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1983 - 1987

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98 Episodes in 5 Seasons

The A-Team is an American action-adventure television series, running from 1983 to 1987, about a fictional group of ex United States Army Special Forces personnel who work as soldiers of fortune, while on the run from the Army after being branded as war criminals for a "crime they didn't commit". A feature film based on the series was released by 20th Century Fox on June 11, 2010. A comic book series, A-Team: Shotgun Wedding, began March 9, 2010.

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4 Episodes (1983-1986)

from Episode: 2.05 - When You Comin' Back, Range Rider?: Part 1

Born June 14, 1960
in New York City, New York, USA

Staffel 2 - Alle Folgen mit Tony Ciccone

When You Comin' Back, Range Rider?: Part 1

A young native American enlists the aid of the A-Team in saving a herd of wild mustangs which are being rounded up by a rancher named Carter who is shipping them into Mexico for slaughter despite their protected status. After agreeing to help out, Hannibal and the unit arrive in Arizona and accost Carter's henchmen. Meanwhile, the Army dispatches maverick Col. Roderick Decker to round up the A-Team in the wake of Lynch's failure. Decker turns out to be an overzealous go-getter and will stop at nothing to apprehend the fugitive soldiers-for-hire.

Staffel 3 - Alle Folgen mit Tony Ciccone

The Big Squeeze

When loan shark Jack 'the Ripper' Lane, who is too violent even for his mob extortion boss Nathan Vincent's taste, breaks Italian restaurant owner Gino Giani's fingers, he and his daughter Gina hire the A-team, but get cold feet after threats to their entire family. So Hannibal, alias Sean O'Shea, deliberately takes a loan from Lane to start an Irish pub cum restaurant, The Naked Lady (where busboy Murdock's new vocation is that of union representative), and then doesn't even give him a seat, thus provoke him to a sniper assault, and then takes on Vincent's by own (hard-hand enforced) juke-box business...

Beverly Hills Assault

When Paris-trained painter Steven "Speed" Miller disappears (actually he's beaten into hospital for refusing to work on command), his painting friend Peggy and her best friend who never used his uncles inheritance to go to an Ivy League college hire the A-Team to find him. By his style Peggy indicates as likely suspect Steffan Shawn's Beverly Hills gallery. It takes Face a jiffy to get a foot in as 'arts magazine critic'; he soon manages to plant a wire and makes the crook believe "H.M. Murdock" is the new talent he looks for- indeed he is soon seized and ordered to make perfect reproduction (Peggy does that for him) so his alarm company can switch them for the priceless real thing, notably in a villa BA of all people is set up in...

Staffel 5 - Alle Folgen mit Tony Ciccone

Firing Line

The A-Team has been convicted for murder and will face a firing squad within 24 hours. Murdock escapes from the V.A. hospital in a straight jacket. He and Frankie Santana force their way aboard General Stockwell's private plane. Stockwell gives them information concerning Barier Island, where the others are being held. He also visits the Team in their cell, proposing they do a specified number of missions for him (not all of them suicidal) in return for a full, presidential pardon.

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