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2002 - 2007

Number of episodes:
80 Episodes in 6 Seasons

The Dead Zone, aka Stephen King's Dead Zone was an American-Canadian science fiction/suspense series starring Anthony Michael Hall as Johnny Smith, who discovers he has developed psychic abilities after a coma. The show, credited as "based on characters" from Stephen King's 1979 novel of the same name, first aired in 2002, and was produced by Lionsgate Television and CBS Paramount Network Television for the USA Network.

The show was originally commissioned for UPN, but the network later dropped the show and it was picked up instead by USA. The series was filmed in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada for its first five seasons. The sixth and last season was billed as "The season that changes everything" and production was moved to Montreal.

The Dead Zone was expected to be renewed for a seventh season, however due to low ratings and high production cost the series was canceled in December 2007, without a proper series finale.

Some rumors spread that Syfy would pick up the series after it was canceled by USA, but it did not happen. Rumors of a made for TV movie have all but faded with time.

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80 Episodes (2002-2007)

from Episode: 1.01 - Wheel of Fortune

Birth Name:
Stephen Edwin King

Born September 21, 1947
in Portland, Maine, USA

Staffel 1 - Alle Folgen mit Stephen King

Wheel of Fortune

After six years in a coma following a near-fatal car accident, Johnny Smith awakens to find that he has the gift of second sight and uses his psychic powers to help solve a serial murder case.

What It Seems

Johnny continues to assist the skeptical Sheriff Walt Bannerman (Sarah's husband) with his investigation into the mysterious killings. Johnny soon realizes that in saving a potential victim, a new victim has taken the previous victim's place. In discovering that the killer may be closer than anyone thinks, Johnny is torn between wanting Sarah to be in his life again, and not meddling in her marriage and her relationship with her son, who is Johnny's biological son as well.

Quality of Life

After returning to his old high school teaching job, Johnny begins to trust his powers after they allow him to save a high school all-star athlete from a possibly fatal heart condition. But with each vision, it makes Johnny physically weaker since the visions take a drain on his life energy.


While Johnny and Bruce help an old man to find the long lost love of his life, Johny falls in love with the woman through the visions he has of her in the past.

Unreasonable Doubt

When Johnny is called to serve jury duty, he uses his powers to uncover the real truth about a murder case.

The House

Johnny learns details of his mother's death that have been a secret kept by Purdy.

Enemy Mind

While searching for a runaway teenage girl, Johnny is accidentally exposed to a halogen drug following a drug warehouse explosion, and he must contend with being high which puts a hamper on his vision, and trying to rescue her from a brutal thug.


Struck with a vision of a fiery explosion, Johnny Smith must distinguish between his dream world and reality in order to prevent a disaster.

The Siege

When a disgruntled security worker, named Conrad Hurley, robs a bank and takes hostages, including Sarah, Johnny must try to change an ever-changing future where either Sarah or himself is killed.

Here There Be Monsters

Despite a terrifying vision, Johnny tries to help a tiny, superstitious town in Massachusettets where fear and paranoia has gripped the community following a little girl's disappearance, where he and and Bruce soon become suspects.

Dinner with Dana

Johnny's relationship with reporter Dana Bright heats up when he invites over at his house for dinner for the evening so she can get an up-close and personal interview with him, and his sexual hormones put a damper on their impending intimacy forcing him to see his friends 'talk' to him, about their distaste for the ambitious but cynical woman. Johnny also has a vision of one of Dana's abusive boyfriends stalking her and coming to realize that her life may be in danger.


A vision of a devastating meteor striking a remote mountainside leads Johnny into the woods, where he injures himself. He seeks shelter for the night in a mountain cave, where a ghostly apparition of a Native American medicine man appears to him. Johnny is led into a dreamscape to unlock the mysteries of the shaman, who also had the so-called gift of the 'Dead Zone'--seeing into someone's future by a mere touch.


A vision leads Johnny to save rowdy teens from a house fire and escalates the media circus over his psychic abilities, and Johnny confines himself to his house. Reverend Purdy pays Johnny a visit and persuades the troubled psychic that it is his destiny to help people with his visions and that he should not run and hide. Sarah becomes more uncomfortable and slightly jealous over Johnny's blossoming romance with Dana Bright, leading her to question her feelings towards him. Meanwhile, Greg Stillson, an ambitious and unscrupulous politician, arrives in town as part of his campaign for the U.S. Congress. Stillson's background story reveals that he will do ANYTHING to get what he wants, including lie, cheat, steal, blackmail, seduce, and possibly murder. Stillson's and Johnny's paths cross when Reverend Purdy joins Stillson's campaign as an advisor. When Johnny shakes Stillson's hand, he has a horrific vision of a nuclear Armageddon.

Staffel 2 - Alle Folgen mit Stephen King

Valley of the Shadow

Still shaken by his visions of apparent nuclear devastation associated with Greg Stillson, Johnny grows increasingly obsessed with Stillson, whom he begins investigating secretly. But another mystery draws him back into the public eye: a test of Johnny's powers by a mysterious adversary who is as obsessed with Johnny as Johnny is with Stillson. When Walt forces Johnny into helping investigate the kidnapping of the young son of a wealthy corporate entrepreneur, Johnny is contacted by the kidnapper in a series of taunting mind games his God-fearing adversary forces on him in order to save the kidnapped boy.


As Walt begins to wonder what's really going between Johnny and his wife Sarah, a group of four teenagers disappear into an abandoned copper mine that was owned by Johnny's grandfather. Walt brings Johnny in to help with the rescue. Soon, Johnny begins to get visions, not only of the teens, but of the miners who died in an incident in 1949 brought on by his grandfather's actions. The ghost miners seem to be striking back at Johnny and Walt is seriously injured by a falling beam. The teens are rescued, but Johnny gets a vision of Walt's funeral as he is taken away in the ambulance...


Walt ends up in a coma after being injured during the mine rescue. Johnny tries to use his powers to reach Walt in his mind and lead him back to consciousness. But while inside Walt's mind, and reliving how he first met Sarah, among other things, Johnny realizes that he is not the only person inside Walt's memories. There is also a mysterious man, who is Walt's father, trying to make him go into the light...

The Outsider

Johnny must stop the release of a new anti-wrinkle cream, called Revivatin, based on his vision of it causing birth defects in the future. Johnny is forced to team up with Dana to try to fight the greedy bureaucratic company as well as find a reclusive research analyst named Thomas Berke, who may know the way to detect the product defect before it hits the market in the next few days.


After getting hit by a car while saving a little boy's life, Johnny gets a blood transfusion of blood from six different donors, in which for the next few weeks he's reluctantly forced to 'see' through the eyes of his donors. When a disturbing future vision shows that one of his donors will die, Johnny and Bruce must try to stop a series of bad events all coinciding at a public square where the death will take place at 3:00 PM.


As Johnny continues investigating the past of the charismatic, but closeted evil sociopath, Greg Stillson, he confides in Bruce about his vision of the future at the end of Stillson's run for power. After he gets an intimidating visit from Stillson to persuade him to stop investigating him, Johnny decides to back up Stillson's congressional rival, Harrison Fisher, a long-time incumbent. However, a vision shows a dark secret that Fisher has involving his service in the Vietnam War, which leads Johnny to debate with himself whether revealing the truth about Fisher is more important than the unscrupulous Stillson's defeat.


While on his way to meet with Reverend Purdy, Johnny is kidnapped by three women who take him to a remote farmhouse reputed to be haunted. Each of them have their own reasons. Penny is romantically obsessed with Johnny and wants to have his baby. Maddy is a documentary film maker who plans on making a "Blair Witch" style Internet event and sell it to Rev. Purdy. Anita is Maddy's lover who is seemingly obsessed with the mystery of the family who was killed there over 20 years ago. Elsewhere, Dana and Sarah reluctantly go through the piles of "fan mail" that Johnny receives to look for clues to his disappearance. While Walt and Bruce try to find him, Johnny himself unravels the mystery through his visions, and discovers that the young son Nicholas who survived is responsible... and that Anita is that boy, dressed as a woman... and still has homicidal tendencies.

Cabin Pressure

Johnny and Reverend Purdy are traveling on a plane to Washington for a seminars conference when Johnny gets a vision of the plane crashing and eventually determines that the pilot will put the plane into a dive as the engine explodes. He manages to convince the though, but closed-minded, air marshal Kelly Park, he's telling the truth. But he sees the same vision of destruction compliments of the co-pilot and realizes both men are trying to save the plane. Using his gift, Johnny determines the wings are covered with ice due to an instrument malfunction. When the co-pilot is injured, Johnny is forced to take his seat and direct the pilot with his visions to take the proper steps to save the plane.

The Man Who Never Was

Isolating himself from a demanding public, Johnny gets visions of himself disappearing after making contact with something belonging to an elderly shut-in, Jeffrey Grissom, brought in by his delivery man. Johnny briefly visits him and Grissom talks about wondering where his old home was. When Johnny returns the next day with information, Grissom, and any trace of him, have completely disappeared. Johnny is determined to follow up when he gets a vision of people removing Grissom and the new family moving in. Johnny gets visions of people going through his own home as well. Unable to convince, Walt, Bruce, or even Sarah about his suspicions, Johnny strikes out on his own and gets close enough to the people following him to get a vision of Grissom in a new home and visits him there. Grissom reveals he is a retired spy kept buried by the U.S. government due to valuable knowledge in his head. The government agents show up to threaten Johnny and make him "vanish" as well.

characters from the novel

Dead Men Tell Tales

Johnny inadvertently becomes involved with the local mafia when his visions lead him to help mobster Cathan Donnegal, whom he sees being gunned down by a local hood, Mickey. When Donnegal's thugs threaten Johnny to make him help them investigate, the visions lead Johnny to a mobster's mole, Nina, who has connections to the shady Greg Stillson. Stillson is back in town, seeking to buy up the land of an old Indian gambling casino to pocket more money for his political campaign; and his right-hand man/thug, Sonny Elliman, also shares time with the thrill-seeking Nina.

characters from the novel

Playing God

A wild and immature old high school friend, Jason Moore, comes to see Johnny, Sarah, and their friends for a high school reunion. Jason however reveals that he's dying from a terminal heart condition and asks for a vision of his future. Johnny sees him receiving a successful heart transplant and gives him the good news, but later gets a vision of Jason's sister, Kate, being killed in a driving accident and becoming the donor. Johnny soon realizes even if he saves Kate and gets Jason a heart through Purdy's connections, someone else who would have received the heart will die. Johnny tracks down the drunk driver, Patrick Hanchin, and confronts him, but sees that even if Johnny stops him from killing Kate, he'll hit a school bus. Trapped in a web of fate where anything he does will make things worse, Johnny decides on a painful choice to allow fate to run its course.

characters from the novel


Johnny goes to the funeral of Bruce's father in Indiana and after touching both Bruce and of his dead father at the same time, somehow gives Bruce a long vision of an alternate reality of what Bruce's life would have been like if he had never met Johnny; Bruce is an church elder at his church with his father Rev. David Lewis, who's alive and in conflict with his son over his choices in life. This leads Bruce to try to find Johnny who has shut himself off from everyone he knows and to Bruce to stumble upon a plot by Johnny to assassinate Greg Stillman before he gets elected president and brings on a nuclear holocaust.

characters from the novel

The Storm

Four months after Kate Moore's death, Johnny's friends decide to stage an intervention to shake him out of his guilt. As Bruce drives him to Purdy's lakeside resort where he, Sarah, Walt, and Dana are awaiting their arrival, Johnny senses that a major storm is brewing. Johnny and Bruce have a series of misadventures from losing their car, to helping people from a destroyed roadside diner, to hitching a ride with a overbearing tourist family, then having an encounter with the same roadside carnival on the night of his car accident, all of which leads to Johnny being forced to try to come to terms with his destiny in order to save the people he loves from a inexplicable tornado.

characters from the novel


While at a school science fair, Johnny gets a disturbing vision of a group of children getting extremely ill. Johnny persuades Walt to quarantine the building and eventually the children begin to get sick. Johnny realizes that without his help the children will die, including JJ. With the assistance of Rev. Purdy, Johnny must help Walt and the local health inspector, Jim Pratt, try to identify as well as find the source of the mysterious virus before it kills off the entire town.

Deja Voodoo

A very strange night for Johnny begins when, during an evening out with Bruce at a local restaurant, Johnny is forced into a series of changing visions to help a young woman he's romantically attracted to, and each vision has both of them begin killed by mysterious assailants, making Johnny relive the evening over and over until he finds a way to break the circle of time to a satisfying revelation.

characters from the novel

The Hunt

'Government Remote Viewing Unit' tries Johnny Smith's special ability in the war against terror in a military operation.

The Mountain

Johnny, Walt, Sarah and JJ become involved in the search through the mountains for a missing plane, which contains two million dollars.

The Combination

Danny Avila is training hard for his first ever boxing title match, but John Smith urges him to drop out.


A man in a vision stuns John Smith by yelling at him and blames him for a bad future.

Staffel 3 - Alle Folgen mit Stephen King

Finding Rachel: Part 1

As Johnny continues investigating his future visions and debating with himself if Greg Stillson is behind the inevitable Apocylapse, he receives a vision from Christopher Wey, 40 years in the future, about a young woman, named Rachel Caldwell, whom is a volunteer on Stillson's campaign crew, going missing. He goes to meet her, but finds himself two hours later with no memory of the meeting. Johnny attempts to piece together his visions to fill in the large gap of missing time in his memory in order to figure out what happened, but soon finds circumstantial evidence pointing to him as Rachel's assailant. Meanwhile, Stillson approaches Reverend Purdy to persuade him to keep Johnny in check or he will reveal some damaging information about Purdy's church organization.

Finding Rachel: Part 2

Arrested for the murder of Rachel Caldwell, Johnny seeks the assistance of her sister, Rebecca (who believes that he is guilty) and his friends to prove his innocence and help figure out what really happened to her. Although both Walt and Sarah want to believe Johnny's innocence, they sense another angle to the mystery. Meanwhile, Stillson continues his nefarious quest to be elected congressman of Maine though rigged voting machines. When he hears about Johnny's arrest, he decides that he needs the psychic to help him win, so he fixes things behind the scenes so Johnny will be exonerated.


A mother is devastated as her daughter has disappeared. John's visions of her collide with visions from his own accident nine years ago.

The Cold Hard Truth

A radio talk show host upsets John so much that he enters the radio station to tell him to behave. As it's in vain, John visualizes the radio host fall from a high roof.

Total Awareness

Johnny and a young woman who can "see" numbers are on the run from defense contractor agents out to protect an information gathering program which could mean an end to all privacy.

No Questions Asked

Sarah fears Walt is seeing another woman and asks John to talk to him. He sees Walt hug the widow of a cop that died ten years ago. On top of that Walt has lost his police gun to an ex-convict.

Looking Glass

Two law students fear Johnny's powers are the ultimate invasion of privacy and decide to prove that his visions can be wrong. But Johnny discovers he might have been right after all.

Speak Now

John gets problematic visions about a wedding soon to be.

Cycle of Violence

John visualizes a shooting drama at a local school.


A mysterious tiny sound drive animals so mad that they attack people.


While out fishing with J.J. and Bruce, Johnny must unravel a series of visions he gets. They involve him killing a man in revenge for the upcoming murder of someone that's close to him, who turns out to be Bruce. Johnny must put the pieces of the puzzle together to prevent the murder from happening, and to prevent himself from killing a person and setting on his own dark path.

Tipping Point

In a vision Christopher Wey urges John to make Reverend Purdy tell the truth about Mike Kennedy's death. The following blackout makes John seek advice on brain surgery.

Staffel 4 - Alle Folgen mit Stephen King

Broken Circle

John lies in hospital, where Bruce tells him that he has had an 11 hour long brain surgery, and Rebecca is shot dead by the police. John has lost his visions and despairs.

The Collector

A young homeless girl at a social center where Sarah volunteers has disappeared and John's vision about it makes him contact Walt.

Double Vision

A beautiful woman in a neighbor car at red lights distracts John and he slightly hits a man when they turn green. The man runs away. Touching his car at the hit spot John visualizes the shooting of a man.

Still Life

John and Bruce find a painting of a young woman by a living legend at John's doorstep. As he touches the painting John visualizes her face covered with her blood.

Heroes & Demons

An autistic boy knocks on John's door. He expresses himself mainly with adventurous drawings that he makes inspired by Tolkien. His father has got a death penalty.

The Last Goodbye

A young man takes up his long dead father's legendary rock carrier, but when John touches the father's Fender guitar, he visualizes him selling it 15 years after his 'death'.

Grains of Sand

John tries to save a young mother and her infant from a car in a wild river. He saves the boy but visualizes that he must keep him away from the authorities and find his father.


At a school class reunion John touches his old pupil Alex Conners and visualizes him die in a 'Doomsday' fire.

Babble On

John gets visions about his father and why he was hospitalized.

Coming Home

Sarah's father has moved into a retirement home nearby where many residents fear to have their souls stolen by the shadow man and it's somehow supported by John's visions.


Greg Stillson's girlfriend is missing and he begs John to help him find her.

A Very Dead Zone Christmas

Alex Sinclair überrascht Johnny mit einem Weihnachtsbesuch. Als sie sich zur Begrüßung umarmen, haben beide die gleiche Vision: Ein Mann im Weihnachtsmannkostüm feuert mit einer Pistole auf Johnny. Die beiden finden allerdings keine Erklärung dafür. Bei ihren letzten Einkäufen vor dem Fest entdecken sie einen verwirrten alten Mann, den sie aus ihrer Vision kennen. Sie nehmen ihn mit nach Hause und versuchen, sein Geheimnis zu lüften.

Staffel 5 - Alle Folgen mit Stephen King

Forbidden Fruit

Miranda is going ahead with her marriage to Stilson, for all the wrong reasons, and Johnny begs her to keep the faith that he will find a way out. It's discovered that Stilson's wedding will be televised on Faith Heritage. Meanwhile, someone has leaked information on the nation's most vulnerable terrorist targets; Johnny and Bruce discover it was Janus. The two endeavor to put a stop to the plan, not knowing what the plan really is.

Independence Day

It's July 4, and Bruce and Johnny are headed to Boston for the harbor fireworks. On the way out of town, Johnny foresees Bruce's death in a car accident. Later, the pair are stuck with a few hundred newfound friends on a locked-down stretch of Interstate 95. Johnny's visions begin to foresee a multiple fatality pileup occurring, and tries to stop people from leaving; meanwhile, a dangerous escaped felon is loose somewhere near the highway.


When a young man comes to the Smith house in danger, Johnny uses images of his family's WWII past to save the group.

Articles of Faith

A young Muslim boy is murdered, and the white supremacist son of a new Faith Heritage minister takes credit. While Dana uncovers the minister's own hateful past, Johnny uncovers the details of the murder.

The Inside Man

Eine Vision kündigt Johnny den Diebstahl eines religiösen Kunstwerkes aus der Ausstellung der Faith Heritage an. Um das zu verhindern, schleicht er sich unter die Einbrecher. Doch schon bald wird ihm klar, dass er den Gangstern zur Flucht verhelfen muss, um das Leben anderer Menschen nicht zu gefährden.

Lotto Fever

Nach einem Treffen mit Johnny gewinnt ein Mann eine hohe Summe im Lotto. Doch das Geld bringt diesem nur Ärger ein. Dafür macht der unglückliche Gewinner Johnny verantwortlich und entführt ihn kurzerhand.


What happens when a psychic is attacked and his whole life flashes before his eyes? Would that also include the life of his attacker? And the life of the attacker's innocent victim?


Um ein Kind zu retten, schleicht sich Johnny in eine Sekte ein. Plötzlich zählt jede Sekunde: Johnny hat die Vision einer gewaltigen Explosion. Diese kann er nur aufhalten, indem er eine Konfrontation zwischen dem Sektenführer und dem FBI verhindert.


Eine mysteriöse Frau kommt nach Cleaves Mills und behauptet, die heimgekehrte Tochter von Reverend Purdy zu sein. Doch Johnny ist skeptisch. Dann hat er auch noch die Vorahnung, dass die vorgebliche Tochter Purdy Schaden zufügen wird. Seinen Warnungen will der Geistliche aber keinen Glauben schenken. So beginnt Johnny die Frau zu überwachen und kommt dabei auch der geheimen Vergangenheit Purdys auf die Spur.

Into the Heart of Darkness

Die seit kurzem von Walt schwangere Sarah und JJ befinden sich in der Gewalt eines Entführers. Johnny findet heraus, dass es sich um eine Frau namens Linda handelt, die ihrem Kidnapper von damals verfallen war. Da der Entführer bei der Verfolgung durch Walt und Johnnys ums Leben kam, will sich Linda nun rächen. Zusammen mit Walt macht sich Johnny auf, um seine ehemalige Verlobte zu befreien und der rachsüchtigen Frau Einhalt zu gebieten.

The Hunting Party

Johnny hat bei einem Preisausschreiben einen Computer gewonnen. Als er ihn hochfährt, erhält er eine seltsame E-Mail. Betreff „Der erste Stein ist geworfen“. Wenig später wird bei einer Webcast-Debatte mit dem Vizepräsidenten der USA ein Techniker ermordet. Walt und Johnny inspizieren den Tatort. Durch eine Vision kommt Johnny einem Mann namens Malcolm Janus und einer Gruppe von Verschwörern auf die Spur, die die Ermordung des Vizepräsidenten Danbury plant. So soll Greg Stillson der Aufstieg ins Weiße Haus ermöglicht werden. Johnny setzt alles daran, das Attentat zu verhindern …

Staffel 6 - Alle Folgen mit Stephen King


Johnny views visions of his friends in danger at a festival. He believes he has averted the disaster, but a fire later claims two people - changing Johnny's life and the world's fate.


Cleaves Mills bekommt einen neuen Sheriff: Anna Turner. Johnnys erster Eindruck von ihr ist nicht gerade positiv. Zumal die Gesetzeshüterin ihn darauf hinweist, dass seine Hilfe im Department nicht mehr gebraucht wird. Doch dann sieht Johnny vor seinem inneren Auge Bilder einer Frau, die erschossen wird. Anna Turner glaubt ihm nicht und leitet deshalb auch keine Untersuchungen ein. Johnny muss auf eigene Faust ermitteln.


Sarah und Johnny überreden J.J., gemeinsam die Rede des Vizepräsidenten Stillson zur Weltraumforschung anzuhören. Doch als Johnny dem Politiker die Hand schüttelt, hat er eine entsetzliche Vision: An Bord einer privaten Weltraummission gibt es Probleme, die zu einer Katastrophe führen können. Um der Crew zu helfen, ist der Hellseher gezwungen mit Stillson zusammenzuarbeiten.

Big Top

ohnny stellt fest, dass sich sein Sohn J.J. heimlich auf einen Jahrmarkt geschlichen hat, während er angeblich beim Sporttraining war. Wie sich herausstellt, hat sich J.J. Hals über Kopf in die junge Artistin Monique verliebt. Doch bevor er sich darüber Gedanken machen kann, wird er in einen zehn Jahre zurückliegenden Mordfall verwickelt: In einer Vision sieht er im Spiegelkabinett eine blutüberströmte Frau liegen, über die sich ein tätowierter Farbiger beugt. Wie sich herausstellt, handelt es sich um den taubstummen Duncan, der wegen des angeblichen Mordes an der Frau zehn Jahre lang im Gefängnis saß. Dank seiner Gabe erfährt Johnny, dass das Opfer Duncans große Liebe war, der er nie ein Leid zugefügt hätte. Johnny vermutet, dass Duncan unschuldig im Gefängnis saß, während der wahre Täter immer noch auf freiem Fuß ist. Der Hellseher beschließt, den Verbrecher hinter Schloss und Riegel zu bringen …


Auf einem Golfplatz ereilt Johnny eine bedrückende Vision: Er sieht einen Mann, der offenbar lebendig begraben wurde. In weiteren Visionen gelingt es Johnny, den Ehering, die Uhr und die Handynummer des Mannes zu identifizieren. Widerstrebend wendet sich der Hellseher an Sheriff Anna Turner, die ihm bei der Suche nach dem lebendig Begrabenen helfen soll. Es bleibt jedoch nur wenig Zeit, bis der Mann ersticken wird. Zum Glück gelingt es Johnny, auf dem Polizeirevier einen weiteren Hinweis ausfindig zu machen. Alles deutet darauf hin, dass der Kredithai Jack Deitz etwas mit dem Verbrechen zu tun hat …


Johnny fährt mit dem Zug nach Kanada, um Bruce zu besuchen und ein gemütliches Angelwochenende mit ihm zu verbringen. Am Bahnhof trifft er am Fahrkartenautomaten die junge Maggie, die nach Montreal will. Da sich die beiden sympathisch sind, teilen sie sich schließlich ein Abteil. Dabei sieht Johnny voraus, dass Maggie schließlich aus dem Zug stürzen wird. Natürlich versucht er sofort, sie zu überzeugen, wieder auszusteigen, was ihm jedoch nicht gelingt. Maggie nutzt die Zeit lieber, um sich mit dem Reisenden Philip zu unterhalten – und ihm ein Diamantcollier zu entwenden. Auch Johnny bleibt nicht lange verborgen, dass Maggie eine Kriminelle ist. Sie wird von zwei Männern verfolgt, die offenbar auch dafür verantwortlich sind, dass Maggie schließlich aus dem Zug stürzt. Johnny setzt alles daran, das zu verhindern …


Sarah und Johnny sind auf der Rückfahrt von einem Konzert, als Johnny plötzlich starke Schmerzen und Fieber bekommt. Sarah bringt ihn ins nächste Krankenhaus, wo eine Blinddarmentzündung diagnostiziert wird. Im Fieber spricht Johnny von „Löwen und Blumen“ und davon, dass jemand ihn umbringen wolle. Sarah schreibt diese Behauptungen zunächst Johnnys krankheitsbedingtem Delirium zu. Doch dann wird sie vom Bruder einer Komapatientin angesprochen, der behauptet, einer der Ärzte habe es auf das Leben seiner Schwester abgesehen. Sie erfährt auch die Nachnamen von zwei weiteren Patienten, die in einem ähnlichen Zustand sind: Es handelt sich um Löwe und Blume, von denen Johnny gesprochen hat. Nach dieser Enthüllung ist Sarah davon überzeugt, dass in dem Krankenhaus ein Mörder sein Unwesen treibt. Sie ruft Anna an, um dem Täter das Handwerk zu legen. Unterdessen schwebt der hilflose Johnny in tödlicher Gefahr …


While at the bus station to greet Sara's friend, Johnny has a vision of a mysterious explosion that kills everyone inside, and urgently races to discover the source, and prevent a tragedy.


Sarahs Tochter Hope soll getauft werden. Der dafür eigentlich zuständige Pater Tony wird von Pater Brendan vertreten. Als dieser das Weihwasser über Hopes Kopf gießt, sieht Johnny in einer Vision, wie der Priester sich als Exorzist betätigt. Als Johnny ihn später zur Rede stellt, weist Pater Brendan derartige Praktiken aber weit von sich. Auf der anschließenden Party erscheint unvermittelt ein gewisser Brian und verlangt, zu Pater Tony gebracht zu werden. Der Grund: Brians Frau ist verschwunden, und er glaubt, dass der Priester dafür verantwortlich ist. Von Pater Brendan erfährt Johnny weitere beunruhigende Einzelheiten zu dem Fall. Demnach ist Pater Tony in Brians Frau verliebt und hält sich, nachdem er in blutverschmierter Kleidung aufgewacht ist, für deren Mörder. Johnny sieht in einer Vision, wo die Leiche verscharrt ist, doch die Entlarvung des Mörders erweist sich als schwieriger als gedacht …


Johnny stattet seinem Freund Bruce einen Besuch ab, während dort ein mehrtägiges Pferderennen über die Bühne geht. Bruce Freundin Maria wird in ein Wettverbrechen hineingezogen, da ihr Vater das Rennpferd Drift, einen Siegeskandidaten reitet. Maria wird entführt und die Forderung lautet, dass ihr Vater Drift auf keinen Fall zum Sieg reiten darf, falls er Maria nicht gefährden möchte …


An einer Tankstelle irgendwo in Indiana berührt Johnny eine Postkarte des Restaurants „Pink Spoon“ in Fallsburg – und hat eine Vision: Darin sieht er Alex tot in einem Kofferraum liegen. Johnny ruft sofort Alex an, um sie zu warnen, und fährt auf schnellstem Wege nach Fallsburg. Dort angekommen wird er prompt in einen Auffahrunfall mit George Fitzsimmons verwickelt, bei dem aber niemand ernsthaft zu Schaden kommt. Anschließend begibt sich Johnny ins „Pink Spoon“ und lernt die Besitzerin Wanda kennen. Dummerweise taucht dort auch George auf, der immer noch wegen des Blechschadens erbost ist und eine Schlägerei mit Johnny vom Zaune bricht. Am nächsten Tag gibt es ein böses Erwachen für den Hellseher: In der Nacht wurde George ermordet, und für Sheriff Lambert ist Johnny nach den Ereignissen des Vortages der Hauptverdächtige. Johnny erkennt sofort, dass er seine Unschuld nur beweisen kann, wenn er sich der Verhaftung entzieht. Auf seiner waghalsigen Flucht trifft er auf Alex, die ihm bei der Suche nach dem wahren Täter helfen will …


Sarah packt mit J.J. die Sachen, um bei Johnny auszuziehen. Johnny geht unterdessen zum Polizeirevier, da er wissen möchte, woran Walt zuletzt gearbeitet hat. Hier erfährt er aber nur, dass Sheriff Anna heute ihren freien Tag an. Als er sie deshalb zu Hause aufsucht, findet er ihre Tür unverschlossen vor – und trifft auf ihren Freund Doug aus New York. Da kommt Johnny bei der Suche nach Anna eine Vision zu Hilfe: So erfährt er, dass Anna nach Leo sucht, um ihm noch einige Fragen über Walts Hütte zu stellen. Johnny sieht aber auch voraus, dass Anna dabei erschossen wird. Um das zu verhindern, fährt Johnny zu der Baustelle, auf der Anna sich nach Leo erkundigt hat. Hier erfährt er, dass Leo unerwartet nicht mehr an seinem Arbeitsplatz erschienen ist. Bei Leos Motel gelingt es Johnny schließlich, Anna aufzuspüren. Gemeinsam begeben sie sich zu Leos Motelzimmer und stellen fest, dass es verwüstet wurde. Leo selbst finden sie in einer Kneipe, wo er sich bis zur Besinnungslosigkeit betrunken hat. Als sie ihn zum Auto bringen wollen, stellt sich ihnen ein Unbekannter mit einer Abraham-Lincoln-Maske in den Weg und eröffnet das Feuer …


In einer Vision sieht Johnny seine Eltern, und eine weitere führt ihn schließlich zu Jacinta, der ehemaligen Krankenschwester seines Vaters. Sie weigert sich zunächst, mit Johnny zu reden, nennt ihm aber ein Kloster, wo er weitere Informationen bekommen kann. Bevor sie mehr sagen kann, wird sie von Sonny Elliman, dem Handlanger des skrupellosen Politikers Stillson, erschossen. In dem Kloster trifft Johnny auf Purdy und erfährt, dass der Totenschein seines Vaters gefälscht wurde. Purdy glaubt aber, dass Johnnys Vater später bei einem Feuer ums Leben kam. Johnny beschließt, der Sache gemeinsam, mit Purdy nachzugehen. Es gelingt dem Hellseher, Sonny außer Gefecht zu setzen, der sie in Stillsons Auftrag erschießen soll. Durch einen Geheimgang gelangen sie in eine Kopie von Johnnys Haus und treffen dort auf Johnnys Vater. Auch er konnte Dinge vorhersehen und wurde deshalb von Janus und Stillson für deren Pläne benutzt. Da Johnnys Vater geistig verwirrt ist, hat man ihm einreden können, Stillson sei sein Sohn. Es gelingt Johnny, mit seinem Vater zu reden und so endlich mehr über Stillsons gefährliche Pläne herauszufinden …

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