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1985 - 1992

Number of episodes:
139 Episodes in 7 Seasons

MacGyver is an American action-adventure television series created by Lee David Zlotoff. Henry Winkler and John Rich were the executive producers. The show ran for seven seasons on ABC in the United States and various other networks abroad from 1985 to 1992. The series was filmed in Los Angeles during seasons 1, 2 and 7, and in Vancouver during seasons 3–6. The show's final episode aired on April 25, 1992, on ABC. Episode List

The show follows secret agent Angus MacGyver, played by Richard Dean Anderson, who works as a troubleshooter for the fictional Phoenix Foundation in Los Angeles and as an agent for a fictional United States government agency, the Department of External Services. Educated as a scientist, MacGyer served as a Bomb Team Technician/EOD during the Vietnam War. Resourceful and possessed of an encyclopedic knowledge of the physical sciences, he solves complex problems with everyday materials he finds at hand, along with his ever-present duct tape and Swiss Army knife. He prefers non-violent resolutions and prefers not to handle a gun, but will if necessary.

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21 Episodes (1987-1991)

from Episode: 3.05 - Fire and Ice

Born 1948
in USA

Staffel 3 - Alle Folgen mit William Ross

Fire and Ice

An insurance investigator friend of MacGyver's is killed by a diamond thief with diplomatic immunity. Nikki Carpenter, the friend's sister, is teamed up with Macgyver against his wishes to get the diplomat deported.

Early Retirement

MacGyver's boss Pete oversees the disarming of a nuclear warhead. A deadly explosion at the disarming facility causes Pete to accept full responsibility and retire from the Phoenix Foundation. However, MacGyver soon suspects that the replacement for Pete is responsible for sabotaging the warhead.

The Odd Triple

MacGyver agrees to accompany Jack on a flight to bring a rich woman and her recently acquired jewels to France. However, as soon as they land in France they are arrested for theft and regardless of their pleas, accused of complicity.

Murderers' Sky

The grandson and only heir of a rich Chinese shipping magnate is living in a monastery. MacGyver enlists his help to fight a criminal takeover of the business.

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Collision Course

MacGyver is a test driver for a racing team using a new Phoenix developed engine, and when the team faces sabotage that injures the team's race driver, MacGyver must deal with his traumatic past that had made him quit racing and face an old rival again.

Staffel 5 - Alle Folgen mit William Ross

The Madonna

It's almost Christmas. A figure of The Madonna disappears from a church. MacGyver and Pete, who are on their way to to deliver gifts to a local youth center, see and old homeless lady being harassed by two punks and chase them away. They take the lady to the youth center, where she gets shelter. Sadly, the center is under a threat of being shut down because of lack of money. Pete can't help because the Phoenix Foundation budget is already locked for the next six months. The priest from the church speaks on TV, petitioning for information on The Madonna. MacGyver decides to help. But in the unfolding events, the old lady has a role to play as well.

Live and Learn

Students are dropping out of high school. The Phoenix Foundation has chosen a school with a high drop-out rate and to test their pilot program for lowering the number of drop-outs there. MacGyver gives a physics demonstration using Deron, a young Afro-American football player in high school. He's only interested in sports, but MacGyver tries to make him believe that by concentrating in studying, he could go way further than to Superbowl. Tony is another kid who doesn't bother to take part in science projects - he finds it much more stimulating to sabotage them. MacGyver sees hope for Tony and chooses him as a test subject in the program, but the George Fraley, the toughest critic against soft methods on problem youth thinks Tony is a lost cause. The program requires two positive role models for the subject: one teacher and one outside volunteer. MacGyver nominates himself and Fraley. Tony's dad is a workman at a construction site where the project is two weeks behind schedule. The project manager gives the foreman the order to "be creative". Could the plots for Tony's school and his father's construction site possibly converge?

Log Jam

MacGyvers Schulfreundin Amy bittet MacGyver, ihr bei der Aufklärung eines Todesfalles, den sie für einen Mord hält, zu helfen. MacGyver lässt sich in Oregon als Holzfäller einstellen und lernt Amys Mann Jack kennen, der sich von ihr getrennt hat. Gemeinsam kommen sie einem Betrugsmanöver auf die Spur. Foxworth, Inhaber einer Lizenz zum Holzfällen, verschiebt ganze Ladungen von Baumstämmen an Mr. Glass, der sie illegal nach Japan verkauft. Der Kahlschlag hat katastrophale Folgen für den Forst...

Staffel 6 - Alle Folgen mit William Ross

The Wall

Nach dem Fall der Mauer forscht MacGyver im ehemaligen Stasi-Hauptquartier für seinen alten Freund Otto Romburg nach dem Verbleib von dessen Enkeltochter Maria. Als Romburg vor 15 Jahren floh, wurde sein Sohn erschossen, und Maria, damals acht Jahre alt, von den Grenzpolizisten festgenommen. Ein gewisser Mossel, angeblich Mitarbeiter eines Bürgerkomitees, gibt MacGyver den entscheidenden Hinweis...

Lesson in Evil

The infamous Dr. Zito escapes from court during his insanity hearing. MacGyver and the police, including the same officer responsible for Zito's incarceration, are now the victims of Zito's sadistic games.

Harry's Will

MacGyver's grandfather Harry has passed away. In his will, he says that the thing he has left to MacGyver is in a certain garage. The attorney has a problem: he can't find MacGyver's first name in the will. MacGyver tells him it's because HE DOESN'T HAVE ONE. Although Harry used to call him Bud. Meanwhile, an old man named Cody, who knew Harry, is released from prison - what are the odds, eh? Outside, a biker chick called Big Mama and his man called Dent have been waiting for Cody's release. They don't alert him to their present, but start following Cody. But someone is following them in a black car with darkened windows. MacGyver arrives at the garage and is given a riddle. And an old car. Cody arrives at another garage, hoping to find the car there, but it has been moved to the garage where MacGyver is. Big Mama drops Dent at the "wrong" garage to interrogate the owner in order to find what Cody was looking for and then she follows Cody. The black car follows her. MacGyver has just finished polishing the car when Cody arrives. It turns he has met MacGyver and his grandfather before he went to jail. He wants to know if MacGyver has found anything unusual in the car... MacGyver gets suspicious. Big Mama is outside, waiting for Dent, who tells her that Cody is after a '57 Nomad. Cody tricks MacGyver for leaving him alone with the car for a while and finds a hidden envelope - addressed to HIM. Then Big Mama and Dent drive in. Things are starting to get complicated...

MacGyver's Women

Maria (from #6.5, 'The Wall) has been offered a position at the university and she's considering leaving the Phoenix Foundation. That way she could settle down with MacGyver. But commitment is "not an easy thing" for him to talk about. MacGyver takes Maria to his place, only to find Kate Murphy (from #6.6, 'Lesson in Evil') there! Then some young woman called Jenny bursts down from upstairs. Turns out she's with Kate. Over some Chinese, the women gang up against MacGyver and The Old West gets mentioned. MacGyver retreats upstairs and starts to watch a western on video but, once again falls asleep. Cue again a dream, where MacGyver lives in the Old West, a town called Serenity (#5.12, 'Serenity'), among familiar faces like the Bozer brothers.

Squeeze Play

Mama Colton, MacGyver, and the daughter of a baseball legend join forces to take down a group of criminals that produce counterfeit baseball cards and other baseball related collector's items.

The Wasteland

MacGyver arrives at a wasteland test site owned by Phoenix Foundation. There he finds an envelope waiting for him, containing an audio cassette with instructions to play it. A voice tells that he will be waiting for MacGyver ahead and then proceeds to describe how the area once busy with living things died. Even the air is hazardous to breathe. The voice is convinced that this is what will happen to the town of Maple Ridge if constructor Bartlett's City Development Program becomes a reality.

High Control

MacGyver begegnet einem Bekannten, dem Gauner Earl Dent, der frühzeitig aus dem Gefängnis entlassen wurde. Dent bittet den Agenten, ihn zu seinem ersten Treffen mit dem Bewährungshelfer zu begleiten. MacGyver stimmt zu. Das ist der Anfang einer Kette von Gefälligkeiten. Der Zenit: Kent zieht bei MacGyver ein. Schon bald melden sich dessen alten Kumpel. Und die führen nichts Gutes im Schilde.

There But for the Grace

Two guys whack a priest in the head with a metal pipe, drag him into a construction site and proceed to rob him of everything valuable. Meanwhile, MacGyver and a woman are attending a hearing about the homeless situation in the area and start wondering why Father Jim is late. The woman is Rachel, Father Jim's assistant whom he had instructed to say to MacGyver "black and blue" should he be late. It's an old expression from their hockey days, a call for help. Then the word arrives: Father Jim has been taken to hospital in a critical condition. His speak makes of little sense. He mumbles something of Danny and Doc. The police deem in unlikely that the muggers will be caught. Then the doctor comes with the news: Father Jim has expired. It's time for MacGyver to start an investigation of his own.

Blind Faith

A man has been killed in broad daylight and Pete is at the scene. A stranger passes Pete by and whispers into his ear: "It's off." When Pete is looking at sketches of the suspects, MacGyver notices that Pete has trouble with his vision. Agent Stams from DXS arrives to meet Pete. Phoenix took on the job of returning Samantha Lora, a political fugitive, to her home country. Samantha's supporters were going to deliver a video tape stolen from San Pablo presidential palace, a tape showing summary executions of 200 political prisoners, when they ran into a death squad waiting for them. Pete was supposed to get the tape because they have a 6 p.m. deadline for a media conference about its contents at a local broadcasting station (exactly why the tape would be worthless after that is left unexplained), but the man who has it took off when the death squad appeared and his whereabouts are unknown. Samantha is the only one who knows how to contact him. And for her, Phoenix has arrived a safe place until her transport to San Pablo leaves. Pete and MacGyver go to pick up Samantha when she arrives undercover. Samantha calls the number at which the man with the tape can be contacted. He then calls her back and agrees a time and place where he will deliver the tape. MacGyver gets to be the pick-up man. But underlings of the president of San Pablo are on his tail...

Trail of Tears

Larry Whitecloud, der Anwalt der Lakota-Indianer, ist enttäuscht wegen des verlorenen Prozesses um die Bauarbeiten für eine neue Stromleitung. Da erscheint ihm in einer Vision der alte Indianer 'Standing Wolf', der ihn davon überzeugt, dass es sich lohnt weiterzukämpfen. Whitecloud sprengt eine Baubude in die Luft. MacGyver versucht, dem Anwalt klarzumachen, dass Gewalt das Problem nicht löst...

Staffel 7 - Alle Folgen mit William Ross

Honest Abe

A man in security guard uniform, carrying a briefcase, enters a hangar alone. There is a helicopter. The man enters the code that opens a storage room door. Inside the room, he steals a book that says "Stealth Helicopter Operating Manual - Top Secret" and a key-card that opens the helicopter. He replaces the fire extinguisher in the copter with one in his briefcase. Finally, he just flies away in the copter. Elsewhere, MacGyver meets his Jewish godson Jeffrey, who's bar mitsva is going to be on the following day. Jeffrey's father isn't in best terms with his own father, but Jeffrey is convinced that his grandfather will attend the bar mitsva. Jeffrey entrusts the picking up of his grandfather to MacGyver. Granpa tells he has to pick up Jeffrey's present from the post office. He sees a man in suit, wearing an earpiece, standing in guard outside the post office. He asks MacGyver to pick up the packet that is waiting there, addressed to an alias... There is a tracker inside the envelope, so the suits can see that it is moving. When MacGyver exits the post office, the suit pulls a gun on him... what is going on?

The 'Hood

MacGyver arrives at a new neighborhood in a moving truck. A 'hood of surfer dudes, scantily clad roller-blade girls, bikers that look at the scantily clad roller-blade girls instead of where they are driving to, weirdos that come out of their house every morning at the same time, shouting "I am alive! I am free!", a helpful landlord Mel and an aspiring actress Kelly from across the street. Then there are the two rich old men who have nefarious plans for the 'hood. With neighbors like this, there is no need for criminals, terrorists or Murdock...

Split Decision

Earl Dent (from #6.7 "Harry's Will" and #6.15 "High Control") is out of money and wants go to boxing as a pro. He enlists MacGyver as his coach.

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