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1985 - 1992

Number of episodes:
139 Episodes in 7 Seasons


MacGyver is an American action-adventure television series created by Lee David Zlotoff. Henry Winkler and John Rich were the executive producers. The show ran for seven seasons on ABC in the United States and various other networks abroad from 1985 to 1992. The series was filmed in Los Angeles during seasons 1, 2 and 7, and in Vancouver during seasons 3–6. The show's final episode aired on April 25, 1992, on ABC. Episode List

The show follows secret agent Angus MacGyver, played by Richard Dean Anderson, who works as a troubleshooter for the fictional Phoenix Foundation in Los Angeles and as an agent for a fictional United States government agency, the Department of External Services. Educated as a scientist, MacGyer served as a Bomb Team Technician/EOD during the Vietnam War. Resourceful and possessed of an encyclopedic knowledge of the physical sciences, he solves complex problems with everyday materials he finds at hand, along with his ever-present duct tape and Swiss Army knife. He prefers non-violent resolutions and prefers not to handle a gun, but will if necessary.

Dan Shea - Biker (4.18) und Van Driver (5.17) in MacGyver
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as Biker (4.18) and Van Driver (5.17)

2 Episodes (1989-1990)

from Episode: 4.18 - Renegade

Born December 23, 1954
in Ontario, Kanada

Staffel 4 - Alle Folgen mit Dan Shea


Steve Morrison, nach einer Kopfverletzung aus dem aktiven Dienst bei den Kampfschwimmern und aus der Armee entlassen, fühlt sich ungerecht behandelt und will sich rächen. Im Auftrag einiger Dunkelmänner, die ihm dafür eine große Geldsumme versprochen haben, stiehlt Morrison eine Ampulle mit höchst gefährlichen Milzbrandbakterien, die in der biologischen Kriegsführung eingesetzt werden könnten. MacGyver, sein ehemaliger Commander und Steves Frau Marie versuchen, die Übergabe und die Flucht der Gangster zu verhindern...

Staffel 5 - Alle Folgen mit Dan Shea

Van Driver

Deep Cover

MacGyver is part of a group that is testing remote-controlled unmanned submarines for the DEA's Submarine Interdiction Program, which was looking good until the drug cartel equipped their drug boats with sonar. Fortunately, MacGyver's group has come up with a device called ERMA, that is capable of creating false sonar readings, thus making a DEAD sub equipped with one invisible to all cartel sonar. Of course, the cartel would be VERY interested in getting their hands on such a device...

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