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Mission: Impossible

1966 - 1973

Number of episodes:
171 Episodes in 7 Seasons

Mission: Impossible is an American television series that was created and initially produced by Bruce Geller. It chronicles the missions of a team of secret government agents known as the Impossible Missions Force. In the first season, the team is led by Dan Briggs, played by Steven Hill; Jim Phelps, played by Peter Graves, takes charge for the remaining seasons. A hallmark of the series shows Briggs or Phelps receiving his instructions on a recording that then self-destructs, followed by the theme music composed by Lalo Schifrin.

The series aired on the CBS network from September 1966 to March 1973, then returned to television for two seasons on ABC, from 1988 to 1990, retaining only Graves in the cast. It later inspired a popular series of theatrical motion pictures starring Tom Cruise, beginning in 1996.

Robert Ellenstein - Deputy Premier Voss in Mission: Impossible
All Mission: Impossible Episodes with Robert Ellenstein

†  October 28, 2010

as Deputy Premier Voss

5 Episodes (1969-1972)

from Episode: 3.12 - The Exchange

Born June 18, 1923
in Newark, New Jersey, USA

Robert Ellenstein died October 28, 2010 in Los Angeles, California, USA , passing away at the age of 87

Staffel 3 - Alle Folgen mit Robert Ellenstein

Dr. Emil Gorin

The Exchange

Staffel 4 - Alle Folgen mit Robert Ellenstein

Deputy Premier Voss

The Controllers: Part 1

An Eastern Bloc nation is trying to develop a mind-controlling drug, a project led by Dr. Karl Turek. Phelps devises a plan to play Turek off against a rival, Colonel Borodin. Phelps and Meredyth pose as a pair of defecting U.S. scientists, who supposedly have developed an alternative drug to the one that Turek is working on. The IMF's scheme calls for Turek to try to kill Borodin, which will result in a trial where Turek will be discredited. But the complicated plan goes awry and the episode ends with Phelps under fire by guards.

Deputy Premier Voss

The Controllers: Part 2

Phleps escapes but Borodin, who had been unconscious in the trunk of the car driven by the IMF driver, is killed by a shot fired by guards. This is a major setback to the IMF because Phelps' plan called for Borodin to denounce Turek at a trial. Now, Phelps & Co. must scramble to get the plan back on track. Meanwhile, Turek continues to make progress in perfecting his mind-controlling drug.

Staffel 5 - Alle Folgen mit Robert Ellenstein

Dr. M. Vazan

The Innocent

Barney has been captured infiltrating an enemy laboratory in the Middle East. To make matters worse he has been exposed to the chemical weapon being manufactured at the lab. Phelps devises a plan to rescue Barney and destroy the chemical. However, in order for the mission to succeed the IMF needs the assistance of a computer genius who wants nothing to do with the plan.

Staffel 6 - Alle Folgen mit Robert Ellenstein

Vincent Vochek

Stone Pillow

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