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Family Matters

1989 - 1998

Number of episodes:
215 Episodes in 9 Seasons

A long-running dramedy centering on the Winslow family, a middle-class African American family living in Chicago, and their pesky next-door neighbor, ultra-nerd Steve Urkel. A spin-off of Perfect Strangers.

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The Show Must Go On

Laura wins the female lead role in the school production of "Romeo and Juliet," and looks forward to the kissing scene with her Romeo, Daniel Wallace. Then Daniel falls ill and the understudy - who else but Urkel - takes his place. Thanks to Urkel's clumsiness and being himself, the play turns out to be a disaster.

Words Hurt

Urkel repeatedly sleepwalks into the Winslows' bedroom to belt Carl over the head with a newspaper. Harriette gets an annoyed Carl to call over a hypnotist to see what's behind Urkel's behavior ... and Harriette is more than a little disturbed by the findings. Turns out Carl had yelled at him after the nerd accidentally broke his ship-in-a-bottle, then - unaware that he was listening in - told Laura he wished he'd go away for good. Carl eventually realizes he needs to apologize.

Citizen's Court

Urkel annoys Carl with his prized Peruvian beetle. The bug gets loose and a spooked Carl kills it, to Urkel's horror. When Carl refuses to pay for the expensive bug, Urkel decides to see if a television small claims court judge agrees that it was more than "just a stupid bug."

Born to Be Mild

A street gang named the Dragons begin causing trouble at Rachel's Place, breaking things and sexually harassing employees; Carl arrives just in time to chase them out. That night, after closing time, the gang breaks in and heavily vandalizes the teen hangout. Everyone's anger grows when a bruised and bloodied Eddie arrives, announcing he was ambushed by the Dragons' gang members. Carl wants to take matters into his own hands, but Urkel reminds him that if he were to do that, he'd only destroy much more than his career. Urkel eventually agrees to go undercover as a prospective gang member and trick them into confessing their recent activities.

The Love God

Urkel tutors a pretty girl named Vonda, a girl whom Eddie is looking forward to asking out. When she passes a test, Vonda comes on to the nerd, prompting him to conclude she has an easy reputation. Urkel helps set her straight, which is good for her ... but definitely not what Eddie was hoping for. Meanwhile, Carl is the butt of Lt. Murtaugh's jokes when he is asked to wear drag for a drug sting.

A Pair of Ladies

Urkel joins in on Carl's poker night, only for Lt. Murtaugh to take quick advantage and clean out the nerd. Eventually, Urkel gets his revenge by cleaning out the hustling, loud-mouthed lieutenant. Meanwhile, Harriette offers to help understaffed Rachel at Rachel's Place, but Rachel takes her sister's well-meant suggestions the wrong way.

Brown Bombshell

Estelle wants to share the stories of her late fighter-pilot husband and World War II's Tuskegee Airmen with her family, but nobody is interested. She decides that Eddie's American history class may be more willing to listen (particularly Eddie, after he sees how cool his grandfather was).

Food, Lies and Videotape

A variety of situations involving the gang and home-ec class: Urkel can't cook a lick (and of course causes plenty of accidents); snotty Cassie Lynn finds she can't always be a cover girl all the time; and Waldo learns he may just be good at something after all.

Woman of the People

Laura runs against Cassie Lynn for class president. Cassie Lynn is determined to win any way she can - even if it means publishing photos of Laura and Urkel caught in a compromising situation (he actually was trying to brace Laura, who had fallen from a ladder). So, Urkel decides to fight fire with fire.

Love and Kisses

Urkel convinces R&B singer Johnny Gill to serenade Laura in the Winslow's living room. Meanwhile, Carl and Harriette try to enjoy their second honeymoon at a resort that's a little too cold for comfort.

Stop, in the Name of Love

Laura had enough problems trying to give Urkel the brush-off. Now, Waldo is the one who's head over heels in love with the Winslow girl ... especially after she tried to encourage down-on-his-luck Waldo.

The Urkel Who Came to Dinner

Urkel is invited to stay with the Winslows when the nerd's parents go out of town ... and quickly causes plenty of chaos. He drives Laura's study partner away, convinces Richie to get into a fight with a preschool bully, and accidentally vacuums up Lt. Murtaugh's fish that Carl was baby-sitting.

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Surely You Joust

Feuding neighbors Urkel and Carl decide to settle things on "American Gladiators."

Dance to the Music

Urkel helps popular jock Ted Curran break the ice with homecoming queen nominee Laura.

Driving Carl Crazy

"3-2-1, 1-2-3, what the heck is bothering me?" That's the advice Carl decides to heed as he tries to deal with stress-related high blood pressure. But will the tip work when Urkel - who shows off his new BMW Isetta to the Winslows - asks the cop to help him learn to drive?

Whose Kid Is It Anyway?

Eddie is told to take Richie trick-or-treating, but it interferes with a hot date. Richie decides to go alone and gets lost. When Eddie finds out, he goes on a frantic search to find the little tyke before everyone else finds out.

An Officer and a Waldo

Waldo's fragile self-esteem takes a huge hit when a misunderstanding he caused results in Eddie's girlfriend leaving him. Waldo decides the only way he can cope is to join the Army Reserves. Urkel finds out and insists that Eddie go look for him and apologize before Waldo makes a big mistake. Of course, Urkel, Eddie and Waldo wind up causing a whole lot of hijinks and get on the wrong side of a tough drill sergeant before they can talk things out. Meanwhile, Carl and Harriette deal with a shady repairman.

The Oddest Couple

Eddie becomes fed up with Carl's strict house rules, and he's not going to take it anymore. Urkel becomes frustrated when his parents make him cease with the scientific experiments (which always cause trouble), and he's not going to take it anymore. The solution? Pool their funds and become roommates in a run-down South Side apartment.

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Urkel

When Laura tells Steve to get lost for breaking an expensive gift, her guardian angel decides to teach her a lesson and have her walk in Urkel's shoes for a change.

Muskrat Love

Will Eddie give into peer pressure or stand his ground about his less-than-desirable girlfriend when they begin heckling him over the matter?

Hot Wheels

The two types of bonding take center stage. In the literal sense, Laura is trying to get back together with class hunk Ted Curran, but when Urkel tries out his new super glue (to repair Laura's broken earring), he accidentally gets his hand stuck on Laura's shoulder ... just as Ted shows up! In the relationship sense, Carl buys a used police car at auction, hoping a restoration project will be the key to bonding with Eddie. But Eddie wants his project partner to be Waldo instead, causing Harriette to set her son straight.

Tender Kisses

Eddie, Waldo and Weasel plot to sneak into the hotel room of rhythm-and-blues singer Tracie Spencer to procure tickets for her sold-out concert. Meanwhile, Carl recruits Urkel to read Harriette's diary after he becomes suspicious that she has feelings for another man.

Heart Strings

Laura cries on Urkel's shoulder when she and Ted break off their relationship, just before Valentine's Day. Meanwhile, Gwendoyln hopes to snare herself a valentine of her own - Richie.

It's a Mad, Mad, Mad House

After Eddie causes a classroom prank that could get him thrown off the basketball team, he gives a sob story to his teacher, claiming he has a bad home life. The teacher pours her sorrows out on Urkel and suggests that she pay this family a visit, unaware it is the Winslows. What she sees is a highly chaotic household, particularly since Harriette (in the subplot) had gone on strike! However, Eddie has a lot of explaining to do when the truth comes out.

Walk on the Wild Side

Laura is desperately looking to shed her "nice girl" image, so she and Maxine obtain fake IDs and go to a male strip club for a wild evening on the town. Problem is, Harriette, Rachel and Estelle are there too (having their own "evening out") ... and Urkel, who gets wind of Laura's plans and in trying to stop her, accidentally performs onstage.

Stormy Weather

Urkel surprises his fellow prom-goers when he walks in with beautiful Myra. Meanwhile, Laura's prom date turns out to be a possessive creep who demands that she dump Urkel as a friend, and threatens her if she doesn't comply.

Buds 'n' Buns

When Urkel decides to at least try to have a relationship with Myra, she sees Laura as competition and tells her to bug off. Meanwhile, Eddie is promoted to manager at the Mighty Weenie, and one of the employees under his watch is Carl.

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Hell Toupee

Myra goes to Urkel's school for a visit, and later accuses Laura of trying to steal him away. An annoyed Laura tries to convince Myra otherwise, but things break down into a huge food fight. Meanwhile, Carl feels he has lost his romantic touch and invests in a toupee.

Dr. Urkel and Mr. Cool

Urkel devises the ultimate plan to win Laura's heart ... a transformation chamber that will turn him into a suave, fashion-styling ladies man. Meet Stefan Urquelle, whom immediately melts Laura's heart. But Stefan is a little abrasive this first time out, and it isn't long before Laura misses the irksome Urkel.

Rock Enroll

Eddie decides to postpone college when R&B singer Shanice performs a song he wrote; the two share a duet later in this episode. Meanwhile, Urkel is feeling down when it seems no one has remembered his birthday.

Presumed Urkel

A huge explosion rocks the school's science lab, and accident prone Urkel is blamed. His academic future rides on defense attorney Laura's shoulders, but she must find a way to match wits with a rival student who is determined - too determined - to have Urkel expelled.

Father of the Bride

Carl bribes Laura to take Urkel bowling for the evening, then falls asleep. He has a dream where Urkel and Laura have (gasp) fallen in love and given birth to a brood of Urkel kids!


When Myra presents Urkel with a nude drawing of himself, the nerd tells her to get lost. A short time later, Urkel learns that Myra is going to a convent. Concluding she is becoming a nun because he yelled at her, Urkel convinces Eddie and Waldo to dress like nuns and go to the convent to stop Myra.

Stefan Returns

Urkel decides to renovate his Stefan Urquelle alter-ego, inventing a transformation chamber to do the trick. Stefan is much more likable this time, but just like the last time, the formula soon wears off and the suave ladies man is soon his old irksome, nerdy self. Urkel declares that he will find a way to make Stefan permanent ... and win Laura's heart once and for all.

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To Be or Not to Be: Part 1

As Urkel tweaks his transformation chamber to enable him to be Stefan all the time, Carl begins complaining about his eyesight. Instead of going to the opthamologist (per Harriette's recommendation) to have his eyes checked, he asks Stefan to allow him to use the transformation chamber to fix his eyesight. However, Myra is starting to miss Urkel and tampers with the machine. However, Stefan isn't in the machine, and Myra finally realizes what she has done when Carl Urkel steps out!

To Be or Not to Be: Part 2

While Stefan repairs the transformation chamber, Carl spends the next few days walking a mile in Urkel's shoes, wreaking havoc on the Winslow household. Eventually, Carl is changed back and decides Harriette's advice was best heeded. Stefan, meanwhile, changes back into Urkel at the end of his dinner date with Laura.

Dark and Stormy Night

When a Halloween-night storm cancels trick-or-treating, Urkel cheers up a disappointed Richie by playing Pass the Ghost Story. Everyone takes turns telling a story about 19th-century vampires (Carl and Harriette) licking their chops over the wayfaring Sir Steven (Urkel).

Paradise Bluff

Myra gives Steve an ultimatum, either commit to her now or else. He refuses to even listen to her and puts both of them in danger before he even had a chance to reaffirm his love for Laura.

An Unlikely Match

Harriette hätte gern eine neue Wohnzimmereinrichtung. Doch Carl schrecken die hohen Kosten dafür ab. Da trifft es sich gut, dass auf einer Polizeiaktion die Wohnzimmereinrichtung eines berüchtigten Gangsterbosses versteigert wird. Carl erwirbt sie zu einem Spottpreis. Allerdings trifft er damit den Geschmack von Harriette überhaupt nicht. Inzwischen wird Steve als Organisator einer Knochenmark-Spendenaktion zum "Engel mit Hosenträgern" ernannt.

The Gun

A harrowing experience at school with a violent female gang has a shaken Laura wanting to buy a gun to defend herself and Urkel begging her to change her mind.

My Uncle the Hero

Carl is assigned to guide Richie's class on a tour of the police station. The tour isn't going so well, until a robbery suspect gets free and holds one of the children hostage. Carl makes good on his opportunity to diffuse the situation, and impresses the youngsters. Meanwhile, Myra thinks Urkel and Laura are sneaking around together when they keep mum about their whereabouts ... only to learn they were planning a surprise party for her birthday.

My Bodyguard

Urkel witnesses a robbery and the suspect, aware he has been spotted, threatens the nerd if he reports the crime. Carl offers to be his bodyguard ... a decision he may regret. Meanwhile, Eddie begins dating Greta, whose overbearing father is his boss.

Cheers Looking at You, Kid

Urkel spies on Laura during her trip to a cheerleading convention, certain that her boyfriend will show up and be up to no good.

They Shoot Urkels, Don't They?

Estelle hosts a dance marathon, and Urkel and Carl decide to enter.

Home Sweet Home

Urkel's parents announce they are moving to Russia - only, they say so after they've left. Urkel is forced to move in with Eddie and Waldo, but those arrangements are only temporary thanks to the nerd's hungry termites. Carl sees that Urkel now has no place to go and (grudgingly) allows his comic foil to move into his house.

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Trading Places

Stefan suspects that Laura is starting to show feelings for Steve. He decides to switch places with the nerd to find out the truth.

Original Gangsta Dawg

Steve's gangster cousin, Cornelius aka OGD decides to hide out in the Winslow house to avoid Fresh Squeeze.

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