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2006 - 2010

Number of episodes:
78 Episodes in 4 Seasons

Common people discover that they have super powers. Their lives intertwine as a devastating event must be prevented.

Cristine Rose - Angela Petrelli in Heroes
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Cristine Rose als Angela Petrelli bei Heroes
Image: Cristine Rose as Angela Petrelli in Heroes


as Angela Petrelli

53 Episodes (2006-2010)

from Episode: 1.01 - Chapter One 'Genesis'

Birth Name:
Cristine Sue Rose

Born January 31, 1951
in Lynwood, Kalifornien, USA

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Angela Petrelli

Chapter One 'Genesis'

In Manhattan, Peter Petrelli is the younger brother Nathan Petrelli an overly ambitious and unscrupulous candidate for the next New York congressman, and he dreams and believes that he can fly. He decides to prove his theory and jumps from the roof of a building in an alley and his brother flies and saves him. In Texas, cheerleader Claire Bennet learns that she is literally indestructible and can not harm herself or die. She saves a fireman in a fire in a train, but does not take the credit. In Tokyo, Hiro Nakamura believes he can control time and space continuum. In India, Mohinder Suresh moves to the Brooklyn, New York, where his father, that was researching a secret project called Genesis about genome and DNA, is killed in a taxi cab. In Lower Manhattan, the painter Isaac Mendez paints pictures of the future. In Las Vegas, stripper Niki Sanders borrows $30,000 from a powerful local mobster to get her young son into school, and does not have the money to pay her loan. She sees a different image of her in the mirror, and when two gangsters come to her house to collect the money, one of them hits her and she faints. Later Nikki wakes up, and the two thugs are dead... literally torn apart by her evil alter ego.

Chapter Two 'Don't Look Back'

When Nikki wakes up, she sees the two criminals dead in her garage. She brings her son and finds a brand new Cadillac in her name and the bodies in the trunk, with instructions and a map to bury the corpses in the desert. Peter awakes in the hospital and his mother tells him that his father was depressed and committed suicide. When Peter decides to jump from the terrace of his building, his brother Nathan discloses that both can fly. Hiro is teleported to the Times Square and finds a comic book written by Isaac Mendez telling his saga. He goes to Isaac studio, finds him dead and is arrested by the police. A man pretending to be an exterminator bugs Mohinder's apartment, but he fights with the guy and is helped by his next door neighbor. In Los Angeles, the Police Officer Matt Parkman telepathically hears the voice of a child in a murder scene and is arrested as a suspect. Claire hides her heroic rescue in the fire and her evil stepfather discloses her abilities in her stolen tape.

Chapter Three 'One Giant Leap'

Hiro gets back to Japan and using Issac's comic book he persuades Ando to help him save the world. They go back to the US. Nathan says officially that his brother is crazy and it upsets Pete, who is struggling to fly again. Claire gets killed and wakes up during the autopsy and Matt sees a mysterious man while helping to investigate the murders from last episode. Meanwhile, Mohinder discovers a strange apartment and Niki drives her son to his grandmother where we learn that Niki's husband is wanted for murder.

Chapter Seven 'Nothing to Hide'

Lyle Bennett learns of his sister Claire's secret after watching her video of her trying to kill herself.Hiro Nakamura helps D.L. Hawkins save a woman from a burning car by freezing time. Isaac Mendez has gone M.I.A. with his painting.

Chapter Ten 'Six Months Ago'

Claire Bennett is at home reading when the cheer leading captain walk in with a uniform and informs Claire that another cheerleader dropped out and the spot is hers if she wants it. Hiro Nakamura has traveled back in time to the Texas diner but realize he can't after she tells him she has a terminal disease. Nathan Petrelli and Peter Petrelli are preparing to take down their dad D.L. Hawkins and Niki Sanders are newly weds. Chandra Suresh has come to America to find and contact the people he thinks have taken an evolutionarily step. Sylar is the first but doesn't appear to have extraordinarily powers but then has the power to move things with his mind after he invites and kill another person on Chandra's list and then goes back to Chandra

Chapter Twelve 'Godsend'

Nathan stops at nothing when it comes to getting some kind of help for his unconscious brother. Hiro goes on a hunt for the sword he's seen in Isaac's paintings. Nikki tries to convince the police of her need for help in dealing with her split personality.

Angela Petrelli

Chapter Fifteen 'Run!'

While the scandalous truth about Claire's real father is revealed, her adoptive mother faces a crisis. Matt takes a job as a bodyguard for a crooked attorney, which puts him in the cross hairs of Linderman's new assassin. Hiro and Ando return to Las Vegas to find the sword, but get sidetracked by a damsel in distress. Suresh finds someone on the list and unknowingly puts himself in grave danger. Meanwhile, Simone turns to some unlikely help in her and Nathan's struggle to find Peter.

Chapter Eighteen 'Parasite'

With the election and NYC's destruction looming, Nathan has a disturbing face-to-face meeting with the shadowy Linderman. Hiro's attempt to steal the sword steers him into a grim new direction. Suresh makes a breakthrough on "the list" -- at great cost. D.L. begins to suspect all is not well at home. Isaac paints his most terrible painting yet. New "hero" Candice Wilmer makes an illusive debut.

Chapter Nineteen '.07%'

After "helping" Suresh search for more people with special abilities, Sylar's rampage continues with two "heroes" being confronted by the stronger-powered serial killer. Nathan must factor what he's learned from Linderman into difficult decisions that will shape the future -- for him, his family, New York City and the world. As Thompson uses every tool at his disposal to find Claire, Linderman drafts Jessica into his far-reaching plans. Meanwhile, Hiro's resolve to "save the world" strengthens in the face of a grim reality.

Chapter Twenty-One 'The Hard Part'

Hiro and Ando return from the future, and start looking for Mr. Isaac. Bennet, Parkman and Sprague are on their way to New York. Peter tries to convince Claire not to go to Paris, but this gets much harder when she sees Thompson with Nathan

Chapter Twenty-Two 'Landslide'

Peter feels the need to control his newly absorbed power, as he overhears Sylar's thoughts on the streets of New York. Mohinder finds another hero and agrees to help find a cure for her fatal disease, as Parkman and Bennet close in on the building they are in, looking for a link that could set them free. Nikki/Jessica and DL are convinced that Linderman is behind their son's disappearance, as Linderman convinces their son to do a job for him.

Chapter Twenty-Three 'How to Stop an Exploding Man'

Can Sylar be stopped? Will Linderman's vision live on with Nathan? What will it take for Peter to save the world, what sacrifices will be made? With all the horrible predictions unfolding before them the heroes face moments of pain and peril in Kirby Plaza.

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Chapter One 'Four Months Later...'

Four months after the events of Peter's explosion, we find the heroes at different places in their lives. Claire, HRG and family try to stay below the radar in their new town, but a classmate of Claire's with some powers of his own knows there's something different about her. Matt Parkman and Mohinder Suresh are now guardians of Molly Parker, who has been suffering from horrible nightmares about the man who is more evil than Sylar. Mohinder and HRG are still trying to take the company down. Kaito Nakamura and Angela Petrelli receive ominous notices of their impending deaths, clearly sent by one of "the elders". Nathan has pushed his family away and is in a very dark place, feeling that Peter has survived and is alive somewhere. In Ireland, we find Peter Petrelli is alive, but doesn't remember who he is. Maya and Alejandro, two new characters, are wanted for murder due to her accidentally killing multiple people because of her ability to host a plague.

Angela Petrelli

Chapter Two 'Lizards'

At the behest of his new employers, Dr. Suresh travels to Haiti to treat a potential virus victim. The patient turns out to be a familiar face. Claire's secret may be out when a fellow student sees her regenerate a limb; that student may have his own secret however. Matt Parkman investigates a murder that affects one one of the Heroes. In 17th century Japan, Hiro is doing his best to ensure that Takezo Sensei lives up to his reputation. He has to take things into his own hands however. In Ireland, Peter Petrelli finds himself with no memory but re-discovering some of his many powers. Maya and her brother reach the Guatemala-Mexico border in their quest to travel to the USA.

Chapter Four 'The Kindness of Strangers'

Micah warms his way into his cousin's heart by using his powers. Matt gets closer to finding some answers surrounding the mysterious mark on Hiro's father's photo and asks Molly to help him. Nathan's mother confesses to killing Hiro's father, and Claire grows closer to the classmate who can fly.

Chapter Seven 'Out of Time'

Peter Petrelli finds himself in a future New York City where a virus has devastated the world's population. As he gradually regains him memory, he recognizes his mother who urges him to use his Hiro-like powers to go back in time and stop the virus before it begins. Claire and West's relationship reaches a crisis point when West realizes that her father is the same man who once kidnapped him. Suresh's loyalty to HRG man is starting to wear thin and he finally admits what he has been up to. Nathan learns that brother Peter is alive. Matt Parkman finally confronts his father in an attempt to release Molly from her coma-like state. Having fallen out completely with Takezo Kensei, Hiro attacks White Beard's camp. A new character with a familiar face, Adam Monroe, is revealed as one of the founders of the company.

Chapter Eight 'Four Months Ago...'

In flashbacks, we learn what happened to the heroes in the four months after the events at Kirby Plaza. Maja learns of her deadly powers at her brother Alejandro's wedding. Niki starts a Company-sponsored drug program but stops taking the medication only to realize that another hidden personality has emerged. Imprisoned by the Company, Peter Petrelli meets the now familiar Adam Monroe and we learn how he ended up in the shipping container destined for Ireland.

Chapter Nine 'Cautionary Tales'

Hiro learns of his father's death and travels back in time to save him only to realize that he must let events unfold as fate intended. He does however recognize his father's killer. Matt Parkman realizes that he has the ability to implant thoughts in other people's minds. He wants to know the identity of the woman in the photo with his father. When Bob and Suresh kidnap Claire Bennet, HRG and West set out to rescue her but get their own bargaining chip beforehand.

Chapter Eleven 'Powerless'

Nathan, Matt and Hiro confront Peter and Adam at the Company's facility in Odessa, TX where Adam's intentions become apparent. Micah confides in his mother and working together, he and Niki set off to rescue Monica but with deadly results. Maya and Sylar visit Dr. Suresh and she finally realizes what Sylar is really up to. Noah Bennet visits his family and begs Claire not to publicly reveal her secret.

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Chapter One 'The Second Coming'

In order to change the course of history, Peter Petrelli travels back in time to the day his brother Nathan revealed the existence of the super-humans. Courtesy of a DVD, Hiro receives instructions from his late father about a deadly secret contained in the office safe. Hiro can't help but open the safe and the contents are promptly stolen. Nathan undergoes a religious experience and is offered a new job by someone who looks remarkably like Niki Sanders. Sylar confronts Claire in a bid to get hold of her powers.

Chapter Two 'The Butterfly Effect'

Tracy Strauss, die Beraterin von Gouverneur Malden, sucht den rekonvaleszenten Nathan Petrelli im Krankenhaus auf und bietet ihm an, den Sitz eines verstorbenen Senators zu übernehmen. Nathan ist sich unsicher, ob er das Angebot annehmen soll. Doch der nur für ihn sichtbare Mr. Lindermann redet ihm ein, den Posten anzunehmen, denn dies sei Gottes Wille. Tracy hat unterdessen andere Probleme. Da sie der verstorbenen Niki Sanders aufs Haar gleicht, wird sie von einem Journalisten verfolgt, der kompromittierende Aufnahmen der Ex-Stripperin aus Las Vegas besitzt. Als er ihr droht, diese mit ihrem Namen zu veröffentlichen, setzt Tracy ihre besonderen Fähigkeiten gegen ihn ein. Mohinder Suresh, der sich ein Serum aus dem Blut der schwarze Tränen weinenden Maya gespritzt hat, entwickelt übermenschliche Energien und meint, er habe den Weg gefunden, jedem normalen Menschen auf schnellstem Wege Fähigkeiten zu verleihen. Er muss am nächsten Morgen jedoch feststellen, dass das Serum auch unerwüschte Nebenwirkungen hat. Der wieder erstarkte Sylar gelangt auf der Jagd nach neuen Fähigkeiten ins Gebäude der Firma, wo er als erstes Elles Vater Bob in Gewahrsam nimmt, um ihm einen Teil seines Hirns zu entnehmen. Auf Ebene fünf vorgedrungen, wo sich die gefährlichsten Heroes unter Verschluss befinden, wird er von Elle und dem von ihr befreiten Noah Bennet gestellt. Als er das Elektrizitäts-Girl töten will, sendet diese einen so gewaltigen Stromstoß aus, dass die Sicherheitssysteme des Gebäudes lahm gelegt werden und zwölf der gefährlichsten Insassen, Monster in Menschengestalt, entkommen können. Unter ihnen ist auch Jesse, in dessen Körper der zwielichtige Peter aus der Zukunft den Körper des gegenwärtigen Peter eingesperrt hatte, angeblich, um ihn zu beschützen. Angela eröffnet Peter, dass er, indem er ein Attentat auf seinen Bruder verübt und anschließend Claire genötigt habe, zu Hause zu bleiben, statt an Nathans Krankenbett zu eilen, das Zeitgefüge verschoben und die Zukunft verändert hat. Dieser Schmetterlings-Effekt wird die schlimmsten Konsequenzen für die gesamte Menschheit nach sich ziehen …

Chapter Three 'One of Us, One of Them'

Noah Bennett is stunned when Angela Petrelli assigns him a brainwashed Sylar as his new partner to track down the escapees from the notorious Level 5, as Peter, still trapped in the body of Jesse the Sonic Man, is forced to team up with a trio of deadly super villains who are on a murderous crime spree by holding up a local bank. Future Peter eventually releases Present Peter from his body-cell and shows him his dark future. In Africa, Matt learns more about his spiritual guide, Usutu, who also has the ability to paint the future. Meanwhile, Hiro and Ando track Speedster Daphne to Berlin to recover the mysterious formula, and find out that the rouge Haitian is behind it and working for another third party. In California, Claire asks her biological mother, Meredith Gordon, to teach her how to fight. Elsewhere, Micah Sanders, mourning the death of his mother is approached by the shadowy Tracy Strauss who asks him information about her past and why she and the late Niki Sanders are very identical looking, which leads to the mysterious Dr. Zimmerman, who may hold a clue.

Chapter Four 'I Am Become Death'

Having time-traveled four years in the future, the future Peter shows his younger counterpart that people have access to drugs that give them various super powers and some of them will destroy the world. Past Peter is forced to run from the dark and evil future versions of Claire, Daphne, and Knox, all of whom work as killers for government agencies to track him down. Past Peter is forced to look for allies and finds one in a very subdued version of Sylar. From his spot in Africa, Matt Parkman has a vision of his future in four years in which he is married to Speedster Daphne and is still looking after Molly Walker whom also works for the agencies. In the present, Hiro and Ando are locked away in a Level 2 prison cell where their situation starts to drive a riff between them. Tracy learns more about her origins from Dr. Zimmerman, and Nathan receives more tips from the ghost of Mr. Linderman over his position for congress. Also, Mohinder learns that the powers he gave to himself are irreversible and could lead to disaster.

Chapter Five 'Angels and Monsters'

Claire attempts to destroy her first target, Stephen Canfield. Hiro attempts to become friends with Daphne.

Chapter Six 'Dying of the Light'

Fellow villains Knox and Daphne are sent by their emissary, Maury Parkman, on a quest to recruit Hiro and others to the Pinehearst fold. Adam Monroe is brought before the ringleader, who turns out to be the most powerful villain, who uses his power to heal. Matt Parkman arrives back in New York from his African adventure, and is confronted by Daphne with an offer to join their organization, but he instead wants a commitment from her. Hiro and Ando teleport to Africa to try to make contact with Usutu, the vision painter, for information on the persons behind all the recent events. Angela and the Company are paralyzed from recent events, and Noah Bennett is forced to team up with Sylar again to hunt down more escapees from Level 5. Peter goes to Pinehearst searching for answers, but is stunned to learn that his father, Arthur Petrelli, thought to be long dead, is the ringleader of the whole events, and who as the ability to physically absorb others powers by mere touch. Meanwhile, Claire and Sandra go on a mission to save Meredith from the clutches of Eric Doyle, a villain with abilities to control people mentally and physically. In New York, Nathan and Tracy try to trace their origins with Mohinder's help, but who has other plans for them.

Chapter Seven 'Eris Quod Sum'

Tracy and Nathan try to save themselves from a dangerous Mohinder who is no longer in control of himself. Mohinder turns to the dangerous, power-stealing Arthur Petrelli to help Maya, and in return, Mr. Petrelli asks for Mohinder's help in developing the secret formula to give people powers in order for Mr. Petrelli to create his evil army of super villains. Meanwhile, Sylar is given the task by the comatose Angela to save Peter from the evil rival company, Pinehurst, when he captured and rendered powerless by his evil father. Also, Daphne is ordered by Knox and Mr. Petrelli to kill Matt, or be killed herself, but finds the task difficult as she begins falling in love with him as he predicted. In Africa, Hiro is still searching for answers from the spiritual painter onto who or what is behind Pinehurst and what their nefarious plans are for the world. In California, Elle approaches Claire and asks for her help to control her powers which leads to both of them forming an uneven alliance to venture to Pinehurst in New Jersey to find answers. Also, H.R.G. recruits Meredith as his new sidekick to track down more Level 5 escapees.

Chapter Eight 'Villains'

New York, 18 Monate vor den bisherigen Geschenissen: Angela und Arthur feiern ihrem 40. Hochzeitstag. Auf der Feier verkündet Staatsanwalt Nathan, dass er gegen Linderman ermitteltn werde. Da Arthur auf Lindermans Seite steht, beauftragt er einen Killer, Nathan zu töten. Der Anschlag geht schief, lediglich Nathans Freundin Heidi wird gelähmt. Linderman bekommt ein schlechtes Gewissen, sodass er Angela erzählt, wie sie von Arthur manipuliert wird. Daraufhin vergiftet sie ihren Mann. Der Tod Arthurs wird von den Ärzten allerdings nur vorgetäuscht. Wenig später werden Flint und Meredith von Primatech gefangen. Sie bekommen jedoch beide das Angebot, als Agenten zu arbeiten. Meredith sieht in der Company jedoch das Böse, sodass sie mit ihrem Bruder flüchtet. Allerdings wird sie dabei von einem Agenten verfolgt. Als sie diesem erzählt, dass sie gegen die Company ist, da diese ihre Tochter umgebracht haben, lässt sie der Agent gehen. Derweil wurden Noah und Elle beauftragt, Sylar zu provozieren. Elle muss den Lockvogel spielen und bringt Sylar mit einem anderen Hero in Verbindung. Hiro, der das alles auf seiner tranceartigen Pilgerreise gesehen hat, möchte Angela sofort warnen.

Chapter Nine 'It's Coming'

Barely escaping from the evil and powerful Arthur Petrelli, Ando forces Hiro to teleport them back to Japan only to discover that Mr. Petrelli has erased most of Hiro's mind and who thinks he's 10-years-old, and still in school. Ando must try find a way to make Hiro remember his powers. Meanwhile, Sylar tries to reason with the captive Elle to force out her anger and to learn how to take her powers without killing her. Mr. Petrelli sends Knox and Flint out after Claire and Peter who try to find a way to outwit their pursuers. Matt Parkman tries to scan the comatose Angela Petrelli's mind to try to save her and learns that Daphne is a double-agent assigned to watch over him and that Mr. Petrelli has something against her. While Suresh continues to unsuccessfully search for the secret to the formula to give people powers, Nathan and Tracy pay a visit to Pinehurst where they meet with the manipulative Arthur Petrelli who offers Nathan the world in exchange for his loyalties and help. Nathan declines, but Tracy, eager to gain more power in politics, accepts.

Chapter Ten 'The Eclipse Part 1'

Having reestablished control over the Company, Angela sends Nathan and Peter to Hatai to find the power-suppressing Hatian to bring him back to the USA to help in their fight against Arthur Petrelli and the evil Pinehurst. Hiro and Ando travel to New York to come back into the fold and ask for Parkman's help. Hiro, having lost part of his mind, but not his powers, teleports himself, Ando and Parkman to Kansas to Daphine's home to find out what Mr. Petrelli has on her. Also, Sylar teams up with Elle to try to capture Clare to bring her to Pinehurst to give her to Suresh to experiment on as the missing catalyst to the formula. But everything changes when a prolonged solar eclipse happens, which renders the heroes and villains powerless, stranding Peter and Nathan in Haiti with the Hatian who is trying to capture the powerful Voodoo witchdoctor Baron Samedi. In Kansas, Parkman must find a way into the Millbrook house without his mind-reading powers, and learns what Daphine is without her super-speed powers. In California, the powerless Elle and Syler try to capture Clare, who accidentally gets shot, and Nathan seeks revenge.

Chapter Twelve 'Our Father'

Having traveled back in time 16 years, the immature Hiro seeks out his late mother to try to get his memories back, while Claire has a run-in with a younger Noah Bennett when he was assigned by the company to look after the infant Claire and how she may have become the catalyst for the secret formula. Back in the present, Nathan returns to Pinehurst where Tracy introduces him to a group of U.S. Marines that Arthur has recruited to be his army of super-solders once Mohinder gets the catalyst for the ability-giving formula correct and which hopes the formula will be able to cure his disease... and begin Mr. Petrelli's quest for world domination. Peter and the Hatian return to New York and are sent by Angela in desperate attempt to break into Pinehurst to kill Arthur Petrelli before he can complete the formula. Meanwhile, Ando, Parkman, and Daphne seek out a bicycle messenger who may have the last '9th Wonders' comic book works to learn more about the future and where Hiro is and what to do to save him. Elsewhere, Sylar goes rogue once again by disposing of Elle, and then decides to go after both the heroes and villains to steal their powers for himself.

Chapter Thirteen 'Dual'

Noah, Claire, Angela, and Meredith find themselves trapped at the Primatech by Sylar who locks them in the building and subjects them all to various mind games. Meanwhile, Matt, Daphne, and Ando seek refuge at the Mendez loft where Daphne plans to steal a sample of the power-giving formula to give to Ando who wants to rescue the powerless Hiro still trapped 16 years in the past, who continues to struggle to find his true origins with his younger self. Back in the present, Peter faces off against Nathan, Tracy and the security detail at Pinehurst to stop Mohinder from reproducing the formula, and finds allies in the form of Knox as well as Flint who also want to stop the production of the formula, leading to a fiery showdown for all.

Chapter One 'A Clear and Present Danger'

Two months after the destruction of both the Primatech and Pinehurst, and the death of Arthur Petrelli, the now-villainous Nathan returns with a vengeance by persuading the U.S. President and the government to round up all people with abilities for containment and disposal, leading to Claire, Ando, Peter, as well as Tracy to become fugitives from the people who were their former allies. In Japan, a powerless Hiro tries to live through the super-charger Ando as his latest partner. In New York, Peter struggles to find a life for himself as a paramedic, but finds that his cannot hide from his past. Claire learns about Nathan's and Angela's plans for interment of people with abilities and sets out to warn Matt Parkman who learns more about his abilities from the spirit of the African spiritualist Usutu. Elsewhere, Syler travels to Baltimore to locate his long-lost father and ends up being the only one who escapes from a government dragnet led by a mysterious agent known only as 'the Hunter'. Mohinder also learns that he has been targeted, and that Noah Bennett is apparently working with Nathan as well.

Chapter Two 'Trust and Blood'

Following the plane crash, the surviving heroes must team up with one another to try to survive the manhunt. Claire is quickly captured by her own father who takes charge of a "kill squad" to find the remaining people with abilities. Mohinder and a powerless Hiro must rely on Matt Parkman's spiritual guide to help them. Daphne makes contact with Ando to help her find Matt, unaware of the people now targeting them. In New Jersey, Syler takes refuge in the house of an agent and tries to get information to what's going on. Also, Peter teams up with Tracy to look for help, while she begins having second thoughts about running.

Chapter Four 'Cold Wars'

Peter, Matt, and Mohinder drug and abduct Noah "H.R.G." Bennet and hold him captive in a seedy motel room so Matt can interrogate him to find out more about the people hunting them down, but predictably, it does not go as planned as Benett plans to turn them against each other, while Nathan and the sadistic Danko are looking for him. Noah's background story is revealed about how Nathan approached him to help the government's plan to round up people with special powers, and his awkward alliance with Danko who has his own agenda... as does Nathan.

Angela Petrelli

Chapter Five 'Exposed'

Following a tip from their anonymous source "Rebel", Matt and Peter hurry to rescue Daphne from the holding facilities in 'Building 26' in Washington, and to find evidence that may expose the government's plans to capture those with powers. Meanwhile, Sylar uncovers the truth about his mother after he experiences past memories of his father at a disused diner located deep in the New Mexico desert. In California, Claire must find a way to sneak Alex out of her house which is under observation by FBI Agents, and Mrs. Bennet reluctantly agrees to help. Also, Hunter Danko hatches an explosive plan of his own to trap and kill another hero, and Claire has a run-in with an old villain she captured a while back.

Chapter Six 'Shades of Gray'

Now on his own, Sylar finally finds his biological father, Samson Gray, a reclusive, lung-cancer ridden taxidermist, to confront him with questions about his past, but soon learns that Samson is not who he appears to be. Meanwhile, Nathan continues to lock horns with Danko over the hunter's tactics to eliminate people with abilities, after he tries to frame Parkman for an attempted suicide bombing. This leads to both Nathan and Danko going behind each others back to unseat the other. Nathan becomes wary about Danko going rogue and the hunter interrogating Tracy, as well as Nathan's mother, Angela, about Nathan's own ability. In California, Claire takes Alex's old job at the comic book store where she is given a message by 'Rebel' to help out her former nemesis, the puppet master Eric Doyle, when he too is targeted by rouge agents. Also, Hiro and Ando return to California where they are led by clue from Rebel... to an infant Matt Parkman.

Chapter Seven 'Cold Snap'

With Nathan now on the run, Emile Danko takes over the operations where Bennett urges him to release Tracy hoping it will lead them to the mysterious 'Rebel'. Then, thanks to a computer glitch, Tracy escapes from Building 21 along with Parkman, Mohinder, and a seriously wounded Daphne. While Parkman and Mohinder take Daphne to a nearby hospital for treatment, Tracy finally learns the identity of 'Rebel'. Meanwhile, Angela finds herself targeted by Danko's hit squad in which she turns to an old friend, named Millie, to help her get out of New York. In Los Angeles, Hiro and Ando find themselves looking after the infant Matt Parkman Jr. and learns that the baby also has a special ability... and is also targeted by Danko's men.

Chapter Eight 'Into Asylum'

Denko is approached by Syler with an offer to help him to find an elusive shape-shifting person, despite the fact that they don't trust eachother. Meanwhile, Peter and Angela hide out in a church where she seeks a path of redemption from everything that she has allowed to happen to her, while Bennett is put in charge to find both of them. In Mexico, Clare and Nathan hide out in a seedy motel where she takes advantage of her own abilities to win money in a drinking shot contest when they run short on money.

Chapter Nine 'Turn and Face the Strange'

Hiro and Ando set out to find Matt Parkman with his infant son, but soon learn that the infant's powers hinder their travel plans. Meanwhile, the shape shifting Sylar begins to use his new powers to harass Bennet by impersonating his wife, Sandra, knowing he will find out. An angry Matt Parkman begins investigating the sadistic Danko to see revenge for Daphne's death and learns more about his pursuer when he meets his Slavic girlfriend Alena. Mohinder learns more about his father's work about a mysterious place called Coyote Sands in which Angela and Peter make contact with Nathan and Clare where Angela takes them to the remote location where a secret about Angela's past lies buried.

Angela Petrelli

Chapter Ten '1961'

Angela has nightmares. She gets the family to go back to Coyote Sands with her to dig up graves, and find her sister.

Chapter Eleven 'I Am Sylar'

Sylar begins to feel confused and more uncertain about himself when his new shape-changing powers begins to get out of control. He begins to imagine his late mother giving him advice on what to do, while Danko continues to use him to find and kill people with abilities and wants to zero in on 'Rebel'. When Sylar discovers that Rebel is in fact Micah Sanders, he saves him. Sylar decides to change his ways after figuring out that Danko is plotting a so-called 'Final Solution' to exterminate all people with abilities once and for all. Meanwhile, Parkman plans to return to his home in California with his infant son unaware that there are more kill-squad agents after him, Hiro and Ando rashly decide to make a heroic, and probably futile, attempt to make an assault on Building 26.

Chapter Twelve 'An Invisible Thread'

Nathan and Peter try to find the shape-shifting Sylar before he can make contact with the President and assume his form as well. Clare goes off to try to stop Sylar on her own, only to end up as a captive. Meanwhile, Hiro and Ando make a rash attempt at stopping time so they can break into Building 26. They hope to free those that still survive and have powers, while Danko, framed by Sylar for the murder of an agent, has a talk with Noah Bennett over their views on fighting this war. Elsewhere, Angela meets with Matt to ask for his help to save Nathan, when she has a dream about him being in danger from Sylar.

Staffel 4 - Alle Folgen mit Cristine Rose

Chapter One 'Orientation'

Claire und ihre Freunde versuchen, zu einem normalen Leben zurückzufinden, müssen aber erkennen, dass die Vergangenheit sie nicht loslässt. Nach seiner Gehirnwäsche glaubt Sylar, er sei Nathan Petrelli – doch seine vermeintliche Mutter Angela befürchtet, er könnte seine tatsächliche Persönlichkeit wiederentdecken. Der Zirkusdirektor einer Freakshow bietet übernatürlich Begabten eine Heimat, hegt dabei aber militante Absichten.

Angela Petrelli

Jump, Push, Fall

Peter returns to his job as a paramedic, saving people with the help of Mohinder's abilities. In Japan, Hiro feels that he is not in control of his power and believes himself to be dying. Meanwhile, Samuel, Lydia and Edgar use their abilities to find other Heroes in their quest to bring more into their fold. Also, Tracy continues to hunt down and kill former Building 26 employees by using her new water-liquidation powers to drown them, and she zeros in on Danko, as well as Noah. Clare deals with her secret being revealed by a student who witnesses her fall from a third-floor window. Also, Sylar's consciousness manifests itself inside Matt's mind.

Chapter Three 'Acceptance'

As Hiro's life continues to hang in the balance, he distracts himself with saving the lives of others. Meanwhile, Angela tries to help the new "Nathan" remember his past, at the risk of his remembering too much. Elsewhere, Tracy is determined to get her old job back, but soon realizes that she needs to make more of an impact.

Chapter Four 'Hysterical Blindness'

Samuel prepares for new additions to his family, while Lydia warns him of the consequences. Claire discovers that her roommate Gretchen may have a hidden agenda. Meanwhile, Peter finds an unexpected way to connect with Emma, who would prefer to stay distant. Elsewhere, a different side of Sylar emerges as he desperately tries to remember the person he used to be.

Chapter Ten 'Thanksgiving'

H.R.G. hosts a non-traditional Thanksgiving dinner by inviting Claire over at his apartment for dinner. But the dinner becomes more awkward and uncomfortable when Noah invites his former co-worker Lauren, while Noah's ex-wife, Sandra, also shows up with her newest beau, a younger man named Doug Douglas, whom like her also has a small dog fetish. Clair is also conflicted about where she wants to be, in which Noah invites over Gretchen to try to lift up her spirits. Meanwhile, the Petrelli family gets a surprise guest at their table when Sylar shows up having reclaimed Nathan's body and holds both Peter and Angela at his mercy. Elsewhere, Samuel continues to hold Hiro hostage as part of some grand master plan, as Lydia goes to Hiro in search of the truth about Samuel.

Chapter Eleven 'The Fifth Stage'

H.R.G. is greeted by some unexpected visitors and Samuel’s grand plan begins to come to fruition. Meanwhile, Peter struggles to accept the truth and takes extreme measures to get what he wants. Elsewhere, Claire’s journey leads her to an unexpected destination.

Chapter Twelve 'Upon This Rock'

Samuel goes off and tries to bring Emma into the fold by manipulating her about how special her sight-of-sound powers are, while back at the Sullivan Brothers Carnival, Claire becomes more suspicious about Samuel's intentions and deals with not only Samuel's right hand, Replicating Man, Eli, but also the Puppet Master Eric Doyle. A delirium-stricken Hiro returns to Japan and tries to convince Ando in code-talk to help rescue Mohinder from a lunatic asylum in Florida where Hiro forcibly placed him for protection from Samuel.

Chapter Thirteen 'Let It Bleed'

Claire attends Nathan's funeral while Peter struggles with his grief in his own way by wanting to seek revenge. Meanwhile, Noah and Lauren interrogate a captured Edgar for information to where to find Samuel's carnival. Elsewhere, Sylar returns to Samuel's carnival where he and Lydia try to find a way to emotionally get inside the killer's head to make him see what is troubling him.

Chapter Fourteen 'Close to You'

H.R.G. recruits Matt to help him take down Samuel, as they use his long-lost love, Vanessa, to lure him to them, but Samuel has his own plans for Vanessa in the works. Meanwhile, Hiro and Ando go to extreme lengths to save Dr. Suresh. Elsewhere, Peter’s introduction of Emma to his mother brings forth visions of a very grim future.

Chapter Sixteen 'The Art of Deception'

H.R.G. enacts his plan to take down the Carnival with the help of Lauren and Suresh. Sylar visits Matt looking to understand his desire to make a human connection, but Matt has a plan of his own. Meanwhile, Peter warns Emma of Samuel's intentions after his grim vision of the future.

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Cristine Rose als Angela "die Zukunftsvisionärin" Petrelli

Autor - March 2, 2010

Cristine Rose als Angela "die Zukunftsvisionärin" Petrelli
Cristine Rose als Angela "die Zukunftsvisionärin" Petrelli

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