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Cheers is an American sitcom television series that ran for 11 seasons from 1982 to 1993. It was produced by Charles/Burrows/Charles Productions in association with Paramount Network Television for NBC and created by the team of James Burrows, Glen Charles, and Les Charles. The show is set in a bar named Cheers in Boston, Massachusetts, where a group of locals meet to drink, relax, and socialize. The show's theme song, written and performed by Gary Portnoy, and co-written with Judy Hart Angelo, lent its famous refrain, "Where Everybody Knows Your Name", as the show's tagline.

After premiering on September 30, 1982, it was nearly canceled during its first season when it ranked last in ratings for its premiere. Cheers, however, eventually became a highly rated television show in the United States, earning a top-ten rating during 8 of its 11 seasons, including one season at #1. The show spent most of its run on NBC's Thursday night "Must See TV" lineup. Its widely watched series finale was broadcast on May 20, 1993, and the show's 275 episodes have been successfully syndicated worldwide. Nominated for Outstanding Comedy Series for all eleven of its seasons on the air, it has earned 28 Emmy Awards from a then-record 117 nominations. The character Frasier Crane was featured in his eponymous spin-off show, which later aired up until 2004 and included guest appearances by virtually all of the major and minor Cheers characters.

Philip Perlman - Phil in Cheers
All Cheers Episodes with Philip Perlman

†  April 29, 2015

as Phil

27 Episodes (1986-1993)

from Episode: 4.19 - Dark Imaginings

Born August 15, 1919
in USA

Philip Perlman died April 29, 2015 in Los Angeles, California, USA, passing away at the age of 95

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Dark Imaginings

Sam suffers a hernia while trying to prove that he's not getting too old.

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Little Carla, Happy at Last: Part 1

A week after Carla tells Eddie that she's pregnant with his child, Eddie walks into the bar; Carla feels this could be her lucky day. He indeed does ask her to marry him. She's excited beyond words. She's even more excited in the fact that Eddie tells her that she no longer has to work since he can support them both. They start planning their wedding, but being the two most superstitious people in the world, they have a lot of superstition obstacles to overcome. With all that to consider, they figure they have to marry in exactly eight days, or postpone the wedding until 2042. Sam plans on having a reception for them at the bar, Rebecca initially indignant that Sam suggests doing so without her authorization, until he suggests she invite her unrequited love and boss, Evan Drake, who is a sports fan, to meet famous goalie Eddie. All the plans for the wedding go smoothly enough, until the wedding day, when Carla and Eddie inadvertently break the most superstitious rule of them all: he sees her on their wedding day before the wedding. Carla thinks they're doomed. Although deep down still superstitious, Eddie on the other hand states that superstitions are nonsense and starts tempting all the superstition fates by purposely breaking them, such as breaking a mirror and spilling salt. One by one, bad things, according to Carla, start to happen, but Eddie sees the bright side. Carla learns she's going to have twins; Eddie says they're twice blessed. Carla's son and his wife, Anthony and Annie, come in with the news that Nick's TV shop, where Anthony was working, has gone under, they have no money and thus need to move back in with Carla; Eddie says it is then a good excuse to buy a bigger house with the salary increase he is expecting. Anthony hates the fact of "a new father"; Eddie brushes it off as regular kid behavior, and sees it as a sign of a son who loves his mother. The next bad sign is that Eddie's mother hates Carla on first sight. Mama Lebec thinks Carla is a gold-digging hussy who is trying to trap her son by getting pregnant. Mama Lebec runs off and Eddie follows after her. Eddie comes back, which makes Carla change her mind - she now thinks their impending marriage can withstand anything life has to throw at them. However Eddie has also changed his mind: he calls off the wedding because of Mama.

Little Carla, Happy at Last: Part 2

Eddie and Carla's wedding is off because Mama LeBec doesn't approve of her intended daughter-in-law. Eddie can't go against Mama, and Carla is pissed off at Eddie for not doing so. But the person who seems most upset is Rebecca because it will look badly upon her if Evan Drake, her boss and unrequited love, shows up to a wedding reception with no bride and groom. Sam assures Rebecca he can get the wedding back on track so that the reception will happen, but will do so only on the condition that they lose the uniforms. Rebecca reluctantly agrees. Sam ends up doing a juggling act, maneuvering all the players back into place. Sam convinces Eddie that he loves Carla, and Sam makes Carla forget about being mad at Eddie once she puts on her wedding gown. So the wedding is back on. Now if only they can overcome the backlog now happening at the church as they need to get married by 4:00 for their superstitious planets to be in alignment. The church monsignor does manage to accommodate the wedding - albeit in the church vestibule - but they are pronounced man and wife at 4:01. Despite being married, they feel their life is doomed. At the reception, Eddie is miserable, Carla is miserable. And Rebecca is miserable - and drunk - since Evan Drake got stuck at a meeting and couldn't make it to the reception. For Eddie, the final nail in the coffin for the evening is the news that the Bruins just cut him and they couldn't trade him, so he's now out of a job. Although a bad thing, Carla comes to a slightly different conclusion: Eddie was cut because he was a lousy goalie. So if Eddie being cut wasn't due to superstition, perhaps everything else that happened that day wasn't either. Perhaps it was just life. Carla also realizes that it is unfortunately her life. Regardless, she's now married to a great guy, which does make her happy. But the day's other events also dawn on her: she is now the sole breadwinner of the family and immediately goes back to work, even if it is at her own wedding reception.

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How to Recede in Business

Rebecca is still smarting from Evan Drake's departure to Japan. So instead of men, she focuses her energies on furthering her career - she figures that Evan Drake took all the key players from the company to Japan with him, and thus all those that knew she is a "washout" are now all gone - and buying a Mercedes. But realistically, her defenses are weakened, so when Sam asks her out again, she accepts, albeit without much enthusiasm. Just as Rebecca and Sam are about to go on their first date, Rebecca's new boss, Greg Stone, comes to the bar. Rebecca must has a boss fixation since, for her, it is love at first sight. He bursts her bubble though - he figures the bar did better under Sam's direction, so he is appointing Sam the new manager and fires Rebecca. She's in utter shock. They end up both being miserable, Rebecca for obvious reasons, but Sam because he hates managing a bar in a corporate style. So he begs Mr. Stone to give Rebecca her job back; Mr. Stone agrees, although with some pretty heavy conditions such as a pay cut, going back to school, sharing the office with Sam and waiting tables during busy times. Carla suggests to Sam that he use the fact of getting her job back, minus the conditions, to get Rebecca to bed. The plan is working well for Sam until Rebecca finds out the job conditions. After she walks out on her date with Sam, she is ready to walk out of the bar forever - that is until she finds out her Mercedes has arrived. So it's back to Cheers and the corporate grind for Rebecca.

How to Win Friends and Electrocute Yourself

The Cranes are going on a driving vacation, and Lilith admits to Sam that she doesn't know how to drive and would like him to teach her. He soon regrets saying yes as she becomes an aggressive, maniac driving machine, with Sam taking the brunt of other drivers' wrath against Lilith. Meanwhile, Rebecca gets her photo taken for a newspaper article. However her photo gets misprinted - in the obituary section. Cliff isn't dead but goes on like he might be soon. He is going into the hospital for an appendectomy. He's making a big deal about the life and death nature of the surgery. While in the hospital, he gets no visitors. Everyone at the bar assumes that someone else has gone to visit him. Frasier volunteers only since he has to make rounds at the hospital anyway. When he arrives at Cliff's room, he finds out that Cliff has already been discharged. Frasier makes some disparaging remarks about Cliff which Cliff overhears. Cliff is hurt that no one came to visit, Frasier leveling with him that perhaps it is because of his insensitive and obnoxious personality. Cliff thinks that some fast acting and drastic measures are required to strengthen his so-called friendships, and decides on shock-aversion therapy. Against the advice of the therapist, Dr. McManus, he takes the shock-aversion treatment with him to the bar. Dr. McManus has a remote to shock Cliff every time he makes an insensitive or obnoxious remark, the shocks unbeknownst to everyone else in the bar. Cliff starts out well enough but soon gets shocked every other second, which cause Cliff to grab the remote and chase the therapist out of the bar. The gang is sorry that Cliff felt he had to resort to such measures to feel like he had friends. All is back to normal with their relationships, except for one, who has got a hold of the remote.

Jumping Jerks

Woody, Norm and Cliff come bounding into the bar after a drunken evening of watching The Magnificent Seven, and are feeling all macho. They talk about the lack of danger in everyday life, and crave for such. Another patron in the bar, Bob Speakes, is a skydiving instructor and suggests that they give skydiving a try. The three are all talk and no action, but finally agree to do it after Bob and Carla talk them into it, Carla more like goading them. The next day, the three are up in a plane ready for the jump. They all chicken out, the first men ever in Bob's history of teaching that have ever chickened out. However, the three make a pact that they will say to the gang at the bar that they did it, keeping the story nice and simple: they jumped, the chutes opened, they landed. The two problems are Cliff, who needs to embellish the story to pump up his own so-called extraordinary achievements, and Woody, who has never told a lie in his life. Carla doesn't believe that they did it, until Woody, who is nervous in the lie, says that they did. He manages to convince Carla in the lie. Sam is jealous of the three as he's always wanted to skydive, and talks the three of them into taking him up for a jump. They can't weasel out of it, but especially Woody feels that given another chance, he could do it and the lies he told would no longer be lies. Back up in the plane the following day, the three chicken out once again and the truth comes out that they didn't jump before. But Sam also chickens out, and suggests they continue with the lie. Back at the bar, the guys talk up a storm, and Rebecca suggests that they do one more jump holding a banner advertising Cheers, the act filmed by a camera crew. They all talk her out of the idea until she infers that the macho bravado of the act might be enough for her to go to bed with Sam, which is enough for him to agree. The third time out, the four chicken out again. However at the last minute, Woody, who is feeling guilty about the lies and deceit, decides to jump, which he does with abandon. Sam is buoyed by Woody's action, and he talks Norm into jumping with him. They do it. Cliff, alone in the plane with Bob and Rick the pilot, has no intention of jumping. However Bob has ways of making people jump without them knowing it, and Cliff is out of the plane. After all is said and done, the possible Rebecca liaison with a skydiver: she has a date with Bob, the instructor.

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Breaking in Is Hard to Do

The Cranes have received some devastating news: their one-year old son, Frederick, is intellectually average, the manifestation of which is that he has yet to utter his first word. Lilith thinks that it's because they as parents don't spend enough time with him. Lilith decides that she will be a stay at home Mom. When Lilith uncovers her domestic inabilities, Frasier takes over. But Frasier's idea of care-taking his son is to take him to Cheers and hang out with the guys. Lilith is depressed that she sees Frasier as a better parent than her - that is until she finds that he has spent the day with Frederick at the bar. But Frederick's day at the bar has an unexpected outcome. Still, Lilith sees Frederick's act as success. Meanwhile, Rebecca receives a dirty love letter from Robin, which is making her pine for some physical contact with him. Unfortunately he is not allowed conjugal visits. Carla thinks Rebecca should make her next visit with Robin a conjugal one anyway, Rebecca thinking the usually deserted prison garden the perfect place. However, Rebecca sees that the garden is being used for a barbecue party. Rebecca goes for it anyway, but Robin refuses as it is against prison rules, and he will soon be up for parole and cannot risk getting a black mark on his record. So instead, Rebecca's going to have to be content flirting in front of some construction workers to relieve her sexual frustration.

Bad Neighbor Sam

John Allen Hill, a famous Manhattan restauranteur, has bought Melville's, which Rebecca thinks is going to boost business for Cheers. Hill and Sam's relationship starts off slowly and gets worse and worse. The first spoken threat from Hill is the fact that he actually owns the land on which the bar's pool room and washrooms are situated, implying that he wants Sam to meets all his demands or else. Hill wants a floor mat at the bottom of the interior stairs and wants to use the bar as the restaurant's lounge which includes treating Cheers' staff as Melville's staff. And a consequence of Hill's ownership of Melville's is that the bar is filled with a different yuppie clientèle, who most importantly don't know that Norm's bar stool is only for Norm. But the last straw for Sam is that Hill wants his parking spot back. Although the parking spot is rightfully his, Hill has Sam's beloved Corvette towed after he parks there. Sam and Hill refuse to do business with each other, which leads to Hill bricking off the bar's hallway - the one leading to his washrooms and pool room. Hill will only take down the wall when Sam starts to pay rent. Sam is slowly descending into madness from this situation. Ultimately, Sam loses the battle with Hill and has descended into the bottom of the madness pit. But the final nail in Sam's coffin is that they've taken wagers in the bar of when Sam would reach the bottom of the madness pit: the winner of the $200 jackpot is John Allen Hill. Meanwhile, Woody receives some somewhat suggestive pictures from Kelly in Paris. However, Carla notices a hairy large thumb in one of the photos, meaning the pictures were taken by a man. Woody can't stop thinking about who this man is. Finally Frasier talks Woody into calling Kelly in Paris to clear up the matter. When Woody calls, a man answers the phone - perhaps the man with thumb? Since Woody doesn't understand French, Frasier speaks to the man for Woody. Apparently the man on the phone and the photo taker is an elderly monsignor at the convent where she's staying - or so Frasier tells Woody. In reality, Woody dialed the wrong number and got a Belgian chocolateur instead.


Woody has a starring role in a television commercial for a health drink called Veggie-Boy. Woody is excited before the commercial shoot, during the commercial shoot and after the commercial shoot. It isn't until the commercial starts to air that Woody's excitement turns to horror. In the commercial, Woody explicitly states that he likes it, referring to Veggie-Boy, but he finally tastes it afterward and hates it. This endorsement is a lie from a man who doesn't lie. Woody has no idea how to resolve this dilemma. Despite the fact that Lilith doesn't agree, Frasier suggests to Woody that he try hypnosis. Woody does try it, and it works - Woody ends up liking it. He's now ecstatic, but his euphoria is short-lived. Due to poor sales, the manufacturers have stopped making Veggie-Boy. Woody now loves Veggie-Boy so much, he can't live without it.

Norm and Cliff's Excellent Adventure

Woody has developed a disease: Home-Shopping-Channel-itis. He has just discovered the channel's existence, and can't stop buying stuff from it. He realizes the stuff he is buying is crap, but just can't help himself. Although it doesn't cure his desire, his credit card company helps him out as he is over his credit limit, forcing him to go cold turkey. Meanwhile, Norm and his accomplice Cliff have decided to be puppet masters by putting people in situations they know will cause a conflict. They first start with Rebecca and Carla with a work situation. Their next target is Sam and Frasier. Frasier and Lilith are in the bar for drinks with some work colleagues and Frasier is going to pay with his gold credit card. Norm and Cliff manage to get the credit card number and report the card stolen to the credit card company just before Sam is about to call for authorization for Frasier's purchases at the bar. When Sam calls, the company informs Sam that he can't accept the card because it's been reported stolen. Frasier finds this incredulous since obviously he still had the card and thus would it make sense for himself to report his own "still in his possession" card stolen? Still, Sam cannot accept payment with such and offers to help Frasier out by having the drinks on the house, starting a bar tab for him or even giving him his own credit cards as replacements. Frasier finds these suggestions by Sam insulting. The one thing Sam cannot do is give Frasier his card back as Sam is required to cut up the card and send it back to the credit card company. Sam snips the card in half in front of Frasier's eyes, to which Frasier gasps in horror. Because he sees this act from his so-called friend as being intentionally hurtful and humiliating, Frasier vows to leave Cheers and never come back. For Norm and Cliff, this prank has gone a little farther than they anticipated or wanted. After Frasier has been gone from the bar for a day, Norm and Cliff know that they have to both rectify the act of the credit card issue, but more importantly mend Frasier and Sam's friendship. They obviously can achieve both by telling Frasier and Sam the truth. Norm and Cliff go to Frasier's house meaning to tell him the truth (and hopefully snag a free dinner in the process by arriving during the dinner hour), but once Frasier makes the assumption that Sam wants to apologize, they chicken out and let Frasier believe what he wants to believe, which at least will get Frasier back to the bar. Once Frasier is back at the bar, Norm and Cliff's plan doesn't come to fruition - thanks to Woody - and Norm and Cliff are forced finally to tell Frasier and Sam the truth. Frasier and Sam are equally mad at Norm and Cliff, but they do make up with each other. As retribution for this prank, Sam demands both Norm and Cliff's credit cards, not so that he can cut them up or report them stolen, but rather to give to Woody to feed his need to shop on the Home Shopping Channel.

Crash of the Titans

Carla's eyesight is getting bad and she secretly gets a pair of reading glasses. The guys at the bar start with all the standard "four eyes" jokes, until Carla vows to make their life miserable unless they stop. Cliff continues with the jokes, saying that it's worth whatever revenge Carla has in store. Or is it? Rebecca is still wanting to buy the bar back from Sam, who mocks her in her attempt. She has $25,000 cash that she received from her father to do so, but Sam adamantly refuses to sell. Rebecca has an ally in John Allen Hill, who will sell Rebecca the bar's back-rooms (including the washrooms), which again he owns, for the $25,000. Sam realizes that Rebecca having this control could ruin him, so he tries to outbid her for the property. Hill implies that any little favors by either Sam or Rebecca could sway him in their direction. Sam and Rebecca both will do almost anything for the property, and Hill relishes in the attention he gets from both. Both Sam and Rebecca can do menial tasks for Hill, but only Rebecca has the sexual power over Hill. But will Rebecca sell her body for the bar's back-rooms? Apparently not, much to Hill's dismay. But Sam's hired "twins" will. Ultimately, both Sam and Rebecca are disgusted with their behavior and Hill's manipulation of them. Finally, Rebecca comes up with a plan: they buy the bar's back-rooms jointly for $30,000, with Rebecca's $25,000 and the $5,000 Sam has in the bank. Sam and Rebecca are now partners in business, and have their back-rooms back for good.

Home Malone

Despite Lilith's hesitance, Frasier asks Sam, who agrees, to babysit Frederick, the first time Sam's done so. At the Crane household, Sam and Frederick are having a great time, until Frederick locks himself in the bathroom. Without a bathroom key, Sam decides to climb out the playroom window and climb in through the bathroom window. As soon as Sam's outside, the window shuts behind him and he is locked out of the house. As Sam gets to the locked bathroom window, he sees Frederick inside, Frederick who at that time opens the bathroom door to let himself out. It gets worse for Sam as it starts to rain. While trying to jump to a tree to climb down, Sam falls off the window ledge. After Sam survives the fall and blacks out for a while, he makes his way back into the house with his front door key and finds that Frederick is OK. Just at that time, Frederick once again locks himself in the bathroom. Sam once again climbs out the window, but places a toy underneath the window to keep it propped open. Just then, Frederick comes out of the bathroom and takes the toy from the window, once again locking Sam outside on the window ledge. When Frasier and Lilith arrive home, they find Frederick asleep on the playroom floor. Sam is nowhere in sight. They eventually find him, perched in the tree outside. Sam did his job as he could watch Frederick from sitting in the tree. At the bar, Kelly is working temporarily as a waitress as she needs a work experience to write a school paper. After a while, Rebecca thinks it a good idea for Kelly not to work there as she has caused some disruptions for Woody - including inadvertently starting a bar fight. Carla and Norm stick up for Kelly, wanting her to stay. However, Carla and Norm have ulterior motives as they have both managed to manipulate Kelly at the bar for their own benefit.

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The Norm Who Came to Dinner

Carla, questioning Rebecca's potential parenting skills, bets her $5 that she can't take care of an egg for three days. Despite a rocky start, Rebecca manages to do so. Rebecca wins the bet, but Carla still has the upper hand: she made wagers with everyone in the bar that she could make Rebecca carry around an egg for three days. Carla made $150 in the process. Meanwhile, Norm is doing another paint job for the Cranes, during which Frasier accidentally falls on top of Norm, causing a bruised disk in Norm's back. Because Vera is away and Norm is immobile, Frasier suggests that Norm stay at their house on the couch until Vera returns. Lilith reluctantly agrees. Lilith ends up being at Norm's beck and call, especially getting him one beer after another. Just as Lilith is at the end of her rope, Norm offers his gratitude to her - she can't now kick him out. But there's another problem: Norm can't go to the bar, so the bar comes to Norm. The gang, much to both Norm and Frasier's glee, invade the Crane household and treat it like Cheers. In fact, they stay all night. Lilith finally blows up. But she notices something: Norm is gone. His back was feeling better, so he left to go back to Cheers. Lilith storms out of the house and heads to Cheers to chastise Norm for being rude. Norm apologizes. In a moment of openness, Lilith admits to Norm that she has never been one that made friends easily, to which Norm says she just needs to loosen up a little. Lilith takes Norm's advice to heart, and decides to head home and be the life of the party, Lilith style. Luckily for those at the Crane household, Norm gives them a head's up to clear the house, pronto, before Lilith comes home.

Unplanned Parenthood

Everyone at the bar is questioning Sam and Rebecca's want to have a baby. Some are dismayed that they have decided to take this measure out of wedlock, while others doubt the ultimate parenting skills that either Sam or Rebecca possess, or as is the case may be don't possess. To address the latter, Lilith suggests that Sam and Rebecca should have an evening alone babysitting someone else's child. Without Frederick available for the job, Rebecca decides she and Sam should give themselves the ultimate test: looking after Carla's seven kids (the eldest Anthony, won't be around as he's serving time) for one evening. Carla is all for the idea if only to have an evening away from her unruly mob. But what will Sam and Rebecca think about having a child after this evening is over? Meanwhile, Woody wants his parents to meet Kelly. Since he doesn't have the money for Kelly and him to take a trip back to Hanover, he decides on the next best thing: to make and send to them a videotape of Kelly and himself. Cliff and Frasier volunteer to be director/videotaper, which may prove an obstacle in and of itself in getting the video shot and sent.

Bar Wars V: The Final Judgement

It's Halloween, and the Cranes are arguing about how much of the Halloween tradition, if any, they should expose Frederick to. Another argument going on, one more traditional, is that between the gang at Cheers and the gang at Gary's Olde Towne Tavern - Halloween is a day that bar wars of the prank kind happens. As Sam and the gang decide what to do to Gary and his bar - as Carla states, she wants to be on a winning side of a scam - Gary already hits. But the pranks come to a screeching halt from Gary's side when he comes into Cheers and announces that he wants a truce as he was just diagnosed with extremely high blood pressure. Sam doesn't believe him and continues to plot. Frasier comes up with what he thinks is a brilliant plan: project a 3-D hologram of a scary figure over Gary's bar. Sam goes ahead with this plan, with Carla offering her disembodied head as the scary apparition. Checking how the prank went over, the Cheers gang goes over to Gary's and finds him alone unconscious on the floor. Frasier checks: Gary isn't unconscious but dead. Seeing Gary on the floor, Sam doesn't believe Gary's dead. After the police and coroner confirm Frasier's check, Sam doesn't believe Gary's dead. When one of Gary's bartenders gives Sam one of Gary's prized possessions, Sam doesn't believe Gary's dead. As Gary's funeral is announced, Sam doesn't believe Gary's dead. After Sam sees Gary inside the casket, Sam doesn't believe Gary's dead. And as the casket is buried, Sam doesn't believe Gary's dead. Later, the gang are finally able to convince Sam that Gary really is dead which leads Sam to admit that his immaturity was the cause of Gary's death. Regardless, Carla got her wish that she was on the winning end of a Gary/Sam scam. The winning end, however, is not quite what Sam was envisioning.

Where Have All the Floorboards Gone?

After Frasier suggests that she change her hair style, Lilith does get a new hairdo - an afro - to which Frasier in particular cannot stop laughing. Lilith is hurt by Frasier's reaction. Ultimately, Frasier supports his wife, but needs a little help from Rebecca to do so. Meanwhile, it's Norm's birthday and among his gifts is a Boston Celtics jacket personally delivered by Kevin McHale. Before Kevin leaves the bar, he gets caught up in the typical trivia talk of Norm and Cliff, namely how many bolts there are in the Boston Garden basketball court. Carla warns Kevin of the obsessive power of bar trivia, but she's too late. Kevin is obsessed with knowing the number of bolts, which no one can tell him conclusively. He's up in the middle of the night wondering, but what's worse, his basketball skills plummet as he's busy counting the bolts rather than paying attention to the game. Sam, Norm, Cliff and Woody decide to go the Garden to count the bolts so that Kevin can get back on track. While there, Woody also wonders about the ice surface for the Bruins games, and he lifts up one of the basketball court floorboards. Just then, the guys are forced to take off immediately or else get caught by security. The next game, Kevin is playing well again as Sam told Kevin the number of bolts, albeit a made up number. Despite Kevin's prowess on the court, he faces a mishap when he steps on the floorboard Woody loosened, causing him to crash and leave the game with an ankle injury. That's when the guys confess to Kevin that they were responsible for his injury. Sam also confesses that he didn't know the number of bolts. Finally to get Kevin's life back on track, Kevin and Sam and Norm and Cliff and Woody count the bolts one by one.

Head Over Hill

Cliff has been chosen to re-enact the first postal run cum pony express in Boston. The problem is is that Cliff is scared of horses. During the ride, Cliff goes missing. Apparently, non-rider Cliff has let the horse take him where ever the horse wanted to go and is lost somewhere in the seedy part of the city. Friend Norm goes looking for him. Cliff manages to finish his run, three hours late, but Norm is now missing wandering the seedy part of town. Unlike what Norm did, Cliff leaves Norm out there to fend for himself. Back at the bar, Sam is in his continual battle with upstairs neighbor, John Allen Hill. At the end of his rope, Sam decides to pull out the big guns to get back at Hill by using the meanest, evilest thing to his disposal: Carla. Sam leaves it to Carla's discretion what to do, but Carla only promises to make Hill cry. Later, Carla comes back in a panic. She confides to Lilith and Rebecca that she did the worst thing she possibly could have done: she slept with Hill. Lilith explains to a confused Carla that she and Hill have the classic compulsion/repulsion relationship. Carla is not only confused but she feels that she betrayed Sam, who she can't tell. This news quickly spreads around the bar, ultimately back to Sam. Carla is apologetic, but Sam explodes and Carla storms out. That night, Sam stops by Carla's place to apologize. Carla accepts and apologizes back. Things between the two are back to normal, when who should come out of Carla's bedroom but Hill.

I'm Okay, You're Defective

Everyone isn't loving Norm, but rather trying to gross him out. They're trying to see what gross things they can think of that would be so off-putting as to make him stop drinking beer. It ends up being a near impossible task, until Cliff tells the story of a naked Paul. Paul isn't feeling the love from the guys. He feels left out of the outings of Norm and Cliff. When Cliff and Norm try to make it up to him, they fail miserably due to their selfishness. Sam isn't feeling the love from Rebecca. After six months of trying to have a baby unsuccessfully, Rebecca thinks they should go to a fertility clinic to check themselves out. Sam is squeamish about doing so. Once Rebecca finds out that there is nothing wrong with her, she assumes that Sam's lack of fertility is the problem. Still squeamish, Sam finally does end up going to the clinic for tests. But Sam is still so anxious about the results and bothering Carla so much about it, Carla decides to take matters into her own hands and burns the envelope with the results. Sam is relieved as he is content not to know. And Frasier isn't feeling the love from Lilith. They are preparing their wills and Frasier, squeamish about talking about his mortality, feels Lilith is being too clinical about the life and death of the supposed love of her life. After much complaining, Frasier does complete his will. However, about thirty five years later, when Frasier has passed away and Lilith and Frederick are at the lawyer's for the will reading, the lawyer opens the envelope containing the will and instead reads Sam fertility test - Carla burnt Frasier's will by mistake. By the way, Sam was not infertile.

Don't Shoot... I'm Only the Psychiatrist

It's Elvis' birthday, and Elvis-fanatic Carla believes that he will make his presence known today. By the end of the day, nothing has happened, until she gets a delivery of roses from the King. She rushes off home to await the King's arrival. She will get a visit from a King of a different sort: it was John Allen Hill who sent the roses, and he will go woo Carla donning an Elvis wig. Meanwhile, Sam has some hair problems. He needs a hair cut - in his own mind, it is a need. Tony, his hair stylist, has been in a serious car accident, and is thus unable to cut Sam's hair. Sam is devastated, not for Tony but for himself. Woody offers to cut Sam's hair for him, and although initially reluctant, Sam does let Woody do the job. Joking around, Woody feigns error after error while cutting Sam's hair. However a real issue does arise when Woody drops his gum into Sam's hair and needs to cut it off, causing a gaping hole in Sam's hairline. Sam, needing to wear a hunting cap to cover the mistake, first gives Woody the silent treatment, then vows revenge by doing something to Woody's hair. But then Sam comes to the realization that Woody is his friend and decides not to do anything, but not after giving Woody a shave job: every inch of hair off his body except off the top of his head. Frasier decides to bring yet another one of his therapy groups, namely a low self-esteem group, into the bar to expose them to a real world social situation. They start off slowly, but Norm, Cliff and Paul, with their regular bar chatter, help them out. Ultimately, they all come to a common point of discussion: pompous fool Frasier Crane. Frasier is hurt and storms out, but not before his therapy group, on the advice of Norm, pants Frasier. Frasier is angry at the guys, that is until Norm explains that the therapy group was scared stiff of him and the ribbing was just to make Frasier seem more human to them. The therapy group concurs, saying that Frasier's act of humiliation made them feel special and elevated their own self-esteem. Frasier is back up on his high horse as the self-professed genius. The gang decides that there is only one thing they can do: pants Frasier - again.

My Son, the Father

After getting one of his jokes published in a postal newsletter, Cliff thinks he's the jokemeister of Boston. However, only Lilith appreciates his brand of humor. He wants Rebecca to have a comedy night at Cheers starring himself, but Rebecca suggests he go to a comedy club open mic night instead. He thinks it's a great idea. However the comedy club and the patrons of ultimately don't think so - he bombs. Back at the bar, Sam breaks a tooth on a shell that was in some crab salad from Melville's. Despite the fact that the salad was given free to Woody, Sam vows to sue to get even with his nemesis, John Allen Hill. Beyond that, Sam pickets outside of Melville's, telling his story, or a more fanciful version, to anyone who will listen. Hill admits that Sam's act, however futile, is causing his business harm and thus decides to settle with Sam: $500 and dental costs. Sam agrees. Just then, Hill chomps down on a rock he says he found in a bowl of peanuts at Cheers. Hill knows he's lying and Sam knows he's lying. But when Hill snaps a photograph with Sam holding the rock and the peanut bowl, Sam knows Hill has once again beaten him. Elsewhere in the bar, Carla is proud to announce that second oldest son, Gino, has decided to become a priest. Carla is the proudest she's ever been, not so much for Gino's sake, but for herself. She believes that the parents of priests and nuns have what she calls a "free ticket out of hell" card. In other words, she will go to heaven no matter how evil her life is. She takes this opportunity to be mean to everyone in sight and relishes the act. Later that afternoon, Gino announces that he has changed his mind and wants instead to become a male model. Carla now fears for her eternal soul since she mocked God so blatantly. Only one act can atone for her evil acts of the day: to listen to Cliff refine his comedy routine.

License to Hill

The guys decide to have a poker game in the back room. Woody feigns his country bumpkin background in not knowing how to play poker, but he's hustling them, and ends up winning most of the money, a fact he gloats over the guys. Sam is a bit hesitant to play as he doesn't want to leave Rebecca alone in charge of the bar. Rebecca is offended by this notion, so Sam does join the poker game and leaves Rebecca in charge. Rebecca is invigorated by this challenge. One of her first challenges is that a letter comes back with insufficient postage - it is the bar's liquor license renewal which is now overdue. Rebecca was supposed to send it in two weeks ago. Rebecca doesn't want Sam to know about this blunder, and does whatever she can to manage and run the bar without the license for the day (Carla finds out that they can get the renewal in person tomorrow). Rebecca decides to give away drinks for free, which would not contravene the state's liquor laws. $1,200 later, Rebecca thinks this not the best idea. The next idea is to serve non-alcoholic drinks masquerading as alcoholic drinks. Cliff gets drunk despite not having any alcohol. They manage to make it to the end of the night undetected. Just before closing, the state's liquor inspectors raid the bar. Apparently, John Allen Hill, who could hear all the goings-on in the bar through a vent, called the authorities to close down Cheers. Sam finds out the problem and chastises Rebecca for being so careless as to let the license expire. However, Rebecca proves that no liquor was served, getting the inspectors off the bar's back. But they also determine that it was Sam that put the insufficient postage on the letter. Rebecca ends up getting a little respect until another incident comes crashing down on the bar courtesy of Rebecca.

Take Me Out of the Ball Game

As Lilith is going away for family business, she entrusts Frasier with taking care of her beloved lab rat, Number 17A, or who she coins Whiskers. Frasier brings Whiskers to the bar, and promptly loses him. Frasier hasn't found Whiskers by the time Lilith comes back, so Frasier decides to buy a rat from the pet store and train it to pass it off as Whiskers. Lilith immediately knows the rat is not Whiskers. As Frasier is adamantly vowing that the new rat is Whiskers, the real Whiskers, attracted to the sound of Lilith's voice, suddenly appears on Frasier's shoulder. Lilith might have Whiskers back, but Frasier doesn't have Lilith back, at least in the sexual sense for a couple of weeks. Meanwhile, with the arrival of Mitch Ganzell, an old baseball buddy, Sam decides to follow Mitch's footsteps and try-out for the Red Sox' farm team as a relief pitcher, this despite their respective ages. Miraculously, they both make the farm team. However only Sam makes it to the team as Mitch comes down with a sudden injury (courtesy of Whiskers). Carla decides to visit Sam while he's on the road pitching. Although Sam is pitching well, he admits to Carla that he really hasn't been able to go back, namely to the carousing and pranks of the younger guys. In other words, he hates his new situation. Just as the guys are about to pants Sam, Carla calls them off and allows Sam to leave the team in peace. However Carla decides to stay and join in the fun with the guys.

Rebecca's Lover... Not

Prior to their wedding, Kelly wants to get to know all of Woody's friends. She's been spending quality time with them at the bar. Buying them rounds of beer doesn't hurt her time with them in their eyes. Sam's beloved Corvette has been stolen, after which he starts a support group for people who have had their high performance cars stolen. The group is beneficial to Sam and to the others in the group, but its usefulness becomes moot for Sam when something more beneficial happens. And something beloved returns to Rebecca's life, namely Mark Newberger, her high school boyfriend and her first real love. Rebecca is excited to see Mark again, even more so after the fact as it supports what she thought she would feel: that Mark is and was the one man for her, the one she shouldn't have let get away and the one she won't let get away now that she has this second chance with him. But what is obvious to the rest of the world isn't obvious to Rebecca: Mark's gay. In her oblivion, Rebecca pursues Mark like a banshee with a predictable end result.

Staffel 11 - Alle Folgen mit Philip Perlman

The Beer Is Always Greener

Sam and Rebecca are preparing for the grand reopening of Cheers. One of Rebecca's last tasks is to deal with the telephone repairman, a Lothario called Bernard who mistakenly thinks he's God's gift to women. After Rebecca plainly and directly rebukes his advances, he immediately assumes she's a lesbian, a thought he has about every women - which is most women he meets - who turns him down. In the intervening time, Woody has been on his honeymoon with Kelly, although honeymoon is not quite what they would call it as they fought the entire time regarding their religious differences which they see as a major obstacle in having a meaningful and successful marriage. Woody is Lutheran Church of Missouri Synod whereas Kelly is Lutheran Church of America. The Drs. Crane suggest group counseling, in which Lilith and Frasier highlight their own on the most part successful marriage despite their differing religious backgrounds. But it's Frasier's simple advice to Woody that does the trick - Woody has to give in if he ever wants to see Kelly naked again. Carla has been making ends meet working at a chain bar called Mr. Pubb's. She has hated every minute of her time there, a place where the people are just a little too happy for Carla's taste, a place where she too has been forced to be happy, and a place where she is required to wear a dorky uniform. She is all ready to complete her last shift before heading back to Cheers. Sam sends Cliff and Norm to get Carla, just to make sure she gets back to Cheers in time. At Mr. Pubb's, Cliff and Norm, although finding Carla, are sidetracked by the two hundred different varieties of beer from which to choose, the video arcade, the ten large screen televisions each showing a different game, the free food and the scantily clad young food servers. Carla is also sidetracked when she receives her first Mr. Pubb's paycheck - it's more money than she ever dreamed of for doing waitressing and more money she could ever make at Cheers. Back at Cheers, Sam is concerned that Carla, Norm and Cliff haven't returned, and he sends Paul, Tim and Alan to Mr. Pubb's to retrieve the missing. At Mr. Pubb's, Paul, Tim and Alan befall the same fate as Norm and Cliff. After the reopening starts without Carla, Norm, Cliff, Paul, Tim and Alan, Sam finally goes to Mr. Pubb's himself. After much coercing, Sam convinces the guys to return to Cheers, however he can't convince Carla, who just can't pass up the money offered by Mr. Pubb's. Sam and the guys leave without Carla, but not without their free food. Ultimately Carla does quit her job at Mr. Pubb's and returns to Cheers to work, the reason being a new waitress at Mr. Pubb's who is a clone of Carla's favorite person in the world, one Diane Chambers.

The Magnificent Six

Sam catches Rebecca smoking in the office, a no-no considering that's how the bar burnt down. Sam thinks Rebecca needs professional help and finds the harshest stop smoking program for her. The stop smoking doctor, Dr. Kluger, and Rebecca, have a war of wills. Dr. Kluger has met his match. Meanwhile, Sam hires Henrí on a temporary basis as a bartender while Woody is on his honeymoon. On his first shift, ladies-man Henrí bets Sam that he can get more women's telephone numbers than Sam by midnight. Although initially reluctant to partake in the bet despite pressure from the gang, Sam eventually does take the bet based on the patriotic battle between the US and France. Both Sam and Henrí pull out all the stops and resort to whatever tactic will work to get numbers. However, with the score tied with a couple of minutes left, Sam lets one go due to her vulnerable state. Henrí gets one more number to win the bet. However Sam ultimately wins the battle.

Teaching with the Enemy

Patrons from a closed down bikers' bar start frequenting Cheers, which leads to fights and other problems at Cheers. To deal with these problems, Sam decides to hire Tiny, the former bouncer from that bar. Tiny does stop fights from happening, however he also scares away many of Cheers' regular customers. Sam realizes that Tiny has to go, but Sam and everyone else is scared of Tiny and Sam thus can't fire him. So the gang devise ways to get Tiny to leave on his own. This problem is nothing compared to Frasier's. Lilith just started cheating on Frasier with her colleague, Dr. Louis Pascal. This act she sees as a larger manifestation of problems in their marriage. However she still loves Frasier and Frasier still loves her. He forgives her since he realizes that much of their problems are his fault. He wants Lilith solely to tell Dr. Pascal that she will never see him again, and the two of them can move on and work on their marriage. However when she goes to do so, she instead finds that she may be in love with Dr. Pascal and decides to leave Frasier.

Feelings... Whoa, Whoa, Whoa

Cliff is convinced that his new neighbor is Adolf Hitler. If not for Ma standing up for him, Cliff would be evicted from the building for harassment. But Cliff's still not convinced as to his neighbor's true identity. Meanwhile, Carla and John Allen Hill continue their love-hate relationship. However it has gone to a new level, to a love-hate-heart attack stage. Hill had a heart attack while they were making love. Seemingly indifferent to the heart attack since Hill is just a romp in the hay, Carla eventually breaks down in tears since "her boyfriend" had a heart attack. She suspects that the reason he did have a heart attack is she spurted out the words "I love you" to Hill. She doesn't know what to do since her and Hill's relationship is built on hate. She finally goes to see him in the hospital, and based on events and the fact that Hill is out of commission for eight weeks, they decide to try and move their relationship to the next phase of true boyfriend-girlfriend. After an excruciating thirty second of trying to talk to each others as on a date, they decide that they should return to the original state of their relationship. They need to wait eight weeks, but do they...?

It's Lonely on the Top

Because of Woody's election win, Sam needs another bartender, a job he gives to Carla. To celebrate, Carla, whips up a batch of one of her powerhouse drinks for the guys. The day after, everyone has a hangover. What's worse, Carla has a sneaking suspicion that she took someone home and slept with him, that person she figures being one of the Cheers regulars. She confides in Sam alone, and after he tells her it wasn't him, she panics and they both ponder who it could have been. If it was one of the regulars, that person hasn't said anything yet. So Carla clandestinely questions everyone else there: Frasier, Norm and Woody. It's none of them. Could it be her worst scenario, Cliff? Luckily for her, it isn't him. But she forgot one person, her actual bed partner: Paul. Sam talks Paul into not telling anyone. During the remainder of the day, three revelations come to light. First, Cliff and Norm got tattoos during their drunken spree, both being tattoos each would not want. Second, Carla is not as loose a woman she she likes to portray herself. And third, Sam tells Carla a deep dark secret of his own to make her feel better about her situation: he's balding and wears a toupee. She figures Sam's problem is a hundred times worse than hers, which does indeed make her feel better.

One for the Road

Woody embarks on his new life as City Councillor. Norm embarks on his new life as civil servant as Woody pulled some strings to get Norm an accounting job at City Hall. And Rebecca and Sam embark on their new relationships, but must first go through some turmoil. Don asks Rebecca to marry him, and although she has every intention of saying yes, her regular "I've got to marry a rich man" impulse makes her say no. Both she and Don are devastated. Sam is still feeling depressed about his life and continues to go to group therapy. What's worse in his state of mind, he sees Diane on television winning an ACE Cable Award; he makes the decision to get in touch with her. He invites her and her husband to stop by the bar on their next visit to Boston. He tells her that he is happily married only because he knows she is lying about being married herself. Sam, thinking that Diane will never show, is surprised when she does come back to Cheers with her husband Reed in tow. Sam, needing to dig up a wife, enlists the aid of a depressed and disheveled Rebecca. While the foursome lunch at Melville's, Don comes back for Rebecca, who can now say yes to his marriage proposal, and Reed's gay partner Kevin comes to retrieve Reed, leaving Diane and Sam alone in aftermath of their lies discovered. They both discover that their individual lives are in shambles and quickly decide that they belong together, should get married and live in California. They get no support from the gang at the bar, especially in Sam's decision to desert Cheers. When Sam and Diane are on the plane ready to take off to California, little voices tell each of them that perhaps this is not the right move. They may be doing this solely not to end up alone. So Diane goes back to California alone, and Sam goes back to the bar, where the gang helps him commiserate over a box of Cuban cigars. At the end of the evening, Norm sums up why Sam didn't go: "You can never be unfaithful to your one true love". Cheers.

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