2.22 Sona - Prison Break

Episode: 2.22 Sona

Prison Break

Prison Break

2005 - 2017

Number of episodes:
81 Episodes in 4 Seasons

Prison Break - Episode 2.22
Prison Break - Season 2
Prison Break
Season 2
Number of episodes:
First Air Date:
August 21, 2006

- Season 2

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Michael Scofield und sein Bruder Lincoln Burrows sind die meistgesuchten Männer Amerikas. Der Wettlauf gegen die Zeit, der sie zum Ausbruch aus dem Gefängnis von Fox River getrieben hat, ist längst nicht zu Ende. Jetzt werden die beiden Brüder und ihre Fluchtgenossen - eine Bande hartgesottener Krimineller - bis über die Grenzen der Vereinigten Staaten hinaus gejagt. Der harte Weg auf der Suche nach Beweisen für Lincolns Unschuld ist von tödlichem Verrat, versteckten Dollarmillionen und einer finsteren Regierungsverschwörung gepflastert. Und dieses Mal kommen nicht alle lebend davon...

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Only back at the yacht, Michael notices Lincoln is gone and calls him- Alex Mahone tells him Linc is no cold-blooded killer, so he was overpowered and hand-cuffed, and the ransom is the yacht and the fortune he assumes to be in it, to be agreed in five minutes, now Mahone is even more wanted then the brothers. Kellerman's self-incriminating testimony and documents he brings get all charges against Sarah and Lincoln dropped, him arrested. Mahone calls Kim to fly over immediately. Alex calls his wife, to make her bring the kids for a holiday in her native Colombia, at Cartegena. Despite 30% blood-loss Fernado leaves hospital to report missing Bellick, who is already in jail and gets T-bag's company. Vendor Chaco gets Michael introduced to a local yacht owner to whom he suggests collecting the $100,000 reward on his head, then makes a better offer. Mahone called the police intending to frame the brothers for his intended murder on 'an Asian', but Michael refuses to hand over the money and Kim turns up early, with armed back-up; Mahone runs but is arrested. Kellerman knows the situation he is involved in, and expects to be assasined (unless we are towards a plot surprise,) so his transport to prison is arranged to get car trouble and a masked man shoots him. Chaco delivers to the brothers, who got away with the money and intended to run and never look back, a crummy boat with a priceless surprise: Sarah and the great news for Linc, with good hope for Michael. Just then Kim turns up, refuses the money, aims at Linc- and is shot by Sarah; the police arrives, chasing and trapping the trio- Michael takes the gun and pretends to take Sarah hostage, then lets himself be arrested and locked up in Sona. Malone calls his wife to forget he ever existed- from jail. T-bag expected to be released as agreed reward for baiting the brothers, but the man he hoped to bring him the good news says getting caught broke the deal.
First Air DateApril 2, 2007
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Dominic Purcell als Lincoln Burrows bei Prison Break
Image: Dominic Purcell as Lincoln Burrows in Prison Break


as Lincoln Burrows

81 Episodes (2005-2009)

from Episode: 1.01 - Pilot

Birth Name:
Dominic Haakon Myrtvedt Purcell

Born February 17, 1970
in Wallasey, England

Wentworth Miller als Michael Scofield bei Prison Break
Image: Wentworth Miller as Michael Scofield in Prison Break


as Michael Scofield

81 Episodes (2005-2009)

from Episode: 1.01 - Pilot

Birth Name:
Wentworth Earl Miller III

Born June 2, 1972
in Chipping Norton, Oxfordshire, England

Amaury Nolasco als Fernando Sucre bei Prison Break
Image: Amaury Nolasco as Fernando Sucre in Prison Break


as Fernando Sucre

79 Episodes (2005-2009)

from Episode: 1.01 - Pilot

Birth Name:
Amaury Nolasco Garrido

Born December 24, 1970
in Puerto Rico

Wade Williams als Brad Bellick bei Prison Break
Image: Wade Williams as Brad Bellick in Prison Break


as Brad Bellick

67 Episodes (2005-2008)

from Episode: 1.01 - Pilot

Birth Name:
Wade Andrew Williams

Born December 24, 1961
in Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA

Paul Adelstein als Paul Kellerman bei Prison Break
Image: Paul Adelstein as Paul Kellerman in Prison Break


as Paul Kellerman

46 Episodes (2005-2009)

from Episode: 1.01 - Pilot

Born April 29, 1969
in Chicago, Illinois, USA

Robert Knepper als Theodore 'T-Bag' Bagwell bei Prison Break
Image: Robert Knepper as Theodore 'T-Bag' Bagwell in Prison Break


as Theodore 'T-Bag' Bagwell

81 Episodes (2005-2009)

from Episode: 1.01 - Pilot

Birth Name:
Robert Lyle Knepper

Born July 8, 1959
in Fremont, Ohio, USA

Rockmond Dunbar als Benjamin Miles 'C-Note' Franklin bei Prison Break
Image: Rockmond Dunbar as Benjamin Miles 'C-Note' Franklin in Prison Break


as Benjamin Miles 'C-Note' Franklin

40 Episodes (2005-2009)

from Episode: 1.01 - Pilot

Born January 11, 1973
in Berkeley, Kalifornien, USA

Sarah Wayne Callies als Dr. Sara Tancredi bei Prison Break
Image: Sarah Wayne Callies as Dr. Sara Tancredi in Prison Break


as Dr. Sara Tancredi

69 Episodes (2005-2009)

from Episode: 1.01 - Pilot

Birth Name:
Sarah Anne Callies

Born June 1, 1977
in La Grange, Illinois, USA

William Fichtner als Alex Mahone bei Prison Break
Image: William Fichtner as Alex Mahone in Prison Break


as Alex Mahone

59 Episodes (2006-2009)

from Episode: 2.01 - Manhunt

Birth Name:
William Edward Fichtner

Born November 27, 1956
in Mitchell Field Air Force Base, East Meadow, Long Island, New York, USA

as Bill Kim

16 Episodes (2006-2007)

from Episode: 2.05 - Map 1213

Born in Quezon City, Philippines


as Pam Mahone

8 Episodes (2006-2008)

from Episode: 2.09 - Unearthed

Birth Name:
Calliope Thorne

Born November 20, 1969
in Boston, Massachusetts, USA


as Chaco

1 Episode (2007)

2.22 - Sona

Birth Name:
Jonathan Arturo Hernandez

Born May 8, 1983
in Los Angeles County, Kalifornien, USA

Leon Russom als General Jonathan Krantz bei Prison Break
Image: Leon Russom as General Jonathan Krantz in Prison Break


as General Jonathan Krantz

30 Episodes (2006-2009)

from Episode: 2.13 - The Killing Box

Born December 6, 1941
in Little Rock, Arkansas, USA

Mark Harelik als Valenta bei CSI Miami
Placeholder Image: Mark Harelik as Valenta in CSI Miami
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as Marty Gregg

2 Episodes (2007)

from Episode: 2.21 - Fin del camino

Birth Name:
Marcus Frank Harelik

Born June 5, 1951
in Hamilton, Texas, USA

Jon Huertas als Psych Tech Leon Madera bei CSI
Placeholder Image: Jon Huertas as Psych Tech Leon Madera in CSI
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as DeJesus

1 Episode (2007)

2.22 - Sona

Birth Name:
Jon William Scott Hofstedt

Born October 23, 1976
in New York City - New York - USA

as Prosecutor

2 Episodes (2007)

from Episode: 2.21 - Fin del camino

Birth Name:
Sheryl L Uzzell

Born in Terre Haute, Indiana, USA

as Judge

2 Episodes (2007)

from Episode: 2.21 - Fin del camino

Born in Plano, Texas, USA

Silas Weir Mitchell als Charles 'Haywire' Patoshik bei Prison Break
Image: Silas Weir Mitchell as Charles 'Haywire' Patoshik in Prison Break

as Charles 'Haywire' Patoshik

11 Episodes (2005-2007)

from Episode: 1.01 - Pilot

Born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA


as Panama Local #1

1 Episode (2007)

2.22 - Sona

Born October 28, 1974
in Kingsville, Texas, USA

Brad Hawkins als Justin Mack bei CSI
Placeholder Image: Brad Hawkins as Justin Mack in CSI
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as Tough Guy #2

3 Episodes (2006-2007)

from Episode: 2.10 - Rendezvous

Born January 13, 1976
in Dallas, Texas, USA


as Panamanian Commander

1 Episode (2007)

2.22 - Sona

Birth Name:
Daniel Pardo

Born November 15, 1971
in Buenos Aires, Argentina

as Aide

2 Episodes (2006-2007)

from Episode: 2.07 - Buried


as Elliott Pike

5 Episodes (2007)

from Episode: 2.22 - Sona

Born June 29, 1953
in Regensburg, Germany


as Sona Guard

1 Episode (2007)

2.22 - Sona

Birth Name:
Christopher David Warner

Born August 7, 1970
in Radford, Virginia, USA

as Captain Pumales

6 Episodes (2007-2008)

from Episode: 2.22 - Sona

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