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1982 - 1993

Number of episodes:
275 Episodes in 11 Seasons

Cheers is an American sitcom television series that ran for 11 seasons from 1982 to 1993. It was produced by Charles/Burrows/Charles Productions in association with Paramount Network Television for NBC and created by the team of James Burrows, Glen Charles, and Les Charles. The show is set in a bar named Cheers in Boston, Massachusetts, where a group of locals meet to drink, relax, and socialize. The show's theme song, written and performed by Gary Portnoy, and co-written with Judy Hart Angelo, lent its famous refrain, "Where Everybody Knows Your Name", as the show's tagline.

After premiering on September 30, 1982, it was nearly canceled during its first season when it ranked last in ratings for its premiere. Cheers, however, eventually became a highly rated television show in the United States, earning a top-ten rating during 8 of its 11 seasons, including one season at #1. The show spent most of its run on NBC's Thursday night "Must See TV" lineup. Its widely watched series finale was broadcast on May 20, 1993, and the show's 275 episodes have been successfully syndicated worldwide. Nominated for Outstanding Comedy Series for all eleven of its seasons on the air, it has earned 28 Emmy Awards from a then-record 117 nominations. The character Frasier Crane was featured in his eponymous spin-off show, which later aired up until 2004 and included guest appearances by virtually all of the major and minor Cheers characters.

Keene Curtis - John Allen Hill in Cheers
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†  October 13, 2002

as John Allen Hill

15 Episodes (1990-1993)

from Episode: 9.08 - Bad Neighbor Sam

Birth Name:
Keene Holbrook Curtis

Born February 15, 1923
in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA

Keene Curtis died October 13, 2002 in Bountiful, Utah, USA , passing away at the age of 79

Staffel 9 - Alle Folgen mit Keene Curtis

John Allen Hill

Bad Neighbor Sam

John Allen Hill, a famous Manhattan restauranteur, has bought Melville's, which Rebecca thinks is going to boost business for Cheers. Hill and Sam's relationship starts off slowly and gets worse and worse. The first spoken threat from Hill is the fact that he actually owns the land on which the bar's pool room and washrooms are situated, implying that he wants Sam to meets all his demands or else. Hill wants a floor mat at the bottom of the interior stairs and wants to use the bar as the restaurant's lounge which includes treating Cheers' staff as Melville's staff. And a consequence of Hill's ownership of Melville's is that the bar is filled with a different yuppie clientèle, who most importantly don't know that Norm's bar stool is only for Norm. But the last straw for Sam is that Hill wants his parking spot back. Although the parking spot is rightfully his, Hill has Sam's beloved Corvette towed after he parks there. Sam and Hill refuse to do business with each other, which leads to Hill bricking off the bar's hallway - the one leading to his washrooms and pool room. Hill will only take down the wall when Sam starts to pay rent. Sam is slowly descending into madness from this situation. Ultimately, Sam loses the battle with Hill and has descended into the bottom of the madness pit. But the final nail in Sam's coffin is that they've taken wagers in the bar of when Sam would reach the bottom of the madness pit: the winner of the $200 jackpot is John Allen Hill. Meanwhile, Woody receives some somewhat suggestive pictures from Kelly in Paris. However, Carla notices a hairy large thumb in one of the photos, meaning the pictures were taken by a man. Woody can't stop thinking about who this man is. Finally Frasier talks Woody into calling Kelly in Paris to clear up the matter. When Woody calls, a man answers the phone - perhaps the man with thumb? Since Woody doesn't understand French, Frasier speaks to the man for Woody. Apparently the man on the phone and the photo taker is an elderly monsignor at the convent where she's staying - or so Frasier tells Woody. In reality, Woody dialed the wrong number and got a Belgian chocolateur instead.

John Allen Hill

Honor Thy Mother

Woody, without authorization from Sam or Rebecca, has placed a free drink coupon into a coupon book. Rebecca and Sam hate the idea as it will only attract a gaggle of freeloaders into the bar. What's worse, John Allen Hill buys a round of drinks for everyone in the bar - solely using coupons. The bar's troubles are nothing compared to Carla's. Carla's mother, Mama Lozupone, has had the "death" dream. She and Carla are currently on the outs since Carla has not stuck to family tradition that has been handed down for generations. The tradition is that every female in the family has named one of her sons with the given name of her father and the maiden name of her mother. In Carla's case, that name would be Benito Mussolini. Carla refuses to name one of her kids after a fascist dictator, even if it would make her Mama happy before she dies. But she has a change of heart, thinking about herself and if her kids didn't do something she wanted while on her deathbed. She asks all of her kids if anyone would be willing to change their name, and Gino comes forward. Even then, Carla refuses to let him do it, that is until Mama Lozupone takes a turn for the worse. Once Carla swears to her dead mother that she will rename Gino, Benito Mussolini, Mama miraculously awakes from the dead. She didn't really have the death dream, and the rest of the family was in on the ruse. Carla and Mama are at each other's throats. Sam sides with Carla, telling Mama Lozupone that in this instance, she is treating Carla unfairly and is therefore a bad mother. This insult, especially in the fact that it was said in the Lozupone household, strengthens the bond of the Lozupone family, including Carla, against Sam. The Lozupones all make up and live happily ever after. Sam's fate?: he gets locked in the Murphy bed. Another Lozupone tradition: you cross Mama, you spend the night in the wall.

John Allen Hill

Achilles Hill

Sam is continuing his battle with upstairs neighbor and the landlord of his pool room and washrooms, John Allen Hill. Sam really feels like he needs to do something to really bug Hill. Just then, Sam meets Hills' daughter, Valerie. Sam is not exactly the type of man she usually goes out with, nor is she Sam's type, but he asks her out solely to get under Hill's skin. Valerie and Sam have dinner at Melville's. Sam starts to make the moves on Valerie, this in plain view of Hill. Hill initially feigns disinterest, but ultimately breaks down in tears, telling Sam that he'll give Sam anything if Sam stops seeing Valerie. From this, Sam gets his pool room and washrooms rent free, and he gets his parking space back. Immediately Sam drops Valerie, right in the middle of dinner. Valerie takes Sam rebuke graciously. But immediately after that, Sam decides he wants Valerie back. Rebecca thinks it's only because he can't have her. Sam is determined, and asks Valerie to go away for the weekend with him, and she's not to let her father know. Just as they are ready to head off, Hill discovers what's going on. But he tells Valerie that he will give her his blessing if Sam is the man that she wants. Sam thinks Hill just said that so that Valerie would no longer seem the forbidden fruit. But Hill must know his daughter as it is she that no longer sees Sam as the forbidden fruit, and immediately she breaks up with him. And since Sam broke his agreement, Hill is again charging rent and doubling the amount.

John Allen Hill

Crash of the Titans

Carla's eyesight is getting bad and she secretly gets a pair of reading glasses. The guys at the bar start with all the standard "four eyes" jokes, until Carla vows to make their life miserable unless they stop. Cliff continues with the jokes, saying that it's worth whatever revenge Carla has in store. Or is it? Rebecca is still wanting to buy the bar back from Sam, who mocks her in her attempt. She has $25,000 cash that she received from her father to do so, but Sam adamantly refuses to sell. Rebecca has an ally in John Allen Hill, who will sell Rebecca the bar's back-rooms (including the washrooms), which again he owns, for the $25,000. Sam realizes that Rebecca having this control could ruin him, so he tries to outbid her for the property. Hill implies that any little favors by either Sam or Rebecca could sway him in their direction. Sam and Rebecca both will do almost anything for the property, and Hill relishes in the attention he gets from both. Both Sam and Rebecca can do menial tasks for Hill, but only Rebecca has the sexual power over Hill. But will Rebecca sell her body for the bar's back-rooms? Apparently not, much to Hill's dismay. But Sam's hired "twins" will. Ultimately, both Sam and Rebecca are disgusted with their behavior and Hill's manipulation of them. Finally, Rebecca comes up with a plan: they buy the bar's back-rooms jointly for $30,000, with Rebecca's $25,000 and the $5,000 Sam has in the bank. Sam and Rebecca are now partners in business, and have their back-rooms back for good.

John Allen Hill

It's a Wonderful Wife

It Frasier's birthday, and since he's never had a birthday party, the gang at the bar go all out and throw him one. However they make him do all the work. Lilith is trying to figure out what to get, and has decided on professional photographs of herself done for him. Hiring Woody's nemesis HenrĂ­, Lilith doesn't quite know what kind of photos to take - composed and formal or seductive. She compromises and strikes a professionally seductive pose: herself lounging on a bear-skin rug wearing her business suit. This being Lilith, one would not be too sure if she is being totally serious with this photo or pulling Frasier's leg. Luckily for Frasier, it is a gag photo. The real photos are seductive ones, and are more than what Frasier would want for his birthday. But she also gives him the real thing, which takes him away from his party. It's definitely not Norm's birthday as Vera has lost her job. What's worse, Rebecca gets Vera a job as a hat check girl at Melville's. She has invaded Norm's sanctuary. She tells stories about Norm, ones that he would rather have not known, like the fact that his real first name is Hilary. Finally he's had enough. Since he's such a nervous wreck while she's upstairs from the bar, he decides to leave Cheers for good, that is until something unexpected happens to Vera: she's fired. Despite the fact that she was fired because she was continually spying on Norm through a knot hole in Melville's floor/Cheers' ceiling rather than doing her job, Norm sticks up for his wife against Hill. He really does love his wife. But he still loves her more when she's not in the vicinity of Cheers.

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John Allen Hill

Head Over Hill

Cliff has been chosen to re-enact the first postal run cum pony express in Boston. The problem is is that Cliff is scared of horses. During the ride, Cliff goes missing. Apparently, non-rider Cliff has let the horse take him where ever the horse wanted to go and is lost somewhere in the seedy part of the city. Friend Norm goes looking for him. Cliff manages to finish his run, three hours late, but Norm is now missing wandering the seedy part of town. Unlike what Norm did, Cliff leaves Norm out there to fend for himself. Back at the bar, Sam is in his continual battle with upstairs neighbor, John Allen Hill. At the end of his rope, Sam decides to pull out the big guns to get back at Hill by using the meanest, evilest thing to his disposal: Carla. Sam leaves it to Carla's discretion what to do, but Carla only promises to make Hill cry. Later, Carla comes back in a panic. She confides to Lilith and Rebecca that she did the worst thing she possibly could have done: she slept with Hill. Lilith explains to a confused Carla that she and Hill have the classic compulsion/repulsion relationship. Carla is not only confused but she feels that she betrayed Sam, who she can't tell. This news quickly spreads around the bar, ultimately back to Sam. Carla is apologetic, but Sam explodes and Carla storms out. That night, Sam stops by Carla's place to apologize. Carla accepts and apologizes back. Things between the two are back to normal, when who should come out of Carla's bedroom but Hill.

Don't Shoot... I'm Only the Psychiatrist

It's Elvis' birthday, and Elvis-fanatic Carla believes that he will make his presence known today. By the end of the day, nothing has happened, until she gets a delivery of roses from the King. She rushes off home to await the King's arrival. She will get a visit from a King of a different sort: it was John Allen Hill who sent the roses, and he will go woo Carla donning an Elvis wig. Meanwhile, Sam has some hair problems. He needs a hair cut - in his own mind, it is a need. Tony, his hair stylist, has been in a serious car accident, and is thus unable to cut Sam's hair. Sam is devastated, not for Tony but for himself. Woody offers to cut Sam's hair for him, and although initially reluctant, Sam does let Woody do the job. Joking around, Woody feigns error after error while cutting Sam's hair. However a real issue does arise when Woody drops his gum into Sam's hair and needs to cut it off, causing a gaping hole in Sam's hairline. Sam, needing to wear a hunting cap to cover the mistake, first gives Woody the silent treatment, then vows revenge by doing something to Woody's hair. But then Sam comes to the realization that Woody is his friend and decides not to do anything, but not after giving Woody a shave job: every inch of hair off his body except off the top of his head. Frasier decides to bring yet another one of his therapy groups, namely a low self-esteem group, into the bar to expose them to a real world social situation. They start off slowly, but Norm, Cliff and Paul, with their regular bar chatter, help them out. Ultimately, they all come to a common point of discussion: pompous fool Frasier Crane. Frasier is hurt and storms out, but not before his therapy group, on the advice of Norm, pants Frasier. Frasier is angry at the guys, that is until Norm explains that the therapy group was scared stiff of him and the ribbing was just to make Frasier seem more human to them. The therapy group concurs, saying that Frasier's act of humiliation made them feel special and elevated their own self-esteem. Frasier is back up on his high horse as the self-professed genius. The gang decides that there is only one thing they can do: pants Frasier - again.

John Allen Hill

My Son, the Father

After getting one of his jokes published in a postal newsletter, Cliff thinks he's the jokemeister of Boston. However, only Lilith appreciates his brand of humor. He wants Rebecca to have a comedy night at Cheers starring himself, but Rebecca suggests he go to a comedy club open mic night instead. He thinks it's a great idea. However the comedy club and the patrons of ultimately don't think so - he bombs. Back at the bar, Sam breaks a tooth on a shell that was in some crab salad from Melville's. Despite the fact that the salad was given free to Woody, Sam vows to sue to get even with his nemesis, John Allen Hill. Beyond that, Sam pickets outside of Melville's, telling his story, or a more fanciful version, to anyone who will listen. Hill admits that Sam's act, however futile, is causing his business harm and thus decides to settle with Sam: $500 and dental costs. Sam agrees. Just then, Hill chomps down on a rock he says he found in a bowl of peanuts at Cheers. Hill knows he's lying and Sam knows he's lying. But when Hill snaps a photograph with Sam holding the rock and the peanut bowl, Sam knows Hill has once again beaten him. Elsewhere in the bar, Carla is proud to announce that second oldest son, Gino, has decided to become a priest. Carla is the proudest she's ever been, not so much for Gino's sake, but for herself. She believes that the parents of priests and nuns have what she calls a "free ticket out of hell" card. In other words, she will go to heaven no matter how evil her life is. She takes this opportunity to be mean to everyone in sight and relishes the act. Later that afternoon, Gino announces that he has changed his mind and wants instead to become a male model. Carla now fears for her eternal soul since she mocked God so blatantly. Only one act can atone for her evil acts of the day: to listen to Cliff refine his comedy routine.

John Allen Hill

License to Hill

The guys decide to have a poker game in the back room. Woody feigns his country bumpkin background in not knowing how to play poker, but he's hustling them, and ends up winning most of the money, a fact he gloats over the guys. Sam is a bit hesitant to play as he doesn't want to leave Rebecca alone in charge of the bar. Rebecca is offended by this notion, so Sam does join the poker game and leaves Rebecca in charge. Rebecca is invigorated by this challenge. One of her first challenges is that a letter comes back with insufficient postage - it is the bar's liquor license renewal which is now overdue. Rebecca was supposed to send it in two weeks ago. Rebecca doesn't want Sam to know about this blunder, and does whatever she can to manage and run the bar without the license for the day (Carla finds out that they can get the renewal in person tomorrow). Rebecca decides to give away drinks for free, which would not contravene the state's liquor laws. $1,200 later, Rebecca thinks this not the best idea. The next idea is to serve non-alcoholic drinks masquerading as alcoholic drinks. Cliff gets drunk despite not having any alcohol. They manage to make it to the end of the night undetected. Just before closing, the state's liquor inspectors raid the bar. Apparently, John Allen Hill, who could hear all the goings-on in the bar through a vent, called the authorities to close down Cheers. Sam finds out the problem and chastises Rebecca for being so careless as to let the license expire. However, Rebecca proves that no liquor was served, getting the inspectors off the bar's back. But they also determine that it was Sam that put the insufficient postage on the letter. Rebecca ends up getting a little respect until another incident comes crashing down on the bar courtesy of Rebecca.

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John Allen Hill

The Little Match Girl

Rebecca is in a reflective mood after Woody and Kelly's wedding. Rebecca vows to change her life. Her symbol of change is stubbing out the cigarette she is smoking, the last cigarette she will ever smoke. After that act, she dumps the cigarette filled ashtray into the wastebasket in the bar office. The next day, Sam, called in by the fire department, arrives at the bar half burnt down. Hysterical, Sam really wants to believe this fire is just another gag by Gary, but the reality of the matter sinks in. Once he realizes that he has insurance to cover the damages, Sam settles into the mindset of rebuilding the bar, but he still wonders what caused the fire. The fire marshal tells Rebecca that the cause was a smoldering cigarette in the wastebasket in the office. Rebecca knows that she once again was the cause of this major screw-up. Others devastated by the fire are Norm, whose "home" is damaged, and Cliff, who had a bagful of undelivered mail stashed behind the bar, which is now burned to a crisp. Sam is also again devastated. After Rebecca lies to Sam telling him the cause of the fire was faulty wiring (which Sam is kicking himself for not fixing, although meaning to do so for years), he finds out that his insurance deductible is $25,000, money he doesn't have. Trying to get a loan, Sam is turned down by every bank in town. He has to resort to Plan B: cashing in his baseball pension, maxing out his credit cards, moving into a cheaper rent apartment, and selling his beloved Corvette. Hearing this news and Sam blaming himself for the fire, Rebecca, in tears, finally tells him the truth about the fire. Sam is angry, calling Rebecca stupid and useless, and kicks her out of the bar for good. Later, Rebecca comes back to the bar to find Sam there alone. She has come solely to give Sam her life savings to rebuild the bar, which she figures she owes him. However she never wants to see him or step foot in the bar ever again as he said some things purposely to hurt her. He says one more thing to her: "Do you want your job back?" In tears, she accepts as that is really what she wanted more than anything in this point in her life. After apologies, Sam, answering Rebecca's question, tells her that he remembers back to when he had nothing after his boat sank and she took him back in. But he also reiterates that they are now even!

John Allen Hill

Ill-Gotten Gaines

It's Thanksgiving, and all the orphaned regulars of the bar have decided to have dinner together at Cheers. These include a recently separated Frasier and his son Frederick, Carla and three of her fatherless kids (Lucinda, Jesse and Elvis), a Vera-less for the holidays and somewhat confused Norm with his barco-lounger, a Ma-less for the holidays Cliff, host and hostess Sam and Rebecca, and for a short but unexpected time John Allen Hill, whose kitchen, silverware, plates and candlesticks the gang are using. One not there is Woody, who is having dinner with the Gaines family. Mr. Gaines recently made Woody sign a power of attorney document, and Sam thinks that the Gaines family is taking advantage of naive Woody. Sam suggests to Woody that he stand up to Mr. Gaines, to say that he's disappointed in him, that he should be ashamed of himself, and that he should give Woody the respect he deserves. Woody does so, but not before Woody walks in on Mr. Gaines having an affair with his sister-in-law, Katherine. With Woody's speech, Mr. Gaines thinks Woody is blackmailing him. So Mr. Gaines goes along with everything Woody wants, which in addition to tearing up the power of attorney document, includes chumming around together doing Woody's favorite, as Mr. Gaines calls them, "lower middle class" activities. However Woody saw nothing between Mr. Gaines and Katherine, but Mr. Gaines blurts out the truth in front of Woody. Rather than the expected consequence, Woody doesn't want to blackmail Mr. Gaines, but rather no longer wants to chum around with him, a man he doesn't respect. Mr. Gaines is more than relieved, but he's not quite out of the woods just yet.

Feelings... Whoa, Whoa, Whoa

Cliff is convinced that his new neighbor is Adolf Hitler. If not for Ma standing up for him, Cliff would be evicted from the building for harassment. But Cliff's still not convinced as to his neighbor's true identity. Meanwhile, Carla and John Allen Hill continue their love-hate relationship. However it has gone to a new level, to a love-hate-heart attack stage. Hill had a heart attack while they were making love. Seemingly indifferent to the heart attack since Hill is just a romp in the hay, Carla eventually breaks down in tears since "her boyfriend" had a heart attack. She suspects that the reason he did have a heart attack is she spurted out the words "I love you" to Hill. She doesn't know what to do since her and Hill's relationship is built on hate. She finally goes to see him in the hospital, and based on events and the fact that Hill is out of commission for eight weeks, they decide to try and move their relationship to the next phase of true boyfriend-girlfriend. After an excruciating thirty second of trying to talk to each others as on a date, they decide that they should return to the original state of their relationship. They need to wait eight weeks, but do they...?

John Allen Hill

Loathe and Marriage

Serafina, Carla's daughter, announces that she is pregnant and wants to marry the father, a retired police officer living off disability who she loves. After discussing the issue, Carla gives Serafina her her blessing and her financial support for the wedding. With her connection to Hill, Carla manages to arrange for the ceremony at Melville's - she's afraid of the bad wedding karma history at Cheers - and the reception at Cheers. Unexpected wedding guests are Nick and Loretta. Carla does not want Nick there and refuses to proceed until Nick leaves. However Serafina wants him there since he's her father and he completes the picture of her father walking her down the aisle. Carla gives in. The wedding goes off without a hitch, but following, Nick and Loretta whisk off out of town as quickly as they came.

The Bar Manager, the Shrink, His Wife and Her Lover

It was Lilith that walked in on Frasier and Rebecca as they were about to make love for the first time. All three are shocked at their situation and Lilith, the most confused, runs off to Cheers to get some answers from Sam as to what's been going on with her husband. Sam and the gang at the bar are as equally shocked by Lilith's news as Lilith was to see it. Rebecca realizes that her moment with Frasier has passed forever and steps aside. However it's not quite as simple for Frasier, who refuses to take Lilith back as easily as she wants. There is still the issue of the Dear John letter she wrote him. Apparently the letter was written by Dr. Pascal in an attempt to solidify his relationship with Lilith. Dr. Pascal, brandishing a loaded gun, storms into the bar looking for Lilith, and threatens to shoot anyone who stands in his way of achieving this goal. Lilith realized that she not only didn't love Dr. Pascal, but that he is crazy, brought on by claustrophobia from their time in the eco-pod. Eventually Lilith talks Dr. Pascal into handing over the gun. Although their hostage ordeal is over, Frasier still won't take Lilith back, that is until he and the rest of the gang fall under the spell of Lilith's sobbing.

John Allen Hill

Look Before You Sleep

Since Sam's apartment is being fumigated after a sleepless night for him killing silverfish, Rebecca offers her pull-out sofa to him as a place to sleep. With some snide remarks about her love life, Sam declines her offer since he has a place to sleep with Julie, one of his stewardess bimbos. However Julie comes by the bar to tell Sam that their plans are off since she has a change in work schedule due to a Shiner's convention in Boston in turn resulting in extra flights in and out of Boston. After Julie leaves, Sam promptly locks himself out of the bar, not only without keys but also without his wallet and therefore without money and thus nowhere to sleep. Feeling he can't turn to Rebecca, he first tries to find a pay phone to call Carla to borrow her bar keys, but the only pay phone in sight is occupied by a non-stop talking Shriner. Sam manages to make his way to Carla's. The keys that Sam locked in the bar were her keys, since he lent his keys to Woody who lost both his and Sam's keys. Carla offers Sam a place to sleep, however Hill's also there and Sam couldn't imagine staying in the same house with Carla and Hill doing it. Next Sam tries a hotel where a friend works. His friend is no longer working there and there are no hotel rooms in Boston due to the convention. Next Sam tries Norm. Norm is going to let Sam sleep on the couch, Norm's usual sleeping spot. But when Norm goes into his bedroom to a sex-deprived Vera, Norm can't handle the thought of sleeping with his wife and kicks Sam off the couch and out of the house. Next Sam tries Frasier. Frasier is more than willing and gives Sam the guest room, however Frederick is having an all night temper tantrum which Sam cannot handle in his sleep deprived state. Next, and by now very desperate, Sam tries Cliff. Sam is forced to sleep with Cliff on his pull out sofa. Cliff and Ma Clavin's bickering is bad enough, but Sam can't get over Cliff's non-stop talking in his sleep. Finally Sam gives up and goes to Rebecca's, Rebecca who has been waiting for him for three hours since both Carla and Norm called her to tell her what was up with Sam. However Rebecca being Rebecca, the night for her and Sam does not end up what she had planned.

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