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Die Wochenshow

Die Wochenshow

1996 - 1996

Number of episodes:
220 Episodes in 9 Seasons


Die Wochenshow is a German weekly comedy sketch show that aires on Sat.1 and is produced by Brainpool TV. It started on 20 April 1996 and was cancelled early in 2002. Almost a decade later, eight new episodes have been broadcast since 20 May 2011. The show is a very popular news parody with sketches and recurring characters.

The original cast consisted of Ingolf Lück, Anke Engelke, Marco Rima and Bastian Pastewka. In 1999 Marco Rima was replaced by Markus Maria Profitlich and in 2000 Annette Frier replaced Anke Engelke, who left the show to pursue her own projects. The 2011 revival cast includes Ingolf Lück, Dave Davis, Friederike Kempter, Axel Stein, Matthias Matschke, Carolin Kebekus, Matze Knop and Dominik Kuhn.

The title of the show is a play on Die Deutsche Wochenschau and Germany's most prestigious TV news program, Tagesschau. Ingolf Lück has occasionally described the show as a modern version of Rudis Tagesshow, a news parody show broadcast from ARD and hosted by Rudi Carrell in the 1980s.

Die Wochenshow - Cast
The main Characters in the TV-Series Die Wochenshow. Further Information about all Actors can be found in the Die Wochenshow - Episode Guide

Ingolf Lück als Ingolf Lück bei Die Wochenshow
Image: Ingolf Lück as Ingolf Lück in Die Wochenshow


as Ingolf Lück


Born April 26, 1958
in Bielefeld, Deutschland

Bastian Pastewka als Bastian Pastewka bei Die Wochenshow
Image: Bastian Pastewka as Bastian Pastewka in Die Wochenshow


as Bastian Pastewka


Born April 4, 1972
in Bochum, Deutschland


as Markus Maria Profitlich


Born March 25, 1960
in Bonn, Deutschland

Annette Frier als Annette Frier bei Die Wochenshow
Image: Annette Frier as Annette Frier in Die Wochenshow


as Annette Frier


Birth Name:
Annette Wünsche geb. Frier

Born January 22, 1974
in Köln

Anke Engelke als Anke Engelke bei Die Wochenshow
Image: Anke Engelke as Anke Engelke in Die Wochenshow


as Anke Engelke


Birth Name:
Anke Christina Engelke

Born December 21, 1965
in Montreal, Quebec, Kanada

†  December 25, 2015

as Karen Friesicke


Birth Name:
Karen Christine Friesicke

Born April 11, 1962
in Hamburg, Deutschland

Karen Friesicke died December 25, 2015 in Hamburg, Deutschland, passing away at the age of 53

Marco Rima als Marco Rima bei Die Wochenshow
Image: Marco Rima as Marco Rima in Die Wochenshow


as Marco Rima


Born April 7, 1961
in Winterthur, Schweiz

Bürger Lars Dietrich als Bürger Lars Dietrich bei Die Wochenshow
Image: Bürger Lars Dietrich as Bürger Lars Dietrich in Die Wochenshow


as Bürger Lars Dietrich


Birth Name:
Lars Dietrich

Born February 2, 1973
in Potsdam, Deutschland

Michael Kessler als Michael bei Schillerstrasse
Placeholder Image: Michael Kessler as Michael in Schillerstrasse
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as Michael Kessler


Born June 24, 1967
in Wiesbaden


as Nadja Maleh


Born June 9, 1972
in Wien, Österreich


as Herbert Feuerstein


Born June 15, 1937
in Zell am See, Österreich

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