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1982 - 1993

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275 Episodes in 11 Seasons


Cheers is an American sitcom television series that ran for 11 seasons from 1982 to 1993. It was produced by Charles/Burrows/Charles Productions in association with Paramount Network Television for NBC and created by the team of James Burrows, Glen Charles, and Les Charles. The show is set in a bar named Cheers in Boston, Massachusetts, where a group of locals meet to drink, relax, and socialize. The show's theme song, written and performed by Gary Portnoy, and co-written with Judy Hart Angelo, lent its famous refrain, "Where Everybody Knows Your Name", as the show's tagline.

After premiering on September 30, 1982, it was nearly canceled during its first season when it ranked last in ratings for its premiere. Cheers, however, eventually became a highly rated television show in the United States, earning a top-ten rating during 8 of its 11 seasons, including one season at #1. The show spent most of its run on NBC's Thursday night "Must See TV" lineup. Its widely watched series finale was broadcast on May 20, 1993, and the show's 275 episodes have been successfully syndicated worldwide. Nominated for Outstanding Comedy Series for all eleven of its seasons on the air, it has earned 28 Emmy Awards from a then-record 117 nominations. The character Frasier Crane was featured in his eponymous spin-off show, which later aired up until 2004 and included guest appearances by virtually all of the major and minor Cheers characters.

Jackie Swanson - Kelly Gaines in Cheers
All Cheers Episodes with Jackie Swanson


as Kelly Gaines

24 Episodes (1989-1993)

from Episode: 7.13 - Golden Boyd

Born June 25, 1963
in Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA

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Kelly Gaines

Golden Boyd

Rebecca is asked once again by one of the corporate bigwigs to organize a party. This time, Vice-President Walter Gaines wants her to throw a luncheon at his house as a European homecoming for his daughter Kelly. Rebecca drags along Sam and Woody to tend bar at the get together. Sam has a great time as he figures out the way to a good tip is to tell an 'ex-famous-pitcher now doing menial labor' hard luck story. Woody doesn't have as good a time as he butts heads with Kelly's boyfriend Nash, he and Nash taking an instant dislike to each other. It goes as far as them making a date for a fight at Cheers the following day. It can't really be called a fight as Nash decks Woody with one swift, quick blow. Kelly finds out about the fight and comes to the bar, although she's too late to stop it. Sam and Carla and finally Woody think that Woody dating Kelly would be a good way to get back at Nash. He goes about it the old fashioned way by asking Mr. Gaines for his permission. Although Mr. Gaines admires Woody's old fashioned approach, he basically laughs at Woody for his presumption. But to Woody's surprise, Kelly, who's opinion is the one who really counts, decides to go out with Woody as she feels unappreciated by Nash. Kelly and Woody end up having a nice date, at an event unfamiliar to Kelly: a monster truck pull. Nash finds out about the date, and he isn't mad as he understands Kelly only did it to make a point. Kelly and Nash make up - or so everyone thinks. Kelly comes back to Woody saying that she had more fun with Woody than she ever did with Nash. Woody has a whole new unrefined life left to show her.

Kelly Gaines

I Kid You Not

Ludlow is Carla's son, fathered by Frasier's mentor, Dr. Bennett Ludlow. Ludlow has some of his father in him: he's an intellectual and enjoys cultural things in life, like the opera and classical music, unlike Carla's other children. Frasier and Lilith want to take Ludlow to the opera, both because they want to help Ludlow further his interest in the arts, but also to find out if they are parent material as they're thinking about having children of their own. Ludlow is enamored with the opera and Frasier and Lilith are equally as enamored with Ludlow and want to do more cultural things with him. Carla feels like she's losing him to another social class. After a week of Frasier and Lilith doing everything with Ludlow, Carla puts her foot down when they want to take him out to the most exclusive restaurant in town, if only because she wants some time with her own son. But Carla gives in yet again. However Sam talks Frasier and Lilith into asking Carla along as well. At dinner, the Cranes ultimately see another side of Ludlow - after all, Ludlow is only six years old and does have some of Carla's genes as well. The dinner goes so poorly for Frasier and Lilith, Frasier reconsiders his initial thought of wanting to be a father. Despite that statement, Lilith has news: she's pregnant. The Cranes are elated about their situation. With others in the bar, Woody is going to his first country club dinner with Kelly, and wants to drive there instead of taking the bus like he and Kelly usually do. Carless, he asks Sam, the man who lives for his Vette, if he can borrow his car. Initially Sam laughs in his face for even asking, but Woody somehow manages to talk Sam into it. But Kelly and Woody are going to end up with a chaperone for the evening. In actuality, Sam's Vette is going to have it's owner not let it out of his sight.

The Gift of the Woodi

Rebecca, self professed as "too darn beautiful", and is looking to Lilith as her new role model in getting ahead in the business world. However what works for Lilith works for Lilith: corporate offers her the job that Rebecca wants. Woody is getting closer to corporate as well as he dates Mr Gaines' daughter, Kelly. It's Kelly's birthday and Mr. Gaines invites Woody to her party. The gang at the bar thinks he's doing it just to put Woody in a bad light in Kelly's eyes as Woody can't afford to buy Kelly an expensive gift to which she's accustomed. In fact, she does get one expensive new car after another as birthday gifts. Frasier suggests a gift from the heart. As such, Woody writes a love song and sings it for Kelly. As much as Kelly likes the song, she is still wondering where her present is. As much as he loves Kelly, he thinks this may be the end of their relationship. He tries to match her other gifts by buying her an inexpensive piece of jewelry, something that he can't really afford. He finally gets through to her that he is poor and that an Automated Teller Machine is not an infinite source of money. True love comes through. But love is a two-way street: Kelly was going to buy Woody a Porsche for his birthday, but now...

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Two Girls for Every Boyd

When Sam comes into work with a day's facial hair growth, he, Cliff, Norm and Frasier decide to have a $20 per person 1-month beard growing contest, judged by Carla and Rebecca on length, body, fullness, luster, sheen, bounce and the ever important beer absorption ability. The day before the end of the contest, Sam, Norm and Frasier's beards are looking full and lush, while Cliff's is still straggly. The day of the judging, Cliff miraculously comes in with a full beard, which he attributes the the Clavin genes of sporadic but quick hair growth. Carla thinks he's lying and has a glued on beard but a hard tug at his beard proves that it is real. After the judging, Cliff is deemed the winner. However, unbeknownst to anyone, Cliff's beard is fake which he affixed with a super strength but damaging to skin adhesive. Meanwhile, Woody is offered his first leading role at his theater group, that of the young lover George Gibbs in Thornton Wilder's Our Town. He is excited about doing the part but doesn't tell Kelly as he doesn't want her to know that he has a romantic scene with an actress, even though it's just make believe. However the scene isn't very romantic as there is no such chemistry between Woody and Emily, his leading lady. The fault is all Woody's as he feels like he is cheating on Kelly. Lee Bradken, the director, tells Emily that she has to coax a performance from Woody or else he is going to have to fire him. So Emily uses all her feminine wiles to seduce Woody, only to have their scenes be real. Woody construes Emily's come-ons as being real which makes his performance even less real in deference to his love for Kelly. Emily tells Woody the come-on was a fake purely to stir some emotions from inside him. Finally Emily takes matters into her own hands and gives Woody a passionate kiss, which Kelly witnesses. Kelly finds out that Woody has lied to her about being in a play, and is angry since she feels he doesn't trust her. Woody and Kelly clear the air. But nothing that Emily has done has evoked an emotionally charged performance from Woody. That all changes when Emily tells him that Lee is going to fire him unless he can tell her he loves her. In Woody's mind, fear is the key to great acting.

Kelly Gaines

Woody or Won't He

Woody is meeting Kelly's mother, Roxanne Gaines, for the first time. Roxanne and Kelly's father, Walter, have been divorced for years, hence the reason why Woody has yet to meet her. He figures she's his last opportunity for someone in Kelly's family actually to like him. She does like him, a little too much as displayed by the her tongue down his throat and the game of footsie she plays with him under the dinner table. At a dinner part at the Gaines household, Woody blurts out in front of all the dinner guests that he wants her to stop hitting on him. He thinks that act will ruin his relationship with Kelly. Contrary, Kelly believes that Woody has misinterpreted Roxanne's actions. Roxanne says as much to Kelly. But in a note Roxanne has written to Woddy, her true "tongue down his throat" and "footsie" intentions are made even more crystal clear. Meanwhile, one of Lily's restaurants in Texas is closing down and is moving it's unliquidatable inventory to its other properties. Cheers is the lucky recipient of a mechanical bull. Carla goads Cliff into riding the bull. He straps himself in and has the guys put it on the highest setting. The bull is bucking so hard, Cliff can't get off and no one can get close enough to shut it off. After getting expert advice, they find they can't shut off the power as it will cause the bull to stop immediately, which could injure Cliff. Finally the fire department lays down mattress pads against the wall so that when the bull stops, Cliff will be thrown safely against the pads. However Carla reads that he only has another five hours on the bull to break the world record. Cliff, rather than be world record holder, wants off. The rest of the bar want him to break the record and leave him strapped on.

Kelly Gaines


Norm is chosen the bar's designated driver for the evening. As such, it starts off to be the worst evening of Norm's life, that is until he's driven everyone else home and at the end of the night is left alone in the bar with an uncontrolled beer tap. Meanwhile, Mr. Gaines is sending Kelly to study in Europe for a year in an effort to break-up Kelly and Woody's relationship. Woody decides to give Kelly a promise ring before she leaves. She initially accepts it, but gives it back after she and Woody get into an argument about her father's motives. Distraught, Woody decides to rush off to the Gaines household and with Sam's help - solely to hold the ladder - to elope with Kelly. Eventually finding Kelly's window and Kelly in her room - with her over 1,000 Barbie dolls - Woody not only makes up with Kelly but also convinces her to elope with him. But while hiding in Kelly's closet, Woody overhears a heartfelt discussion between Mr. Gaines and his Kelly-Belle aka his former "toe-headed butterball", which includes a promise to allow Woody and Kelly to be together if that's what she so chooses after she returns from Europe. After that, Woody calls off the elopement since he can't take Kelly away from Mr. Gaines after that talk. But they do decide to get secretly engaged. Woody's next challenge is how to get out of the bedroom. He is left hanging by the windowpane as Sam has gone off with the ladder to rendezvous with one of the Gaines' chambermaids to eat popcorn and watch Ghost Busters (1984).

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Kelly Gaines

Woody Interruptus

Kelly has returned from France, and with her is Henrí, a Lothario of a Frenchman who is out to steal Kelly away from Woody. Including Woody, everyone is aware of Henrí's intentions, everyone that is except for Kelly. Kelly, in her naiveté, thinks that Henrí's overt attempts to steal her away from Woody are all in jest. Woody finally threatens Henrí, which Kelly thinks rude, impolite and immature on Woody's part. Sam thinks that Henrí might actually be able to steal Kelly away since Woody and Kelly have yet to consummate their relationship. Woody decides to do it, taking Kelly to a seedy motel as "Mr. and Mrs. Malone". They're both really nervous. Before they do it, Carla comes storming into their room. As the voice of reason, she tells them that they're having sex for all the wrong reasons. Woody and Kelly decide to wait, not until they're married but until Woody can afford to get a room at the Four Seasons (which probably would be after when they'd get married anyway). But Carla has ulterior motives as she wanted a motel room for herself and her new conquest, Henrí.

Kelly Gaines

Home Malone

Despite Lilith's hesitance, Frasier asks Sam, who agrees, to babysit Frederick, the first time Sam's done so. At the Crane household, Sam and Frederick are having a great time, until Frederick locks himself in the bathroom. Without a bathroom key, Sam decides to climb out the playroom window and climb in through the bathroom window. As soon as Sam's outside, the window shuts behind him and he is locked out of the house. As Sam gets to the locked bathroom window, he sees Frederick inside, Frederick who at that time opens the bathroom door to let himself out. It gets worse for Sam as it starts to rain. While trying to jump to a tree to climb down, Sam falls off the window ledge. After Sam survives the fall and blacks out for a while, he makes his way back into the house with his front door key and finds that Frederick is OK. Just at that time, Frederick once again locks himself in the bathroom. Sam once again climbs out the window, but places a toy underneath the window to keep it propped open. Just then, Frederick comes out of the bathroom and takes the toy from the window, once again locking Sam outside on the window ledge. When Frasier and Lilith arrive home, they find Frederick asleep on the playroom floor. Sam is nowhere in sight. They eventually find him, perched in the tree outside. Sam did his job as he could watch Frederick from sitting in the tree. At the bar, Kelly is working temporarily as a waitress as she needs a work experience to write a school paper. After a while, Rebecca thinks it a good idea for Kelly not to work there as she has caused some disruptions for Woody - including inadvertently starting a bar fight. Carla and Norm stick up for Kelly, wanting her to stay. However, Carla and Norm have ulterior motives as they have both managed to manipulate Kelly at the bar for their own benefit.

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Unplanned Parenthood

Everyone at the bar is questioning Sam and Rebecca's want to have a baby. Some are dismayed that they have decided to take this measure out of wedlock, while others doubt the ultimate parenting skills that either Sam or Rebecca possess, or as is the case may be don't possess. To address the latter, Lilith suggests that Sam and Rebecca should have an evening alone babysitting someone else's child. Without Frederick available for the job, Rebecca decides she and Sam should give themselves the ultimate test: looking after Carla's seven kids (the eldest Anthony, won't be around as he's serving time) for one evening. Carla is all for the idea if only to have an evening away from her unruly mob. But what will Sam and Rebecca think about having a child after this evening is over? Meanwhile, Woody wants his parents to meet Kelly. Since he doesn't have the money for Kelly and him to take a trip back to Hanover, he decides on the next best thing: to make and send to them a videotape of Kelly and himself. Cliff and Frasier volunteer to be director/videotaper, which may prove an obstacle in and of itself in getting the video shot and sent.

A Fine French Whine

Frasier has a massive headache, and no matter what he does, it won't go away. For Frasier, Lilith suggests he take an extreme measure: acupuncture. He initially won't do it, until he sees the beautiful Dr. Lee. During the session, Lilith is concerned hearing Frasier's moaning, and asks Sam to investigate. Sam is mesmerized by the work of the beautiful Dr. Lee, but it's not what Lilith is expecting: Frasier looks like a pincushion with several hundred needles sticking out of his body. What will go away if the US government and Woody have their way is Henrí, whose Visa has run out. Henrí mentions that a way he could stay is to marry a US citizen, an idea on which Kelly picks up, with her being the bride. Woody doesn't like the idea. Woody and Kelly have an argument over it, which pushes Kelly into marrying Henrí. Sam and Woody rush down to City Hall to stop the wedding. Although what Woody says doesn't directly convince Kelly not to go through with it, Kelly's admission to the Justice of the Peace that the wedding is a scam does stop the wedding. Further, Woody guesses that the deportation letter was also a scam written by Henrí himself, which Henrí admits is the truth. Finally, Woody does what he should have a long time ago: he proposes to Kelly, and she gladly and lovingly accepts.

No Rest for the Woody

The bar's furnace is on the fritz, so Rebecca calls the furnace company to fix the problem. While she's got them on the phone, she has to crawl in through the vent in the wall - usually covered by a grate - to get some information. Carla uses this opportunity to put the grate back into place and leave Rebecca locked in the vent in the wall. Later, Paul tells Rebecca that she can get back at Carla by throwing her purse in the vent, so that Carla will have to climb in and retrieve it. Rebecca does so, but it happens to be her own purse, so she has to climb back in and retrieve it. Carla paid Paul to do it, and Carla once again locks Rebecca in the vent in the wall. With other official bar business, Sam offers the bar employees a medical plan. Each employee must take a blood test. Carla refuses as she's scared of needles. Frasier uses his psychiatric skills to get Carla under the needle. Meanwhile, Woody and Kelly are having their official engagement party, at which Woody will meet for the first time Grandmother Gaines, who has a reputation for being tough as nails. Equally as troublesome for Woody is that he cannot afford Kelly's engagement ring and is forced to work a second job at a graveyard to pay for it. The second job takes its toll on Woody as he's not getting any sleep and is further exhausted by selling his blood. This day is particularly bad as he further took his employee blood test at the bar, and had a tough night at the graveyard with the difficult burial of Mrs. Jane Vanderhoeven, whose casket kept on popping open. What's worse is that he forgot that the Gaines' moved the day of the party up one day to today. Woody's in no real shape to go, but he has no choice. At the party, Woody is still a little woozy, but he has to meet Grandmother Gaines. Woody is totally freaked when he meets Grandmother Gaines: he swears that she is the supposedly deceased Mrs. Jane Vanderhoeven, the woman he buried last night. Grandmother Gaines wants to have a private talk with Woody, for which he is obviously frightened. At the end of their short talk, Grandmother Gaines states that Woody tried to bury her the previous evening. Woody's darkest nightmare has come true. In reality, Grandmother Gaines, in an effort to catch Woody in his true light but to also play a joke on him, pretended to be the deceased Mrs. Jane Vanderhoeven the night before at the graveyard. Woody is mad and really wants to kill Grandmother, but Grandmother really likes Woody, likes his grit and honesty, and gives her blessing to Kelly and Woody on a happy marriage.

Rich Man, Wood Man

Frasier has decided that he needs to get in shape. Rather than go with his original plan of hiring a personal trainer, Frasier takes Sam up on his offer to train him for free. After one hellish day of training for Frasier where Sam just sits and watches and eats donuts, Frasier has had enough and will do whatever he needs to to keep Sam away. Meanwhile, Woody has just returned from an all expenses paid trip to London with Kelly, paid for by the Gaines family. Woody has returned a changed man: pompous and affected by the English ways. After everyone in the bar gets mad at him, Woody makes a Freudian slip and calls himself Woody Gaines. He then realizes that he has indeed changed because of this trip and his access to the Gaines family money. He thinks perhaps it wouldn't be a good idea to marry Kelly and her money. Kelly is heartbroken when Woody tells her, and she turns to the only person around for support: an uncomfortable Norm. Norm suggest she try living like Woody, an example being to travel via the subway. This task may be difficult since she doesn't even know what the subway is. The next day, Woody has a change of heart when he hears that Kelly is exposing herself to the underbelly of life, and is concerned about her safety when he hears about her subway experiment. While Woody goes searching for her, Kelly bounds into the bar with tales of her new exciting adventures on the subway. Woody returns with a slightly less successful subway trip: he got mugged. Woody and Kelly come to an understanding about their married life: Kelly will live off her income, and Woody will live off his.

Rebecca's Lover... Not

Prior to their wedding, Kelly wants to get to know all of Woody's friends. She's been spending quality time with them at the bar. Buying them rounds of beer doesn't hurt her time with them in their eyes. Sam's beloved Corvette has been stolen, after which he starts a support group for people who have had their high performance cars stolen. The group is beneficial to Sam and to the others in the group, but its usefulness becomes moot for Sam when something more beneficial happens. And something beloved returns to Rebecca's life, namely Mark Newberger, her high school boyfriend and her first real love. Rebecca is excited to see Mark again, even more so after the fact as it supports what she thought she would feel: that Mark is and was the one man for her, the one she shouldn't have let get away and the one she won't let get away now that she has this second chance with him. But what is obvious to the rest of the world isn't obvious to Rebecca: Mark's gay. In her oblivion, Rebecca pursues Mark like a banshee with a predictable end result.

An Old-Fashioned Wedding

Hilarious return to form in the penultimate season finale. Except for the teaser, a photo session in the bar where we learn Woody and Kelly finally consummated their relationship the night before their wedding, the entire episode takes place in the kitchen of the Gaines mansion. The family has recruited Sam and crew to provide liquor and bartending services at the wedding, and as we'd expect, everything goes wrong. Woody is randy for Kelly, while the rest of the gang learns Mr. Gaines would gladly have Woody killed if he learned Woody and Kelly had premarital relations; Kelly tears her dress, and it's seamstress Cliff to the rescue; and the minister has a heart attack and dies in the kitchen, leading the gang to try and keep the dead body hidden in the dumbwaiter and to recruit a last-minute replacement, a completely wasted member of the Gaines family who we learn, after the gang sobers him up, that he hates weddings, leading them to re-inebriate him. And outside the kitchen in the courtyard, the family Dobermans attack everyone who tries to walk past.

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The Little Match Girl

Rebecca is in a reflective mood after Woody and Kelly's wedding. Rebecca vows to change her life. Her symbol of change is stubbing out the cigarette she is smoking, the last cigarette she will ever smoke. After that act, she dumps the cigarette filled ashtray into the wastebasket in the bar office. The next day, Sam, called in by the fire department, arrives at the bar half burnt down. Hysterical, Sam really wants to believe this fire is just another gag by Gary, but the reality of the matter sinks in. Once he realizes that he has insurance to cover the damages, Sam settles into the mindset of rebuilding the bar, but he still wonders what caused the fire. The fire marshal tells Rebecca that the cause was a smoldering cigarette in the wastebasket in the office. Rebecca knows that she once again was the cause of this major screw-up. Others devastated by the fire are Norm, whose "home" is damaged, and Cliff, who had a bagful of undelivered mail stashed behind the bar, which is now burned to a crisp. Sam is also again devastated. After Rebecca lies to Sam telling him the cause of the fire was faulty wiring (which Sam is kicking himself for not fixing, although meaning to do so for years), he finds out that his insurance deductible is $25,000, money he doesn't have. Trying to get a loan, Sam is turned down by every bank in town. He has to resort to Plan B: cashing in his baseball pension, maxing out his credit cards, moving into a cheaper rent apartment, and selling his beloved Corvette. Hearing this news and Sam blaming himself for the fire, Rebecca, in tears, finally tells him the truth about the fire. Sam is angry, calling Rebecca stupid and useless, and kicks her out of the bar for good. Later, Rebecca comes back to the bar to find Sam there alone. She has come solely to give Sam her life savings to rebuild the bar, which she figures she owes him. However she never wants to see him or step foot in the bar ever again as he said some things purposely to hurt her. He says one more thing to her: "Do you want your job back?" In tears, she accepts as that is really what she wanted more than anything in this point in her life. After apologies, Sam, answering Rebecca's question, tells her that he remembers back to when he had nothing after his boat sank and she took him back in. But he also reiterates that they are now even!

The Beer Is Always Greener

Sam and Rebecca are preparing for the grand reopening of Cheers. One of Rebecca's last tasks is to deal with the telephone repairman, a Lothario called Bernard who mistakenly thinks he's God's gift to women. After Rebecca plainly and directly rebukes his advances, he immediately assumes she's a lesbian, a thought he has about every women - which is most women he meets - who turns him down. In the intervening time, Woody has been on his honeymoon with Kelly, although honeymoon is not quite what they would call it as they fought the entire time regarding their religious differences which they see as a major obstacle in having a meaningful and successful marriage. Woody is Lutheran Church of Missouri Synod whereas Kelly is Lutheran Church of America. The Drs. Crane suggest group counseling, in which Lilith and Frasier highlight their own on the most part successful marriage despite their differing religious backgrounds. But it's Frasier's simple advice to Woody that does the trick - Woody has to give in if he ever wants to see Kelly naked again. Carla has been making ends meet working at a chain bar called Mr. Pubb's. She has hated every minute of her time there, a place where the people are just a little too happy for Carla's taste, a place where she too has been forced to be happy, and a place where she is required to wear a dorky uniform. She is all ready to complete her last shift before heading back to Cheers. Sam sends Cliff and Norm to get Carla, just to make sure she gets back to Cheers in time. At Mr. Pubb's, Cliff and Norm, although finding Carla, are sidetracked by the two hundred different varieties of beer from which to choose, the video arcade, the ten large screen televisions each showing a different game, the free food and the scantily clad young food servers. Carla is also sidetracked when she receives her first Mr. Pubb's paycheck - it's more money than she ever dreamed of for doing waitressing and more money she could ever make at Cheers. Back at Cheers, Sam is concerned that Carla, Norm and Cliff haven't returned, and he sends Paul, Tim and Alan to Mr. Pubb's to retrieve the missing. At Mr. Pubb's, Paul, Tim and Alan befall the same fate as Norm and Cliff. After the reopening starts without Carla, Norm, Cliff, Paul, Tim and Alan, Sam finally goes to Mr. Pubb's himself. After much coercing, Sam convinces the guys to return to Cheers, however he can't convince Carla, who just can't pass up the money offered by Mr. Pubb's. Sam and the guys leave without Carla, but not without their free food. Ultimately Carla does quit her job at Mr. Pubb's and returns to Cheers to work, the reason being a new waitress at Mr. Pubb's who is a clone of Carla's favorite person in the world, one Diane Chambers.

Ill-Gotten Gaines

It's Thanksgiving, and all the orphaned regulars of the bar have decided to have dinner together at Cheers. These include a recently separated Frasier and his son Frederick, Carla and three of her fatherless kids (Lucinda, Jesse and Elvis), a Vera-less for the holidays and somewhat confused Norm with his barco-lounger, a Ma-less for the holidays Cliff, host and hostess Sam and Rebecca, and for a short but unexpected time John Allen Hill, whose kitchen, silverware, plates and candlesticks the gang are using. One not there is Woody, who is having dinner with the Gaines family. Mr. Gaines recently made Woody sign a power of attorney document, and Sam thinks that the Gaines family is taking advantage of naive Woody. Sam suggests to Woody that he stand up to Mr. Gaines, to say that he's disappointed in him, that he should be ashamed of himself, and that he should give Woody the respect he deserves. Woody does so, but not before Woody walks in on Mr. Gaines having an affair with his sister-in-law, Katherine. With Woody's speech, Mr. Gaines thinks Woody is blackmailing him. So Mr. Gaines goes along with everything Woody wants, which in addition to tearing up the power of attorney document, includes chumming around together doing Woody's favorite, as Mr. Gaines calls them, "lower middle class" activities. However Woody saw nothing between Mr. Gaines and Katherine, but Mr. Gaines blurts out the truth in front of Woody. Rather than the expected consequence, Woody doesn't want to blackmail Mr. Gaines, but rather no longer wants to chum around with him, a man he doesn't respect. Mr. Gaines is more than relieved, but he's not quite out of the woods just yet.

Feelings... Whoa, Whoa, Whoa

Cliff is convinced that his new neighbor is Adolf Hitler. If not for Ma standing up for him, Cliff would be evicted from the building for harassment. But Cliff's still not convinced as to his neighbor's true identity. Meanwhile, Carla and John Allen Hill continue their love-hate relationship. However it has gone to a new level, to a love-hate-heart attack stage. Hill had a heart attack while they were making love. Seemingly indifferent to the heart attack since Hill is just a romp in the hay, Carla eventually breaks down in tears since "her boyfriend" had a heart attack. She suspects that the reason he did have a heart attack is she spurted out the words "I love you" to Hill. She doesn't know what to do since her and Hill's relationship is built on hate. She finally goes to see him in the hospital, and based on events and the fact that Hill is out of commission for eight weeks, they decide to try and move their relationship to the next phase of true boyfriend-girlfriend. After an excruciating thirty second of trying to talk to each others as on a date, they decide that they should return to the original state of their relationship. They need to wait eight weeks, but do they...?

Daddy's Little Middle-Aged Girl

Woody and Kelly argue once again about the difference in their monetary status. Kelly wants to live in a house purchased by her father. Woody, not wanting any Gaines money, wants them to live in his old apartment. They compromise: they will live in Woody's apartment with all of Kelly's furniture. Amazingly, all of Kelly's furniture does fit, but there is no room for anything else, except a very squished Kelly. Woody gives in. Meanwhile, Rebecca's father, Navy Captain Franklin E. Howe, comes to Boston for a visit. A tough as nails man and father, he demands that Rebecca, who has screwed up her life in Boston, move back to San Diego into her old room at their house. Apparently, he has controlled her her entire life, including provision of an allowance. After an initial temper tantrum, Rebecca agrees and goes back to her apartment to pack. While Rebecca's gone, Captain Howe confides to the gang that he was using reverse psychology. He expects his daughter will stand up to him, and decide to live her life on her own terms, without an allowance. However Rebecca returns to the bar, luggage in hand, ready to go back to San Diego. Captain Howe's plan, which he admits to his daughter, didn't work. As Rebecca is whiny about being unable to make it on her own, Captain Howe agrees to increase her allowance so that she won't return to San Diego with him. He returns to San Diego alone, whereas Rebecca and her mother are now richer - the two concocted this plan to extort more money from Captain Howe.

Loathe and Marriage

Serafina, Carla's daughter, announces that she is pregnant and wants to marry the father, a retired police officer living off disability who she loves. After discussing the issue, Carla gives Serafina her her blessing and her financial support for the wedding. With her connection to Hill, Carla manages to arrange for the ceremony at Melville's - she's afraid of the bad wedding karma history at Cheers - and the reception at Cheers. Unexpected wedding guests are Nick and Loretta. Carla does not want Nick there and refuses to proceed until Nick leaves. However Serafina wants him there since he's her father and he completes the picture of her father walking her down the aisle. Carla gives in. The wedding goes off without a hitch, but following, Nick and Loretta whisk off out of town as quickly as they came.

Woody Gets an Election

When City Councillor Kevin Fogarty comes to Cheers on his re-election campaign spouting a whole lot of political nothings that nonetheless woos the crowd, Frasier bets the gang that he can even get a trained monkey on the ballot and garner 10% of the vote. Without a trained monkey in sight, Frasier chooses Woody as a good surrogate. Frasier does indeed get enough signatures to get Woody on the ballot. Woody helps his own political cause when Holly Matheson, a local reporter covering the City Hall beat, mistakes Woody farm talk as an analogy for the problems of City politics. In an early poll, Woody garners 8% popular support, enough for the gang to concede defeat to Frasier. However, when Fogarty is caught in a public drunkenness spree, the gang figures that Woody can actually win the election and go full force on his campaign. Frasier takes this on as his own personal mission, that is until he has a nightmare of Woody as career politician in the White House inciting a nuclear war. He talks Woody into withdrawing his name from the ballot. Woody, listening to who he believes is the sage Dr. Crane, agrees and makes the announcement on the televised debate. His announcement however has the exact opposite effect. Woody breaks down in tears in an honest outpouring of emotion, and the emotions keep flowing when Kelly, also on air, tells Woody that she's pregnant. Fogarty knows that he's lost the election. Everyone's happy about Woody's victory except Fogarty and Frasier, who still dreams about a Woody incited World War 3.

It's Lonely on the Top

Because of Woody's election win, Sam needs another bartender, a job he gives to Carla. To celebrate, Carla, whips up a batch of one of her powerhouse drinks for the guys. The day after, everyone has a hangover. What's worse, Carla has a sneaking suspicion that she took someone home and slept with him, that person she figures being one of the Cheers regulars. She confides in Sam alone, and after he tells her it wasn't him, she panics and they both ponder who it could have been. If it was one of the regulars, that person hasn't said anything yet. So Carla clandestinely questions everyone else there: Frasier, Norm and Woody. It's none of them. Could it be her worst scenario, Cliff? Luckily for her, it isn't him. But she forgot one person, her actual bed partner: Paul. Sam talks Paul into not telling anyone. During the remainder of the day, three revelations come to light. First, Cliff and Norm got tattoos during their drunken spree, both being tattoos each would not want. Second, Carla is not as loose a woman she she likes to portray herself. And third, Sam tells Carla a deep dark secret of his own to make her feel better about her situation: he's balding and wears a toupee. She figures Sam's problem is a hundred times worse than hers, which does indeed make her feel better.

Rebecca Gaines, Rebecca Loses

Rebecca is having her rich man obsession again, the object of her affection being Mr. Gaines. Although she has never really had any interest in him before, their shared knowledge of classical music - for her, it's more of a loathing due to her forced classical music upbringing - brings them together. He invites her over to his house for an evening a classical music; she construes this date as the start of their love, while he thinks it's Rebecca working as a classical music loving bartender for the evening. When Sam clears the misunderstanding with Mr. Gaines, it's too late: Rebecca is drunk. Mr. Gaines invites her to listen to the music as her date but her drunken behavior gets her thrown out from the Gaines mansion. Later at the bar, a sober Rebecca is ashamed not only about her drunkenness, but her running after rich men solely for their money. She swears never to run after rich men again. Just then, Mr. Gaines comes by the bar, apologizes for the situation since he realizes that it was the result of his actions. He asks Rebecca out on a date, and she, true to her word, declines. However it will take the might of many men from stopping her from running after Mr. Gaines. Meanwhile, Cliff and Ma Clavin are feuding. By Cliff's words, the tone of his voice, his actions and absence of any trace of Ma when Carla, Norm and Paul break into his apartment, the threesome are convinced that he has murdered her. In actuality, he has placed her in a retirement home and is having remorse about it. He finally decides to get Ma out of the home. When he arrives there, he finds that Ma is having the time of her life. He also finds that her insurance won't cover the entire cost of her stay, so Cliff drags Ma out of there kicking and screaming.

One for the Road

Woody embarks on his new life as City Councillor. Norm embarks on his new life as civil servant as Woody pulled some strings to get Norm an accounting job at City Hall. And Rebecca and Sam embark on their new relationships, but must first go through some turmoil. Don asks Rebecca to marry him, and although she has every intention of saying yes, her regular "I've got to marry a rich man" impulse makes her say no. Both she and Don are devastated. Sam is still feeling depressed about his life and continues to go to group therapy. What's worse in his state of mind, he sees Diane on television winning an ACE Cable Award; he makes the decision to get in touch with her. He invites her and her husband to stop by the bar on their next visit to Boston. He tells her that he is happily married only because he knows she is lying about being married herself. Sam, thinking that Diane will never show, is surprised when she does come back to Cheers with her husband Reed in tow. Sam, needing to dig up a wife, enlists the aid of a depressed and disheveled Rebecca. While the foursome lunch at Melville's, Don comes back for Rebecca, who can now say yes to his marriage proposal, and Reed's gay partner Kevin comes to retrieve Reed, leaving Diane and Sam alone in aftermath of their lies discovered. They both discover that their individual lives are in shambles and quickly decide that they belong together, should get married and live in California. They get no support from the gang at the bar, especially in Sam's decision to desert Cheers. When Sam and Diane are on the plane ready to take off to California, little voices tell each of them that perhaps this is not the right move. They may be doing this solely not to end up alone. So Diane goes back to California alone, and Sam goes back to the bar, where the gang helps him commiserate over a box of Cuban cigars. At the end of the evening, Norm sums up why Sam didn't go: "You can never be unfaithful to your one true love". Cheers.

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