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1987 - 1997

Number of episodes:
260 Episodes in 11 Seasons


Married... with Children is an American sitcom that aired for 11 seasons. It featured a dysfunctional family living in a fictional Chicago, Illinois, suburb. The show, notable for being the first prime-time television series to air on Fox, ran from April 5, 1987, to June 9, 1997. The series was created by Michael G. Moye and Ron Leavitt. The show was known for handling nonstandard topics for the time period, which garnered the then-fledgling Fox network a standing among the Big Three television networks.

The series' 11-season, 259-episode run makes it the longest-lasting live-action sitcom on the Fox network. The show's famous theme song is "Love and Marriage" by Sammy Cahn and Jimmy Van Heusen, performed by Frank Sinatra from the 1955 television production Our Town.

The first season of the series was videotaped at ABC Television Center in Hollywood. From season 2 to season 8, the show was taped at Sunset Gower Studios in Hollywood, and the remaining three seasons were taped at Sony Pictures Studios in Culver City. The series was produced by Embassy Communications on its first season and the remaining seasons by ELP Communications under the studio Columbia Pictures Television.

Kevin Curran - Buck in Married with Children
All Married with Children Episodes with Kevin Curran

as Buck

23 Episodes (1990-1996)

from Episode: 5.07 - Married... with Aliens

Staffel 5 - Alle Folgen mit Kevin Curran

Married... with Aliens

After Al returns home from work with a bump on the head, he sees (or thinks he sees) six little green aliens coming down to Earth and stealing his smelly socks to use as fuel for their spaceships. The only problem is no one sees them but Al, so everyone think's he's crazy when he tells others that he saw them.

Staffel 6 - Alle Folgen mit Kevin Curran

Lookin' for a Desk in All the Wrong Places

While Peggy is away helping Marcy recover her precious childhood belongings that Jefferson abandoned in a storage locker to be auctioned off in which he pocked and gambled away the money, Al, Kelly, and Bud hold an anti-baby meeting and makes plans for a new "Bundy World Order" that includes food, clean clothes and a huge hooter-ed oriental maid to replace the "pegzilla" Peggy.

Buck Has a Belly Ache

Buck frisst nicht mehr. Sowohl Al als auch die Kinder wenden ihre Aufmerksamkeit verstärkt dem Hund zu. Weil sie sich zu wenig beachtet fühlt, reist Peggy zu ihrer Familie aufs Land. Doch auch dort läuft nicht alles wie gewünscht: Sie wird nur zu irgendwelchen Arbeiten verdonnert – und das ist nicht gerade ihre stärkste Seite. In der Hoffnung, dass sich zu Hause etwas geändert hat, reist sie wieder zu Al und den Kindern. Doch die haben gar nicht bemerkt, dass sie weg war.

So This Is How Sinatra Felt

Peggy sends Bud and Kelly to spy on Al at the shoe store for the day to confirm her suspicion that Al's recent giddiness is the work of an extramarital affair rather than Al's claim that he's only been flirting with a "shoe groupie" at the shoe store.

I Who Have Nothing

Ein Onkel von Al ist vor kurzem gestorben – ohne ein Testament zu hinterlassen. Deshalb war Al auf einem Beutezug im Haus des Verstorbenen. Tante Heather verlangt alles zurück, was die Bundys gestohlen haben. Aus diesem Anlass will Al ein Testament verfassen. Doch er besitzt nichts von Wert. Jefferson erinnert ihn an den Ball, mit dem er in der Highschool vier Touchdowns erzielt hatte. Doch der ist im Besitz eben jener Sandy Jorgenson, die er damals hatte sitzen lassen.

Buck the Dog

Just Shoe It

Al is asked to appear in an athletic shoe commercial. Al, being Polk High's 1966 all city running back and shoe salesman is glad to reclaim his glory days. But Al ends up being a punching bag by Ed "Too Tall" Jones, Steve Carlton and Sugar Ray Leonard for the commercial.

Buck the Dog

Rites of Passage

Bud hat nur einen Wunsch zu seinem 18. Geburtstag: ein Treffen mit Roxanne. Stattdessen bekommt er eine höchst peinliche Party ausgerichtet, ein Fest, das allenfalls Kindergartenkids begeistern würde. Al will Bud helfen und schenkt ihm deshalb einen Abend in einer Oben-ohne-Bar. Dort will er dem Jungen beibringen, was er über die Jahre gelernt hat. Doch Bud benimmt sich ziemlich ungeschickt: Gleich der ersten Tänzerin bietet er sein ganzes Geld an.

Buck the Dog

The Egg and I

Steve returns to try and reclaim his estranged wife unaware that she has remarried to a younger man.

Buck the Man

Psychic Avengers

Al is a broken man after the Bundys can no longer afford to buy a weekly TV Guide. When Jefferson arrives at their house with a fistful of cash, Al discovers that he has been running a psychic phone scam called "Madame Zelda." To keep him quiet about his scam, Jefferson decides to let Al in on the deal. But Al soon takes over the whole operation and the rest of the family joins in. When Al decides to unite the five psychic bosses of Chicago, he insults the feared Madame Inga, who decides to throw a curse on the Bundys.

Buck the Dog

Teacher Pets

Bud's belief that his 40-year-old teacher is romantic interested in him is greeted by laughter from everyone. But another student smells the smoke and wants the fire for herself. Meanwhile, Peggy has a cold which prompts Al to keep his distance by going out every night to a Chuck-E-Cheese restaurant for some free pizza by crashing little kids birthdays parties. Can Bud keep two girls or will he suffer from a humiliating Bundy defeat?

Buck the Dog

England Show I

Lower Uncton, England 1653-- Shamus McBundy makes the mistake of insulting a witch who casts an evil spell upon the land, shading the town in darkness forever--as long as a male Bundy lives. In present day, 1992 Lower Uncton, still in darkness, the townspeople have successfully killed all male Bundy descendants of Shamus McBundy, except for Al and Bud. The head of the historical society, Winston, and his cohort Igor, conspire to lure the Bundys to England and dispose of them, ending the curse. But getting them to Lower Uncton would be easier said than done.

England Show II: Wastin' the Company's Money

The Bundys delight in their comped trip to England, spending here, spending there. All the while, the town of Upper Uncton conspires to kill the Bundys outside Lower Uncton, so the curse will remain and Upper Uncton can still rake in profits as a tourist town: the town beside the town in darkness. Finally, Winston and Igor bring the Bundys to Lower Uncton. The execution was imminent. Al and Bud would meet certain doom. Their only hope (unfortunately) was Kelly.

England Show III: We're Spending as Fast as We Can

The Bundys are cornered by both towns. Upper Uncton wants them dead so they can continue to profit as a tourist trap while Lower Uncton wants them dead so they can end the curse. Al moves to defend himself and soon finds himself in a medieval joust opposite Igor. Who will emerge triumphant? And will the curse ever be lifted? The fate of all rests in the hands of the lowly shoe salesman from America.

Staffel 7 - Alle Folgen mit Kevin Curran

Al on the Rocks

When Peggy uses up the monthly mortgage to pay Seven's doctor bill, Al is forced to take a second job bar-tending at a topless bar, but its a male strip club where the bartender and all other men are topless. Al enjoys his job, but when Jefferson covers for Al for one day, he takes Al's job. Meanwhile, Peggy starts banning Kelly and Bud from the house to protect Seven from their germs.

Buck the Dog


In the company of his peers at a bar with other Santas, mall Santa Al recalls Christmases past when he managed to avoid getting gifts to Peggy, Kelly, and Bud by turning them against each other (shown in a pseudo flashback to 1974). But this year the family shows a united front when they give Al his present, the jobs he has to work to get the money he needs to buy presents for Peggy and the kids. One job for Al is playing Santa Claus at the mall where Marcy and Jefferson get another opportunity to taunt and browbeat Al.

Mr. Empty Pants

Peggy decides to take up a hobby by drawing Al and in so doing, creates her own magazine cartoon of Al makes him famous: the hapless shoe salesman titled "Mr. Empty Pants". Al would prefer the fame to be fleeting, until another magazine (Playgirl) declares him to be a sex symbol.

'Til Death Do Us Part

Al's poor bedroom performance makes him the laughingstock of the entire town after another night with Peggy, even though the only person she tells about it is Marcy. Al then decides to get in shape for the real deal to get his self-confidence back.

Staffel 8 - Alle Folgen mit Kevin Curran

Take My Wife, Please

On Halloween night, the Grim Reaper (in the form of a dark-haired, pasty-faced Peggy) finally answers Al's inadvertent long cried call for death and won't leave him until one of his family members say that they need him. Meanwhile, Marcy convinces Peggy, Bud, Kelly and Jefferson to impersonate the Village People at a party she's hosting honoring female spouse murderers.

How Green Was My Apple

Al hat ein neues Hobby: seinen Apfelbaum im Garten. Der Baum trägt sogar einen einzigen saftigen Apfel. Eines Tages ist das Prachtstück plötzlich verschwunden. Al ist außer sich, als ihm Jefferson genüsslich kauend eröffnet, der Apfel sei auf seiner Seite des Gartenzauns vom Baum gefallen. Nun ist ein Grenzkrieg unausweichlich. Doch wie fast jeder Krieg, bringt auch diese Auseinandersetzung keiner Partei etwas: Beide Häuser liegen in Schutt und Asche …

Buck the Dog

Field of Screams

Al opposes the proposed destruction of his old high school football field to build a new auto plant by chaining himself to the arch. Meanwhile, Buck and Bud suffer from unusual side affects after Kelly the Verminator sprays them with a new pesticide called "Springtime in Baghdad."

Buck the Dog

Al Goes Deep

Using their tax refund money, Jefferson and Al bet heavily on a college football game that they are guaranteed to win. But that's before Trumaine's prized, not-so-bright quarterback Chad, who is being tutored by Bud, falls in love with Kelly, whom she pleasantly distracts from his training. Al must find a way to keep them apart at all costs after he finds out that other shady parties have also bet heavily on the game as well.

Staffel 9 - Alle Folgen mit Kevin Curran

No Pot to Pease In

Kelly spricht bei der Sitcom „Die Pimmelmanns“ vor. Beim Casting interessieren sich die Serien-Macher allerdings mehr für Kellys aberwitzige Storys über ihre Familie als für sie selbst und sagen ihr ab. Wochen später: Die Bundys und die D’Arcys erleben vor dem Fernseher die Premiere der neuen Serie. Dabei müssen sie allesamt mit Entsetzen feststellen, dass die Produzenten Kellys Geschichten Wort für Wort geklaut haben. Man macht sich hemmungslos über sie lustig.

Get the Dodge Outta Hell

Al's Dodge mysteriously disappears during a family visit to a local car wash while on their way to Wanker county. Meanwhile, Marcy's ex-husband Steve Rhoades mysteriously reappears at the car wash to show her his new life while she is trying to get the lazy Jefferson to work there.

25 Years and What Do You Get?

On their 25th wedding anniversary, Peggy goes out with Marcy to a posh health spa where Peggy gets coned out of all her money by a gift shop employee selling cheap beauty items. Meanwhile, Al is in trouble when the old and senile Buck buries in the back yard the anniversary gift necklace he plans to give Peggy, which prompts him, Bud and Kelly to literally dig up the entire back yard looking for the necklace.

Ship Happens: Part 2

The Bundys ocean cruise takes a turn for the worse when their ship sinks and they are stranded on a life raft in the middle of the ocean with the D'Arcys, a fat woman, and comedian Gilbert Gottfried. Meanwhile, Kelly and Bud endure the media circus that comes to their house asking about their missing parents.

And Bingo Was Her Game-O

Peggy gets invited to the Bingo Invitational Final. To their horror, Al and Jefferson hear that the new spokes-model for their official No Ma'am club beer, Girlie Girl Beer, is Yoko One. Therefore, No Ma'am must select a new official beer.

Staffel 10 - Alle Folgen mit Kevin Curran

Requiem for a Dead Briard

Buck the dog dies; in Heaven, he is sent back to Earth as the Bundys' new dog, Lucky.

Blonde and Blonder

Marcy organizes a "Toys for guns" campaign to get kids something else to play with than toy guns. Kelly has a post-graduation five-year re-union and is shocked to learn that the nerd she once stood up has grown into a handsome and rich man...

Al Goes to the Dogs

Al decides to build a dog house for Lucky. But when he makes an absurd amount of noise in the back yard, Marcy bribes a building inspector to inspect Al's work just to harass him. When the inspector tells him that the house is not up to its "code," Al, with Kelly's wealthy boyfriend Carlos, tear it down and rebuild it again and again to get it right.

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