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Family Matters

1989 - 1998

Number of episodes:
215 Episodes in 9 Seasons


A long-running dramedy centering on the Winslow family, a middle-class African American family living in Chicago, and their pesky next-door neighbor, ultra-nerd Steve Urkel. A spin-off of Perfect Strangers.

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106 Episodes (1989-1998)

from Episode: 1.03 - Short Story

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Short Story

Early in the series, Harriette's widowed sister, Rachel Crawford, is a budding freelance writer who has just written a short story. She's really excited when Tomorrow's Woman magazine wants to buy the story, but no one else (except Eddie) wants to celebrate. It seems they've read the story, see negative representations of themselves in Rachel's characters and are offended that she's using her story as a way to express her frustrations about them.

Rachel's First Date

Recently widowed Rachel is nervous about her first date since the death of her husband.

Straight A's

To everyone's surprise, Eddie comes home with a report card with straight A's. Eddie's even more surprised, since he knows his academic performance has been what could be best described as marginal. Eddie later finds out his buddy Rodney Beckett was behind the scheme. Things soon become a matter of conscience: Don't say anything and have his parents be proud of him, or tell the truth?

Basketball Blues

Carl wants Eddie to become a big-time basketball star, and invites star player Will "The Thrill' Morgan over for encouragement. But Morgan sees through Carl's desire to live out his dreams through Eddie and helps set him straight.

The Quilt

Estelle shows off an heirloom quilt that's been in the Winslow family for more than 200 years. Despite being told not to sell the quilt at the family's garage sale, Laura accidentally does so when a museum curator offers $200 for it. Laura then goes all out to get the quilt back, using a tearful speech to soften up the stubborn curator. Estelle is impressed and lets Laura keep the quilt until it's her turn to pass it down a generation.

Laura's First Date

The episode that ensured "Family Matters'" success. It all began with Laura bemoaning her inability to get a date with cute classmate Mark for the school dance. Eddie and Carl make well-meaning attempts to set Laura up with someone. It is Carl who - in a decision he'd live to regret - sets his daughter up with Steven Q. Urkel. The quintessential nerd drives everyone batty just being himself. Even though Laura eventually gets over her shyness and asks Mark out, Urkel decides to stay until 10 p.m. - the earliest his folks want him home - and makes himself at home!

Man's Best Friend

Man's best friend isn't a dog, at least in Carl's eyes, when a stray pooch follows the kids home. Carl wants to get rid of the dog, but his feelings begin to change when the dog scares off unwelcome visitor Urkel. Carl soon becomes attached to the dog, but it isn't long before the canine disrupts the family routine.

Baker's Dozens

Carl's lemon tarts - made using a secret recipe - is a big hit with Rachel's church group. One of her friends is a restaurant manager who wants to buy dozens of the tarts. Carl agrees to turn the kitchen into a makeshift bakery ... and with less than 24 hours to fulfill the contract, the results are disastrous.

The Big Fix

Eddie's flunking algebra and has nowhere else to turn but math-whiz Urkel. Urkel agrees to help Edd-o on one condition: He gets a date with Laura. And just so he'll get what he wants, he takes Eddie's Prince concert tickets for collateral. Laura reluctantly agrees to go with Urkel on a "non-date," which goes just as one would expect. In the end, Harriette assures Laura that Urkel is well satisfied - and then the phone rings!

The Candidate

Eddie is persuaded to run for class president vs. Margie Flatman. Rodney - and later, Laura - decide that a campaign of style is better than substance, but Eddie eventually sees that Margie is simply more qualified for the job than he is and drops out.

Rock Video

Eddie wants to make a rock video for a TV contest, but finds himself in a bind when his band deserts him. No wonder, Harriette points out: "That was a love letter from Eddie Winslow, to Eddie Winslow!" Eddie decides he needs to change his narcissistic attitude and recruits Urkel and his family to make a rock video ("We Are a Family") that everyone can be proud of.

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Rachel's Place

Laura and Urkel are employees at Leroy's, the local hamburger hangout. Urkel decides to cook Laura dinner, but the klutzy nerd winds up burning down the restaurant. Leroy - exasperated once and for all at Urkel's unending clumsiness - decides to take the insurance settlement and get out of the restaurant business, but Rachel finds the opportunity of a lifetime in the burned-out rubble.

Torn Between Two Lovers

Rachel opens up Rachel's Place, the new teen hangout (in place of the burned-out Leroy's). She also has her eye on her loan officer, Steve Webster, then begins talking about him around the house. Urkel overhears Rachel's conversation about treating Webster to a candlelight dinner ... and jumps to the conclusion that Rachel has her eye on him (even though he's a nerd and about 30 years younger). Urkel dons his best threads, and although Rachel is flattered, she finds she needs to clear up this misunderstanding.

Marriage 101

The subject in home economics class at school: marriage. Laura wants to be paired with any number of cute guys in her class for a project about marriage ... but winds up with Urkel instead. Urkel goes above and beyond what it takes to be a good husband, but winds up angering Laura when she feels smothered by his constant attention. Laura asks for some sympathy from her mother, but Harriette just wishes Carl would pay half as much attention to her as Urkel does Laura.


Carl's dealing with a back that's killing him, and a rival officer named Charlie who has a monster ego. So when the precinct's annual dance contest approaches, Carl and partner Harriette decide to teach Charlie a lesson or two in humility.

The Crash Course

An unlicensed Eddie wants to impress girlfriend Jolene with his driving skills ... and winds up crashing the car through the front of the house! When Carl demands an explanation, Urkel takes the fall. The nerd's parents are so outraged that they decide to send him off to military school. Will Urkel get to finish giving Laura his classic farewell speech before Eddie admits what really happened?

Boxcar Blues

Carl wants Eddie to come along on a ride-along program, but the younger Winslow is more interested in girls, singing rock songs and modeling. Carl's disappointment turns to dismay when Urkel gladly volunteers to ride along. Urkel (of course) unwittingly does everything to make Carl's job frustrating, then disobeys his orders to stay in the car while Carl is staking out a robbery suspect in a stockyard. Carl and Urkel find themselves locked in a boxcar ... which gives them ample opportunity to learn about each other and time for Carl to realize Eddie isn't quite ready to declare a career choice just yet. Good thing for Eddie - he realizes he's just another (not too special) pretty face in the crowd!

Dog Day Halloween

A Halloween costume-bedecked Urkel and Laura are hostages during a bank robbery. Urkel fantasizes about saving Laura and subduing the criminal, but things don't quite work out that way. Carl, meanwhile, is able to apprehend the subject, leaving a downtrodden Urkel to realize he can never impress Laura by being a hero who saves the day.

Dedicated to the One I Love

To get Urkel off her back, Laura directs the nerd to a shy, withdrawn classmate named Susie. Urkel's magic touch gets Susie out of her shell, prompting him into fantasy land when he dreams he's Chicago's newest Cassanova and has girls fawning all over him. But Urkel decides that, although Susie is very nice, Laura is the one he really wants. Meanwhile, Carl fails to notice the obvious about a seductive new neighbor named Loretta ... that is, until she gives him a pair of musical underwear and suggests he demonstrate them.

Have Yourself a Very Winslow Christmas

Urkel's parents decide to leave him home alone for Christmas. The Winslows decide to extend some holiday spirit and invite their nerdy neighbor over on Christmas Eve. Everyone's shocked to learn Urkel still believes in Santa Claus, but who was it that delivered that Freddy Teddy that Richie's been wanting?

Ice Station Winslow

Carl drags Eddie along on an ice fishing trip to Lake Wannamuck. Tempers are already on thin ice between the two Winslow men, and their patience grows even shorter when Urkel shows up (and promptly becomes an ace at fishing). But the nerd saves the day when Carl falls through the ice, making a shaken Eddie realize that he easily might no longer have had a father to argue with had things turned out differently. Meanwhile, Judy is upset that Richie is being lavished with attention.


What promises to be an ugly father-son feud escalates into a huge quarrel over house rules between Carl and Eddie. When Carl threatens to ground Eddie, the younger Winslow decides he doesn't have to take any more and plans to move out. Harriette decides to mediate the feud and settle both of them down before something really bad happens.

Do the Right Thing

Carl and Urkel struggle with their consciences in separate situations. Carl finds a diamond necklace that looks like the one he always wanted to give Harriette, but knows it might belong to someone; Urkel is asked to tutor Laura's current boyfriend, Todd, who is struggling to maintain his academic eligibility and remain eligible to date the lovely Winslow girl.

High Hopes

With Rachel's help, Harriette wins a radio call-in contest and nabs the grand prize: a new car. But just who deserves the car more becomes a major sore point between the sisters, leading to a huge argument. Carl isn't there to intervene; the acrophobic Winslow - the butt of jokes at the precinct when he was unable to foil a robbery because of his fear of heights - finds himself in the worst possible situation, thanks to Urkel: high in the sky in a hot-air balloon, with no way to get down. However, Carl is able to save the day when Urkel nearly falls out of the balloon.

Life of the Party

At Maxine's rooftop party, Urkel shows everyone how to "Do the Urkel." But it may be his last hurrah; Willie Fuffner, his pride still stung from losing to the nerd during a boxing match several weeks earlier, offers Urkel a peace offering - a glass of punch. Only he doesn't tell him it's spiked with whiskey. A drunken Urkel staggers around the rooftop, which is good for a few yuks ... until he tumbles off the side of the roof and finds himself clinging to a clothesline for dear life. Rachel manages to save the day, and Willie and his buddy, the dim-witted Waldo Faldo, find themselves in jail.


For the second time in a matter of weeks, Eddie's unlicensed driving (all to impress the chicks) gets him in trouble again when he dents the family car. Eddie knows he'll be in hot water if Carl finds out, but Urkel's suggestion - visiting Ma's Bakery, which is the front for an underground casino - could land him in even deeper trouble.

Fight the Good Fight

During Black History Month, Laura and Urkel hope their fellow students will gain appreciation for other cultures and races with a new class. But all they get is a bunch of threats from a few racist classmates. Laura breaks down in tears and feels sorry for herself, but Estelle's story behind her first library card gives her new inspiration.

The Good, the Bad and the Urkel

Carl - embroiled in a dispute with Urkel's father - has a dream about he, his family and Urkel living in the Old West. There, the dispute over a compost heap - this time, with Two-Gun Urkel, the most annoying gunslinger in the West - grows heated and results in a shoot-out. Urkel loses, and everyone refuses to accept Carl's plea for forgiveness.

I Should Have Done Something

Carl's irate demeanor has everything to do with the fast-approaching one-year anniversary of a hostage situation gone horribly wrong. He is still shaken over not doing that one thing that could have stopped a convenience store robber from killing his elderly hostage. A chance meeting with the victim's widow - she had sent her husband out for ice cream on the night of his death - helps Carl realize that nobody (except the robber) is at fault for her husband's tragic death.

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Urkel befriends Lowell, an orangutan who has been abused through a series of laboratory experiments. At the precinct, Carl is exercising on a treadmill when he discovers it has been booby-trapped by a revenge seeker; the bomb hidden inside will go off should he step off the treadmill. He must rely on Lt. Murtaugh - and a little bit of luck - to disconnect the bomb's wiring before it explodes.

Brain over Brawn

It's brains vs. brawn in a rope-climbing contest, as scrawny Urkel competes against loud-mouthed jock Alex for the rights to capture Laura's affections. Urkel knows he can't win the conventional way, so he devises a jet pack to help ensure his victory.

Daddy's Little Girl

It's a case of puppy love for Laura when she falls head over heels for Carl's new rookie partner, Officer Mike Doyle. Carl's remarks about Laura playing grown-up - in front of Mike - don't go over too well.

Citizen's Court

Urkel annoys Carl with his prized Peruvian beetle. The bug gets loose and a spooked Carl kills it, to Urkel's horror. When Carl refuses to pay for the expensive bug, Urkel decides to see if a television small claims court judge agrees that it was more than "just a stupid bug."

The Love God

Urkel tutors a pretty girl named Vonda, a girl whom Eddie is looking forward to asking out. When she passes a test, Vonda comes on to the nerd, prompting him to conclude she has an easy reputation. Urkel helps set her straight, which is good for her ... but definitely not what Eddie was hoping for. Meanwhile, Carl is the butt of Lt. Murtaugh's jokes when he is asked to wear drag for a drug sting.

Old and Alone

Urkel tries to tell Laura that potential boyfriend Daniel Wallace is bad news. Thinking his attempts to meddle in her life have risen to a new level, Laura tells Urkel never to speak to him again. Harriette finds out and warns Laura that she may not only regret her words, but that she'll surely grow "old and alone." That night, Laura has a dream whereby she is an elderly spinster while 90-year-old Urkel is married to a beautiful woman.

Brown Bombshell

Estelle wants to share the stories of her late fighter-pilot husband and World War II's Tuskegee Airmen with her family, but nobody is interested. She decides that Eddie's American history class may be more willing to listen (particularly Eddie, after he sees how cool his grandfather was).

Food, Lies and Videotape

A variety of situations involving the gang and home-ec class: Urkel can't cook a lick (and of course causes plenty of accidents); snotty Cassie Lynn finds she can't always be a cover girl all the time; and Waldo learns he may just be good at something after all.

Love and Kisses

Urkel convinces R&B singer Johnny Gill to serenade Laura in the Winslow's living room. Meanwhile, Carl and Harriette try to enjoy their second honeymoon at a resort that's a little too cold for comfort.

Stop, in the Name of Love

Laura had enough problems trying to give Urkel the brush-off. Now, Waldo is the one who's head over heels in love with the Winslow girl ... especially after she tried to encourage down-on-his-luck Waldo.

The Urkel Who Came to Dinner

Urkel is invited to stay with the Winslows when the nerd's parents go out of town ... and quickly causes plenty of chaos. He drives Laura's study partner away, convinces Richie to get into a fight with a preschool bully, and accidentally vacuums up Lt. Murtaugh's fish that Carl was baby-sitting.

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Rumor Has It

Rumors fly around school that Laura and Ted had sex on their date. Urkel confronts Ted and his buddies, but gets shoved into his locker, then Laura refuses to believe the nerd when he warns her about the rumors. When Maxine's story about the rumors match Urkel's, Laura decides she needs to salvage her new "easy" reputation and get the truth out in the open.

Whose Kid Is It Anyway?

Eddie is told to take Richie trick-or-treating, but it interferes with a hot date. Richie decides to go alone and gets lost. When Eddie finds out, he goes on a frantic search to find the little tyke before everyone else finds out.

An Officer and a Waldo

Waldo's fragile self-esteem takes a huge hit when a misunderstanding he caused results in Eddie's girlfriend leaving him. Waldo decides the only way he can cope is to join the Army Reserves. Urkel finds out and insists that Eddie go look for him and apologize before Waldo makes a big mistake. Of course, Urkel, Eddie and Waldo wind up causing a whole lot of hijinks and get on the wrong side of a tough drill sergeant before they can talk things out. Meanwhile, Carl and Harriette deal with a shady repairman.

Just One Date

Just as Richie is trying to deal with pushy 5-year-old vixen Gwendolyn, a determined Urkel pulls his biggest stunt yet in trying to get Laura to go out with him - by sitting on the roof of the Winslows' house and not coming down until she says yes.

Tender Kisses

Eddie, Waldo and Weasel plot to sneak into the hotel room of rhythm-and-blues singer Tracie Spencer to procure tickets for her sold-out concert. Meanwhile, Carl recruits Urkel to read Harriette's diary after he becomes suspicious that she has feelings for another man.

Higher Anxiety

Eddie becomes despondent when he learns that Oneshia is two-timing him. At a high-rise party, he goes onto the fire escape to sort his emotions out ... and considers suicide. Urkel and Waldo, concerned for their friend, try to talk Eddie down, but all three of their lives are soon endangered when the fire escape begins to give way. Meanwhile, Fletcher Thomas proposes to Estelle, and her answer upsets Carl.

Walk on the Wild Side

Laura is desperately looking to shed her "nice girl" image, so she and Maxine obtain fake IDs and go to a male strip club for a wild evening on the town. Problem is, Harriette, Rachel and Estelle are there too (having their own "evening out") ... and Urkel, who gets wind of Laura's plans and in trying to stop her, accidentally performs onstage.

Hot Stuff

Myra's looking for some "Hot Stuff" - namely, Urkel - and asks Laura for advice on breaking the ice with the reluctant nerd. Meanwhile, Waldo sells Eddie a discounted car stereo that literally may be "hot stuff."

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Hell Toupee

Myra goes to Urkel's school for a visit, and later accuses Laura of trying to steal him away. An annoyed Laura tries to convince Myra otherwise, but things break down into a huge food fight. Meanwhile, Carl feels he has lost his romantic touch and invests in a toupee.

It Didn't Happen One Night

Laura oversleeps on the morning of a huge cheerleading competition in Cincinnati and gets Urkel to drive her there. When Laura causes the nerd's BMW Isetta to break down, the two are forced to share a hotel room. Normally in a situation like this, you'd think Urkel would take advantage of the situation, but he's the one that gets irked when Laura plays the blame game.

A Matter of Principle

Harriette puts her job as head of security at the Chicago Chronicle on the line when she debates whether to cut her security staff as part of budget reductions. Meanwhile, Myra transfers to Urkel's school to be closer to him, and gets some ill advice from Eddie and Laura on how to capture the nerd's heart.

Money Out the Window

Eddie proves he has learned nothing from his past gambling experience and Bones pays him a visit. He gives the boy an ultimatum, "Pay the money or be crushed by him." He learns his lesson the hard way again when Carl finds out.

Car Wars

Laura wants to buy a car, but car salesman Honest Bob exploits her lack of car-buying experience and acts very sexist toward her. Urkel suggests that Laura return to the dealership for another go-around, this time donning a fake mustache and wearing men's clothing.

All the Wrong Moves

Adventures at the drive-in theater, where Laura, Urkel and Waldo go with their respective steadies. Laura's boyfriend, Derek, refuses to accept "no" for an answer and eventually presses his luck, while Myra agrees (at least this time) to wait to have sex with her "Stevie-kins." Meanwhile, Maxine can only shake her head as Waldo acts like, well, Waldo.

Christmas Is Where the Heart Is

Urkel reminds Carl and a bunch of ill-tempered passengers about the meaning of Christmas when they become stranded on a subway during a Christmas Eve power outage.

Rock Enroll

Eddie decides to postpone college when R&B singer Shanice performs a song he wrote; the two share a duet later in this episode. Meanwhile, Urkel is feeling down when it seems no one has remembered his birthday.

Opposites Attract

School newspaper reporter Laura and editor Ziggy engage in a series of conflicts ... before falling for each other.


When Myra presents Urkel with a nude drawing of himself, the nerd tells her to get lost. A short time later, Urkel learns that Myra is going to a convent. Concluding she is becoming a nun because he yelled at her, Urkel convinces Eddie and Waldo to dress like nuns and go to the convent to stop Myra.

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Till Death Do Us Apartment

When Eddie and Waldo get their own apartment, Eddie invites two girls over. Maxine becomes very jealous, thinking that Waldo is two-timing her.

Dark and Stormy Night

When a Halloween-night storm cancels trick-or-treating, Urkel cheers up a disappointed Richie by playing Pass the Ghost Story. Everyone takes turns telling a story about 19th-century vampires (Carl and Harriette) licking their chops over the wayfaring Sir Steven (Urkel).

Par for the Course

Carl is in a dilemma in whether he should tell Captain Savage to stop cheating or tell Steve Urkel off. Meanwhile, Maxine sets Laura straight for her ungrateful and selfish attitude towards her mother.

Flying Blind

The pilot of a chartered flight Carl and Urkel are on to Detroit is an ex-convict that Carl busted several years ago. The pilot sees his chance for revenge by bailing out. Carl and Urkel are forced to land the plane ... and neither one of them have the slightest idea of how to fly.

Midterm Crisis

Eddie and Urkel accidentally eat a gourmet cake that Waldo baked for class, and struggle with how to explain their actions.

An Unlikely Match

Harriette hätte gern eine neue Wohnzimmereinrichtung. Doch Carl schrecken die hohen Kosten dafür ab. Da trifft es sich gut, dass auf einer Polizeiaktion die Wohnzimmereinrichtung eines berüchtigten Gangsterbosses versteigert wird. Carl erwirbt sie zu einem Spottpreis. Allerdings trifft er damit den Geschmack von Harriette überhaupt nicht. Inzwischen wird Steve als Organisator einer Knochenmark-Spendenaktion zum "Engel mit Hosenträgern" ernannt.

The Substitute Son

Eddie decides he has no time to join with Carl in some father-son activities ... but Waldo is more than willing to have fun with Carl. Eddie realizes he is missing out and gets the hint. Meanwhile, Urkel creates another alter-ego - Bruce Lee Urkel - when a gang of ruffians harasses Laura at a longshoreman's bar.

The Gun

A harrowing experience at school with a violent female gang has a shaken Laura wanting to buy a gun to defend herself and Urkel begging her to change her mind.

Wedding Bell Blues

When Mr. Looney is stood up at the altar on his wedding day, he dejectedly decides to commit suicide. Carl and Urkel work to talk their friend out of making a big mistake.

Ain't Nothin' But an Urkel

Elvis Urkel is in the transformation chamber! At least that's what happens when Urkel, trying to impress a recruiter from MIT, demonstrates his transformation chamber. He turns into "The King" instead of Albert Einstein-Urkel, scaring the recruiter right out of his blue suede shoes.

My Uncle the Hero

Carl is assigned to guide Richie's class on a tour of the police station. The tour isn't going so well, until a robbery suspect gets free and holds one of the children hostage. Carl makes good on his opportunity to diffuse the situation, and impresses the youngsters. Meanwhile, Myra thinks Urkel and Laura are sneaking around together when they keep mum about their whereabouts ... only to learn they were planning a surprise party for her birthday.

Cheers Looking at You, Kid

Urkel spies on Laura during her trip to a cheerleading convention, certain that her boyfriend will show up and be up to no good.

What's Up Doc?

Highlights of the series' first six years - mainly, the Winslows' experiences with Urkel - are featured in this clip show, when Carl, Eddie and Laura visit with a psychiatrist to air their grievances over the nerd. Harriette reminds them that, while Urkel is annoying, he also has helped them many times.

We're Going to Disney World: Part 1

Urkel wins a trip to Disney World, where he and the Winslows demonstrate his transformation chamber. There, the nerd changes into Stefan and proposes to Laura. Eddie decides to go later and gets Waldo to take him ... if only he can read a map.

We're Going to Disney World: Part 2

Eddie and Waldo run into a number of silly situations as they get lost on their way to Orlando. Meanwhile, Carl weighs a job offer in Orlando, and Myra arrives to stop Stefan from proposing to Laura.

They Shoot Urkels, Don't They?

Estelle hosts a dance marathon, and Urkel and Carl decide to enter.

Staffel 7 - Alle Folgen mit Bennett Salvay

Little Big Guy

The seventh-season opener, a parody of "Honey, I Shrunk the Kids," sees Urkel's transformation chamber going berzerk. The nerd and flustered foil Carl are shrunk to two inches tall, and as a result must work together to dodge hazards such as rolling fruit and large house cats.

The Naked and the Nerdy

Urkel and Laura accidentally meet in the bathroom, both of them stark naked! The two must deal with their emotions from this embarrassing meeting. Carl, meanwhile, does a favor for a neighbor and keeps hold of a watch (intended as an anniversary gift for the neighbor's wife), but Harriette thinks the gift is for her.

Walking My Baby Back Home

Greta lands in hot water with her father when Eddie brings her back after her curfew. When he won't allow her to see him again, Greta decides to buck her father's order by making him think she's dating Urkel (who is actually Eddie's gofer). Meanwhile, Estelle is being audited by the Internal Revenue Service, but Carl's attempts to fix the situation only uncover his own problems with the taxman.

Hot Rods to Heck

Urkel warns Laura not to ride in Curtis' car because of his reckless driving habits. Curtis is annoyed and eventually, the two challenge each other to a winner-take-all drag race.

Best Years of Our Lives

Urkel is in charge of designing the Vanderbilt High's senior class float, but nobody seems interested in a project that, due to the nerd's involvement, will surely be doomed. However, interest slowly grows and the seniors actually get to know - and appreciate - each other's company.

South of the Border

Urkel and Eddie are forced to travel to a small island country near Mexico, where Waldo has landed in jail for violating the country's little-known customs.

Life in the Fast Lane

Laura becomes worried about her figure and invests in some diet pills. She doesn't count on Urkel mistaking her pills for his vitamin supplements, and in the process, he is nearly involved in a tragic accident as he unwittingly destroys the Winslows' garage.

Random Acts of Science

Carl has had it with Urkel's constantly backfiring scientific contraptions and demands they be placed in storage. One night while they are putting everything away, a gang of robbers breaks in and demands everything. Carl and Urkel trick the thugs into letting them demonstrate the transformation chamber ... and they emerge as Bruce Lee Carl and Bruce Lee Urkel to defeat the bad guys.

Tips for a Better Life

Urkel (transformed into his Stefan alter ego) gets a second job playing saxophone at a local coffeehouse. Meanwhile, Eddie has a bout with alcoholism, and it has an adverse effect on the family.

Swine Lake

Eddie enrolls in a ballet class to improve his basketball skills. He is invited to participate in an upcoming recital and chooses Greta as his parter, but on the day of the show, Myrtle shows up instead.

My Big Brother

In this episode paying tribute to the Big Brothers Big Sisters of America program, Urkel is paired with a streetwise youth named 3J, whose smart mouth is the cover for an embarrassing secret: He can't read. Urkel vows to help 3J learn how to read and discover the worlds that are opened up through books.

Eau de Love

Urkel creates an aphrodisiac that accidentally gets sprayed on Laura. Laura falls head-over-heels in love with Urkel, but what happens when the potion wears off? Meanwhile, Carl and Harriette encounter nothing but frustration at the airport when they try to book a flight for their second honeymoon.

Twinkle Toes Faldo

To improve his self-esteem, Waldo enrolls in a tap-dancing class.


A con artist Eddie and Waldo into going to an exclusive sports bar where Chicago Bulls' players hang out, then leaves them with the bill. Eddie decides to go to his father for help, and Carl is easily able to recover his son's losses.

A Ham Is Born

Carl lands a job as security guard at a movie studio ... and in the process, gets a leading role in a big-time movie. However, one of the scenes involves his character passionately kissing the movie's beautiful leading lady, leaving the portly cop with a moral dilemma.

Staffel 8 - Alle Folgen mit Bennett Salvay

Paris Vacation: Part 2

Stefan poses as a model for a French version of Coca-Cola and decided that modeling is his career choice. He makes his successful debut in the runway show. Meanwhile, Steve is taken with Nicole to Gilbert where he learns about her cousin's intentions to get filthy rich.

Paris Vacation: Part 3

Steve is held hostage in the opera house and Glibert gives him an ultimatum, either build him an Urk Pad of his own or else. The nerd reluctantly gives in to his demands and builds him the Urk Pad of his own. He's upset with his pen pal for her involvement with her cousin and her betrayal of her word to keep his invention discreet. Then Nicole reveals that she is sorry for what she did and explains why Gilbert has been blackmailing her for some time. He wanted to make a fortune off Steve's invention and will stop at nothing to get his own way. After that, she warns him that when the pad is complete her cousin and his gang will kill him. Steve completes the pad on time and teleport to the hotel to enlist Carl's help to stop Gilbert. Meanwhile, Stefan decides that he needs to go to Milan to pursue his career. Eddie is finally able to talk to the French girl that he likes.

Movin' On

Steve finally attends the college he wants to go to MIT and fits in very well there. Quickly, he starts missing Myra's company right away and transfers to her college to be with her.

3J in the House

When 3J goes missing from the orphanage, the Winslows tries to find him. They are unaware that Richie is secretly housing him in the attic and begs Steve not to tell anyone about it. The truth is later revealed by the nerd as he uses one of his devices and finds 3J in the attic. Carl and Harriete adopts him when they reveal that they care about his well being. Meanwhile, Laura starts dating around with Curtis to take her mind off of missing Stefan who is in Milan.

Getting Buff

When Steve tells Eddie that Greta has been posing nude in his art class, he explodes in anger. He demands that she never poses nude again and she responds by not seeing him anymore. As he begins to miss Greta, Laura sets her idiot brother straight by telling him that her father gave her an ultimatum "Either stop seeing Eddie or Be cut off without a cent". She chose to keep dating him and she struggled ever since. Later on, he apologized to her for his yelling, not realizing why she taking the job as a nude model. Meanwhile, Nick and Carl's feud with each other takes a turn for the worst and it isn't long until Harriette sets them straight again.


Zu Halloween hat Steve eine Handpuppe gebastelt, die ihm aufs Haar gleicht. Und als wäre ein Steve Urkel nicht Strafe genug für alle, die mit ihm zu tun haben, schlägt ein Blitz in die Puppe ein - und erweckt sie zum Leben. Zwar ähneln sich Steve und die Puppe, doch einen gravierenden Unterschied gibt es: Die Puppe entwickelt sich zu einem wahren Teufelsbraten ...

Karate Kids

Steve hat die ehrenamtliche Aufgabe übernommen, dafür zu sorgen, dass der Kinderspielplatz in einem Park in Ordnung und sicher ist. Doch schon bald gerät er in Schwierigkeiten: Zwei Jugendgangs machen Steve und den Kindern das Leben schwer. Er sieht nur einen Ausweg: Steve, Three J. und Richie verwandeln sich in der Transformationskammer in ein Bruce Lee-Trio. Auch Carl hat Probleme: Sein ekelhafter Nachbar hat ihn auf Schadensersatz verklagt, weil er sich im Winslow-Haus angeblich schwere Verletzungen zugezogen hat ...

Home Again

Steve has received six free tickets to see New Edition's Home Again tour because he knows Johnny Gill. He, Eddie and their dates attend with Laura to the concert. To their shock and excitement, New Edition, calls out Stefan onto the stage and she's excited to see him again. Meanwhile, Richie and 3J feel bad about having Carl and Harriette staying with them because they knew that they wanted to go to the concert. Both kids pull some strings with Steve to have New Edition perform at the house.

Nightmare at Urkel Oaks

Big Daddy Urkel pays Eddie $100,000 to marry his daughter, Myrtle, at Urkel Oaks in Biloxi, Mississippi. His girlfriend, Greta is going to make sure that the wedding doesn't happen because she knows it's a farce.

Love Triangles

Laura becomes involved in a love triangle between her, Curtis and Maxine.

Father Time

Steve hat eine Zeitmaschine erfunden. Er überredet Carl, ihn auf der ersten Reise zu begleiten. Carl wählt als Reiseziel den 8.März 1976, den Tag, an dem die Winslows in ihr Haus eingezogen sind. Steve ahnt nicht, dass sich Carl in der Vergangenheit ein paar Aktientips besorgen will, um die Weichen für sein Leben anders zu stellen. Als Steve und Carl aus der Vergangenheit zurückkehren, hat Carls Plan geklappt: Er ist nun der reichste Mann der Welt. Aber auch dieses Leben hat ihren Haken: Harriette will sich scheiden lassen - und die Kinder haben die beiden erst gar nicht bekommen...

Beauty and the Beast

When Harriette finds contestants for the Miss Downtown Chicago Pageant, which a nervous Carl will be hosting with Emmanuel Lewis. Myrtle decides to cheat her way to win the pageant even if it means making Greta and the others look bad. She wants to win Eddie's love regardless of the consequences and Steve quickly cottons on to her plan. He helps free his girlfriend, Myra and the other contestants by freeing them from their imprisonment, back stage. As the angry contestants chases Myrtle around, he rightfully calls her out for being a manipulative, lying cheat. He tells the audience that Myrtle was using the pageant as a means to reaffirm her love for Eddie and will stop at nothing to get him, even if it's cheating. He reminds her that his friend will never ever love her the same way that he loves Greta. He tells her that it is extremely unacceptable and she knew the rules by hand. She chose to dismiss them and therefore, she loses by default. Myrtle is angry and embarrassed that Steve would dare disqualify her from the competition and leaves.

What Do You Know?

Um einen Wagen zu gewinnen, möchte Eddie in einer Fernsehquizshow mitmachen. Um seine Chancen zu verbessern, lädt sich Eddie in Steves Transformationskammer mit dessen Intelligenz auf. Das gefällt Steve gar nicht. Er reist Eddie nach und tritt in der Show gegen ihn an. Die beiden Superhirne liefern sich ein atemberaubendes Duell. Doch bei der alles entscheidenden Bonusfrage verspielen sie ihren Vorsprung - und der dritte Kandidat Lyle Sodermark gewinnt den Wagen ...

A Pirate's Life for Me

Steve überredet Carl erneut zu einer Zeitreise. Carl wünscht sich, auf einem großen Segelschiff im 17. Jahrhundert mitzufahren. Als die beiden auf der 'Rusty Raven' eintreffen, müssen sie entsetzt feststellen, dass sie auf einem Piratenschiff gelandet sind. Doch die Seeräuber halten die beiden für Zauberer und machen Carl zum Captain und Steve zum Ersten Maat. Das wäre ja ganz nett, doch dann verliert Steve bei einem Gerangel seine Zeitreiseuhr. Damit sieht es mit einer Rückkehr in die Gegenwart ziemlich schlecht aus ...

Staffel 9 - Alle Folgen mit Bennett Salvay

Pop Goes the Question

Steve and Stefan arm themselves with roses and rings. They decide to propose to Laura immediately. Stefan is Carl's choice because he does want Steve to return to his perfect ex-girlfriend, Myra Monkhouse and marry her instead. Laura struggles with her choice and no matter what happens, her decision will cost her one of the guys. Harriette tells her no matter what decision she make, they'll support her. When Steve announces that he's not going to propose to her and decides to go live in Russia with his parents. Laura decides that it is him she wants to marry, not Stefan. He has been a gentleman to her since they met and she deserves that over having a glamorous and shallow life. Carl is not happy with her decision, but he also realizes that it was hers to make.

Lost in Space: Part 1

As Steve and Laura discuss wedding plans for their guest seating arraignments, NASA comes calling and tells him that he'll go into space to test his anti-gravity invention. Later on, Myra refuses to take no for an answer and sneaks aboard the shuttle to convince Steve to stay with her and give up Laura right away. Meanwhile, Harriette is overly concerned with Eddie's safety, she has him transferred to being a meter maid.

Lost in Space: Part 2

With the space ship unable to return to Earth, it's up to Steve to save his fellow crewman by gently removing the satellite that got stuck to it's side. Once successful, he brings the crew home. Meanwhile, Myra makes one last push to get Urkel to come back to her, by pretending to be his fiancée. The plan fails and she eventually gives up on her pursuit. During that time, Carl helps Harriette understand her son's need to be a police officer, Eddie's meter maid duty takes a dangerous turn.

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