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Star Trek: Enterprise

2001 - 2005

Number of episodes:
98 Episodes in 4 Seasons

Star Trek: Enterprise is a science fiction TV series and a prequel to the original Star Trek set 100 years before. The series premiered September 26, 2001 on the UPN television network with the final episode airing on May 13, 2005.

The series takes place in the 22nd century aboard Earth's first warp 5 capable starship Enterprise NX-01 designed for long-range exploration of the galaxy and captained by Jonathan Archer. The NX designation indicates that this Enterprise is an experimental prototype.

Stephen Wozniak - Latia Male in Star Trek: Enterprise
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as Latia Male

1 Episode (2002)

1.25 - Two Days and Two Nights

Birth Name:
Stephen Joseph Wozniak

Born January 22, 1971
in Dover, New Hampshire, USA

Staffel 1 - Alle Folgen mit Stephen Wozniak

Two Days and Two Nights

After several delays, the Enterprise crew gets some well-deserved shore leave on the famed pleasure planet Risa. Commander Tucker and Lieutenant Reed eagerly seek out female companionship, only to fall into a tourist trap. Captain Archer meets and attractive female who seems to be more interested in his knowledge of the Suliban than his companionship. Hoshi Sato meets a fellow vacationer and they share more than eachothers' native languages. Doctor Phlox takes the opportunity to hibernate, only to be rudely awakened when Mayweather needs medical treatment.

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