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Prison Break

2005 - 2017

Number of episodes:
81 Episodes in 4 Seasons

Due to a political conspiracy, an innocent man is sent to death row and his only hope is his brother, who makes it his mission to deliberately get himself sent to the same prison in order to break the both of them out, from the inside out.

Eric Payne - Agent #1 in Prison Break
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Agent #1

Shut Down

In Los Angeles, Michael argues with Agent Self since there are six cards and not only one. The agent gives the rest of the day to find a second card holder; otherwise the project would be shutdown by The Powers That Be and the group would be sent to prison. Mahone calls Agent Lang in Gainesville, Florida, and asks her information about the death of his son. Lincoln overhears the conversation. Wyatt tortures Bruce with drugs; when he gets the information that Sara is in LA, he kills his victim. Agent Self meets Director Herb and ask him to call Senator Dalo to give more time to Michael and his crew, but Herb refuses. Roland discovers that his device has copied the PDA of Tuxhorn, and he notes that he received one e-mail from London and two others from a server in Anaheim. They use Sara to help Michael and Roland to break in the building where the server is located. Sara steals a security card, and when she is arrested by the security guard, Michael activates the fire alarm, but he is trapped with Roland in the server room without oxygen. Lincoln rescues them with an ax, and while checking the e-mails from the data copied by Roland, the computer freezes and they discover that the project has terminated. They try to escape but the GPS in their ankles give their position to Agent Self and his agents. They hijack a cab and Michael discovers the fives card holders in a meeting in a power plant in Newport Beach. Agent Self calls himself Senator Dalo and the project restarts, but with him isolated like an island and without the support of Herb. Meanwhile T-Bag deciphers part of Whistler's codes and contacts the Gate's executive White using the identity of Cole Pfeiffer. Lincoln promises Mahone to help him to capture the responsible for the death of his son.

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