Pan Tau

Pan Tau TV-Series Overview

Pan Tau

Pan Tau

1970 - 1979

Number of episodes:
33 Episodes in 3 Seasons

Pan Tau always had a gentle expression and a friendly smile, he was elegantly dressed in a stroller, with an umbrella and a white carnation in the lapel. Foremost, he was famous for his magic bowler hat. By tapping on his hat, Pan Tau was able to change his appearance into a puppet, to conjure up miscellaneous objects or to do other magic. His most characteristically behavior is that he would help children who were experiencing some sort of difficulties in-between their dreams and reality, like finding a place for skiing, settling family problems on Christmas, and even give a boy a good time at a fair when he is supposed to have piano lessons. To adults, he usually remained invisible.

Pan Tau - Main Cast

The main Characters in the TV-Series Pan Tau. Further Information about all Actors can be found in the Pan Tau - Episode Guide

Otto Simánek als Pan Tau und Alfons Urban bei Pan Tau
Frantisek Filipovský als Teufel Stunk bei Die Märchenbraut

Vladimír Mensík als Josef Urban bei Pan Tau

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