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Switch Reloaded

Switch Reloaded

2007 - 2012

Number of episodes:
102 Episodes in 6 Seasons


Switch Reloaded - Cast
The main Characters in the TV-Series Switch Reloaded. Further Information about all Actors can be found in the Switch Reloaded - Episode Guide

Martina Hill als Martina Hill bei Switch Reloaded
Image: Martina Hill as Martina Hill in Switch Reloaded


as Martina Hill


Born July 14, 1974
in Berlin, Deutschland

Max Giermann als Max Giermann bei Switch Reloaded
Image: Max Giermann as Max Giermann in Switch Reloaded


as Max Giermann


Birth Name:
Maximilian Giermann

Born October 24, 1975
in Freiburg, Deutschland

Susanne Pätzold als Susanne Pätzold bei Switch Reloaded
Image: Susanne Pätzold as Susanne Pätzold in Switch Reloaded


as Susanne Pätzold


Born June 3, 1967
in Köln

Michael Kessler als Michael Kessler bei Switch Reloaded
Image: Michael Kessler as Michael Kessler in Switch Reloaded


as Michael Kessler


Born June 24, 1967
in Wiesbaden

Petra Nadolny als Petra Nadolny bei Switch Reloaded
Image: Petra Nadolny as Petra Nadolny in Switch Reloaded


as Petra Nadolny


Born January 11, 1960
in Jarmen, Deutschland

Peter Nottmeier als Peter Nottmeier bei Switch Reloaded
Image: Peter Nottmeier as Peter Nottmeier in Switch Reloaded


as Peter Nottmeier


Born July 22, 1958
in Wanne-Eickel

Michael Müller als Michael Müller bei Switch Reloaded
Image: Michael Müller as Michael Müller in Switch Reloaded


as Michael Müller


Born September 2, 1958
in Bonn

Bernhard Hoecker als Bernhard Hoecker bei Switch Reloaded
Image: Bernhard Hoecker as Bernhard Hoecker in Switch Reloaded


as Bernhard Hoecker


Birth Name:
Bernhard Hoëcker

Born March 20, 1970
in Neustadt

Mona Sharma als Mona Sharma bei Switch
Placeholder Image: Mona Sharma as Mona Sharma in Switch
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as Mona Sharma


Birth Name:
Simone Erica Sharma

Born January 29, 1973
in Neu-Delhi, Indien

Martin Klempnow als Martin bei Schillerstrasse
Placeholder Image: Martin Klempnow as Martin in Schillerstrasse
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as Martin Klempnow


Born October 28, 1973
in Köln, Deutschland


as Constanze Behrends


Born January 31, 1981
in Wittenberg, Deutschland

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