamm. The Rubbles want to adopt the kid, however, the Bedrock Adoption Agency has another person on the list to adopt Bamm-Bamm: the rich Mr.Rockerfeather.

Charlie / Rocky / Sergeant / Pelican / Dinosaur / Poodle / Guy #2

Dino Disappears

Fred has a string in his finger: he must get something for one member of his family. Thinking it is Pebbles, Wilma makes him remember that it is Dino's birthday. Dino is quite disappointed. However, Fred mistakenly thinks Dino tried to attack Pebbles while trying to save her. The next day, Dino runs away from home. The Flinstones are sad, especially Pebbles who don't want to eat at all. Fred and Barney take all means to bring Dino back. They think Dino was dog-napped by an obnoxious movie producer who has a Dino look-a-like. Fred bets he'll spend one week in Dino's dog house if it's the wrong dog he chose...

Rocky Genial / Buffalo #2 / Buffalo #4 / Shelly / Baseball Fan / Bird #2

Peek-a-Boo Camera

The Flintstones and the Rubbles are fans of a 'reality show', called "Peek-a-boo Camera", which catches unsuspected people on candid cameras. Wanting to date their wives, Fred and Barney receive a call inviting them to "Bachelor Party" organized by the Water Buffaloes. As they lie to their wives that they are going to the hospital to see an agonizing brother, Fred and Barney have a ball at the party. Little they know they were caught on "Peek-A-Boo Camera", and then signed a contract. But consequences for this can be treacherous, and both must try to stop this nonsense before the wives discover the lie...

Holdup Man / Harvey / Guy #3 / Chief / Sonny

Once Upon a Coward

Wilma and Fred are victims of a burglar, the kind who walks away while their victims are counting "nice and slow". However, Fred seems kind of embarrassed since he should have defended himself. Though Wilma does not think of it, Fred tries to find a way to prove he is not a coward. But at one point, Fred unexpectedly crosses the man who did steal his wallet...

Joe Rockhead / Cat / Phonograph Bird

Room for Two

Fred has too much stuff at home and decides to build an extra room. However, another feud starts when Barney tells Fred he voted for Joe Rockhead as the new Poobah at the Water Buffalo Lodge. The worst comes when Barney hears from a city clerk that the extra room that Fred built is on his side of the land. Fred has to endure Barney's presence at the extra room, but patience has its limits.

Father / Cop #2 / Announcer #1 / Doris / Boy / Fiendish

Son of Rockzilla

To promote their next movie, Son of Rockzilla, the producers noticed Fred and promise star status if he wears the Rockzilla costume. However, that evening, Fred is unable to take off the mask out of the costume. Unaware that part of the promotion is being chased by cops, Fred must get help from Barney before being shot by the police, or being abducted by a female "Rockzilla" who just escaped from the zoo...

Staffel 5 - Alle Folgen mit Hal Smith

Creepers / Horace / Giggles

A Haunted House Is Not a Home

Fred hears from a telegram he inherits money and a mansion owned by his uncle Giggles Flintstone. Little he knew that he was crazy and exccentric. However, to inherit the money, he must spend a night at the mansion. But one clause makes shiver everyone: if Fred dies, the butler, the cook and the gardener gets his share. And this threesome have so much scary weapons that Fred and Barney must be at their guards all night long, and beware that "scary laugh"...

Adobe Dick / Water Buffalo #1 / Member / Chimp #2 / Captain Blah

Adobe Dick

Fred and Barney are going to a "fishing contest" with the Loyal Order of Water Buffaloes. In order to get the best catch, Fred goes away with Barney on the high seas without Captain Ahab noticing. But they meet with the notorious whale Adobe Dick who takes a bite out of them. They must find a way to escape the Whale's tummy before they become stuck like a certain Jonas who was there...

Christmas Flintstone

It's Christmas time in Bedrock. In order to get more money for the gifts for the family and friends, Fred takes a job at Macyrock. Though a bit incapable for certain tasks, Mr Macyrock thinks of letting him away until he hears his Santa Claus won't be there because he has a flu. Since Fred's good with the kids, he is such a hit at the department store that on Christmas eve, some unusual visitors come to ask him a big favor from someone at the North Pole...

General / Bird #2

Fred's Flying Lesson

Fred wins a flying lesson at the Water Buffalo raffle. Thinking he can get some cash back from this, he is convinced by the owner, a sexy female instructor, that he can become a good pilot for the airlines. Fred takes flying lessons, but does lie to Wilma that he goes for bowling. However, a famous "gossip" discovers it all. Fred tells the truth, but brings the family over on a picnic at the airport at the next day so Fred can do his solo exam. But not all goes well, especially that the airport is next to a military zone.

Uncle Tex / Carmen / Dinosaur / Pilot / Cow

Deep in the Heart of Texarock

Uncle Tex invites both families to fly to his ranch deep in the heart of Texarock. However he asks his nephew Fred a big but dangerous favor: to be in the lookout of outlaw rustler Billy the Kidder and his gang, who steals cattle out of the ranch. In order to catch the gang, Fred and Barney must disguise as a longhorn steer. But a cow named Carmen fell in love with the false steer, and might cost Barney and Fred a lynching party staged by the murderous Billy himself...

Staffel 6 - Alle Folgen mit Hal Smith

Lawn Mower / Head #2 / Rocky / Rover / Kid / Gummo

Circus Business

Fred has received a huge income tax return and invites the families to the circus. However, the circus owner is unable to control the show as the artists come and complaint they were never paid. The owner does sells the circus to Fred, that thinks having this type of business is a ball. But the artists walk on him and Fred must put up a show with Barney, or the police will shut the place and jail Fred. The Show must go on...

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