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1983 - 1986

Number of episodes:
86 Episodes in 2 Seasons

Inspector Gadget is an animated television series that revolves around the adventures of a clumsy, dim-witted cyborg detective named lnspector Gadget – a human being with various bionic gadgets built into his body. Gadget's arch-nemesis is Dr. Claw, the leader of an evil organization, known as "M.A.D."

This is the first syndicated cartoon show from DIC Entertainment. lt originally ran from 1983 to 1986 and remained in syndication into the late 1990s. It continues to air successfully in reruns around the world.

The series was produced by companies in France, Canada, the United States, Taiwan, and Japan. It was a co-production between DIC Entertainment in France and Nelvana in Canada; the animation work was outsourced to foreign studios such as Tokyo Movie Shinsha in Japan and Cuckoo's Nest Studio in Taiwan. It was the first animated television series to be presented in stereo.

Cree Summer - Penny in Inspector Gadget
All Inspector Gadget Episodes with Cree Summer


as Penny

64 Episodes (1983-1984)

from Episode: 1.02 - Monster Lake

Birth Name:
Cree Summer Francks

Born July 7, 1969
in Los Angeles, Kalifornien, USA

Staffel 1 - Alle Folgen mit Cree Summer

Race to the Finish

While Gadget takes Penny and Brain to drive out in the country, they were surprised by Cr. Claw. However, Gadget soon realizes this and helps his niece and dog. Then, Chief Quimby gives Gadget an assignment, it tells him that Dr.Claw is planning on participating a race which the winner takes a $10,000 prize. Dr.claw plans to use that money to finance crime. Gadget must enter the race not to win, but to make sure that Dr.Claw loses.

A Star Is Lost

Inspector Gadget's assignment here, is to protect a star musician, Rick Rocker. However, Rick is startled by Gadget's appearance and is trying to avoid him. But, Dr. Claw is planning to make some kind of mind-control record, he wants to use Rick rocker. So, Gadget must protect Rick Rocker from Dr. Claw and stop Claw's production of the mind-control record.

Art Heist

Gadget was told by Cheif Quimby to go to New York. There, Quimby gave gadget an assignment to protect the priceless artwork in the American Museum of Modern Art. Dr.Claw plans to switch the actual artworks with fake duplicates. With Gadget alone at the museum, he must stop Claw's men from stealing the real artwork.

Volcano Island

Gadget and his team are vacationing in Hawaii when Cheif Quimby gave Gadget an assignment. It appears that Dr. Claw wants to build some kind of secret missile base in Hawaii. But, he has to scare away the tourists first, and he plans doing so by using explosives (concealed in pineapples) and putting them inside the volcanoes. So, it can look like that the volcanoes are erupting. Gadget has to battle through a fake profit and stop Claw from using Hawaii as a missile base.

Gadget's Replacement

Gadget was told by Cheif Quimby to take secret routes into Quimby's office. There, Quimby shows off his brand new "Crime Computer". He demonstrates on how the Crime Computer can point out a crime happening in Metro City and deal with it. Unfortunately, the Crime Computer is Gadget's replacement. With Gadget out of the job, he must find employment elsewhere. Meanwhile, Dr.Claw is secretly planning to sabotage the Crime Computer, to either get rid of Gadget or draw the police away so his M.A.D. agents can steal and rob Metro City. Gadget must stop Dr. Claw and prove to Cheif Quimby that a computer can not replace him.

The Japanese Connection

Gadget receives an assignment. Telling him to go to Japan. Gadget's investigation involves a missing computer chip known as the "pip chip". Unfortunately, Dr.Claw has stolen it and plans to use it to power up a space device that allows Claw to electronically steal anything he wants. Plus, Claw is getting help from his counterpart Rauruda (a Japanese version of Claw). So, Gadget must team up with a little girl named Sasuko to stop both Dr. Claw and Rauruda.

A Clear Case

Gadget has been assigned to go to the mountains. His investigation involves a secret M.A.D. operation on using diamonds and cutting them down and making some kind of invisible clothing. Gadget must stop this operation before global security is in trouble.

Dutch Treat

Gadget receives an assignment. It tells him to go to The Netherlands (Holland). Gadget has to investigate a diamond smuggling system. Meanwhile, Dr. claw, who is in charge of the diamond smuggling system is also running a secret chocolate factory. Claw is planning to smuggle pieces of diamonds by putting them into chocolates. In fact he is also planning to cut up the symbol of The Netherlands, The Amster Diamond. Gadget must stop Claw from smuggling The Amster Diamond out of The Netherlands

Doubled Agent

Gadget is at the circus one day with his niece Penny, when Cheif Quimby gives Gadget an assignment to protect The Shah of Freeland from Dr. Claw. But, this time, Claw has more than one agenda. He does plan to kidnap the Shah, but also to get Gadget out of the way of his plans, and he plans to do so by creating a robotic duplicate of Gadget and have the robot rob banks, so the police will turn on Gadget and send Gadget to jail. So, Gadget must not only protect the Shah, but protect his reputation and his career.

Plantform of the Opera

Gadget and Penny are in Italy. However, Cheif Quimby gives Gadget an assignment. It tells him that Dr.Claw is planning on stealing a priceless artifact known as the Golden Pizza. However, Gadget has to join an Opera to find and stop the M.A.D. agents from stealing the Golden Pizza. Plus, another agent is planning to use his "singing" plant to help Dr.Claw steal the Pizza. Gadget must stop Dr.Claw from stealing the Golden Pizza and destroy the singing plant.

Did You Myth Me?

Gadget receives an assignment, it tells him to go to Greece. There, he investigates a statue museum. Not knowing that the museum contains an ingredient that can turn bars of lead into gold. Dr.Claw's M.A.D. agents are planning to steal the ingredients. Gadget must stop the M.A.D. agents while venturing the mythical areas.

Follow That Jet

Inspector Gadget receives an assignment one day. It says that Jet planes at Metro City AFB are mysteriously disappearing. In fact, this is Dr.claw's plan to form his own air force units by using brainwashed Pilots and their own Jets. Gadget must stop Dr. claw and bring back the missing Jets.

Dry Spell

A Heat Wave hits Metro City. So, Gadget and his family try to cool down. Unfortunately, there is no water as well. Penny believes that Metro City is also in a drought. But, in fact that Dr. Claw has siphoned all of Metro City's water and keeping it for himself. No doubt that Gadget receives an assignment to investigate the strange water crisis. Now, Gadget must stop Claw and find the stolen water.


Gadget is fighting a cold. But, as said before "No rest for the weary". Gadget receives an assignment to go to Fort Brix. It has been told that the gold in that fort has turned green and smells. Gadget is to protect the "Stinky" gold. However, this smelly gold thing has to be Dr. Claw's doing. However, the general at Fort Brix has ordered the gold to be sealed away at the mountains. However, Dr.Claw's agents are taking over the shipment and are changing the gold back. Gadget must stop the M.A.D. agents from stealing the gold, even if he feels under the weather.

Quimby Exchange

Gadget is in the police station putting up signs of a former M.A.D. agent named "Nervous" Nick Defecto. However, Quimby gives him an assignment to protect Nick from M.A.D., who is out to shut him up, because Nick is ready to tell the police about important M.A.D. secrets. Meanwhile, Dr. Claw somehow manages to capture Cheif Quimby and seal him into an abandoned Ice Factory. so, Gadget must rescue Cheif Quimby and protect Nick as well.


Gadget receives an assignment that brings him to Scotland. There, he investigates on what the mysterious druids are doing. What he does not know that they are really M.A.D. agents that are trying to construct a weapon that is aimed to destroy the Tower Of London. Gadget has to stop Dr.Claw from destroying the Tower of London.

Tree Guesses

Gadget and Penny arrive at Canada's gorgeous and breathtaking Thunderbird Park. However, Their vacation has been interrupted by Cheif Quimby, who gives Gadget an assignment. It tells him that Dr.Claw has made a demand of $10 million. If that demand is not met by a certain time, he will destroy every forest in the world, and he will do it with a special wood rot formula. So, Gadget must investigate about a nearby lumber station that is secretly creating this "Wood Rot" formula. Gadget must stop the production and Dr.Claw.

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