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1954 - 1973

Number of episodes:
588 Episodes in 19 Seasons


Lassie is an American television series that follows the adventures of a female Rough Collie dog named Lassie and her companions, human and animal. The show was the creation of producer Robert Maxwell and animal trainer Rudd Weatherwax and was televised from September 12, 1954, to March 24, 1973. One of the longest-running series on television, the show chalked up seventeen seasons on CBS before entering first-run syndication for its final two seasons. Initially filmed in black and white, the show transitioned to color in 1965.

The show's first ten seasons follow Lassie's adventures in a small farming community. Fictional eleven-year-old Jeff Miller, his mother, and his grandfather are Lassie's first human companions until seven-year-old Timmy Martin and his adoptive parents take over in the fourth season. When Lassie's exploits on the farm end in the eleventh season, she finds new adventures in the wilderness with a succession of United States Forest Service Rangers. After traveling without human leads for a year, Lassie finally settles at a children's home for her final two syndicated seasons.

Lassie received critical favor at its debut and won two Emmy Awards in its first years. Stars Jan Clayton and June Lockhart were nominated for Emmys. Merchandise produced during the show's run included books, a Halloween costume, clothing, toys, and other items. Campbell's Soup, the show's lifelong sponsor, offered two premiums, and distributed thousands to fans. A multi-part episode was edited into the feature film Lassie's Great Adventure and released in August 1963. In 1989, the television series The New Lassie brought Lassie star Jon Provost back to television as Steve McCullough. Selected episodes have been released to DVD.

Lassie - Cast
The main Characters in the TV-Series Lassie. Further Information about all Actors can be found in the Lassie - Episode Guide

Lassie als Lassie bei Lassie
Image: Lassie as Lassie in Lassie

as Lassie

282 Episodes (1954-1973)

Jon Provost als Timmy Martin (Claussen) bei Lassie
Image: Jon Provost as Timmy Martin (Claussen) in Lassie


as Timmy Martin (Claussen)

244 Episodes (1957-1964)

Birth Name:
Jonathan Provost

Born March 12, 1950
in Los Angeles, Kalifornien, USA

June Lockhart als Ruth Martin bei Lassie
Image: June Lockhart as Ruth Martin in Lassie


as Ruth Martin

200 Episodes (1958-1964)

Born June 25, 1925
in New York, USA

Hugh Reilly als Paul Martin bei Lassie
Image: Hugh Reilly as Paul Martin in Lassie

†  July 17, 1998

as Paul Martin

163 Episodes (1958-1964)

Born October 30, 1915
in Newark, New Jersey, USA

Hugh Reilly died July 17, 1998 in Burbank, California, USA, passing away at the age of 82

Jan Clayton als Ellen Miller bei Lassie
Image: Jan Clayton as Ellen Miller in Lassie

†  August 28, 1983

as Ellen Miller

114 Episodes (1954-1957)

Born August 26, 1917
in Tularosa, New Mexico, USA

Jan Clayton died August 28, 1983 in West Hollywood, California, USA, passing away at the age of 66

Tommy Rettig als Jeff Miller bei Lassie
Image: Tommy Rettig as Jeff Miller in Lassie

†  February 15, 1996

as Jeff Miller

113 Episodes (1954-1957)

Birth Name:
Thomas Noel Rettig

Born December 10, 1941
in Queens, New York, USA

Tommy Rettig died February 15, 1996 in Marina del Rey, California, USA, passing away at the age of 54

George Cleveland als Prof. Hensley bei Flash Gordon
Placeholder Image: George Cleveland as Prof. Hensley in Flash Gordon
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†  July 15, 1957

as George Miller (Opa)

112 Episodes (1954-1957)

Birth Name:
George Alan Cleveland

Born September 17, 1885
in Sydney, Cape Breton Island, Kanada

George Cleveland died July 15, 1957 in Burbank, California, USA, passing away at the age of 72


as Porky Brockway

87 Episodes (1954-1958)

Born April 8, 1944
in Los Angeles, Kalifornien, USA

Robert Bray als Corey Stuart bei Lassie
Image: Robert Bray as Corey Stuart in Lassie

†  March 7, 1983

as Corey Stuart

81 Episodes (1964-1968)

Birth Name:
Robert E. Bray

Born October 23, 1917
in Kalispell, Montana, USA

Robert Bray died March 7, 1983 in Bishop, California, USA, passing away at the age of 65

†  June 10, 1985

as Onkel Petrie Martin

50 Episodes (1956-1959)

Born June 30, 1898
in Waukegan, Illinois, USA

George Chandler died June 10, 1985 in Panorama City, California, USA , passing away at the age of 87

Arthur Space als Phineas Jenks bei Unsere kleine Farm
Placeholder Image: Arthur Space as Phineas Jenks in Unsere kleine Farm
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†  January 13, 1983

as Dr. Frank Weaver

39 Episodes (1954-1964)

Birth Name:
Charles Arthur Space

Born October 12, 1908
in New Brunswick, New Jersey, USA

Arthur Space died January 13, 1983 in Hollywood, California, USA , passing away at the age of 74


as Paul Martin

29 Episodes (1957-1958)

Birth Name:
Hugh Goodwin

Born December 19, 1925
in Birmingham, Alabama, USA

Andy Clyde als Cully Wilson bei Lassie
Image: Andy Clyde as Cully Wilson in Lassie

†  May 18, 1967

as Cully Wilson

29 Episodes (1958-1966)

Born March 25, 1892
in Blairgowrie, Perthshire, Scotland, UK

Andy Clyde died May 18, 1967 in Los Angeles, California, USA , passing away at the age of 75


as Ruth Martin

28 Episodes (1957-1958)

Born April 30, 1926
in Des Moines, Iowa, USA


as Boomer Bates

25 Episodes (1958-1959)

Birth Name:
Todd Allen Ferrell

Born June 1, 1948
in Los Angeles, Kalifornien, USA

Robert Foulk als Peterson bei Unsere kleine Farm
Placeholder Image: Robert Foulk as Peterson in Unsere kleine Farm
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†  February 25, 1989

as Sheriff Miller

20 Episodes (1954-1967)

Born May 5, 1908
in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

Robert Foulk died February 25, 1989 in Los Angeles, California, USA , passing away at the age of 80

†  April 11, 1980

as Jenny

20 Episodes (1954-1964)

Birth Name:
Florence Silverlake

Born November 27, 1904
in Charleston, South Carolina, USA

Florence Lake died April 11, 1980 in Woodland Hills, Los Angeles, California, USA , passing away at the age of 75

†  May 24, 1969

as Constable Clay Horton

18 Episodes (1954-1957)

Birth Name:
Charles Richard Garland Jr.

Born July 7, 1927
in Mineral Wells, Texas, USA

Richard Garland died May 24, 1969 in Los Angeles, California, USA, passing away at the age of 41

†  March 9, 2019

as Scott Turner

16 Episodes (1968-1970)

Birth Name:
Jed Allan Brown

Born March 1, 1937
in New York City, New York, USA

Jed Allan died March 9, 2019, passing away at the age of 82


as Miss Hazlit

16 Episodes (1958-1963)

Born November 22, 1925
in Carthage, New York, USA

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