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Parker Lewis Can't Lose

Parker Lewis Can't Lose

Der Coole von der Schule

1990 - 1993

Number of episodes:
73 Episodes in 3 Seasons

Parker Lewis Can't Lose is an American teen sitcom that originally aired on FOX from September 1990 to June 1993. During the last season, the series sported the simpler title Parker Lewis. The series was produced by Columbia Pictures Television and was strongly influenced by the feature film Ferris Bueller's Day Off. The film's TV spinoff Ferris Bueller debuted on NBC during the same month as Parker Lewis, but it only lasted 13 episodes.

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73 Episodes (1990-1993)

from Episode: 1.01 - Pilot

Born 1945

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Mikey finds love with a new girl in school. At the same time Parker finds love in a new girl (who turns out to be the same girl). Being a true bud Parker steps aside and helps Mikey out in asking her out for a date. Complicating matters further the girl, Robin, is more interested in Parker anyways. The final straw comes in the form of a 300+ lb. football player named Larry Kubiac who wants to destroy Parker. It seems life couldn't be more complicated for the Junior who normally holds all the cards.

Operation Kubiak

Parker takes on a new role as Larry Kubiac's agent. While Larry is a force to be reckoned with on the football field his communication skills are lacking. When college football scouts are on campus Parker has to help the giant impress them or else wind up a failure. Now Parker has to find a way to help Kubiac or else risk a future of pain care of the Kube.

Power Play

There's a disturbance in the force as their can't be two Parker Lewis's. A new student at Santo Domingo threatens to steal Parker's glory as he's able to outdo Parker at every turn. In the blink of an eye Parker is no longer the coolest kid in school and struggles to keep his sanity. Parker's world is crumbling around him unless he can find a way to beat Matt Stiles.

Parker Lewis Must Lose

Parker Lewis is a force to be reckoned with in whatever he does. When it comes to the office of the class president Parker and gang decide to try their hand. When the girl that really wants the position puts her all into it only to pale in comparison to Parker guilt follows. For once Parker decides to lose at something and throw the election against his competitor, Becky Grant. It seems though that Parker can't lose even if he tries and his ratings soar more than ever.

Close But No Guitar

After the day from Hell, Mikey finally has had enough. Without plans after high school, he finally figures that he might as well drop out. Now trying to make it as a musician, Parker and others from Santo Domingo have to intervene to help Mikey see the error in his ways. Is there really anything left at Santo Domingo for Mikey, or is the life of a drop-out the best choice?

G.A.G. Dance

With the upcoming "G.A.G. Dance" looming the guys at Santo Domingo are all a bit worried. G.A.G. means "Girls Ask Guys" therefore worry of the wrong girl asking guys out is very real and Parker intervenes with a motivational speech. Parker might be able to inspire confidence to the students, but who's going to be there to help inspire Parker? As everyone finds dates to the dance Parker winds up the odd man out...

Love's a Beast

A secret admirer has it out for Mikey and the gang seeks out to find out who. Parker's attention meanwhile is focused on Grace Musso more than ever as she is bent on having Parker make up 3 months of missed first period classes. This lack of attention might throw a fork in Parker being able to locate the correct girl who has eyes for Mikey.

Saving Grace

Sometimes, a bunch of little events occur at just the right time, which culminate into one big disaster. This day is one of those days, as Grace Musso's review is done surprisingly at Santo Domingo. Chaos ensues, Grace is demoted to teaching the home economics class, and Dr. Pankow becomes the new principal. When the new principal turns the school into a prison, Parker has to figure out a way of getting Grace her job back.

Musso & Frank

Parker constantly takes advantage of situations where he (or his buddies) can benefit. When Frank Lemmer finds himself stuck between a rock and a hard place he turns to Parker. As Musso is trying to hook Lemmer up with her 'unsuitable' (In Frank's opinion) niece, Lemmer cuts a deal with Parker for him to find a more suitable date. As Jerry needs help for an upcoming test that Lemmer can help with the deal seems simple enough. Naturally this simple task for Parker winds up with a series of snags and it seems Parker only worsens the situation.

Deja Dudes

With the upcoming class of 1970 High School reunion coming up some surprising characters show up. Not only did Grace Musso graduate then, but Larry's dad, Parker's dad and his 2 best buds. The fore-runner of Parker, Mr. Lewis was the resident prankster along with his buddies to whom perpetrated the ultimate prank back in their day. Now the only evidence of their identities in the prank are about to be revealed as the time capsule from 1970 is going to be opened in front of the entire graduating class. Can Parker cover up the crime, or is his dad's legendary episode from years back going to cause Parker's downfall from Musso?

Radio Free Flamingo

Deep in the bowels of Santo Domingo lies a secret that lay dormant since the 1960's... Santo Domingo's own pirate radio station. As Parker, Jerry, and Mikey stumble across the hidden radio station they feel they need to bring it back to life. The more Principal Musso tries to shut the station down the more the students listen causing a major thorn in her side. As Parker and gang find out the amount of good the station has on the students the more they feel they need to keep it going. That is unless Grace and Frank Lemmer find a way to uncover the secret hiding spot of the station.

Science Fair

It's that time of the year where the geeks rejoice. With the science fair approaching the rivalry between Grace Musso and Dr. Pankow heats up. Both sides are confident that their schools will win the science fair and they place bets on their schools. With the threat of failure Jerry (Santo Domingo's best chance at winning) spirals downward and causes a panic in Musso. When Musso realizes that Santo Domingo is going to lose and Pankow is without any promising projects the bet changes. The school with the worst science project will win the bet.

Teacher, Teacher

Ms. Donnely is the definition of coolness as she not only makes class interesting, but she lets her student have fun. When pranks backfire Ms. Donnely is usually there to cover for Parker. As Parker gets a bit carried away Ms. Donnely's patience slowly dwindles. The heroic teacher finally resigns leaving the students to fend for his or her-selves. One of the biggest issues is a fight looming between Kubiac and McDonald which normally Ms. Donnely would likely be able to stop. Seeing as it's largely Parker's fault for the downfall of Ms. Donnely, he has to try to get her to return to teaching.


With the rising rate of theft from Mondo Video Mr. and Mrs. Lewis are helpless to it. Parker takes notice that Kubiac could help solve the problem in the form of a rent-a-cop. All's well at Mondo and the amount of shoplifting drops to zero. Iron fisted Larry Kubiac takes the job a little seriously and the customers of Mondo are afraid to even enter the store. Logically if there are no customers coming in then none of them are going to be stealing. Now Parker is left as usual to fix the problem.

Heather the Class

In this installment of "Shelley finding herself" she strives to be a 'vogue'. The trend-setting snob girls take Shelley in and help her see the light. Shelley is blinded to the fact that the vogues are selfish and uncaring and she has to decide whether her popularity is worth burning the people closest to her. Simotanously Parker is on a mission from Musso to help slender Larry up. Shelley's transformation into the vogue world collides with Parker's mission causing tension all around.

Jerry: Portrait of a Video Junkie

Jerry's constantly submersing himself into computers, school, and various other forms of geekery. Now Jerry's been immersing himself into video games and finds himself addicted. When Jerry starts slipping at everything else in his life Parker and Mikey have to help out their friend. The mission proves to be tricky and Jerry circles the drain of failure.

Splendor in the Class

Parker finds a girl he goes head over heels for. The buds find their leader has fallen under her spell and their powerless to stop her. Parker grows brainwashed enough that Mikey and Jerry can no longer depend on Parker causing quite a ripple in the "Parker Lewis Can't Lose" Universe. Now Jerry and Mikey find they need to save their friend before the group permanently disbands.

The Human Grace

Musso and Dr. Pankow are at it again. Each are trying to get something from the school board and naturally are willing on going to extremes to get their way. Pankow tries to win the heart of Musso and consequently her vote at the school board hearings. Parker finds what Pankow is scheming and tries to convince Musso that she is being had. Can Parker get through to Grace Musso or is Grace going to wind up being made a fool of?

Citizen Kube

Kubiac's lack of funds impact his ability to buy what he craves most... Food. This forces him to stealthily seek out other people's food. A true menace Kubiac can't be stopped and the students of Santo Domingo suffer. Then in an unlikely turn of events Kube wins a sweep-stake making him an instant millionaire. He'll truly never go hungry again... At least until he starts spreading his wealth all around Santo Domingo at a staggering pace. Parker tries to help Kubiac manage his new wealth, but notices Larry is hard to control.

Randall Without a Cause

Mikey is the wild one of the gang and temptation to leave them is always present. When some older guys offer Mikey a spot in their crew he can't refuse. Good intentions and logic go out the window and Mikey finds himself on the wrong side of the law with his new gang. True friends will stick by you and Parker and Jerry have to help their friend out. Mikey might have bitten off more than he can chew though as saving his own skin involves ratting on his new friends.

Jerry's First Date

Jerry's not acting normal and as his buds, Parker and Mikey get to the bottom of the problem. Suprisingly the motive is Jerry's love of a girl. To help Jerry past his worries through the date Parker and Mikey ditch their responsibilities. Now the guys have to help their friend, avoid Musso, and avoid Mr. Lewis. At the same time Larry is experiencing growth spurts making him even more of a behemoth than ever.

Against the Norm

After the last confrontation between Grace Musso and Dr. Pankow, Pankow was left in shambles. Now Pankow is back begging Grace for a job at Santo Domingo. Parker knows better than to trust Pankow and is out to get to the bottom of his plan this time around. In a game of cat and mouse Pankow, Musso, and Parker Lewis are each out to win. With twists and turns all around this episode keeps you guessing who will come out on top.

King Kube

The announcement of the Queen and King of the Junior Prom is surprising and scandalous at the same time. On his own Jerry is responsible for the outcome of Larry Kubiac winning. Now that the whole thing has gone to Kubiac's head coming out with the truth proves to be hard and potentially painful for Jerry. In the end Kubiac takes the news poorly and winds up dropping out of school due to the ensuing embarrassment. It'll take Parker and the rest of the school to undo the damage and get Kubiac back.

Teens from a Mall

When not in school Parker and the guys do the same things that a lot of High Schoolers do, they hang out at the mall. In this outing Jerry finds himself feeling like the odd man out as he is the only jobless one. Mikey on the other hand finds that the promotion at his job is driving up his stress. Parker is after a girl who's always just out of reach, Musso deals with her addiction to buying clothes, and Shelley strives to prove Frank Lemmer is a vampire. Just a typical day at the mall!

My Fair Shelly

Getting invited to one of Melinda's parties is a big deal, and when Shelly gets invited, she strives to get a date. When Shelley grows desperate, she seeks the help of her brother (more like blackmailing him). As Parker helps Shelley by using Jerry as her training date, Jerry starts to find interest in her. Larry Kubiac also tries getting into the party, but he wasn't invited. Come party time, Shelly finds that maybe the date of her dreams isn't all that it's cracked up to be.

Parker Lewis Can't Win

Parker has a lot of good days, some mediocre days, but only one worst day. Everything imaginable that could go wrong does. Even Shelley one-ups Parker when she plays an embarrassing video of Musso to the entire school instead of the video Parker really made for Musso portraying her in a good light. In the end Parker has enough and ditches the rest of his day. It seems that this could be the end of Parker Lewis...

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Father Knows Less

What starts off innocently enough (A parent/student project) unravels many of the students at Santo Domingo's relationships with their parents. Parker deals with his over-thinking father, Jerry and his father could probably create cold fusion with their brain power, and Mikey's rocky home life comes out. A potentially disastrous episode begs the question of how Parker can fix this one...

A Walk on the Dark Side

Constantly finding herself in the shadow of her brother, Shelley finds a new identity. The 'Dark Siders' were a group of kids that didn't fit the regular high-schooler mold as they dressed darkly, wreaked havoc, and were very mysterious in nature. The 'Dark Siders' are essentially everything Parker is not and therefore very appealing to Shelley. As much as Parker likes distancing himself from his sister the prospect of Shelley becoming a Dark Sider could be disastrous as she could very well get in over her head. Parker must decide to intervene to save his sister from possible self destruction.

Full Mental Jacket

Parker is the leader, Mikey is the flirt and wild one, and Jerry is the brains. While Jerry's jacket has become a part of him and constantly saves the group's hides the jacket seriously crimps Jerry's love life. What starts innocently enough Parker and Mikey take Jerry's jacket and try to help him impress a girl. When Jerry needs his jacket back it mysteriously disappears (Other parties' interests are peaked when they find the jacket isn't in Jerry's possession). In true Parker Lewis form the end is climatic as everyone seeks out the power of the jacket.

Future Shock

Parker is the a living god when he walks the halls of Santo Domingo. High School to Parker is just the backdrop of his life and the future isn't of interest; until now. It seems that while Parker has focused all his attention to the present everyone else is planning for the future and Parker is going to be left behind. Parker must come to terms and figure out what he is to do with his life and start thinking about life past High School.

The Undergraduate

If High School were powered by something that something would be gossip. The rumor-mill has been working overtime in regards to Ms. Mason (The school's resident hot teacher) through the stories told by one of the jocks. Now that Parker has been invited over to the teacher's house for some one on one planning for a class parker finds himself in the center of all the gossip. Are the rumors true and is Parker going to get the teacher, or will Parker wind up looking foolish? This episode explores the concept that teachers are in fact people too and have their own thoughts and intentions.

Stormy Mikey

On Mikey's priority list High School isn't exactly high up there. In typically Mikey fashion a girl steals his interest and offers him something too good to be true. The girl's father just so happens to run a big recording studio and the two (the girl and father) offer Mikey a recording contract. Parker knows Mikey could possibly be throwing his life away as the love struck teen has his mind set on the deal and nothing else. Parker has to get to the bottom of everything and decide how to wake Mikey up to reality.

Fat Boy and Little Man

Santo Domingo's football team is a physical force with such players as Larry Kubiac. Even with the Kube and other excellent players Santo Domingo's football team lacks brain power. An upcoming game against El Carado High School prompts media attention towards Grace Musso (seeing as the Flamingo's haven't ever scored so much as a point against their rivals) to act. Skipping other students Grace shoots to the top of the intellectual ladder and suits Jerry Steiner up to play ball. Jerry proves an excellent addition to the team helping them win other games, but with the big game looming will Jerry get a big head? That and all the additional attention on Jerry takes attention off of Kubiac. In the end will Santo Domingo come out on top?

Aging Gracefully

Grace Musso and Dr. Pankow are long time rivals as the each of them fight for control from the school board. Now an aging Grace and Pankow seem to be meeting not on the battle field but on dates. It's up to Parker and gang to get beneath the facades and see if there is a true potential for a love connection or if Musso is being had. Simotanously Jerry's focus is being consumed by a computer. HAL 9000 themed Parker is stuck in the middle between the love duo and the geek duo.

The Parker Chronicles

Parker leads a hectic life and to help him keep track of things he keeps an audio diary in the form of a miniature tape recorder. Suddenly Parker finds his beloved diary is missing along with all of the juicy contents that are recorded on it. The thief leaves a cryptic video recording to Parker warning that at a ceremony to celebrate Kube the contents of the diary will be broadcast to the whole school. Panic ensues as Parker's reputation is on the line along with his life if anything about the school's don "Donald 'the Don' Yemano" are revealed. Everything culminates as Parker and the crew find their selves caught between a rock and a hard place in front of the whole school.

Rock 'n' Roles

Once again Shelley's found a new identity that she'll call her own to the dismay of Parker. The newest music sensation 'Jezebel' has captured the attention of the girls at Santo Domingo. As with everyone else Shelley feels that Jezebel is speaking to her in her music and she faithfully worships her following. As an upcoming concert looms Shelley is consumed with getting a ticket to the show even if it entails her resorting to being devious. Parker tries to help his sister as it appears she's brainwashed by the performer and Shelley has to come to terms with right and wrong. The end result is actually pretty good and a lesson is learned!

Love Handles

Parker learns the lesson that love really isn't blind. A girl he's connected with through the Santo Domingo on-line community seems to be the Yin to his Yang. When he asks the girl to the upcoming "Truth or Dare" dance it finally comes time to meet his dream girl. As can be imagined the dream turns to be a nightmare to Parker's reputation as the girl (Harriet Guzman) is a plus-sized girl and otherwise wouldn't stand a chance with someone like Parker. Parker comes to terms with his potential reputation suicide by taking the girl to the dance, or be uncool and drop Harriet to take Melinda (This episode's hottie) to the dance.

Boy Meets Girl

This episode kicks off the Parker and Annie Sloan saga. While volunteering to help setup a dance for the school Parker meets the love of his life Annie Sloan. As with teen-aged love the two experience a puppy love and then things become a little rocky as each of them over complicate things. In a new to PLCL style this episode seems documentary as you see individual scenes of Annie or Parker discussing their feelings and worries for the future. The catalyst in this episode is the one and only Nick Comstock (the diner manager). Will his views help the couple or help destroy it?

Raging Kube

With a child-like mentality the almighty Kube doesn't back down from anything. Anything except his do-gooder girlfriend's request for Kubiac not to fight anymore. Seeing a chance the school's don "Donald 'the Don' Yemano" jumps to attention and takes over the school with an iron fist. As told as if it were a children's story the viewer watches everyone pushed into a corner waiting for the mighty Kubiac to help. Will Larry Kubiac come out of retirement and fight Donald or will this tale not end happily ever after?

Tower of Power

In High School Parker Lewis can overcome anything it would seem. That is before the wraith of the teacher from hell, "Mr. Tower". Mercilous Mr. Tower doesn't tolerate insubordination in his students and his students fear him. Parker finds himself stretched thin as he's occupied by Mr. Power, Annie, and his friends. Now that Parker is forced to study more than ever before he finds an unusual ally; Frank Lemmer. To avoid failing out of the class Frank and Parker have to band together to make it.

Obscene and Not Heard

On one of his evil missions, Dr. Pankow decides to target Santo Domingo one CD at a time. With the advent of 'explicit lyric' labels Pankow sends one of his evil henchmen into Mondo Video to catch Mr. Lewis at selling such CD's to minors. This follows with Mr. Lewis fighting back against Pankow's scheme to undermine the first amendment. Parker garners a new respect for his father as Mr. Lewis risks everything to stand up for his rights...

Goodbye Mr. Rips

Once in a while a teacher comes around that not only keeps the class interested and entertained, but is able to get through to the students. Mr. Rips is such a teacher as he is able to teach in a way that even Kubiac can learn a thing or two. Unfortunatly teachers' salaries aren't able to support teachers with growing families and Mr. Rips is forced to retire to pursue a higher paying job. The class along with Musso has to deal with the likely loss of one of the most respected teachers to grace the halls of Santo Domingo.

Civil Wars

Nach 18 Ehejahren kommt es zwischen Parkers Eltern zur ersten großen Krise. Im Haus herrscht kalter Krieg. Miss Musso will diese Situation ausnutzen und Shelly auf ihre Seite bringen.

Glory Daze

In High School often times there are legends from years past to which tales transcend through the generations. Ronnie Ray is probably the biggest legend in Santo Domingo's history and the legend returns to be honored. When Parker digs deeper into Ronnie Ray's High School career he unearths several disappointments and finds this hero still lives in the past. Parker sees first hand that sometimes legends should remain legends as reality is the ultimate buzz-kill.

Boy Meets Girl II

The second rocky episode in the story of Parker Lewis and Annie Sloan. As with the first part this episode focuses on Parker and Annie's relationship growing more serious. The two find each other's faults and have a hard time dealing with the new feelings that they are experiencing. Simotanously Grace Musso is trying (as usual) to find love in a rich doctor...

Dance of Romance

Principal Musso's sneaky sidekick is put in the spotlight as he finds a girl interesting. An interesting change-up in the Parker Lewis world Lemmer takes up a job working with Nick Comstock at the diner to pick up tips from the master. At the same time Nick has his eyes out for a girl.

When Jerry Met Shelly

Sometimes fate isn't disguised as an angel with a bow and arrow, but as a diner manager. Nick Comstock notices a lonely Jerry is going to sit it out another Friday night as Parker and Mikey double date with their girlfriends. Playing his hand at fate he gives Jerry a ticket to the show at the planetarium that evening. Jerry gets a surprise when it's not Nick who meets him at the planetarium that evening, but another single freshman...

Geek Tragedy

PLCL has focused on many of the 'communities' found in every High School, but until now hasn't focused much on the geek community from which Jerry was spawned. Parker and Mikey learn about the dark underworld of the geek and the terrible fate that afflicts geeks who fade from attention. Jerry decides to take take one of these geeks under his wing, but he has a hard time keeping this geek from fading to the underworld. Naturally it takes the whole group especially Jerry to find resolution is this dark installment.

Money Talks

Mikey's always lived without routine and responsibility until Nick decided to lend him a hand. To help Mikey get the girl this time Nick hires Mikey to work in the diner. Mikey has to learn that sometimes responsibility comes with a price tag as he has to decide between his job and his time. Mikey does his normal self-destructive thing, but can he pull himself out of the latest hole he's dug for himself?

Home Alone with Annie

Parker just can't get a break as he finds out when he plans a quiet night alone with Annie (As his parents are out of town). As word gets out that Parker has the house to himself everyone at Santo Domingo wants a piece and a party quickly forms. Throughout the episode Parker is caught between time with Annie and the various troubles forming downstairs at the party. Parker quickly becomes overwhelmed as various subplots grow to drown out any possibility of anything developing between him and Annie.

Diner '75

Much of the main characters of Santo Domingo are trapped in the Atlas Diner and chaos ensues. Various panic attacks follow as the trapped people face certain doom one way or another. A bittersweet episode as it is entertaining and action packed, but by the end of it two characters disappear from the show.

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Flamingo Graffiti

Summer has arrived and Parker is ready for it. With a new hair style he checks off step one of his 3-step plan towards maximum coolness... That is until his prank (step 2) winds up with the wrong person taking the blame for the crime. This is when the character Brad Penny is introduced as he takes the heat for the prank gone bad. Now Parker's Summer might not be as bright as he planned with the fear of Brad looming as he seeks vengeance.

Cape Flamingo

In a strange turn of events Brad Penny starts to treat Parker as a friend. Knowing there should be something lingering below the surface Parker falls back to his friends for support. Like a plague the once menacing Brad Penny is one step ahead and has befriended seemingly everybody in town. Now Parker faces the possibility that he's going crazy as everyone is under Brad's spell. For once Parker isn't the cool and collected guy from years past as paranoia haunts him throughout the episode.

The Kiss

Whenever Shelley can exploit weakness in Parker she does. Being an older, buff and bad boy, Brad Penny is also the sworn enemy of Parker Lewis. Consequently Shelley makes a goal of getting a kiss from him against Parker's wishes. As an added bonus Shelley knows Parker is rather powerless against Brad with his track record of 0-2 against him. Also in love news Coach Kohler steps up his game in attempts of winning the heart of Grace Musso. Either Valentine's Day come early this year or a few people are going to wind up crushed.

Summer of '92

With Annie leaving town for a bit Parker is left with Mikey for entertainment. Mikey's idea of entertainment though usually involves flirting with the ladies and consequently leaves Parker in an awkward position. As the two hook up with two college girls and go to an underground dance a potential connection is made. Parker's faced with the very real possibility of cheating on Annie and probably not getting caught. Will Parker give into pressure or will his conscience eat him alive?

Love Is Hell

Love is definitely in the air and everyone wants a piece. Musso's found a suave piano player, Mikey's found a good looker but has yet to talk to, and Kubiac thinks he found a match for Kohler. Things aren't what they seem though as everyone who's found love learns the moral of the episode, "Love is Hell".

Jerry's Journey

Whenever girls are involved with the buds it's either with Parker or with Mikey. Now when both guys are going on a double date Jerry is completely left behind. Wanting to break out and do something different before the Summer is over, Jerry bumps into Brad Penny and his group. Jerry proceeds to experience life from a different vantage point in Brad's group instead of with Mikey and Parker. Now Jerry gets to see what being a bad boy is all about.

Beauty and the Kube

Annie sees something in Kube that no one else has seen before. She notices that the gentle giant is really good with kids and even goes so far as to have him help her with watching over the daycare kids. Parker watches his Annie time get gobbled up with busy schedules until Larry is spending more time with Annie than he is. Parker grows paranoid and Larry starts to think maybe he'd be a better match with Annie than Parker.

Hungry Heart

In the diner things start slipping a little bit when Kohler finds love and Kohler has his uptight friend managing the diner. Now Mikey is on edge with the no-holds manager who runs things by the book. At the same time Parker has to intervene when Hank jumps into marrying the girl he's nearly just met. All the while Grace seeks a chance to finally be rid herself of Hank by making sure Hank and Carol's marriage goes off without a hitch.

Lewis and Son

The very real threat to small business owners is whenever a mega-corporation takes up shop and shuts their competition down. Mondo Video's existence is potentially in ruin as "Powder Keg Video" has opened up one of their franchises in Santo Domingo. Mr. Lewis finds that no matter what he does Powder Keg is slowly running him out of business. Mr. Lewis is posed with option of shutting down Mondo Video and managing the new Powder Keg Video, but can he swallow his pride and work as a corporate slave?

Kohler Buys the Diner

The back-story of Coach Kohler has until now been somewhat of a mystery. Out of the blue Hank's dad appears and gives Hank his share of inheritance from his mother's death. Kohler is his own worst enemy and as his dad anticipated spends the money in the blink of an eye as he buys Atlas Diner. Knowing nothing about running a restaurant he may have bitten off more than he can chew (no pun intended) as he runs the restaurant into the ground. The only person that can get through to him is his mother and seeing as it's her estate that allowed Hank to buy the restaurant it looks like he's doomed. It looks like Hank's belittling father was right and Hank is about to lose it all.

Parker's Got a Brand New Car

Parker's at the age when he deals with the responsibility of purchasing his first car. Against his dad's wishes for a safe and reliable Volvo, Parker decides on a convertible sports car instead. Parker's dad feels as if he's losing his son as he grows older and more independent, and this decision weighs heavily on both of them.

An Unmarried Musso

The constant search Grace Musso has been on to find her significant other might have come to an end. Parker's Uncle Bill is single and has come across Ms. Musso and has found love. Though finding Ms. Musso love with Bill entails special treatment from Musso the threat of Grace becoming their aunt is a hard pill to swallow. Parker and Shelley need to decide whether they should intervene and break the two up or ride the wave of fringe benefits.

Educating Brad

Brad Penny gibt seinen Job als Maurer auf und kehrt an die Santo Domingo Highschool zurück. Für Parker brechen schwere Zeiten an: Sein alter Erzfeind stellt ihn deutlich in den Schatten.

The Love Bug

Parker glaubt zu spüren, dass Annie sich ihm gegenüber distanziert verhält. Für Mikey und Jerry ist die Sache klar: Annie will sich von ihm trennen. Da wendet Parker sich an seine Mutter, die in solchen Dingen schon mehr Erfahrung hat. Doch leider missversteht er ihren Rat.

Write or Die

Mikey geht in einen Kurs für kreatives Schreiben, vergisst aber die Hausaufgaben zu machen. Sein Lehrer gibt ihm eine letzte Chance. Bis zum nächsten Tag soll Mikey eine Kurzgeschichte über einen jungen Mann schreiben, der etwas verloren hat. Falls er das nicht schafft, droht ihm Nachhilfeunterricht über den Sommer. Nun helfen eine Nacht lang alle zusammen, die Geschichte zustande zu bringen.

The Bitch Is Back

Mikey hat wieder einmal die Frau seines Lebens gefunden und stellt sie Parker vor. Doch der kennt sie schon: Er hatte sich einmal auf einem Sommerlager in sie verliebt, war mit ihr zusammen und wurde anschließend von ihr einfach stehen gelassen. Natürlich möchte er Mikey jetzt warnen. Doch wie warnt man einen frisch Verliebten?

Musso: A Wedding

Für Parkers Schuldirektorin Grace Musso geht ein Traum in Erfüllung. Sie hat einen Mann gefunden, der bereit ist, sie zu heiraten. Kevin O’Brien verfügt über alles, was Grace von einem Mann erwartet: Geld, Sex-Appeal und große Hände. Doch während der Hochzeit passiert etwas unvorhergesehens.

A Night to Remember

Der Schulball steht bevor und Parker stürzt sich in Unkosten, um den Abend für Annie und sich zu einem einmalig schönen Erlebnis zu machen. Smoking und Luxuslimousine werden gemietet, eine teure Hotelsuite wird reserviert – und dann kommt Schwesterchen Shelly ins Spiel.

Boys Night In

Parker und Mikey wollen ihren Freund Jerry endlich zu einem richtigen Kerl erziehen. Sie veranstalten einen Männerabend mit anschließendem Besuch eines Striptease-Lokals.

Senior Jerry

Jerrys jahrelanger Eifer in der Schule wird belohnt. Durch ein Förderprogramm der Schulbehörde bekommt er die Möglichkeit, von seiner Klasse direkt in die Abschlussklasse zu wechseln. Voller Stolz beginnt er seine neuen Aufgaben. Doch bald gibt es eine Ernüchterung für alle: Jerry bekommt auf einen Aufsatz nur einen Zweier.

The Rocky Kohler Picture Show

Für Parkers Freundeskreis ist die regelmäßig stattfindende Filmnacht eine besondere Attraktion. Nur wenige werden dazu geladen. Ihr Veranstalter lässt sich widerwillig dazu überreden, auch Larry Kubiac teilnehmen zu lassen. Für Larry, der außer Kohler eigentlich keine Freunde hat, wäre dies eine einmalige Gelegenheit, Anschluss zu finden.

The Last Supper

Das Lokal, in dem sich die gesamte Schule regelmäßig zu treffen pflegt, soll abgerissen werden. Dabei feiert man gerade sein fünfzigjähriges Bestehen. Hank, der momentane Besitzer, bittet seinen Vater einen Kredit. Doch dieser hat gerade seine gesamte Barschaft in den Bau eines Einkaufszentrums investiert.

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