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1985 - 1992

Number of episodes:
139 Episodes in 7 Seasons

MacGyver is an American action-adventure television series created by Lee David Zlotoff. Henry Winkler and John Rich were the executive producers. The show ran for seven seasons on ABC in the United States and various other networks abroad from 1985 to 1992. The series was filmed in Los Angeles during seasons 1, 2 and 7, and in Vancouver during seasons 3–6. The show's final episode aired on April 25, 1992, on ABC. Episode List

The show follows secret agent Angus MacGyver, played by Richard Dean Anderson, who works as a troubleshooter for the fictional Phoenix Foundation in Los Angeles and as an agent for a fictional United States government agency, the Department of External Services. Educated as a scientist, MacGyer served as a Bomb Team Technician/EOD during the Vietnam War. Resourceful and possessed of an encyclopedic knowledge of the physical sciences, he solves complex problems with everyday materials he finds at hand, along with his ever-present duct tape and Swiss Army knife. He prefers non-violent resolutions and prefers not to handle a gun, but will if necessary.

Richard Dean Anderson - MacGyver in MacGyver
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Richard Dean Anderson als MacGyver bei MacGyver
Image: Richard Dean Anderson as MacGyver in MacGyver


as MacGyver

139 Episodes (1985-1992)

from Episode: 1.01 - Pilot

Born January 23, 1950
in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

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An underground lab is destroyed by a mysterious explosion. MacGyver is sent in to rescue the trapped scientists and stop a deadly chemical leak.

The Golden Triangle

MacGyver is sent to Burma to retrieve a poison-filled canister from a crash site. While there, a drug lord mistakes MacGyver for a narcotics agent, forcing him into a confrontation.

Thief of Budapest

MacGyver obtains a watch in Budapest that contains top secret information on microfilm. However, a young Gypsy girl steals the watch from MacGyver and he must get it back.

The Gauntlet

MacGyver is sent to South America to rescue an American journalist and escape out of the country. The dictator of the country and his army pursue MacGyver, making the escape very difficult.


The Heist

An American senator has $60 million in diamonds stolen from him by a Virgin Islands casino owner. MacGyver goes with the senator's daughter to steal the diamonds back from his high-security vault.

Trumbo's World

Deep in the Amazon jungle, a horde of killer ants is destroying everything in its path. MacGyver helps his entomologist friend and the plantation owner to battle the ants before the plantation is destroyed.


Last Stand

MacGyver is taken hostage by some armed robbers at an airport. MacGyver uses his ingenuity to try to free himself along with the other hostages while simultaneously trying to stop the criminals.



MacGyver visits some friends who are are drilling for oil. Their oil well catches fire and burns out of control. MacGyver is the only one who can stop the fire and save his friends' oil strike.

The Prodigal

MacGyver is assigned to protect a person in the Federal Witness Protection Program. The man he is protecting wants to come out of hiding to visit his dying mother. MacGyver must protect him from the Mob and from the Feds.

Target MacGyver

There is a contract out on MacGyver so he leaves town and visits his Grandfather whom he hasn't seen in years. Soon the two are fighting for their lives in a cat and mouse hunt with the killers.



MacGyver is kidnapped by enemy agents to retrieve sensitive information he stole from them. To get him to talk, they inject MacGyver with a hallucinogenic drug that will kill him in six hours, unless an antidote they have is administered.



An enemy of MacGyver's fills a supposed safe house with several deadly booby traps to exact his revenge on MacGyver.


Flame's End

A theft of uranium occurs at a nuclear power plant where an ex-girlfriend of MacGyver's works. She enlists his help to catch the thief which endangers hers and MacGyver's lives.



A cruise ship is the target of a terrorist attack and has three bombs hidden aboard. MacGyver and a friend from the agency are asked to dismantle the bombs before it's too late for the crew and passengers.

The Enemy Within

Four agents have been betrayed by a mole inside the Agency, leading to their deaths. MacGyver must discover who it is before he becomes the next victim.

Every Time She Smiles

In Bulgaria, MacGyver meets a mysterious beautiful American girl. In assisting her, he discovers that she is smuggling top secret microfilm out of the country. The Bulgarian Secret Police arrive to complicate matters even further.


To Be a Man

While on a rescue mission in Soviet Afghanistan, MacGyver is shot and wounded. An Afghan woman and her son risk their lives to give refuge to MacGyver. A wounded MacGyver must now outwit the Russian Army to complete his mission.

Ugly Duckling

MacGyver is sent to rescue a teenage computer hacker kidnapped by weapons dealers who want him to arm a missile system they stole.


Slow Death

MacGyver finds himself on a train that gets hijacked by Indian tribesmen. He tries to help them find the Westerners who sold tainted medicine to their tribe and resolve the situation peacefully.


The Escape

Complications arise when MacGyver forms a plan to free a missionary from a North African jail.

A Prisoner of Conscience

To infiltrate a mental institution to free a political prisoner who is a friend of Pete's, MacGyver must feign madness. Getting in is the easy part...

The Assassin

An assassin is primed to knock off a high-ranking official when MacGyver is called in. But in order to foil a master of disguises, Mac must don the best disguise of all...

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The Human Factor

The military asks MacGyver to check out a new high-tech security system at one of their bases. Complications arise when the computer traps MacGyver inside and attempts to kill him.


The Eraser

MacGyver is tricked into believing that he is helping a man find his son. But in reality, MacGyver is unknowingly leading a hit man to his target.


Twice Stung

A friend of MacGyver's becomes suicidal after being swindled out of his life savings. MacGyver orchestrates a reverse scam to get the money back.

The Wish Child

MacGyver rescues a friend's young brother in Chinatown who is mixed up with some scam artists presenting him as the Wish Child, a legendary mystical Chinese boy.

Final Approach

Macgyver and four youths are stranded in the wilderness after their plane crashes. Gang rivalries among the youth escalate an already precarious situation.

Jack of Lies

Jack Dalton asks for MacGyver's help in rescuing a botanist in Central America. Once there, MacGyver finds out that the botanist is an old friend.

The Road Not Taken

A nun and some orphans are in need of rescuing by MacGyver from murderous soldiers in Southeast Asia. It turns out that the nun's assistant is an old girlfriend of MacGyver's.



Two rare golden eagles facing extinction are helped by MacGyver. He must simultaneously confront the poacher trying to kill the eagles and eliminate MacGyver.

Silent World

A teacher of the deaf, who is a friend of MacGyver's, is plagued by nightmares. MacGyver thinks these unexplained nightmares are connected to a plan to hijack a missile-guidance system.

Three for the Road

MacGyver becomes stranded and is forced to hitch a ride with a retired couple. Unknowingly, they are in possession of stolen counterfeit money that the mob is trying to recover.

Phoenix Under Siege

MacGyver and his grandfather have plans to go to a hockey game. However, when they stop by the Phoenix Foundation to get the tickets, they discover terrorists attempting to blow up a bomb.

Family Matter

A former agent seeking revenge kidnap a woman and her son. MacGyver is tasked with the mission of rescuing them.


Soft Touch

A Russian defector is helped my MacGyver to seek asylum in the U.S. Meanwhile, after Penny Parker comes to stay at MacGyver's for a few days, she accidentally uncovers an assassination plot of a foreign official.


Birth Day

A pregnant woman is on the run from her husband who wants her dead after she discovers his dark secret. MacGyver becomes trapped with the woman in an abandoned factory with her delivery inching nearer.



An archaeologist is kidnapped by pirates to help them find $60 million in sunken treasure at the bottom of the sea. MacGyver must attempt a rescue on the isolated ocean.

Out in the Cold

A Mob informant hides some microfilm on MacGyver, who is on a ski vacation. An avalanche that buries MacGyver prevents the Mob from getting to him, but not for long.

Dalton, Jack of Spies

While MacGyver is at the viewing of this friend, Jack Dalton, two CIA agents gone bad show up to make sure Jack is dead. MacGyver is surprised to find out that Jack really isn't dead and that he is wanted for murder.



Revenge is what is in store for MacGyver when a master-of-disguise hit man, who MacGyver thought long dead, shows up. This causes MacGyver to flashback to their first encounter.



A pilot is on trial for being a spy in a Central American country and MacGyver is sent to rescue him. Matters become complicated when MacGyver discovers the pilot's daughter has stowed away on the rescue mission.



A surprise birthday party is thrown for MacGyver at the Phoenix Foundation, causing him to reflect on old friends and memories, and to consider resigning from his job.

D. O. A.: MacGyver

A head injury causing amnesia makes MacGyver forget about his recent discovery of a bomb planted at a funeral. Will MacGyver's memory return in time, especially with the killer nearby?

For Love or Money

MacGyver and a female agent he despises pose as a married couple to infiltrate a psychiatric hospital in Czechoslovakia to free a human rights activist.

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Lost Love: Part 1

Soviet agents use a former lover of MacGyver's, who he thought to be dead, as a pawn to steal a valuable Chinese jade dragon statue.

Lost Love: Part 2

Jack Dalton helps MacGyver to steal back the jade dragon statue in order to free his former lover being held captive. However, it turns out she may be working with the Russians.

Back from the Dead

Jimmy 'The Eraser' Kendall, a man MacGyver helped put into the witness protection program, has been spotted by he mob. They've kidnapped his daughter and grandson, and they want Jimmy back, or else.


Ghost Ship

While mapping some wilderness in Alaska, MacGyver discovers an abandoned ship. On it, a Russian stowaway tells him that the crew were all scared off, by Bigfoot!

Fire and Ice

An insurance investigator friend of MacGyver's is killed by a diamond thief with diplomatic immunity. Nikki Carpenter, the friend's sister, is teamed up with Macgyver against his wishes to get the diplomat deported.



Experiemental US fighter jet gets shot down over East Germany and MacGyver is sent in to demolish the wreckage, while Soviets who backed by a psychic are trying to reach it first.

Jack in the Box

MacGyver goes to a small town in Arkansas to bail Jack Dalton out of another predicament. MacGyver ends up getting arrested along with Jack and sent to a prison camp where there are forced to dig in an abandoned mine for hidden millions of dollars.

The Widowmaker

MacGyver's best friend falls to her death while mountain-climbing with him. MacGyver has no time to mourn when Murdoc shows up looking for revenge.


Hell Week

An old mentor of MacGyver's asks him to judge a physics competition. The mentor's son becomes despondent after failing to win the competition and locks himself in the lab with a homemade bomb.


Blow Out

A terrorist wants Nikki Carpenter dead. MacGyver searches through Nikki's old records to find out who would want to kill her and why.


Kill Zone

When a satellite carrying a genetic experiment crashes to earth MacGyver is sent in to recover. When he arrives he discovers that the experiment mutated in space and now ages animals at a vast rate. It is taken back to the lab but the scientist in charge doesn't want to destroy it.

Early Retirement

MacGyver's boss Pete oversees the disarming of a nuclear warhead. A deadly explosion at the disarming facility causes Pete to accept full responsibility and retire from the Phoenix Foundation. However, MacGyver soon suspects that the replacement for Pete is responsible for sabotaging the warhead.


Thin Ice

MacGyver returns to Minnesota to help his old hockey coach take his high school team to the state championships. The toughest part will be dealing with the violent temper of their star player.

The Odd Triple

MacGyver agrees to accompany Jack on a flight to bring a rich woman and her recently acquired jewels to France. However, as soon as they land in France they are arrested for theft and regardless of their pleas, accused of complicity.

The Negotiator

When MacGyver's research into the wildlife around the planned building site of a marina threatens to cause a shutdown of the project, the owner hires a beautiful woman to persuade MacGyver to change his mind... by any means necessary.

The Spoilers

A mountain man who witnessed toxic waste dumping has testimony that is vital for MacGyver and Pete. But his flashbacks back to his time in Vietnam cause him to be unstable and may threaten their case.

Mask of the Wolf

A Native American is helped by MacGyver and Jack Dalton to find a sacred wolf mask. However, two mercenaries abduct him to get the mask for themselves.

Rock the Cradle

Jack Dalton and MacGyver suddenly become dads when a baby is left in Jack's airplane hangar. They search for the mother of the baby, who claims that Jack is the father.

The Endangered

MacGyver visits an animal preserve to reunite with an old girlfriend who is a park ranger there. Their reunion is complicated by a battle they have with poachers of endangered animals on the preserve.

Murderers' Sky

The grandson and only heir of a rich Chinese shipping magnate is living in a monastery. MacGyver enlists his help to fight a criminal takeover of the business.

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The Secret of Parker House

Penny Parker asks MacGyver to accompany her in inspecting an old house that she inherited from her aunt, an apparently haunted house.

Blood Brothers

MacGyver returns to his hometown to find himself haunted by the memories of a fatal shooting accident when he was a kid. While he is there, he helps two teenagers battle the local drug dealers.

The Outsiders

In the middle of nowhere, MacGyver gets involved in a car accident. He is luckily found by an Amish family and nursed back to health. MacGyver then helps the Amish community to confront a construction crew that is trying to force them off their land.

On a Wing and a Prayer

Pete is taken prisoner during a coup d'état by the rebels in Barraca. MacGyver must enlist Jack to help rescue Pete.

Collision Course

MacGyver is a test driver for a racing team using a new Phoenix developed engine, and when the team faces sabotage that injures the team's race driver, MacGyver must deal with his traumatic past that had made him quit racing and face an old rival again.

The Survivors

MacGyver soll Angestellte der Phoenix Foundation, die schon längere Zeit im Dienst stehen, inmitten der Wildnis testen, ob sie immer noch für den Außendienst geeignet sind. MacGyvers letzte Testperson ist ausgerechnet Pete Thornton. Natürlich will er Pete nicht durchrasseln lassen, doch um Petes körperliche Fitness ist es nicht gerade glänzend bestellt. Da wird aus dem Test plötzlich dramatischer Ernst...

Deadly Dreams

When a killer escapes from prison, MacGyver joins the search. But the escapee is not only a dangerous fugitive - he is a pawn to a much more brilliant mind still locked in prison, using the escapee to exact revenge on the female cop that put him away.


Ma Dalton

MacGyvers Freund Jack Dalton findet nach 37 Jahren seine Mutter Francine wieder. Diese ist zusammen mit Arthur Bandel in einen Finanzschwindel verstrickt, wodurch auch Jack bald in Gefahr gerät. Da Francine im Besitz einer Diskette ist, die Bandel vor Gericht schwer belasten würde, kidnappt Bandel kurzerhand den wiedergefundenen Sohn...


Cleo Rocks

MacGyver's friend Penny is the star of a new hit musical. MacGyver shows up to give her all the support she needs only to find out that the director is really an old friend of MacGyver's and Pete's in disguise. But, once again MacGyver saves the day.

Fraternity of Thieves

Dave Edwards, ein Computer-Ingenieur der Phoenix Foundation, wurde wahrscheinlich von KGB-Agenten, für die er spionierte, umgebracht. Zur Konstruktion eines streng geheimen Satelliten benötigen die Auftraggeber vier Komponenten von vier verschiedenen Firmen. Drei besitzen sie bereits, Edwards kam allerdings nicht mehr dazu, die Phoenix-Komponente zu übergeben. MacGyver findet heraus, dass vier Personen, die alle während der Studienzeit mit Edwards die Computer-Klasse besuchten, 'zufälligerweise' in den betreffenden vier Firmen arbeiten. Einer der vier ist Michael, Pete Thorntons Sohn...

The Battle of Tommy Giordano

MacGyvers Mitarbeiterin Mary Ruth hat bei der Scheidung von ihrem Mann Richard Giordano das Sorgerecht für den achtjährigen Tommy zugesprochen bekommen. Richard kann sich nicht damit abfinden und kidnappt Tommy mit Hilfe seines Onkels Joe, Oberhaupt der führenden Mafia-Familie Catano. Aber Joes treuester Untergebener Tony steckt mit einer rivalisierenden Mafia-Familie unter einer Decke. Die Vicaros wollen Joe und alle, die sich abends in der Farm befinden, umbringen...

The Challenge

Ray, an ex-gang member gets into some trouble with the police and a local shop owner. With the help of MacGyver, he unravels an anti-semitic community in the neighborhood surrounding the challenger's club.



Bei einem Kongress lernt MacGyver die noch minderjährige Prostituierte Jennifer kennen. MacGyver versucht, ihr zu helfen, aus dem Gewerbe auszusteigen und bringt sie zunächst im Challengers Club unter. Aber von dort reißt sie wieder aus, nachdem sie MacGyver das Geld aus der Tasche gestohlen hat. MacGyver findet Jennifer wieder, und auf ihr Flehen hin nimmt er sie mit zu sich nach Hause...


Gold Rush

Nach 45 Jahren ist ein mit Gold im Wert von 100 Millionen Dollar an Bord abgestürztes Flugzeug entdeckt worden, und eine russisch-amerikanische Expedition soll das Gold bergen. Die Teilnehmer sind der damals einzige Überlebende Colonel West, General Barinov, Natalie Valeskaja aus der UdSSR und MacGyver. An der Absturzstelle stellt MacGyver fest, dass das Flugzeug damals absichtlich zum Absturz gebracht wurde. Als West General Barinov ermordet, wird MacGyver klar, dass West das Gold für sich allein haben will...

The Invisible Killer

MacGyver takes a group of Phoenix Foundation employees for recreational trip into the wilderness but learns that someone of the group might be an escaped criminal.



Alle Sicherheitsvorbereitungen für den Staatsbesuch des Präsidenten von Kimbala sind getroffen. Doch irgendetwas stimmt nicht: Pete Thornton und Jack Dalton wurden offensichtlich von dem Vizepräsidenten Manzu und seiner Frau Edith einer Gehirnwäsche unterzogen, die sie auf ein bestimmtes Stichwort hin den Präsidenten ermorden lässt. MacGyver versucht, das Unglück mit Hilfe einer Psychologin zu verhindern...


Easy Target

MacGyver and Pete Thornton are caught as hostages by a terrorist group that intends to hit a city with an Electro Magnetic Pulse weapon, which would cripple the entire city.



Steve Morrison, nach einer Kopfverletzung aus dem aktiven Dienst bei den Kampfschwimmern und aus der Armee entlassen, fühlt sich ungerecht behandelt und will sich rächen. Im Auftrag einiger Dunkelmänner, die ihm dafür eine große Geldsumme versprochen haben, stiehlt Morrison eine Ampulle mit höchst gefährlichen Milzbrandbakterien, die in der biologischen Kriegsführung eingesetzt werden könnten. MacGyver, sein ehemaliger Commander und Steves Frau Marie versuchen, die Übergabe und die Flucht der Gangster zu verhindern...

Unfinished Business

Pete Thornton wird während eines Urlaubs mit seinen beiden Freunden Jack Dalton und MacGyver beim Angeln von einem maskierten Unbekannten entführt. Während sich MacGyver auf die Suche macht, soll Dalton Hilfe holen. Doch auch er wird gekidnappt. Schließlich findet MacGyver die beiden unverletzt und gefesselt vor. Sie sollten nur als Lockvögel dienen, denn der geheimnisvolle Unbekannte entpuppt sich als die einst von MacGyver als Profikillerin enttarnte Deborah, die sich an ihm rächen und ihn töten will...

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Legend of the Holy Rose: Part 1

After a haranguing episode in South America, MacGyver returns home to find himself taken hostage in his own houseboat by an old archaeologist friend. She is there to garner his help in tracking down a hidden treasure for which only she has the clues. But at what cost?

Legend of the Holy Rose: Part 2

The search for the Holy Rose takes MacGyver and Zoe to the British Museum where Mac has an ax to grind with a rival treasure-hunter. Eventually they end up in France where the searchers make a dazzling discovery, and just in time to save them from the clutches of a blood-thirsty jewel magnate.

The Black Corsage

Sofia, eine politisch verfolgte junge Bulgarin, wird durch Zufall in die Rivalitäten dreier Gangster verwickelt. Sie suchen den 'Schwarzen Gürtel', ein unermesslich wertvolles Schmuckstück. Einer der Gangster wird von seinem Komplizen angeschossen und kann noch kurz vor seinem Tod seinen Teil des Planes, der den Ort des Schmuckstücks angibt, der ahnungslosen Sofia in die Tasche stecken. Nun beginnt eine lebensgefährliche Verfolgungsjagd für Sofia, die in dem Glauben ist, der bulgarische Geheimdienst sei hinter ihr her...


Cease Fire

While in Geneva, MacGyver is wounded during an attempted assassination. He is helped by an American girl at a Swiss boarding school who protects and assists him in nailing the people responsible. Mac's efforts even find him hanging from a ski lift half way up a mountain...

Second Chance

MacGyver ist in Bangkok, um der Klinik der Phoenix-Foundation ein neues Dialysegerät zu übergeben. Zufällig trifft er Jesse Colton wieder, einen Prämienjäger, der dort nach 15 Jahren seine vietnamesische Freundin aufgespürt hat. Aber Colton ist zu spät gekommen, die Freundin ist bereits tot. Um Geld für den Grabstein seiner Mutter zu beschaffen, stiehlt Willie, der Sohn der Verstorbenen, Coltons Brieftasche und hilft dem Gauner Skinner beim Diebstahl des Dialysegeräts. MacGyver, Colton und später auch Willie versuchen, das Gerät wiederzubeschaffen...

Halloween Knights

MacGyver's nemesis Murdoc returns, but this time to strike a deal with his enemy. Murdoc's sister is going to be killed by Murdoc's former employers, HIT. Mac agrees to help, but must keep his guard up if he is going to trust Murdoc at all.

Children of Light

Su Ling, ein chinesisches Waisenkind, für das MacGyver vor vielen Jahren die Patenschaft übernommen hat, ist inzwischen eine junge Dame von 22 Jahren. Sie kommt plötzlich zu ihm und erklärt, dass sie von den chinesischen Behörden die Erlaubnis erhalten habe, in Amerika zu studieren. Aber das Mädchen heißt gar nicht Su Ling, sondern Mei Jan. Sie musste mitansehen, wie ihre Freundin Su Ling auf dem Platz des Himmlischen Friedens von Soldaten erschossen wurde. Mei Jan arbeitet in einer Untergrundorganisation und hat nach dem Massaker einen Videofilm gedreht, den sie der Öffentlichkeit vorstellen will. Doch das chinesische Konsulat versucht das zu verhindern...


Black Rhino

MacGyver trails a friend to Africa where he witnesses the cruel slaughter of the endangered Black Rhino. When he joins the activists hoping the prevent the poaching, Mac meets up with the man behind the scheme - Ladysmith.

The Ten Percent Solution

"Third Park Attack - Streets Declared Unsafe", reads The Observer headline. A Mr Brand, who is running for Congress, is giving a speech on TV, claiming that his goal is to make the streets safe for the people. Meanwhile, at Carlyle Auction House, Pete is makes the winning bid on a valuable Rubens painting The Phoenix Foundation is planning to donate to a museum, to prevent it from being hidden from the public in some private vault. Just at that very moment, a distraught man rushes in, claiming the painting belongs to his family. The man claims the ERR (Einsatzstab Rosenberg Reichminister, WWII Nazi art looters) stole the painting. There is a villainous-looking man observing and reporting to someone over a mobile phone. Something is going on... *****SPOILER WARNING***** Yep, those damn Neo-Nazis are at it again, planning to overtake five states, which equals 10% of The USA (hence the title), funding their election campaigns with paintings stolen from the Jewish people during WWII.

Two Times Trouble

Die bekannte Rocksängerin Roxy Yeats hat sich aus alter Freundschaft zu MacGyver entschlossen, bei einem Videoclip der Kampagne 'Rock gegen Drogen' mitzuarbeiten. Die Regisseurin ist mit Roxy jedoch sehr unzufrieden. Sie findet, sie sei verändert, und auch die Stimme sei nicht mehr so wie früher. Bei MacGyver beklagt sich Roxy über ihre Zwillingsschwester Carla, die sie mit ihrer Eifersucht verfolge und ihr sogar nach dem Leben trachte. Ein Fahrstuhl, der Roxy und MacGyver beinahe in den Tod reißt, scheint den Verdacht zu bestätigen. Nur langsam gelingt es MacGyver, Roxys Geheimnis zu lüften...


The Madonna

It's almost Christmas. A figure of The Madonna disappears from a church. MacGyver and Pete, who are on their way to to deliver gifts to a local youth center, see and old homeless lady being harassed by two punks and chase them away. They take the lady to the youth center, where she gets shelter. Sadly, the center is under a threat of being shut down because of lack of money. Pete can't help because the Phoenix Foundation budget is already locked for the next six months. The priest from the church speaks on TV, petitioning for information on The Madonna. MacGyver decides to help. But in the unfolding events, the old lady has a role to play as well.



MacGyver is burnt out because of the Phoenix Foundation's demanding tasks and decides to take a leave. Also, in his answering machine, there are messages from Jack, who has yet another crazy fortune-making idea, and Penny, who is asking for a favor. MacGyver tries to watch a western on TV, but falls asleep on the couch. In his dream, he is in post-Emancipation Old West, arriving in a town called Serenity. There he meets incarnations of Jack, Penny, Wilt Bozer, Milt Bozer, Billy Colton, and, of course, his nemesis, Murdoc... But the Bad Guy is Pete!

Live and Learn

Students are dropping out of high school. The Phoenix Foundation has chosen a school with a high drop-out rate and to test their pilot program for lowering the number of drop-outs there. MacGyver gives a physics demonstration using Deron, a young Afro-American football player in high school. He's only interested in sports, but MacGyver tries to make him believe that by concentrating in studying, he could go way further than to Superbowl. Tony is another kid who doesn't bother to take part in science projects - he finds it much more stimulating to sabotage them. MacGyver sees hope for Tony and chooses him as a test subject in the program, but the George Fraley, the toughest critic against soft methods on problem youth thinks Tony is a lost cause. The program requires two positive role models for the subject: one teacher and one outside volunteer. MacGyver nominates himself and Fraley. Tony's dad is a workman at a construction site where the project is two weeks behind schedule. The project manager gives the foreman the order to "be creative". Could the plots for Tony's school and his father's construction site possibly converge?


Log Jam

MacGyvers Schulfreundin Amy bittet MacGyver, ihr bei der Aufklärung eines Todesfalles, den sie für einen Mord hält, zu helfen. MacGyver lässt sich in Oregon als Holzfäller einstellen und lernt Amys Mann Jack kennen, der sich von ihr getrennt hat. Gemeinsam kommen sie einem Betrugsmanöver auf die Spur. Foxworth, Inhaber einer Lizenz zum Holzfällen, verschiebt ganze Ladungen von Baumstämmen an Mr. Glass, der sie illegal nach Japan verkauft. Der Kahlschlag hat katastrophale Folgen für den Forst...

The Treasure of Manco

MacGyver is at the University of San Marcos, Lima, Peru, to attend the funeral of a brilliant archaeologist, who was murdered in the mountains. And he never found the Inca treasure he searched 15 years for. His daughter Maria is determined to carry his work. The treasure could change the entire economy of Peru, for the good or the bad. For good, if the money obtained from selling the treasure would be used for education. For bad, if MacGyver's old school-buddy Enrique could use it to fund a revolution. Hesitantly, MacGyver agrees to help Maria.

Jenny's Chance

A jockey refuses to have any part on a horse race fixed by his employer, a wealthy man called Mr. Henderson. The jockey threatens to go to the police, so Mr. Henderson throws him in a stall with a horse and activates a device which makes the horse crazy. The jockey is stomped to death by the horse. The jockey's daughter Jenny arrives to find his body. The police investigate his death and conclude that it was an accident but Jenny has found evidence that makes her believe it was not, so she calls Jack Dalton and MacGyver to investigate what has happened.


Deep Cover

MacGyver is part of a group that is testing remote-controlled unmanned submarines for the DEA's Submarine Interdiction Program, which was looking good until the drug cartel equipped their drug boats with sonar. Fortunately, MacGyver's group has come up with a device called ERMA, that is capable of creating false sonar readings, thus making a DEAD sub equipped with one invisible to all cartel sonar. Of course, the cartel would be VERY interested in getting their hands on such a device...

The Lost Amadeus

Bei einem kleinen Verkehrsunfall lernt MacGyver Lulu kennen, die für den Violinvirtuosen 'Izzy' Zimmer kleine Besorgungen erledigt und dafür Geigenunterricht erhält. Izzy bittet Lulu, einen Pfandschein einzulösen. Auf abenteuerliche Art und Weise folgt Lulu - begleitet von MacGyver - der Aufforderung des Musikers. Gegenwert ist eine Golfausrüstung, in der eine alte Geige versteckt ist. Es stellt sich heraus, dass es die lange verschollene 'Amadeus' ist, eine Stradivari, die einmal Mozart gehörte...

Hearts of Steel

A young girl has been kidnapped by disgruntled steel-mill workers who want more than money -- they want revenge against her industrialist father who put them out of work.

Rush to Judgement

MacGyver ist zum Geschworenen berufen worden: In dem Prozess geht es um einen Raubüberfall auf Wyatt Robins und seine Frau Lisa, bei dem Lisa erschossen wurde. Angeklagt ist der Afroamerikaner Curtis Danby, ein Mann mit einem langen Vorstrafenregister. Für die Medien ist der Fall ganz klar: Danby muss der Schuldige sein, zumal Wyatt Robins in ihm eindeutig den Täter zu erkennen glaubt. MacGyver gibt sich damit jedoch nicht zufrieden und versucht, am Tatort Indizien für Danbys Unschuld zu finden...



Attacked by criminals, MacGyver finds himself in a coma, bordering death. He experiences an incredible vision as he is reunited with his recently departed grandfather Harry and his long-dead parents. They help to realize the importance of his life and give him the strength to save himself and identify his attackers.

Staffel 6 - Alle Folgen mit Richard Dean Anderson


Tough Boys

MacGyver überprüft für die Phoenix Foundation ein Projekt, durch das Jugendliche aus dem Kreislauf der Bandenkriminalität und Drogenabhängigkeit zu einem sinnvollen Leben geführt werden sollen. Die Gegend, in der das Projekt angesiedelt ist, wird von einer Art Bürgerwehr heimgesucht, die sich die 'Tough Boys' nennt und auf eigene Faust Anschläge gegen Drogendealer unternimmt. Auf der Suche nach dem Anführer der 'Tough Boys' wird MacGyver in einen gefährlichen Hinterhalt gelockt...



MacGyver und Thornton wollen in Bukarest die Archive des toten Diktators Ceaucescu untersuchen und auswerten. Bei einem Überfall durch Ceaucescu-treue Soldaten, der sogenannten 'K-Force', wird MacGyver als Geisel genommen. Zunächst kann MacGyver entfliehen, wird jedoch von Victor eingefangen. Victor, der von Kindheit an zu bedingungsloser Loyalität zu Ceaucescu gedrillt wurde, plant, MacGyver zu töten...


The Gun

Breeze, Mitglied einer von der Phoenix Foundation unterstützten Umweltorganisation, wird zufällig Zeuge einer Schießerei, bei der ein Polizist ums Leben kommt. Da Breeze unter Mordverdacht gerät, muss MacGyver die Schusswaffe finden, um dessen Unschuld zu beweisen. Es stellt sich heraus, dass die Tatwaffe schon früher benutzt wurde...

Twenty Questions

Lisa Woodman, die von ihren Eltern vernachlässigt wird, möchte gern von ihren älteren Freunden anerkannt werden. Sie hat Geschmack am Alkohol gefunden und macht auch bei einigen Einbrüchen mit, die Brett Reynolds, der Anführer der Bande, geplant hat. Als bei einem Einbruch etwas schief geht, hat Brett vor, Lisa zu beseitigen, damit sie nichts ausplaudern kann...


The Wall

Nach dem Fall der Mauer forscht MacGyver im ehemaligen Stasi-Hauptquartier für seinen alten Freund Otto Romburg nach dem Verbleib von dessen Enkeltochter Maria. Als Romburg vor 15 Jahren floh, wurde sein Sohn erschossen, und Maria, damals acht Jahre alt, von den Grenzpolizisten festgenommen. Ein gewisser Mossel, angeblich Mitarbeiter eines Bürgerkomitees, gibt MacGyver den entscheidenden Hinweis...

Lesson in Evil

The infamous Dr. Zito escapes from court during his insanity hearing. MacGyver and the police, including the same officer responsible for Zito's incarceration, are now the victims of Zito's sadistic games.

Harry's Will

MacGyver's grandfather Harry has passed away. In his will, he says that the thing he has left to MacGyver is in a certain garage. The attorney has a problem: he can't find MacGyver's first name in the will. MacGyver tells him it's because HE DOESN'T HAVE ONE. Although Harry used to call him Bud. Meanwhile, an old man named Cody, who knew Harry, is released from prison - what are the odds, eh? Outside, a biker chick called Big Mama and his man called Dent have been waiting for Cody's release. They don't alert him to their present, but start following Cody. But someone is following them in a black car with darkened windows. MacGyver arrives at the garage and is given a riddle. And an old car. Cody arrives at another garage, hoping to find the car there, but it has been moved to the garage where MacGyver is. Big Mama drops Dent at the "wrong" garage to interrogate the owner in order to find what Cody was looking for and then she follows Cody. The black car follows her. MacGyver has just finished polishing the car when Cody arrives. It turns he has met MacGyver and his grandfather before he went to jail. He wants to know if MacGyver has found anything unusual in the car... MacGyver gets suspicious. Big Mama is outside, waiting for Dent, who tells her that Cody is after a '57 Nomad. Cody tricks MacGyver for leaving him alone with the car for a while and finds a hidden envelope - addressed to HIM. Then Big Mama and Dent drive in. Things are starting to get complicated...

MacGyver's Women

Maria (from #6.5, 'The Wall) has been offered a position at the university and she's considering leaving the Phoenix Foundation. That way she could settle down with MacGyver. But commitment is "not an easy thing" for him to talk about. MacGyver takes Maria to his place, only to find Kate Murphy (from #6.6, 'Lesson in Evil') there! Then some young woman called Jenny bursts down from upstairs. Turns out she's with Kate. Over some Chinese, the women gang up against MacGyver and The Old West gets mentioned. MacGyver retreats upstairs and starts to watch a western on video but, once again falls asleep. Cue again a dream, where MacGyver lives in the Old West, a town called Serenity (#5.12, 'Serenity'), among familiar faces like the Bozer brothers.

Bitter Harvest

MacGyver beobachtet, wie auf einem freien Feld eine fliegende Untertasse landet. Plötzlich verlässt eine Gestalt im Raumanzug das 'Raumschiff' und schlägt MacGyver nieder. Von dem kleinen Tommy erfährt MacGyver später, dass sich seine Eltern Sarah und John Wiley bei den 'Außerirdischen' einen Flug auf einen fernen Planeten erkaufen wollen, wo es angeblich Heilung für Sarahs Krankheit geben soll...


The Visitor

While driving through a small town, MacGyver sees something resembling a UFO landing, and starts to investigate.

Squeeze Play

Mama Colton, MacGyver, and the daughter of a baseball legend join forces to take down a group of criminals that produce counterfeit baseball cards and other baseball related collector's items.

Jerico Games

The Phoenix Foundation is one of the organizers of "Jerico Games" - an international ice hockey tournament. MacGyver meets his Russian friend, Sergej (from #1.15, 'The Enemy Within'), who introduces MacGyver to Nikolai Rostov, of whom NHL is very interested in. To MacGyver's surprise, Nikolai has been accommodated at his place! MacGyver goes to find the person in charge of athlete housing, only to find out that it is Ellen, his high school sweetheart from 20 years before. Old feelings resurface, but why is someone secretly taking photos of them?

The Wasteland

MacGyver arrives at a wasteland test site owned by Phoenix Foundation. There he finds an envelope waiting for him, containing an audio cassette with instructions to play it. A voice tells that he will be waiting for MacGyver ahead and then proceeds to describe how the area once busy with living things died. Even the air is hazardous to breathe. The voice is convinced that this is what will happen to the town of Maple Ridge if constructor Bartlett's City Development Program becomes a reality.

Eye of Osiris

MacGyver is helping archaeologists to find the tomb of Alexander The Great, but soon learns that they are not the only ones out there looking for it.

High Control

MacGyver begegnet einem Bekannten, dem Gauner Earl Dent, der frühzeitig aus dem Gefängnis entlassen wurde. Dent bittet den Agenten, ihn zu seinem ersten Treffen mit dem Bewährungshelfer zu begleiten. MacGyver stimmt zu. Das ist der Anfang einer Kette von Gefälligkeiten. Der Zenit: Kent zieht bei MacGyver ein. Schon bald melden sich dessen alten Kumpel. Und die führen nichts Gutes im Schilde.

There But for the Grace

Two guys whack a priest in the head with a metal pipe, drag him into a construction site and proceed to rob him of everything valuable. Meanwhile, MacGyver and a woman are attending a hearing about the homeless situation in the area and start wondering why Father Jim is late. The woman is Rachel, Father Jim's assistant whom he had instructed to say to MacGyver "black and blue" should he be late. It's an old expression from their hockey days, a call for help. Then the word arrives: Father Jim has been taken to hospital in a critical condition. His speak makes of little sense. He mumbles something of Danny and Doc. The police deem in unlikely that the muggers will be caught. Then the doctor comes with the news: Father Jim has expired. It's time for MacGyver to start an investigation of his own.


Blind Faith

A man has been killed in broad daylight and Pete is at the scene. A stranger passes Pete by and whispers into his ear: "It's off." When Pete is looking at sketches of the suspects, MacGyver notices that Pete has trouble with his vision. Agent Stams from DXS arrives to meet Pete. Phoenix took on the job of returning Samantha Lora, a political fugitive, to her home country. Samantha's supporters were going to deliver a video tape stolen from San Pablo presidential palace, a tape showing summary executions of 200 political prisoners, when they ran into a death squad waiting for them. Pete was supposed to get the tape because they have a 6 p.m. deadline for a media conference about its contents at a local broadcasting station (exactly why the tape would be worthless after that is left unexplained), but the man who has it took off when the death squad appeared and his whereabouts are unknown. Samantha is the only one who knows how to contact him. And for her, Phoenix has arrived a safe place until her transport to San Pablo leaves. Pete and MacGyver go to pick up Samantha when she arrives undercover. Samantha calls the number at which the man with the tape can be contacted. He then calls her back and agrees a time and place where he will deliver the tape. MacGyver gets to be the pick-up man. But underlings of the president of San Pablo are on his tail...

Faith, Hope & Charity

MacGyver steps into a bear trap in the woods while tracking a wolf. Luckily for him, two friendly elderly sisters, who are not friends of bear traps, take him home with them and take care of him.

Strictly Business

After his sister dies in an avalanche, Murdoc decides to resume working for his former employer, HIT. In order to regain their trust, he has to take on MacGyver once again.

Trail of Tears

Larry Whitecloud, der Anwalt der Lakota-Indianer, ist enttäuscht wegen des verlorenen Prozesses um die Bauarbeiten für eine neue Stromleitung. Da erscheint ihm in einer Vision der alte Indianer 'Standing Wolf', der ihn davon überzeugt, dass es sich lohnt weiterzukämpfen. Whitecloud sprengt eine Baubude in die Luft. MacGyver versucht, dem Anwalt klarzumachen, dass Gewalt das Problem nicht löst...



MacGyver visits Pete Thornton in the hospital, where Pete is to have eye surgery. They talk and reminisce about their many adventures together.

Staffel 7 - Alle Folgen mit Richard Dean Anderson


Honest Abe

A man in security guard uniform, carrying a briefcase, enters a hangar alone. There is a helicopter. The man enters the code that opens a storage room door. Inside the room, he steals a book that says "Stealth Helicopter Operating Manual - Top Secret" and a key-card that opens the helicopter. He replaces the fire extinguisher in the copter with one in his briefcase. Finally, he just flies away in the copter. Elsewhere, MacGyver meets his Jewish godson Jeffrey, who's bar mitsva is going to be on the following day. Jeffrey's father isn't in best terms with his own father, but Jeffrey is convinced that his grandfather will attend the bar mitsva. Jeffrey entrusts the picking up of his grandfather to MacGyver. Granpa tells he has to pick up Jeffrey's present from the post office. He sees a man in suit, wearing an earpiece, standing in guard outside the post office. He asks MacGyver to pick up the packet that is waiting there, addressed to an alias... There is a tracker inside the envelope, so the suits can see that it is moving. When MacGyver exits the post office, the suit pulls a gun on him... what is going on?


The 'Hood

MacGyver arrives at a new neighborhood in a moving truck. A 'hood of surfer dudes, scantily clad roller-blade girls, bikers that look at the scantily clad roller-blade girls instead of where they are driving to, weirdos that come out of their house every morning at the same time, shouting "I am alive! I am free!", a helpful landlord Mel and an aspiring actress Kelly from across the street. Then there are the two rich old men who have nefarious plans for the 'hood. With neighbors like this, there is no need for criminals, terrorists or Murdock...



Wiederkehrende Träume von dem Killer Murdoc beunruhigen MacGyver - er ist überzeugt, dass der Totgeglaubte noch immer am Leben ist und ein Attentat auf Pablo Delasora, einen ehemaligen Diktator aus Mittelamerika plant. Kurze Zeit später findet MacGyver seine Befürchtungen auf überraschende Weise bestätigt...

The Prometheus Syndrome

There is an arsonist, called Prometheus, loose in MacGyver's neighborhood. Naturally, the Fire Inspector and the police are clueless, and have enlisted MacGyver has to do all the real work to catch the arsonist.


The Coltons

Jesse Colton (last seen in #5.5), is shot while looking for his brother Frank (last seen in #5.3) and MacGyver. Luckily for him, he has a bullet-proof vest. He tracks the man, Egan, who shot him and surprises him and his accomplice. Meanwhile, MacGyver and Frank are tied up in a warehouse next to a bomb with a timer that has just over three minutes left in it. Turns out their last-second escape is just about all MacGyver does here - instead Frank and Jesse do all the action here, with some help from the third Colton, Billy (from #5.8). There's a power struggle in Chinatown and they get involved in it.

Walking Dead

Scum exiled from Haiti has settled down in Little Haiti, in MacGyver's neighborhood. They are selling drugs, collecting protection payments and threatening shopkeepers with "Baron Samdi". It's time for MacGyver to enter the world of Voodoo to save the neighborhood. Starting from the kidnapped girl.

Good Knight MacGyver: Part 1

While researching his family's genealogy, MacGyver discovers that his family name was disgraced during the Middle Ages. He is then knocked unconscious and, not surprisingly, is transported through dreams to the time of King Arthur (a curious Pete look-alike!). Here he must confront some stubborn knights, convince Arthur that he is a friend, and set out in search of his forefathers.

Good Knight MacGyver: Part 2

After outwitting the evil Sir Duncan and escaping the clutches of Morgana, MacGyver and Merlin search for the kidnapped Cecilia. They not only free Cecilia and bring Morgana's wizardry to an end, but they find MacGyver's ancestor as well. Here, the first name of our protagonist is finally revealed...

Deadly Silents

Pinky, a star of silent films, is showing his films to MacGyver. Pinky hopes that The Phoenix Foundation will preserve his films. Pinky and his friend Karl were also good at building sets and making special effects. There was however, a problem: they were both in love with the same girl and became enemies. Two masked men invade Pinky's house and take his films. Can MacGyver retrieve them?

Split Decision

Earl Dent (from #6.7 "Harry's Will" and #6.15 "High Control") is out of money and wants go to boxing as a pro. He enlists MacGyver as his coach.

Gunz 'n Boyz

Rival street gangs in MacGyver's neighborhood are recruiting teenagers to sell crack to get money to buy guns with which to wipe out their rivals. Naturally, MacGyver has to solve the problem. Because there is no problem solving of which is too unrealistic for MacGyver.

Off the Wall

Dempsey & Magruta: Law Offices - some picks their way in there, does some vandalism and foes through the drawers and file cabinets until he finds the file he's looking for. MacGyver pays the bail on a young "graffiti artist". A Rich Businessman in a limo is upset at his underling because he has bought the entire slum area and wants to tear it down but can't because an old lady is contesting the eviction notice served by the underling. The underling claims him down by saying that the judge threw the case out because the old lady did not have a solid case. It's MacGyver to the rescue again...

The Stringer

MacGyver and his young Chinese friend are again at odds with Chinese criminals over labor regulations. During his investigation, Mac is helped by a photojournalist biker named Sam. It turns out that Sam has more than just a passing interest in MacGyver - he believes that MacGyver is his father!

The Mountain of Youth

A prophecy predicts that a resourceful man (MacGyver) from the west follows another man (Jack Dalton) to your average completely fictional Ammukash Valley that is supposed to hold the Fountain of Youth. The Valley is, in MacGyver's own words, in your average completely fictional "Kabulstan, a very hostile third world country that does not like strangers". The prophecy says that the resourceful man has something to do with the destiny of the people of the valley.

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Shawn Donahue als Young MacGyver bei MacGyver

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Autor Attila - January 30, 2017

Richard Dean Anderson als MacGyver bei MacGyver
Bild: Richard Dean Anderson as MacGyver in MacGyver
Pete: "Jetzt gib doch endlich zu, dass Skifahren gefährlich ist!"
Mac: "Skifahren ist schön, nur Lawinen sind gefährlich!"

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Autor Attila - January 30, 2017

Richard Dean Anderson als MacGyver bei MacGyver
Bild: Richard Dean Anderson as MacGyver in MacGyver

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Autor Attila - January 30, 2017

Richard Dean Anderson als MacGyver bei MacGyver
Bild: Richard Dean Anderson as MacGyver in MacGyver
Ich habe eine große Schwäche.Ich kann ungelösten Rätseln nicht widerstehen...

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Autor Attila - January 30, 2017

Richard Dean Anderson als MacGyver bei MacGyver
Bild: Richard Dean Anderson as MacGyver in MacGyver

Richard Dean Anderson als MacGyver

Autor - November 30, 2008

Richard Dean Anderson als MacGyver
Bild: Richard Dean Anderson as MacGyver in MacGyver
Richard Dean Anderson in der Rolle des MacGyver, der Held aus meiner Jugendzeit.

Ich hab jahrelang ein Taschenmesser mit mir herumgeschleppt, immer in der Hoffnung damit irgendwann einmal auch eine ganze Stadt zu retten oder gar ein Atomkraftwerk zu reparieren Zwinker

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