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Family Matters

1989 - 1998

Number of episodes:
215 Episodes in 9 Seasons

A long-running dramedy centering on the Winslow family, a middle-class African American family living in Chicago, and their pesky next-door neighbor, ultra-nerd Steve Urkel. A spin-off of Perfect Strangers.

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78 Episodes (1989-1998)

from Episode: 1.07 - Body Damage

Born May 2, 1960
in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA

Staffel 1 - Alle Folgen mit Steven Chesne

Body Damage

Rachel decides to treat herself to a spin in Carl's vintage police car and promptly gets into a minor accident. Can she repair the damaged front fender before Carl gets home to drive it in a Columbus Day parade ... knowing that she was not to drive the car in the first place?

Mr. Badwrench

Carl wants to build a bathroom for Mother Winslow. Ignoring Harriette's plea to call a contractor to do the work properly, Carl recruits Eddie in an inept attempt to renovate one of the unused rooms downstairs.

Sitting Pretty

Seeking a promotion, Carl invites no-nonsense Capt. Davenport over for dinner. Simple enough, except he doesn't know that Laura - who has opened a baby-sitting service - is looking after dozens of crazy children. Carl is sure his promotion (not to mention job) is down the drain, especially when Capt. Davenport is a little tied up thanks to the kids. But things turn out OK when Capt. Davenport moans, "You ruined the game" and admits he loves children.

In a Jam

A bully named Bull Watson terrorizes Urkel into giving up his lunch money. Urkel wants Eddie to stick up for him, but gets no sympathy. That is, Rodney witnesses Urkel sticking up for himself and Bull threatening the much smaller nerd with serious injury if he refuses to hand over his lunch money. After going to Carl for some advice, Eddie decides to fight Bull ... and easily defeats him.

Bowl Me Over

It's the guys (don't forget Urkel) vs. the gals in grudge match at the bowling alley. The usual hijinks ensue, and a huge argument breaks out. Then a severe thunderstorm knocks out the power, and Estelle later points out that it was God calling everyone to their senses.

Staffel 2 - Alle Folgen mit Steven Chesne

Cousin Urkel

Laura and Eddie are involved in a prank war which includes Steve and Myrtle Urkel being in the middle of their dispute.

The Science Project

Laura enlists Urkel's help for a science project, despite Estelle's stern warnings against it. Laura falls asleep and has the weirdest dream: Urkel made an atomic bomb ... and sets it off, blowing Chicago off the map.

Requiem for an Urkel

School bully Willie Fuffner has his eye on Laura, who wants nothing to do with the guy that is intimidating others, including Greg, the guy Laura really wants - to the dating sidelines. Urkel tries to stick up for Laura, but Willie takes sadistic pleasure in beating back the nerd. The two get into a fight at school and the gym teacher decides that - instead of referring them to the principal - they should fight it out in the boxing ring! Carl gives Urkel a few pointers, but gets plenty of black eyes instead. On fight day, Urkel holds his own ... temporarily. Just when Fuffner is about to deliver the knockout punch, Greg challenges the bully to a fight. Fuffner accepts, but then other boys decide to fight back and eventually outnumber the bully, who decides to run.

Fast Eddie Winslow

Eddie, Rodney and Urkel wander into an adults-only billiards hall, where a friendly yokel named Higgins decides to challenge Eddie to a friendly bet over a game of pool. Eddie quickly finds he's taking on a pool shark and loses a lot of money. Higgins warns him to pay up, or his family could suffer some brutal consequences. Eddie - who doesn't have the skills to match Higgins - decides instead to try to win back his bet and enlists Urkel to help him. Urkel is about to win when Higgins' cronies interfere; when Urkel complains about the cheating, the thugs decide to take him away to be killed ... but Carl and Estelle - who find out about Eddie's situation - arrive to sink the 8-ball on Higgins' pool-hustling career.

Taking Credit

Rachel tells Richie and Judy stories about Carl and Eddie to teach a lesson about taking credit. Carl and Lt. Murtaugh are involved in an operative to uncover a smuggling ring. Even though Murtaugh nearly blows the undercover scheme, Carl is able to take the criminals into custody and gives his partner credit for setting up the sting. Meanwhile, Eddie struggles with a writing assignment in class and turns to Urkel for help. Urkel ghost writes a really great story and Eddie is ready to take the credit ... until he is asked to produce more stories.

Finding the Words

An elderly man named Jimmy visits the Winslows, claiming to be the family's long-lost friend. But the shock really sets in when Harriette and Rachel realize that Jimmy is actually their estranged father.

Skip to My Lieu

Carl is hoping to get a promotion, but it may ride on Lt. Murtaugh's influence - and his ability to get the smart-mouthed lieutenant a date with a less-than-willing Rachel, who is already fed up with his borderline sexual harassment.

Staffel 3 - Alle Folgen mit Steven Chesne

The Show Must Go On

Laura wins the female lead role in the school production of "Romeo and Juliet," and looks forward to the kissing scene with her Romeo, Daniel Wallace. Then Daniel falls ill and the understudy - who else but Urkel - takes his place. Thanks to Urkel's clumsiness and being himself, the play turns out to be a disaster.

Words Hurt

Urkel repeatedly sleepwalks into the Winslows' bedroom to belt Carl over the head with a newspaper. Harriette gets an annoyed Carl to call over a hypnotist to see what's behind Urkel's behavior ... and Harriette is more than a little disturbed by the findings. Turns out Carl had yelled at him after the nerd accidentally broke his ship-in-a-bottle, then - unaware that he was listening in - told Laura he wished he'd go away for good. Carl eventually realizes he needs to apologize.

Born to Be Mild

A street gang named the Dragons begin causing trouble at Rachel's Place, breaking things and sexually harassing employees; Carl arrives just in time to chase them out. That night, after closing time, the gang breaks in and heavily vandalizes the teen hangout. Everyone's anger grows when a bruised and bloodied Eddie arrives, announcing he was ambushed by the Dragons' gang members. Carl wants to take matters into his own hands, but Urkel reminds him that if he were to do that, he'd only destroy much more than his career. Urkel eventually agrees to go undercover as a prospective gang member and trick them into confessing their recent activities.

A Pair of Ladies

Urkel joins in on Carl's poker night, only for Lt. Murtaugh to take quick advantage and clean out the nerd. Eventually, Urkel gets his revenge by cleaning out the hustling, loud-mouthed lieutenant. Meanwhile, Harriette offers to help understaffed Rachel at Rachel's Place, but Rachel takes her sister's well-meant suggestions the wrong way.

Choir Trouble

Rachel becomes choir director at her church and soon drives everyone crazy with her micromanagement. She also unknowingly tests recent born-again Christian Urkel's faith when he wants to join the choir, despite his (decidedly) off-key vocal abilities. Estelle eventually sets Rachel straight

A Test of Friendship

Eddie doesn't study for a chemistry test and convinces Urkel to help him cheat (by pretending to have a cold). When Urkel really does have a cold, he is caught giving Eddie the answers and - when he keeps mum about who he was helping to cheat - is threatened with expulsion. Meanwhile, Carl becomes the laughingstock of the precinct when he literally sleeps through a house burglary (thanks to the crooks using sleeping gas). One night, when Eddie and Urkel were confessing their misdeed to Carl, they fall asleep again - only for Harriette and Rachel to nab the burglars in the act. Eddie and Urkel eventually have to re-take the test.

Jailhouse Blues

Harriette's troubled cousin, Clarence, comes to live with the Winslows until he can straighten out. Instead of deciding to fly right, Clarence becomes a bad influence on Eddie and gets him and Urkel into big trouble when they are caught with a bunch of pretty girls ... and a stolen car! Eddie confesses and realizes he shouldn't have listened to Clarence, whom Harriette quickly becomes fed up with and kicks out of the house.

Woman of the People

Laura runs against Cassie Lynn for class president. Cassie Lynn is determined to win any way she can - even if it means publishing photos of Laura and Urkel caught in a compromising situation (he actually was trying to brace Laura, who had fallen from a ladder). So, Urkel decides to fight fire with fire.


Urkel, Eddie and Waldo go on the teen dating show "Dudes," which Laura insists is raunchy and sexist. Urkel easily wins a date with one of the female contestants, but instead uses his live TV opportunity to reaffirm his love for Laura.

Staffel 4 - Alle Folgen mit Steven Chesne

Dance to the Music

Urkel helps popular jock Ted Curran break the ice with homecoming queen nominee Laura.

Driving Carl Crazy

"3-2-1, 1-2-3, what the heck is bothering me?" That's the advice Carl decides to heed as he tries to deal with stress-related high blood pressure. But will the tip work when Urkel - who shows off his new BMW Isetta to the Winslows - asks the cop to help him learn to drive?

Number One with a Bullet

Urkel and Carl are forced to share the same hospital room, when the nerd suffers from appendicitis and the cop wounded while trying to foil a robbery.

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Urkel

When Laura tells Steve to get lost for breaking an expensive gift, her guardian angel decides to teach her a lesson and have her walk in Urkel's shoes for a change.

Muskrat Love

Will Eddie give into peer pressure or stand his ground about his less-than-desirable girlfriend when they begin heckling him over the matter?

A Thought in the Dark

When Ted and Laura become tired of Urkel interfering in their relationship, they decide to set him up with a girlfriend of his own - the beautiful Myra Monkhouse. The foursome head off to a Dave Koz concert, where Urkel enlists the jazz saxophonist to help him redouble his resolve to win Laura's heart. Meanwhile, usher Waldo tries to sort out in his mind what various female celebrities new names would be if they were to remarry!

Mama's Wedding

Carl and Fletcher quarrel over the wedding arrangements. Carl wants a big bash for his mother and future step-father, but he and Estelle wants a quiet wedding with just their closest friends and family. He may unwittingly get his wish, particularly after Waldo screws up on the invitations to Eddie's house party (on a separate weekend when the folks were to be out of town). He even goes as far as grounding Eddie for his plans to have a party.

Pulling Teeth

While Carl helps Richie deal with pulling a loose tooth, a five-way phone conversation between the kids results in a new relationship - Waldo and Maxine!

Staffel 5 - Alle Folgen mit Steven Chesne

Saved by the Urkel

Carl nearly fatally shocks himself when he refuses to heed Urkel's advice to unplug a lamp while repairing it. Urkel is the only one who knows CPR and uses his knowledge to save Carl's life. Everyone then showers the nerd with gratitude, and Eddie, Laura and Waldo are inspired to learn CPR.

Best Friends

Harriette embarrasses Laura when she tries (a little too hard) to act hip and cool in front of her friends. Meanwhile, Waldo gets a job as a cashier at the Mighty Weenie, but Eddie might have to fire him when he does a bad job ... until he remembers Waldo's culinary skills are just perfect for an opening on his shift.


Eddie and Urkel become partners in a 2-on-2 basketball tournament ... that is, until Eddie dumps the nerd for a star player named "The Spider." Hell hath no fury like an Urkel spurned, as he turns to Grandmama to get revenge.

Dr. Urkel and Mr. Cool

Urkel devises the ultimate plan to win Laura's heart ... a transformation chamber that will turn him into a suave, fashion-styling ladies man. Meet Stefan Urquelle, whom immediately melts Laura's heart. But Stefan is a little abrasive this first time out, and it isn't long before Laura misses the irksome Urkel.

Scenes from a Mall

A "Family Matters" adaptation of the 1991 movie, this time featuring several intertwined stories involving the kids at the local mall.

Like a Virgin

When locker room wisecracker Jerry boasts about his latest sexual exploits, Urkel says he plans to wait ... just like best bud Eddie. Eddie is upset at this revelation, until Laura tells him that Jerry is not exactly as well liked among the girls as he claims to be.

Good Cop, Bad Cop

Urkel's trip to rouge dentist Dr. Smiley (to reassure a scared Richie) takes a back seat to a terrifying racial profiling incident involving Eddie. He comes home claiming that a traffic stop for a turn signal violation turned out to be much more when the officers accuse him of being "a black person in a white person's neighborhood." Carl is certain Eddie is trying to cover up for more late-night carousing, but when he gets the other side of the story from the officers involved, he learns the whole ugly incident exactly matches Eddie's side. Carl is very angry and, after telling the senior officer he will be reported, tells the younger officer to re-examine his attitudes. Carl then realizes he needs to apologize to Eddie.

Presumed Urkel

A huge explosion rocks the school's science lab, and accident prone Urkel is blamed. His academic future rides on defense attorney Laura's shoulders, but she must find a way to match wits with a rival student who is determined - too determined - to have Urkel expelled.

Father of the Bride

Carl bribes Laura to take Urkel bowling for the evening, then falls asleep. He has a dream where Urkel and Laura have (gasp) fallen in love and given birth to a brood of Urkel kids!

The Psycho Twins

Urkel demonstrates his latest invention, snooze juice (a potion meant to allow police officers to easily apprehend criminals) at a professional wrestling event. When two wrestlers accidentally drink the potion and are unable to compete against the WWF's Bushwackers, the bloodthirsty tag team sets their sights on the nerd and Carl.

That's What Friends Are For

Eddie wins a college scholarship, and everyone's cheering except Waldo. Meanwhile, Urkel drives Carl crazy with a slide show from a cheese convention.

A-Camping We Will Go

Urkel invites himself along on a camping trip with Carl, Eddie and Waldo. The other men refuse to heed the nerd's advice, but it isn't long before the "I told you so" routines begin.

Aunt Oona

Urkel's shy Aunt Oona (from Altoona) arrives to visit her nephew. Harriette and the others suggest a great way for Oona to break out of her shell ... by going to a karaoke bar.

Stefan Returns

Urkel decides to renovate his Stefan Urquelle alter-ego, inventing a transformation chamber to do the trick. Stefan is much more likable this time, but just like the last time, the formula soon wears off and the suave ladies man is soon his old irksome, nerdy self. Urkel declares that he will find a way to make Stefan permanent ... and win Laura's heart once and for all.

Staffel 6 - Alle Folgen mit Steven Chesne

To Be or Not to Be: Part 1

As Urkel tweaks his transformation chamber to enable him to be Stefan all the time, Carl begins complaining about his eyesight. Instead of going to the opthamologist (per Harriette's recommendation) to have his eyes checked, he asks Stefan to allow him to use the transformation chamber to fix his eyesight. However, Myra is starting to miss Urkel and tampers with the machine. However, Stefan isn't in the machine, and Myra finally realizes what she has done when Carl Urkel steps out!

To Be or Not to Be: Part 2

While Stefan repairs the transformation chamber, Carl spends the next few days walking a mile in Urkel's shoes, wreaking havoc on the Winslow household. Eventually, Carl is changed back and decides Harriette's advice was best heeded. Stefan, meanwhile, changes back into Urkel at the end of his dinner date with Laura.

The Looney Bin

It's already bad enough for Carl when he is accidentally locked in the school's fallout shelter. Worse, it's with Urkel and school custodian Mr. Looney - who pass the time singing old show tunes.

Beta Chi Guy

A college jock invites Eddie to join a college fraternity - under one condition: Tell the nerd (Urkel) to get lost. Eddie agrees and kicks Urkel out of a party. Laura realizes Urkel is really distraught and makes her lame-brained brother realize how important their friendship is. Eddie realizes Laura is right and tells the frat brothers to get lost.

Sink or Swim

Hydrophobic Urkel has two choices: Pass a required swimming test in gym class, or fail and not graduate from high school. Urkel decides to enlist (who else) Carl to help him learn to swim, to predictable results.

Paradise Bluff

Myra gives Steve an ultimatum, either commit to her now or else. He refuses to even listen to her and puts both of them in danger before he even had a chance to reaffirm his love for Laura.

Miracle on Elm Street

Richie upsets the family when he brings home a guest for Christmas: a homeless man. However, the homeless man has several lessons to share about the meaning of the season. Meanwhile, Urkel searches the landfills high and low for Laura's beloved childhood doll, which Eddie accidentally discarded.

My Bodyguard

Urkel witnesses a robbery and the suspect, aware he has been spotted, threatens the nerd if he reports the crime. Carl offers to be his bodyguard ... a decision he may regret. Meanwhile, Eddie begins dating Greta, whose overbearing father is his boss.

Home Sweet Home

Urkel's parents announce they are moving to Russia - only, they say so after they've left. Urkel is forced to move in with Eddie and Waldo, but those arrangements are only temporary thanks to the nerd's hungry termites. Carl sees that Urkel now has no place to go and (grudgingly) allows his comic foil to move into his house.

Staffel 7 - Alle Folgen mit Steven Chesne


Steve meets a gorgeous bug collector named Agnes Prizker and fantasizes about kissing her, which he does by accident. However, he reminds himself that he's in a relationship with Myra and goes to Laura about it. She encourages him to tell his girlfriend about it. Should he dare tell Myra the truth about what happened? Meanwhile, Carl reluctantly allows Nick Neidermeyer to join in his poker night with his buddies, per Harriette's recommendation. She immediately regrets her decision in letting her selfish boss join in and tells him off. She even goes as far as daring him to fire her. He admitted that he would fire her if he wasn't transferred to the automotive department. She and Carl kicks Nick out of their house. Later on, they have a good time playing poker with his buddies.

Teacher's Pet

In his teacher's absence, Urkel is asked to be substitute teacher of his English class. The other students take quick advantage of the situation and drive the nerd to the breaking point. Urkel responds by transforming himself into Stefan, who in the alter ego is able to gain control of the class.

She's Back

While Urkel is visiting Russia for a few weeks, guess who's back? Myrtle Urkel, who is hungrier than ever for Eddie. However, Greta stands in the way.

Talk's Cheap

Urkel, Myrtle and Stefan - along with Eddie, Laura, Myra and Waldo - appear on a talk show to discuss relationships.

Struck by Lightning

Urkel develops an extreme fear of thunderstorms after he is constantly struck by lightning. Carl helps the nerd work through his fear and determine why he has become a human lightning rod. Meanwhile, Laura and Myra apply for a sales job opening at Ferguson's.

Fa La La La Laagghh!

Carl's "bah humbug" attitude puts a damper on Urkel's plans to decorate the house for Christmas ... until the nerd announces that there's a contest for best light display and that there are prizes. Meanwhile, Harriette and Mother Winslow puts their foot down when Eddie and Laura refuse to participate in the family's holiday activities.

Friendship Cycles

Urkel wants to learn to ride a bicycle, and enlists you know who as his teacher. Carl is frustrated at first when Urkel can't seem to get the hang of things, but the nerd keeps trying.

Dream Date

When their respective dates are unavailable for the prom, Urkel offers to take Laura to the senior dance. The night is Urkel's dream come true ... and a wonderful time for Laura as well.

Send in the Clone

While Urkel is working on a cloning experiment with his transformation chamber, the contraption goes kablooey. The aftermath has Urkel cloned, creating double trouble for the Winslow household! Laura decides to make lemons out of lemonade and suggests that one of the clones be made into a permanent Stefan.

Staffel 8 - Alle Folgen mit Steven Chesne

The Jury

Ausgerechnet Steve Urkel wird als Geschworener bestellt. Elf der zwölf Geschworenen sind sich einig, dass der Angeklagte das ihm zur Last gelegte Verbrechen begangen hat. Nur Steve ist von der Unschuld des Mannes überzeugt. Mit seinen Computern kann er die Richterin schließlich überzeugen, dass man auch Videobilder manipulieren kann. Schließlich hat der Angeklagte Steve seine Freiheit zu verdanken ...

It Came Upon a Midnight Clear

Steve and Carl heads out into the woods to get a Christmas tree. The nerd annoys him by rejecting some of the trees until he snapped and tells him they are taking this tree. After they cut it, the were trying to hurry back before the snow got really heavy. Unfortunately, it obliterated their tracks and they end it lost. While sitting by the fire, Steve and Carl apologizes and bond. Then the nerd is able to use the constellation to get them home. Meanwhile, Eddie and the rest of the family are exchanging gifts until Harriette tells them Stefan is here. Laura finally calls it quits with Curtis and stays with her current boyfriend. Her ex-boyfriend angry and warns Urquelle if he hurts Laura in a matter he hates, he will pay for it. Stefan tells him that he won't hurt her in the emotional way that Curtis did.

Revenge of the Nerd

When Laura finds out the sorority that she's pledging to join at the college is going to publicly embarrass Steve and the other nerds. She helps them get their revenge on the sorority and she refuses to join the them until they change their policy around her friend. Meanwhile, Carl's feud with Nick escalates further when he refuses to give back the kids football. However, Harriette is fed up with both men being such negative influences on the kids and sets them straight once again. Eventually, Nick and Carl realizes how much their constant fighting is a negative influence on both 3J and Richie and finally puts an end to their fighting.

Odd Man In

Eddie bekommt eine einmalige Gelegenheit: Er wird gebeten, bei einem Bikini-Wettbewerb als Juror zu fungieren. Nun sucht er für diesen Abend dringend eine Aushilfe, damit er seinen Job in einer Imbissstube nicht verliert. Mit Steve als Vertretung trifft er eine verhängnisvolle Wahl. Auch Carl braucht einen Springer für seine Herrenpokerrunde. Harriette lässt sich überreden, und das gefällt den Männern gar nicht. Denn die Dame des Hauses entpuppt sich als ausgebuffte Pokerspielerin ...

The Brother Who Came to Dinner

Frank Winslow comes to visit his relatives from the circus. He reveals that not only he is in debt, but he has committed several counts of fraud. He's also at odds with his eldest brother, Carl, who hasn't forgiven him for skipping out of their father's funeral.

Staffel 9 - Alle Folgen mit Steven Chesne

Out with the Old

Steve is finally fed up with Myra's refusal to let him change the way he looks. In her eyes, she sees him a perfect 10, the way he is. However, he doesn't see it the same way as her. He feels as long as he dated her, he'll still remain a geek with the hitched up pants and squeaky voice. He makes the executive decision to goes through with the makeover despite her pleading. He even takes speaking lessons from his doctor and the deep voice Sheila. On the night of the kissing contest held by the sorority, Laura wages high for Stefan, but loses the bet to one of her sorority sisters. Greta is the next to bet for Eddie, but she loses to her rival, Myrtle. Finally, Steve shows up in his new look, a green buttoned down shirt, with black slacks reaching to his ankles, new black shoes, no suspenders and oval silver rimmed glasses. He spoke with his new deep voice. While many girls bet for Steve, Laura is impressed by his new look, wins the bet and they share a kiss. Meanwhile, Carl is jealous of Harriette's high promotion that he ends up a second job being a moonlight parker.

They Shoot Ducks, Don't They?

Laura borgt sich Diamantenohrringe ihrer Mutter - ohne deren Wissen. Nach dem Besuch im "Sizzle Club" muss sie feststellen, dass sie einen der beiden Ohrringe verloren hat. Sie hofft, durch einen Zweitjob den verlorenen Ohrring bald ersetzen zu können. Doch inzwischen muss sie ihre Mutter davon abhalten, diese Ohrringe zu tragen. Genau dies aber gelingt ihr nicht. Nun soll sie Rede und Antwort stehen. Carl verspricht Steve zu dessen 20. Geburtstag, etwas gemeinsam zu unternehmen. Doch muss Carl mit seinem Vorgesetzten zur Entenjagd. Doch Steve gibt nicht nach: Er folgt ihnen - um etwas für den Tierschutz zu tun ...

Dumb Belle of the Ball

After Myrtle has protected Eddie from an accident by moving him out of the way. He ends up accompanying her to her party in Mississippi.

A Mind Is a Terrible Thing to Read

Steve's latest invention accidentally gives him the ability to read minds- thinking it will be a good thing & change the whole world- until the Winslows feel that their privacy is invaded- including Laura- when Steve learns she's been attracted to him. Meanwhile, Carl becomes a troop leader for Richie, 3J and the Junior Woodsmen.

Stevil II: This Time He's Not Alone

Today is Halloween and Steve plans to spend a nice, quiet one with his girlfriend, Laura. Unfortunately Stevil, his evil ventriloquist dummy is back with a vengeance with his ex-girlfriend, Myra's help in putting him back together. This time he's not alone, his sidekick, Carlsbad is going to help him try to take over Steve and Carl's souls and place them into their dummy forms meanwhile they pose as the real Steve and Carl. Can Steve and Carl stop them before they wreck havoc in the Winslow House?

A Pain in Harrassment

Harriette bekommt einen neuen Vorgesetzten. Mr. Brenner steht in dem Ruf, ziemlich "tough" zu sein. Brenner aber ist nicht nur hart - er ist grausam: Er beleidigt die Mitarbeiter, fordert Höchstleistungen und erkennt sie dann nicht an. Harriette stellt ihn zur Rede - und kündigt. Wenig später ist der Besitzer des Kaufhauses am Telefon: Brenner wurde gefeuert. Sie kann ihren Job wiederhaben. Außerdem gewinnt Steve bei einem Basketballwurfwettbewerb eine Million Dollar.

Deck the Malls

Weihnachtszeit: Carl ist neugierig auf das Geschenk seines Commissioners. Als sein Kollege einen Schokoriegel auspackt, verschenkt er seines weiter an Steve - was Carl bald bitter bereut. Auch Steve schenkt. Um sich das leisten zu können, verpackt er gegen Honorar auf Myras Verpackungsstand im Einkaufszentrum massenhaft Geschenke. Jede seiner Verpackungen ist ein Kunstwerk. Das aber dauert den Kunden viel zu lange. Der Unmut kulminiert: Steve wird verpackt.

Breaking Up Is Hard to Do

Steve calls it quits in his relationship with Myra, realizing how much their relationship isn't working with each other. He grew tired of her complaints about him returning to the sexy geeky man that she loves and stop looking like Stefan. It turned out for the best when she tells him she doesn't want to see him anymore. He's now free to be with his true love, Laura. A few weeks later, she returns to the Winslow House and deeply regretting her decision to call it quits. Unfortunately, she's forced to watch Laura and Steve elope in front of her. Stefan is also upset about the whole thing too. Meanwhile, Eddie quits college and decides to go to Police Academy to be a cop like his dad.

Crazy for You: Part 1

With Steve out of her life, Myra is going to make sure Laura is out of his too. Her theory is, if she can't have her boyfriend back, she'll make sure her rival doesn't either. She and Stefan team up to ensure their happiness is complete. Meanwhile Eddie learns about guns at Police Academy.


Steve and Laura attend the biggest polka festival in all of Chicago. She is surprised and impressed by how much he has contributed to the community through polka music. She loves him even more and enjoys herself there. Meanwhile, Eddie buys a new apartment for him and Greta to live in. Carl comes over to visit him and overstays his welcome by embarrassing him.

Throw Urkel from the Train

Carl muss auf Dienstreise nach Washington. Steve begleitet ihn zum Zug - und verpasst die letzte Möglichkeit zum Aussteigen. Die beiden müssen die Fahrt in einem Abteil verbringen. Gelegenheit zu einem wichtigen Gespräch. Maxine stellt Laura voller Stolz ihren neuen Freund D'Andre vor. Als Laura wenig begeistert reagiert, ist Maxine sauer. Doch Lauras Misstrauen dem Jungen gegenüber ist berechtigt: Er will Maxine als Drogenkurier einsetzen.

Don't Make Me Over

When Myrtle decides to get a makeover to steal Eddie away from Greta one last time. She immediately realizes that he's not exactly her type and renounces her love for him.

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