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1989 - 1998

Number of episodes:
215 Episodes in 9 Seasons

A long-running dramedy centering on the Winslow family, a middle-class African American family living in Chicago, and their pesky next-door neighbor, ultra-nerd Steve Urkel. A spin-off of Perfect Strangers.

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53 Episodes (1992-1998)

from Episode: 3.23 - Robo-Nerd II

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Robo-Nerd II

A reprogrammed Urkelbot is sent to fight crime, and proves to be instrumental in foiling a serial convenience store robber. Meanwhile, the women find (to their horror) that a new shampoo has caused them to go bald.

Farewell, My Laura

Urkel composes a detective yarn about 1940s-era gumshoe Johnny Danger, who is sent to protect supper club owner (and assassin target) Rachel.

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Surely You Joust

Feuding neighbors Urkel and Carl decide to settle things on "American Gladiators."

The Oddest Couple

Eddie becomes fed up with Carl's strict house rules, and he's not going to take it anymore. Urkel becomes frustrated when his parents make him cease with the scientific experiments (which always cause trouble), and he's not going to take it anymore. The solution? Pool their funds and become roommates in a run-down South Side apartment.

Hot Wheels

The two types of bonding take center stage. In the literal sense, Laura is trying to get back together with class hunk Ted Curran, but when Urkel tries out his new super glue (to repair Laura's broken earring), he accidentally gets his hand stuck on Laura's shoulder ... just as Ted shows up! In the relationship sense, Carl buys a used police car at auction, hoping a restoration project will be the key to bonding with Eddie. But Eddie wants his project partner to be Waldo instead, causing Harriette to set her son straight.

The Way the Ball Bounces

A slick-talking college recruiter tries to woo Eddie to his college for his basketball skills (and certainly not his meager academic credentials). Harriette is skeptical about the college's academic program and gets a former college basketball player - who eventually flunked out of school where Eddie wants to go after he got injured - to help set an impressionable Eddie straight. Meanwhile, a sleep-famished Laura is determined to study for her SATs and get into Harvard Law School, so she gets Urkel to stand in for her while she sneaks off to the library. Laura eventually sees that her desire to get a perfect score is endangering her health.

Heart Strings

Laura cries on Urkel's shoulder when she and Ted break off their relationship, just before Valentine's Day. Meanwhile, Gwendoyln hopes to snare herself a valentine of her own - Richie.

It's a Mad, Mad, Mad House

After Eddie causes a classroom prank that could get him thrown off the basketball team, he gives a sob story to his teacher, claiming he has a bad home life. The teacher pours her sorrows out on Urkel and suggests that she pay this family a visit, unaware it is the Winslows. What she sees is a highly chaotic household, particularly since Harriette (in the subplot) had gone on strike! However, Eddie has a lot of explaining to do when the truth comes out.

Stormy Weather

Urkel surprises his fellow prom-goers when he walks in with beautiful Myra. Meanwhile, Laura's prom date turns out to be a possessive creep who demands that she dump Urkel as a friend, and threatens her if she doesn't comply.

Buds 'n' Buns

When Urkel decides to at least try to have a relationship with Myra, she sees Laura as competition and tells her to bug off. Meanwhile, Eddie is promoted to manager at the Mighty Weenie, and one of the employees under his watch is Carl.

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Saved by the Urkel

Carl nearly fatally shocks himself when he refuses to heed Urkel's advice to unplug a lamp while repairing it. Urkel is the only one who knows CPR and uses his knowledge to save Carl's life. Everyone then showers the nerd with gratitude, and Eddie, Laura and Waldo are inspired to learn CPR.

Best Friends

Harriette embarrasses Laura when she tries (a little too hard) to act hip and cool in front of her friends. Meanwhile, Waldo gets a job as a cashier at the Mighty Weenie, but Eddie might have to fire him when he does a bad job ... until he remembers Waldo's culinary skills are just perfect for an opening on his shift.


Eddie and Urkel become partners in a 2-on-2 basketball tournament ... that is, until Eddie dumps the nerd for a star player named "The Spider." Hell hath no fury like an Urkel spurned, as he turns to Grandmama to get revenge.

Dr. Urkel and Mr. Cool

Urkel devises the ultimate plan to win Laura's heart ... a transformation chamber that will turn him into a suave, fashion-styling ladies man. Meet Stefan Urquelle, whom immediately melts Laura's heart. But Stefan is a little abrasive this first time out, and it isn't long before Laura misses the irksome Urkel.

Scenes from a Mall

A "Family Matters" adaptation of the 1991 movie, this time featuring several intertwined stories involving the kids at the local mall.

Like a Virgin

When locker room wisecracker Jerry boasts about his latest sexual exploits, Urkel says he plans to wait ... just like best bud Eddie. Eddie is upset at this revelation, until Laura tells him that Jerry is not exactly as well liked among the girls as he claims to be.

Good Cop, Bad Cop

Urkel's trip to rouge dentist Dr. Smiley (to reassure a scared Richie) takes a back seat to a terrifying racial profiling incident involving Eddie. He comes home claiming that a traffic stop for a turn signal violation turned out to be much more when the officers accuse him of being "a black person in a white person's neighborhood." Carl is certain Eddie is trying to cover up for more late-night carousing, but when he gets the other side of the story from the officers involved, he learns the whole ugly incident exactly matches Eddie's side. Carl is very angry and, after telling the senior officer he will be reported, tells the younger officer to re-examine his attitudes. Carl then realizes he needs to apologize to Eddie.

Presumed Urkel

A huge explosion rocks the school's science lab, and accident prone Urkel is blamed. His academic future rides on defense attorney Laura's shoulders, but she must find a way to match wits with a rival student who is determined - too determined - to have Urkel expelled.

Father of the Bride

Carl bribes Laura to take Urkel bowling for the evening, then falls asleep. He has a dream where Urkel and Laura have (gasp) fallen in love and given birth to a brood of Urkel kids!

The Psycho Twins

Urkel demonstrates his latest invention, snooze juice (a potion meant to allow police officers to easily apprehend criminals) at a professional wrestling event. When two wrestlers accidentally drink the potion and are unable to compete against the WWF's Bushwackers, the bloodthirsty tag team sets their sights on the nerd and Carl.

That's What Friends Are For

Eddie wins a college scholarship, and everyone's cheering except Waldo. Meanwhile, Urkel drives Carl crazy with a slide show from a cheese convention.

A-Camping We Will Go

Urkel invites himself along on a camping trip with Carl, Eddie and Waldo. The other men refuse to heed the nerd's advice, but it isn't long before the "I told you so" routines begin.

Aunt Oona

Urkel's shy Aunt Oona (from Altoona) arrives to visit her nephew. Harriette and the others suggest a great way for Oona to break out of her shell ... by going to a karaoke bar.

Stefan Returns

Urkel decides to renovate his Stefan Urquelle alter-ego, inventing a transformation chamber to do the trick. Stefan is much more likable this time, but just like the last time, the formula soon wears off and the suave ladies man is soon his old irksome, nerdy self. Urkel declares that he will find a way to make Stefan permanent ... and win Laura's heart once and for all.

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To Be or Not to Be: Part 1

As Urkel tweaks his transformation chamber to enable him to be Stefan all the time, Carl begins complaining about his eyesight. Instead of going to the opthamologist (per Harriette's recommendation) to have his eyes checked, he asks Stefan to allow him to use the transformation chamber to fix his eyesight. However, Myra is starting to miss Urkel and tampers with the machine. However, Stefan isn't in the machine, and Myra finally realizes what she has done when Carl Urkel steps out!

To Be or Not to Be: Part 2

While Stefan repairs the transformation chamber, Carl spends the next few days walking a mile in Urkel's shoes, wreaking havoc on the Winslow household. Eventually, Carl is changed back and decides Harriette's advice was best heeded. Stefan, meanwhile, changes back into Urkel at the end of his dinner date with Laura.

The Looney Bin

It's already bad enough for Carl when he is accidentally locked in the school's fallout shelter. Worse, it's with Urkel and school custodian Mr. Looney - who pass the time singing old show tunes.

Beta Chi Guy

A college jock invites Eddie to join a college fraternity - under one condition: Tell the nerd (Urkel) to get lost. Eddie agrees and kicks Urkel out of a party. Laura realizes Urkel is really distraught and makes her lame-brained brother realize how important their friendship is. Eddie realizes Laura is right and tells the frat brothers to get lost.

Sink or Swim

Hydrophobic Urkel has two choices: Pass a required swimming test in gym class, or fail and not graduate from high school. Urkel decides to enlist (who else) Carl to help him learn to swim, to predictable results.

Paradise Bluff

Myra gives Steve an ultimatum, either commit to her now or else. He refuses to even listen to her and puts both of them in danger before he even had a chance to reaffirm his love for Laura.

Miracle on Elm Street

Richie upsets the family when he brings home a guest for Christmas: a homeless man. However, the homeless man has several lessons to share about the meaning of the season. Meanwhile, Urkel searches the landfills high and low for Laura's beloved childhood doll, which Eddie accidentally discarded.

My Bodyguard

Urkel witnesses a robbery and the suspect, aware he has been spotted, threatens the nerd if he reports the crime. Carl offers to be his bodyguard ... a decision he may regret. Meanwhile, Eddie begins dating Greta, whose overbearing father is his boss.

Home Sweet Home

Urkel's parents announce they are moving to Russia - only, they say so after they've left. Urkel is forced to move in with Eddie and Waldo, but those arrangements are only temporary thanks to the nerd's hungry termites. Carl sees that Urkel now has no place to go and (grudgingly) allows his comic foil to move into his house.

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Steve meets a gorgeous bug collector named Agnes Prizker and fantasizes about kissing her, which he does by accident. However, he reminds himself that he's in a relationship with Myra and goes to Laura about it. She encourages him to tell his girlfriend about it. Should he dare tell Myra the truth about what happened? Meanwhile, Carl reluctantly allows Nick Neidermeyer to join in his poker night with his buddies, per Harriette's recommendation. She immediately regrets her decision in letting her selfish boss join in and tells him off. She even goes as far as daring him to fire her. He admitted that he would fire her if he wasn't transferred to the automotive department. She and Carl kicks Nick out of their house. Later on, they have a good time playing poker with his buddies.

Teacher's Pet

In his teacher's absence, Urkel is asked to be substitute teacher of his English class. The other students take quick advantage of the situation and drive the nerd to the breaking point. Urkel responds by transforming himself into Stefan, who in the alter ego is able to gain control of the class.

She's Back

While Urkel is visiting Russia for a few weeks, guess who's back? Myrtle Urkel, who is hungrier than ever for Eddie. However, Greta stands in the way.

Talk's Cheap

Urkel, Myrtle and Stefan - along with Eddie, Laura, Myra and Waldo - appear on a talk show to discuss relationships.

Struck by Lightning

Urkel develops an extreme fear of thunderstorms after he is constantly struck by lightning. Carl helps the nerd work through his fear and determine why he has become a human lightning rod. Meanwhile, Laura and Myra apply for a sales job opening at Ferguson's.

Fa La La La Laagghh!

Carl's "bah humbug" attitude puts a damper on Urkel's plans to decorate the house for Christmas ... until the nerd announces that there's a contest for best light display and that there are prizes. Meanwhile, Harriette and Mother Winslow puts their foot down when Eddie and Laura refuse to participate in the family's holiday activities.

Friendship Cycles

Urkel wants to learn to ride a bicycle, and enlists you know who as his teacher. Carl is frustrated at first when Urkel can't seem to get the hang of things, but the nerd keeps trying.

Dream Date

When their respective dates are unavailable for the prom, Urkel offers to take Laura to the senior dance. The night is Urkel's dream come true ... and a wonderful time for Laura as well.

Send in the Clone

While Urkel is working on a cloning experiment with his transformation chamber, the contraption goes kablooey. The aftermath has Urkel cloned, creating double trouble for the Winslow household! Laura decides to make lemons out of lemonade and suggests that one of the clones be made into a permanent Stefan.

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Steve Urkel hat wieder eine neue Erfindung gemacht: Seine Schießpulverzusammensetzung explodiert nicht per Zünder, sondern auf ein akustisches Signal hin. Es handelt sich dabei um ein ganz bestimmtes Lied. Weil Carl eine kleine Party plant, bereitet Myra Pfefferhähnchen zu. Leider erwischt sie statt des Pfeffers die Tüte mit Steves Schießpulver. Carl hat zu der Party auch seinen Commissioner eingeladen - und der wünscht sich von der Musikkapelle ein ganz bestimmtes Lied ...

Le jour d'amour

Urkel hosts three Valentine's Day stories. First in True Love, Eddie sings a song that cleared any misunderstanding that Greta had with his ex-girlfriend from high school, Oneisha. Next in First Love, it involves 3J and Richie vying for the affections of Kelsey Webster, a popular girl at their school. When Richie decides to drop out, she decides that he's a far better gentleman than 3J would ever be. Then in Lasting Love, Harriette accuses Carl for being cheap in buying her the same gifts every year. He makes up for it by enlisting the help of 3J and Richie to make a new Valentine's Day card and he buys an uneaten chocolate box. Finally, Urkel himself gets his own Valentine's Day gift in the form of Myra dressed up as Cupid in a Polka outfit.

Flirting with Disaster

Urkel is insulted when Carl's home owner's insurance agent, Mr.Tolbert, calls him a disaster waiting to happen(due to his clumsiness). He won't put up for this and heads to his office in downtown Chicago. Steve tries to convince him that he isn't a disaster, and that he should lower Carl's skyrocketing home owner's insurance. However, it goes nowhere because Mr.Tolbert is still convinced that he's a disaster. That is until Carl shows up to his office and deals with the matter himself, by telling Steve that he's found a nice apartment on Argyle Street. Mr.Tolbert is completely mortified when he learns Urkel will be his next door neighbor and he agrees to lower Carl's home owner's insurance on the grounds that he keeps Steve away from him. Meanwhile, Eddie learns an important lesson that it's better to act your age and stay true to your current girlfriend when he's tempted to flirt with an older woman.

Pound Foolish

Steve's Aunt Oona from Altoona returns to visit her nephew and the Winslows again. Unfortunately, she's embarrassed about the extra weight she gained from eating so much. She's desperate to lose the extra weight to impress Reverend Fuller at church. Steve comes up with a solution for his favorite aunt, his fat compressing invention should do the trick. He isn't sure if it'll work 100% because he never tested it before, but Oona's determined to try it. She gets in and he starts the invention. It is a complete success as she steps out much slimmer than before. Carl is impressed by it and admits he should try it sometime. Like most of Steve's inventions, it eventually backfires and Oona reverts back to her overweight self. She runs out embarrassed by the whole thing and Steve makes a mental note to work on his fat compressing chamber more. Reverned Fuller makes a visit to the Winslow house and admitted to her that he like BBW - Big Beautiful Women.

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Drinking and Jiving

When Laura gets drunk at her sorority party one night, Maxine calls Steve to come down to the sorority house to take her home. He gets into a fight with one of the guys as he tries to remove her. After he takes her home, Laura ends up kissing him before passing out. The next morning, Urkel uses frozen peas to nurse a shiner he received from his fight with one of the guys. Later on, she recovers from her hangover and admits to Maxine that she's starting to fall in love with Steve. Meanwhile, Carl and Harriette are quarreling over their anniversary. Carl wants to watch the Bears game against the Packers, but Harriette wants to go on a romantic cruse at Lake Michigan. Eddie is fed up with their fighting that he sets them straight and tells them to compromise before he gets a headache.

Who's Afraid of the Big Black Book?

When Eddie takes his pranks on Laura too far by inviting her ex-boyfriends over to the house, whenever Stefan was around. She decides to fight fire with fire by conning Steve into helping her get even with her dim-witted brother by using his black book which contains phone numbers of Eddie's previous girlfriends and invites them over on his birthday. When he and Greta arrived on his birthday party to see his ex-girlfriends, they are incensed by the whole thing. Finally, Steve sets both Eddie and Laura straight on how ungrateful they were to have each other. He admitted he was always jealous of them because his parents never loved him and that the Winslows were like his own family. Both siblings apologized soon after. Meanwhile, Commisoner Geiss learns a lesson that sometimes it's better if the more experienced cop like Carl is promoted to captain over an inexperienced cop like his nephew.

Trading Places

Stefan suspects that Laura is starting to show feelings for Steve. He decides to switch places with the nerd to find out the truth.

Original Gangsta Dawg

Steve's gangster cousin, Cornelius aka OGD decides to hide out in the Winslow house to avoid Fresh Squeeze.

Grill of My Dreams

Steve geht mit Myra in ein japanisches Lokal. Restaurantbesitzer Mr. Tanaka ist von Steves ausgesuchter Höflichkeit beeindruckt. Er stimmt zu, Steve zum Koch auszubilden. Nach intensivstem Training, das einen hohen Verbrauch an Heftpflaster mit sich bringt, ist Steve soweit: Nach Meinung von Mr. Tanaka kann er sein erstes Dinner zelebrieren. Mr. Tanaka sorgt auch dafür, dass Laura Steves Debüt als Koch beiwohnt. Obwohl einiges schief geht, findet Laura Steve plötzlich ziemlich cool.

Crazier for You: Part 2

Steve demands that Myra stops stalking him and renounces her love for him. Meanwhile, Carl has some explaining to do when Harriette discovers that her wedding ring was meant for someone else.

Whose Man Is It Anyway?

After breaking up a few fights between Myrtle and Greta, Laura decides that both of them should fight it out in a boxing match for Eddie's love. Meanwhile, Steve and Carl helps 3J locate his birth mother in a diner three blocks off Chicago. She was happy that he's living in a new family who loves him. She explains to him why she gave 3J up for adoption.

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