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1966 - 1973

Number of episodes:
171 Episodes in 7 Seasons

Mission: Impossible is an American television series that was created and initially produced by Bruce Geller. It chronicles the missions of a team of secret government agents known as the Impossible Missions Force. In the first season, the team is led by Dan Briggs, played by Steven Hill; Jim Phelps, played by Peter Graves, takes charge for the remaining seasons. A hallmark of the series shows Briggs or Phelps receiving his instructions on a recording that then self-destructs, followed by the theme music composed by Lalo Schifrin.

The series aired on the CBS network from September 1966 to March 1973, then returned to television for two seasons on ABC, from 1988 to 1990, retaining only Graves in the cast. It later inspired a popular series of theatrical motion pictures starring Tom Cruise, beginning in 1996.

Leonard Nimoy - Paris in Mission: Impossible
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Image: Leonard Nimoy as Paris in Mission: Impossible

†  February 27, 2015

as Paris

49 Episodes (1969-1971)

from Episode: 4.01 - The Code

Birth Name:
Leonard Simon Nimoy

Born March 26, 1931
in Boston, Massachusetts, USA

Leonard Nimoy died February 27, 2015 in Bel Air, Los Angeles, California, USA, passing away at the age of 83

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The Code

Paris poses as a legendary and colorful revolutionary leader to get close to two conspirators planning an invasion and takeover of the democratic nation of San Cristobal and turn them against each other. Meanwhile, the rest of the IMF team hurries to obtain the invasion plans, decode them and relay the plans to the San Cristobal defense forces before the invasion begins.

The Numbers Game

The IMF stages World War III complete with a nuclear holocaust, all for the benefit of one man, a former dictator who plans to return to power through an invasion funded by $600,000,000 he secreted away. With his invasion made pointless by the fictitious war, will he give up his booty to save his skin?

The Controllers: Part 1

An Eastern Bloc nation is trying to develop a mind-controlling drug, a project led by Dr. Karl Turek. Phelps devises a plan to play Turek off against a rival, Colonel Borodin. Phelps and Meredyth pose as a pair of defecting U.S. scientists, who supposedly have developed an alternative drug to the one that Turek is working on. The IMF's scheme calls for Turek to try to kill Borodin, which will result in a trial where Turek will be discredited. But the complicated plan goes awry and the episode ends with Phelps under fire by guards.

The Controllers: Part 2

Phleps escapes but Borodin, who had been unconscious in the trunk of the car driven by the IMF driver, is killed by a shot fired by guards. This is a major setback to the IMF because Phelps' plan called for Borodin to denounce Turek at a trial. Now, Phelps & Co. must scramble to get the plan back on track. Meanwhile, Turek continues to make progress in perfecting his mind-controlling drug.

Fool's Gold

To thwart a counterfeiter who has printed enough currency to claim a pro-western democracy's entire gold reserve and thus topple the government, Paris must penetrate a lethal security system to substitute defective printing plates. Meanwhile Barney and Willy must subtly destroy a vault filled with currency and substitute easily detectable counterfeits made with the substituted plates to catch the counterfeiter red-handed.


An enemy nation has hijacked a US supported revolutionary movement trying to overturn a dictatorship. The IMF posses as a religious organization seeking the release of the priest who is the true leader of the revolution. But the enemy sees through this cover and demands a shipment of guns in exchange. Further they plan to manipulate the IMF to provide an excuse to kill the priest without alienating the revolutionaries. But what's that Barney is building in an isolated location? Did Jim anticipate a double cross and plan an escape route?



Premier Pavel Zagov's death has been covered up by Deputy Premier Gregor Kamirov. He is using an actor to take Zagov's place, and endorse Kamirov as his successor. The Force convinces Kamirov that another official is planning a similar coup with the help of a lookalike mechanical Zagov. Led to believe that his co-conspirators are unreliable, Kamirov takes over the alternate (IMF provided) plan which ends with him exposing his deception on national television.

The Double Circle

The IMF team tempts an art lover, who stole a secret missile fuel formula, to return the formula in exchange for a one of a kind art object. But he declines. So Jim begins a complex deception to convince his partner he has been double crossed. But the formula is still locked in a safe rigged to explode when enemy agents arrive.

The Brothers

The IMF team is charged with the overthrow of the leader of an oil rich Arab nation to be replaced by his twin brother being held captive in an an unknown location. The IMFs team of crack medical pretenders stages an emergency organ transplant to create an opportunity to switch the brothers. But the ruthless head of the nation's military sees an opportunity to dispose of both brothers and seize power for himself.

Time Bomb

Anton Malek is a mole sent years ago to monitor the nuclear program of an Iron Curtain nation. Suffering from a terminal illness Malek has become a rogue agent, and rigged a nuclear reactor to explode. Convinced by the Force that his illness can be cured, Malek (unknowingly) disassembles an IMF replica of the bomb, while Barney mimics his procedure on the real device. But, Phelps suddenly realizes that Malek has discovered the deception; forcing the team to rely on intuition alone in disarming the bomb.

The Falcon: Part 1

Prince Stephan's death has been faked by General Sabattini; leaving Stephan's childlike cousin Nicolai as sovereign. Sabattini is forcing Stefan's fiancee Francesca into marrying him, placing him in line to the throne. Phelps joins a group of Dutch tourists while the rest of the Force infiltrates the royal palace as a magic act led by Paris. Before the show begins Barney loots the royal vault. It's the beginning of a complex scheme to rescue Stephan, Nicolai, Francesca and simultaneously eliminate Sabatini.

The Falcon: Part 2

Paris switches identities with Nicolai during a magic show and the real sovereign is taken to safety. Francesca, cooperating with the Force, fakes her own suicide cutting off Sabattini's route to power. The theft of the royal vault is discovered, and Phelps contacts Sabattini as a former partner of Stephan's claiming that he can force the price to reveal the location of the royal treasure.


Kruger Stelman an ex-SS officer serving time in a communist prison is kidnapped by the IMF and made to believe he is on board a submarine. The team must get Stelman to reveal the location of funds stolen by the Nazis before the military police close in on the IMF operation.

The Falcon: Part 3

Barney and Phelps use an optical illusion to help them free Stephan from his cell. But, everything goes haywire when an assassination attempt against Sabattini fails and unmasks Paris in the process. Sabattini and his men begin to figure out the plan. Phelps must stay one step ahead if he's to get everyone out alive.



The IMF must rely on a trained terrier, named Chico, to retrieve a list of undercover agents from a drug lord's underground vault.




Leo Vorka, the aging Stalin-like dictator of a Communist nation, is about to begin another purge, led by the infamous head of his secret police Georgi Kull. Phelps posing as a writer, Barney's technical knowledge, and Paris' make-up skills convince Vorka's aides, and the Deputy Premiere, that the dictator's murderous past has finally driven him mad; it's time for him to retire.



Lover's Knot

The IMF's task is to find out who is running a U.K. spy ring. The team's lead is Lady Cora Weston, who seduces men in sensitive intelligence positions. Phelps' plan calls for him to pose as a U.S. naval officer who will be Lady Cora's next target. The plan is complicated when Lady Cora falls for Paris, posing as another U.S. official. Paris also falls for Lady Cora. These entanglements become even more complicated when the IMF discovers the identify of the spy ring's leader.



In order to expose an assassin who will strike an unknown target within 48 hours, Phelps poses as a drug addicted intelligence officer who wants to sell information to the assassin's contact: Bergman. Meanwhile, IMF operative Valerie, approaches Bergman as an investigator sent to look for a traitor inside his organization.

The Crane

The Force finds inspiration from Poe's "The Purloined Letter" in their plan to rescue a resistance fighter, and sow discord among the leaders of the military junta hunting him.

Death Squad

Jim and Barney vacation together in a Latin American country. While there, Barney falls in love with artist Alma Ross. But the brother of the local police chief obsesses over Alma and is enraged that she and Barney are dating. He goes into her room with a knife. Barney defends Alma but in the process sidesteps the jealous man, who lunges through the window, landing on the knife. Barney is now arrested and ticketed for execution by the police chief, who is operating a secret death squad. Phelps summons Paris and Willy and the IMF must act fast before Barney becomes the death squad's latest victim.

Paris / Emil Vautrain

The Choice

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The Killer

The IMF is up against a contract killer who makes decisions at random at the last minute to ensure his moves are unpredictable. As Barney stands in for the intended victim, the IMF must prepare for every eventuality to get close to the killer, thwart his plans, turn him against his client and stop their killing spree.

Flip Side

Mel Bracken is one of the largest distributors of illegal drugs on the West Coast. Pharmaceutical magnate Cameron legally sells drugs to a middleman's laboratory in Mexico who then smuggles it to Bracken in Los Angeles. In order to expose the operation the IMF forces Cameron to deal directly with Bracken on U.S. soil.

The Innocent

Barney has been captured infiltrating an enemy laboratory in the Middle East. To make matters worse he has been exposed to the chemical weapon being manufactured at the lab. Phelps devises a plan to rescue Barney and destroy the chemical. However, in order for the mission to succeed the IMF needs the assistance of a computer genius who wants nothing to do with the plan.


This time it's personal as Jim returns home to uncover who is killing his childhood friends; with the aid of the rest of the IMF team of course. But what will be worse, the death of another friend or finding that a friend is the killer.



The IMF must thwart a coup attempt to be triggered by a presidential assassination. The team apprehends the coup leader and employs an elaborate ruse to convince him to reveal the killer. But government security forces uncover the operation and capture Dana. So begins parallel games of cat and mouse with dire consequences for the losers.

My Friend, My Enemy

While en route to rendezvous with the IMF in Switzerland, Paris is captured by a team of enemy agents, brainwashed, and programmed to kill his control: Phelps. While the enemy team creates a scenario which will trigger Paris' programming, the IMF must figure out exactly what has happened to their fellow agent to save his career and life.


The MI team must exonerate an American businessman framed for the murder of his wife and marked for death in Japan. Undercover in the guise of various masters of Japanese art forms they dupe the true killer into confessing.



Brother and sister Alexi and Anna Kerkoska want to defect, and give the U.S. a list of government officials sympathetic to the West. Although Anna believes that the defection is genuine it's really a trap set by Alexi and Police Chief Petrovitch. They hope to get the list and embarrass the West in one fell swoop. Despite the trap the IMF must rescue Anna and recover the list. Meanwhile during the course of the mission Phelps and Anna begin to develop romantic feelings for each other.

The Amateur

A wannabe spy in an eastern European country happens upon an operation of the MI team. But, in a cleaver twist, as this amateur's dreams of becoming a super sleuth turn to greed the MI team manipulates him and government security forces to accomplish their mission and their escape.



A picture perfect extraction mission in an white dominated African country goes suddenly awry when an interrogator arrives unexpectedly. A well disguised member of the MI team is wounded but is aided by an angel of mercy with a secret past and reward seeking friend. As their fondness for each other grows Paris serves as an all too convincing decoy while the rest of the team searches for their lost comrade.

The Rebel

Government security forces surprise the MI team during a routine information exchange with insurgents. Dana and two rebels are captured including the rebel who, unknown to government forces, has the secret "notebook." Jim has a plan but the rebels are skeptical. With the possibility of a traitor in their mist and the help of a local priest of uncertain reliability, the MI must rescue the captives before they break under torture, before the security forces uncover the notebook and before the rebels take matters into their own hands.

Squeeze Play

A drug kingpin, not long for this world, is preparing to turn over his heroin empire to his heir apparent. Paris and Dana go undercover to turn the kingpin against his heir and convince him that Paris is the better candidate to trust with the secrets of his organization.

The Hostage

Paris's cover identify as a wealthy and influential American proves a bit too convincing. He is kidnapped and held for the ransom by rebels demanding the release of three of their comrades. The government agrees to cooperate in Jim's plan to rescue Paris only if he will capture one of the rebel leaders. But the rebels are very careful.


The IMF team is charged with bringing down a political manipulator who intends to use a group of student protesters with deadly effect to elevate his political puppet to higher office. Dana is a double threat posing as the puppet's daughter while infiltrating the protesters. Jim play's king maker to manipulate the manipulator.

Cat's Paw

A high tech organized crime group comes to the attention of our favorite IMF team following the murder of Barny's brother. To bring down the organization and the corrupt police captain allied with them Jim turns to his tried and true technique; infiltrate, sow distrust then wait for the fireworks.

The Missile

The IMF fool two foreign agents into gathering intelligence on a bogus missile guidance system. However, the mission is interrupted when a psychotic kidnaps Dana before she can give Phelps the details of the enemy agents' plan to kill him.

The Field

An adversary nation launches a nuclear weapons platform in to orbit. To make matters worse, the weapon's control station is on an impregnable island. That can only mean it's time for Jim to find a way to slip Barney into the station to sabotage the the weapon.



Jim and Dana infiltrate a group of bank robbers, but the IMF's real target is the mysterious leader of the group who uses the thieves' booty to fund anti-American revolutionary activities. Natural conflicts in the robbers' personal agendas play right into Jim's hands.

The Catafalque

In one of the IMF's most audacious plans yet the team blatantly frames their victim and attempts to snatch the body of a deceased leader literally from under the noses of the honor guards. Its' all part of Jim's plan to infuriate an official into revealing a sensitive document the US government wants to get its hands on.



Government forces in a racist African country have captured, Kitara, the leader of the revolutionary forces and will torture him to death in their effort to find the gold bullion he has hidden. To rescue Kitara and secure the gold Jim plans to manipulate the security official interrogating him. What better way to manipulate a racist than to turn him into what he least wants to be and turn his own forces against him?

A Ghost Story

Barny exploits his technical wizardry to convince a neo-fascist that his son, who he murdered, wants to be exhumed and cremated. It's all part of the plan to obtain the secret nerve gas formula his son developed before a certain eastern power gets their hands on it. But like any good ghost story, nothing and no one is what they seem.

The Party

Eastern Bloc agent Alexander Vanin is serving time in a federal prison for espionage. Using auto-hypnosis he has blocked all information about the location or contents of a microfilm list he hid just before he was arrested. Vanin's wife is the only person who can remove the mental block and the only one Alexander will confide in. The IMF stage a welcome home party at Vanin's embassy (which has been cleverly vacated) to reunite husband, wife, and the top secret roll of microfilm.

The Merchant

Jim pulls a "James Bond" letting himself be captured so he can become beholden to arms dealer Armand Anderssarian who can get Jim released. A classic start to an IMF con. Meanwhile Paris, Barney and Dana gamble on Anderssarian's poker compulsion to bring his overextended debt situation to a crisis. But there's a wild card in the deck; Anderssarian's ditsy mistress who is jealous of the attention he's giving Dana and has a knack for doing the wrong thing at the worst time.

Leonard Nimoy als Paris

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Leonard Nimoy als Paris
Leonard Nimoy als Paris

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