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275 Episodes in 11 Seasons

Cheers is an American sitcom television series that ran for 11 seasons from 1982 to 1993. It was produced by Charles/Burrows/Charles Productions in association with Paramount Network Television for NBC and created by the team of James Burrows, Glen Charles, and Les Charles. The show is set in a bar named Cheers in Boston, Massachusetts, where a group of locals meet to drink, relax, and socialize. The show's theme song, written and performed by Gary Portnoy, and co-written with Judy Hart Angelo, lent its famous refrain, "Where Everybody Knows Your Name", as the show's tagline.

After premiering on September 30, 1982, it was nearly canceled during its first season when it ranked last in ratings for its premiere. Cheers, however, eventually became a highly rated television show in the United States, earning a top-ten rating during 8 of its 11 seasons, including one season at #1. The show spent most of its run on NBC's Thursday night "Must See TV" lineup. Its widely watched series finale was broadcast on May 20, 1993, and the show's 275 episodes have been successfully syndicated worldwide. Nominated for Outstanding Comedy Series for all eleven of its seasons on the air, it has earned 28 Emmy Awards from a then-record 117 nominations. The character Frasier Crane was featured in his eponymous spin-off show, which later aired up until 2004 and included guest appearances by virtually all of the major and minor Cheers characters.

Al Rosen - Al in Cheers
All Cheers Episodes with Al Rosen

†  August 2, 1990

as Al

45 Episodes (1984-1989)

from Episode: 1.16 - The Boys in the Bar

Born May 9, 1910
in Maryland, USA

Al Rosen died August 2, 1990 in Hollywood, California, USA , passing away at the age of 80

Staffel 1 - Alle Folgen mit Al Rosen

The Boys in the Bar

When Sam publicly supports an old teammate who has come out of the closet, Norm and the gang are afraid that "Cheers" will become a "gay bar."

Staffel 2 - Alle Folgen mit Al Rosen

Fortune and Men's Weight

Carla has everyone convinced that the bar's new fortune-telling machine can predict the future. But does that include Diane's fortune that seems to indicate that her relationship with Sam could be in trouble?

Coach Buries a Grudge

Coach accidentally finds out that his recently-deceased friend once made a pass at his wife.

Staffel 3 - Alle Folgen mit Al Rosen

Rebound: Part 1

Sam falls off the wagon and Diane has a nervous breakdown after the breakup. But after she's cured, Diane returns to Cheers to recommend her psychiatrist--Dr. Frasier Crane--to help Sam. But she doesn't say that she's involved with him.

Teacher's Pet

Sam gets Coach's help to help him pass a geography class and get his high school diploma. But he eventually finds an easier way to pass the course.

The Mail Goes to Jail

Norm gets in trouble with the law after he helps Cliff out by finishing his mail route, and Cliff hangs him out to dry. Meanwhile, Diane gets stuck underneath the bar while trying to check the heating system.

Bar Bet

Sam has to find a woman named Jacqueline Bisset and marry her so that he can win a bet he made when he was off the wagon and keep the bar.

Behind Every Great Man

Sam makes plans for a romantic getaway with a local journalist. But Diane overhears parts of his conversations and jumps to the incorrect conclusion that he is making plans to spend the weekend with her.

Staffel 4 - Alle Folgen mit Al Rosen

Woody Goes Belly Up

The gang at Cheers flies Woody's old girlfriend in from Indiana to visit, and it becomes obvious that when they're together they use binge eating to curb their sexual urges. Meanwhile, Frasier takes a job at Cheers to make Diane feel guilty.

The Groom Wore Clearasil

Sam accidentally convinces Carla's son Anthony to get married, Cliff is convinced that he's grown a potato that looks like Richard Nixon, and Diane blows her opportunity to get a part-time position at the university.

Fools and Their Money

Sam's good intentions backfire on him when he doesn't place a risky $1,000 bet for Woody with his bookie, only to have Woody win his bet.

Take My Shirt... Please?

Sam donates his old Red Sox jersey for a public television auction, but is humiliated when nobody bids on it.


Diane plays a prank on the guys in the bar, but she becomes paranoid as she waits for their inevitable payback.

The Triangle

Diane convinces Sam to go to Frasier with fake depression symptoms so that Frasier can analyze him and get his confidence back as a psychiatrist. But Frasier comes back with a diagnosis that Sam's depressed because he's still in love with Diane.

Cliffie's Big Score

Diane rejects Cliff's request to be his date for the postman's ball, so he asks Carla, who will go with him--for a price. But what will he do when Diane reconsiders and decides to go with him?

Second Time Around

Sam sets up Frasier with one of his young bimbos. The day after their first date, Frasier announces that they are getting married--today.

Dark Imaginings

Sam suffers a hernia while trying to prove that he's not getting too old.

Save the Last Dance for Me

Carla turns to Sam as a partner to go up against Nick and Loretta in a dance competition.

Diane Chambers Day

The guys at the bar feel guilty for constantly teasing Diane and not inviting her to their gatherings, so they try to make up by taking her to her favorite opera.

Strange Bedfellows: Part 1

Sam begins dating a city Councilwoman who is running for reelection, but Diane is convinced that she is just using him and will dump him after she is reelected.

Staffel 5 - Alle Folgen mit Al Rosen

The Proposal

Diane will not accept Sam's proposal over the telephone because she wants him to do it right. So he sets up the perfect romantic evening, only to have Diane reject the proposal.

The Cape Cad

Sam refuses to accept Diane's reconsideration of his proposal, and brags to her about a romantic weekend he has planned in Cape Cod. Diane follows him up there, and Sam doesn't want her to know that his date had to leave early.

Tan 'N' Wash

Diane goads over Sam the fact that she is dating other men, namely Chad. Sam doesn't seem to care, but does. Diane probably is only doing it to bother Sam. After a few dates, Diane calls it off with Chad, she's says because she knows that it is bothering Sam. Once again, Sam feigns indifference in front of her. Meanwhile, Norm has added financial counselor to his resume and has made a tidy profit for one of his grateful clients. The gang at the bar all want in on Norm's next big investment opportunity, but he is reluctant to even tell them what it is as business and friendship don't mix. Easily plied with free beer by Sam, Norm does reveal his next investment: Tan 'N' Wash, a combination tanning salon, coin operated laundry. Norm swears the timing is right for such a venture - winter is approaching, and everyone always needs clean clothes. Everyone is skeptical as to the concept, but Sam, Diane, Cliff and Carla all buy in fearing losing out on Norm's winning streak. The timing may not be perfect after all as Boston is experiencing an Indian summer, and the public is continuing to get their tans the natural way outdoors. The four investors are all antsy at the investment, some are mad at Norm, but all want out. Reluctantly, Norm lets them out of their financial obligations. Immediately after that, the weather in Boston changes to snow, and Tan 'N' Wash becomes a big success. Norm is making a lot of money and is flounting his riches. The four investors are now mad because they didn't stay in, and mad again at Norm for his success of which they could have been a part. Just as Norm is about ready to leave Cheers forever due to the ill will, they all come to their senses and apologize to Norm for their childish behavior. That's when he tells them that he didn't take their money out of Tan 'N' Wash after all, and he hands them all their first big dividend checks. They're elated. As they all bask in the glow of their riches, the roof literally and figuratively falls on Tan 'N' Wash: the weight of the snow collapsed the roof of the building and they had no insurance. That's the break in venture capital investment.

Knights of the Scimitar

Diane is doing some part-time teaching at the college and tells Sam that one of her students is falling in love with her. The problem is that she prides herself on being attracted to men solely on their inner beauty, but this guy is drop dead gorgeous which is stirring animal passions in her. But he is also young and a student. Sam thinks she is making this story up to make him jealous, especially since the student's name is Lance Apollonaire, as made up a name as you can get. Regardless of if Diane's story is real or not, it is starting to bother Sam. He is beginning to feel old and unattractive. To make matters worse for Sam, Lance is indeed real, is indeed in love with Diane, and is indeed drop dead gorgeous. Diane considers her options with Sam's blessing, but really Sam and Diane are in another battle of wills. A trio of passionate kisses, including one with Carla, helps Diane make up her mind. Meanwhile, Cliff has reached one of his goals in life, that to become a member of a lodge called Knights of the Scimitar. He wants to invite all the guys into the lodge as well, they all really not wanting to join. He talks Norm into joining as it's a good place to make business contacts. Norm breezes through the interview and gets into the lodge. Upon joining, he finds out that lodge members are not permitted to do business with each other. Norm decides to stay regardless since he really does like these guys. However, when they pass a motion to ban beer at lodge functions, Norm's out of there in a flash.

Thanksgiving Orphans

Thanksgiving is approaching and no one has anything to do. No one except Diane that is, who is among a select few graduate students one of her professors has asked to spend Thanksgiving with his family, celebrating in the pilgrim's tradition. In her excitement, Diane suggests that the rest of the gang spend Thanksgiving together in Carla's new home. Carla agrees to a potluck dinner, with Norm in charge of the humongous turkey with the little pop thermometer. Woody, Cliff and Frasier are solo for the day, but Sam is to bring his date Wendy and Norm is to bring his never seen wife Vera. Both end up being stiffed, Wendy spending it with her out of town sister, and Vera, in the biggest argument ever with Norm, vows to her tradition of spending Thanksgiving with her mother. A surprise attendee to the festivities is Diane; she left her professor's house in a huff when she found out she and the other students were invited solely as domestic help. Despite all these set-backs, they all vow that this will be the best Thanksgiving ever. Much to Diane's dismay, they end up spending the afternoon watching football game after football game followed by professional wrestling. But the end of the afternoon marks the anticipation of dinner. The turkey however is not cooperating. "Birdzilla" as coined by Carla, is still stark white and the little pop thing won't pop. They all vow not to eat until the turkey is ready; nerves get more and more frazzled the longer they wait for birdzilla. The rest of the hot food gets cold and the cold food gets warm. The simple act of Norm flicking a pea at Carla starts an all out food fight among the entire gang. But at least it lightens the mood, and sopping wet in food, they finally get to enjoy a cooked birdzilla and each other's company. Vera even shows up at the end. However a misplaced pumpkin pie in Vera's face leads to a chastised Norm being dragged home.

The Book of Samuel

When Sam goes away on vacation, he chooses Woody to hold down the fort at the bar. Woody is prepared to do so, but unprepared for the Dear John letter he receives from Beth. Wanting to explain in person, Beth and her fiancé, Leonard Twilley - who Woody knows - plan on stopping in Boston on their way to Niagara Falls. Although Woody is sad, he is more fearful of looking pitiful in Beth's eyes by not having a girl on his arms. Seeing that Beth and Leonard's stopover is a short one, Diane thinks that making up a girlfriend for Woody is not a bad idea. However Beth and Leonard's stopover is a bit longer than either Diane or Woody thought, and Beth suggests that they, including Woody's girlfriend, go out for dinner. As a last resort, Woody picks a name out of Sam's little black book - Desiree Harrison - who, according to Sam "is the best" and has multiple stars next to her name. When Desiree comes to the bar at the appointed time, she is not what Woody expected. She is slightly older and a bit rough around the edges. She is, in fact, Sam's cleaning lady. But it's too late for Woody to back out of a date with Desiree as Beth and Leonard have arrived. After dinner, they return back to the bar. Diane thinks that it best that Woody tell Beth the truth. He does clear the air with her about his true feelings for her and Desiree's true identity. Beth likewise tells Woody that she still loves him but that a long distance relationship just isn't going to work, and she's not prepared to move to Boston just as Woody's not prepared to move back to Indiana. With Beth and Leonard on their way, Woody still has to deal with Desiree. He also clears the air with her. He did have a good time with her and just needs someone with who to talk. Desiree's there for him.

Chambers vs. Malone

Diane waltzes into the bar full of cheer, announcing to Sam that she had a premonition that he would ask her to marry him today; he mocks her and laughs in her face. Superstitious Carla warns Sam not to test the fate of woman's intuition. Diane does whatever she can to set the mood for a proposal and Sam does everything he can to prove to Diane that he won't propose. When they're finally alone just prior to midnight, Sam states that her insistence is driving him nuts and adamantly states that he will never ask her to marry him again. When Diane comes to the realization that it might not happen, her tears start to flow which prompts Sam to ask her to marry him. She says no, again! For a split second, he dreams that he has murdered Diane and is on death row - he chases her out of the bar to perhaps do the deed?! The following day, we find that Diane has had Sam arrested for assault and battery, and has asked newly minted but inept lawyer Tom, who has finally passed the bar examine after umpteen tries, to be his lawyer. At the bail hearing, Diane walks with a cane into the courtroom with a brace around her neck. Sam denies even laying a hand on her. Despite the fact that the judge has waived bail and released Sam on his own recognizance, Diane feels the need to tell the court of their relationship and their proposal history. Suggested by Tom and agreed to by the judge, they can get themselves out of this entire situation if Sam just proposes to Diane again.

Diamond Sam

Sam and Diane announce to the gang at the bar that they are engaged, however Carla goes into deep denial which she finally comes out of by the end of the episode. Diane loves this one engagement ring, and so does Sam until he finds out the $5,200 price. Norm mentions to Sam in secret that he has a jeweler friend, the term jeweler used very loosely, who can reproduce the ring for a fraction of the cost ($1,200). Sam agrees with the ruse. After giving Diane the fake ring, he in turn needs to tell one lie after another to protect his secret, each lie costing his some money. After he figures he can no longer support the lie, he goes and buys the real ring - now having paid in total $9,000 - and without Diane's knowledge, switches it for the fake ring. Afterward, Diane, without Sam's knowledge, finds out that Sam bought this fake ring, and in a fit of rage, throws what she believes is the fake ring, but what turns out to be the real ring, out the car window. Because of both Diane's act of throwing away the ring and Sam's of perpetrating the ruse, they have a heart to heart about the real meaning of love, marriage and an engagement ring.

One Last Fling

For the bachelor party the guys at the bar throw for Sam, Woody offhandedly asks Diane if she would be the girl who jumps out of the cake. Although she abhors such male sexual rituals, she agrees if only to stop someone else from "pleasuring" Sam. At the party, just as Diane is ready to come out of the cake, Norm makes a comment which makes Sam reexamine out loud for the first time this wedding and the fact that Diane will now be the one and only woman in his life. After jumping out of the cake mad at Sam for his comments, Diane later offers Sam a proposition: she will give him a last 24-hours of freedom to do whatever he pleases with whomever he pleases. Excited, Sam agrees when Diane throws in that she too will have her last 24-hours of freedom to do whatever she pleases with whomever she pleases. This throws Sam's 24-hours into a different mode, as he spends the entire time thinking about Diane and what she's up to, even as far as spending the night in his car outside her apartment waiting for her to come home, which she never does. Just before the end of their 24-hours, Sam admits to Diane what he had done and is angry at her for not coming come, obvious to him that she did have her last fling. Knowing that her leap of faith worked, Diane admits that she was down the street in her car watching him!

Dog Bites Cliff

On his postal route, Cliff is bitten by a dog, and decides to sue the owner for $200,000. Madeline, the dog's owner, ends up being a beautiful, voluptuous woman, but one that is up front about wanting to help Cliff despite the fact that she has little money. Cliff and Madeline start dating, the gang at the bar thinking that it only a ploy on her part for Cliff not to sue. Cliff realizes this is the case, but is still dating her in hopes of trading dropping the lawsuit for a roll in the sack. Madeline announces to everyone that her lawyer wants her to get Cliff to sign a waiver to absolve her of any responsibility, but she refuses to do so. Perhaps Madeline really does like Cliff. Or maybe she's got other methods of getting her way. Madeline and Cliff make it all the way to bed in a nice suite at the Ritz, when... Meanwhile, Diane is off on a Buddhist monastery retreat for a couple of weeks.

Dinner at Eight-ish

Frasier and Lilith announce that they are moving in together and as the instigators of the relationship, they invite Sam and Diane over as their first dinner guests. Just prior to Sam and Diane's arrival, the new couple analyze their relationship and who manipulated who into doing what, which starts an evening long argument. As Sam and Diane arrive, the evening goes on a roller coaster of emotions, the major downturn initiated by Diane revealing to Lilith that she and Fraiser were once engaged, something that Frasier had not yet mentioned to Lilith. Thus Diane becomes the third member embroiled in the emotional battle for the evening. Sam ultimately becomes the voice of reason calming everyone down. As the evening looks to come to a final calm end, both Lilith and Diane storm into the bathroom over other separate issues, to which Frasier finally takes matters into his own hands.

Simon Says

Frasier's colleague from his Rhodes scholar days, Dr. Simon Finch-Royce, is a world renowned marriage counselor and is in Boston to accept an honorary degree. Diane asks the good doctor to provide a counseling session for her and Sam, to which the doctor agrees. Frasier wants to pay for the session as a wedding gift to Sam and Diane; Dr. Finch-Royce charges Frasier $1,500 for the session, to which Frasier steams quietly. After the Q&A session with the couple, the doctor pronounces that Sam and Diane are the most ill-matched couple ever and that they should definitely not get married; he then leaves the bar to return to his hotel, as he wants a quiet evening of calling his wife in England, eating a quiet dinner, having a soothing shower and going to sleep early. Diane is incensed by the doctor's assessment. She and Sam go to his hotel for a first time as Diane thinks he was testing their resolve for each other (which he denies), a second time as Diane says she answered the questions incorrectly (which he says doesn't matter), a third time as Diane has additional published information on why he's wrong (which he doesn't care), and finally a fourth time as Diane pleads for her and Sam's life. Of course, they are egged on by Frasier, who wants to get back at his colleague for the exorbitant fee. Finally, the doctor, totally fed up with the couple who he has grown to hate, goes into a wild man and obviously sarcastic rant about how Sam and Diane are the most perfect couple there ever was and ever will be. Diane is now content she got the assessment she wanted.

The Godfather: Part 3

The Coach's niece, Joyce, comes to Boston to attend BU. She comes to the bar bearing a letter from her father, the Coach's younger brother, for Sam: he asks Sam keep an eye out for his little girl, for if anything was to ever happen to her, he would blow his brains out. This is a heavy burden on Sam, and by association Diane. To keep her out of trouble, they ask the most innocent person they know to show her a good time, that person being Woody. Woody and Joyce have a good time together, so good in fact that after a couple of days, they announce that they are engaged. This news throws Sam into a tizzy. He first tries to reason with them to no avail. He second tries to bribe them, also to no avail. And third and finally, he begs them on his knees, to which they think Sam may be right. Thinking that he has won the battle, Sam is satisfied. However Woody and Joyce come back and say that they have decided to live together instead. It's Diane's turn to try and talk them out of this, first by reasoning with them, and finally she ends up begging as well. After that works, Sam and Diane compare notes, both admitting their tactic and contemplating how bad they will be as parents, vowing off sex to avoid having children. But then again, this is Sam and Diane. Meanwhile, Frasier and Lilith are celebrating an anniversary of their first meeting. Frasier buys Lilith an antique armoire, while he leaves clues around the apartment for what he wants, a new set of golf clubs. His extra special gift ends up being a plain old every day tie.

Cheers: The Motion Picture

After Woody's Uncle Fergie has a mugging filled trip to Boston, Woody's father thinks that Boston too dangerous a place for his son and wants him to return back home to Indiana. The gang at the bar thinks that showing Woody's friends through the making of a home movie would settle Woody's father's concerns. The first attempt has Diane as writer, director and cinematographer. Her "cast" rebels at the unnatural for them dialog in Diane's script and they fire her; she then absolves herself from the project. The final product of the second attempt has Woody shown individually with each of his friends in each of their natural settings: Sam in his office, Carla at a backyard BBQ at her house with her rambunctious kids, Cliff on his postal route, Norm at the Hungry Heifer and Frasier at his psychiatrist's office. After viewing each agrees that they all come off as boobs, that is except for Diane, who sees this version as the start of something great, all it needing is a few Chambers touches. The third and final version has Diane's hands jazzing up the second version, complete with 1950s/1960s new wave touches such as nuclear explosions and Nazi soldiers. Although Diane is happy with this version, the rest of the gang isn't. Unfortunately she has already sent a copy to Mr. Boyd senior. The film did not do the trick. Just as Woody is ready to leave the bar and Boston for good, his father gives him a call and says that he can stay. What made him change his mind was an anonymous letter he received stating "let your son choose his own path and it will always lead back to you". But who sent the note?

A House Is Not a Home

Diane finds the perfect house for her and Sam to buy. An elderly couple, Bert and Lillian Miller, currently live there and have for forty years. After hearing the Miller's stories of life in that house, Diane no longer thinks that it is the perfect house for her since it is Bert and Lillian's emotionally. She states emphatically, "I cannot live a single day in this house." Sam reasons with Diane that they can change the cosmetics of the house and start making their own memories by living there. These arguments do not work. Based on a statement by the Millers that they will miss the Christmases the most, Frasier suggests that they give the Millers one last Christmas in the house to rid Diane and Sam of any guilt. Sam thinks it's a screwy idea, but it's just what Diane needs. Despite it being the heat of summer, Diane decides not to wait until December and to have Christmas come in the summer this year, at least for the Millers and their extended family. During the summer Christmas party - complete with all the trimmings, a blazing fire, hot apple cider and Sam in a heavy wool Santa suit - the Millers get all sentimental about the Christmases and all the other holidays in the house. Diane breaks down and invites them over the following week for Easter. Sam finally puts his foot down and kicks the Millers out. Contrary to what Sam might think, Diane actually now feels that the house is theirs since Sam has claimed it for her. Life in the house is now almost perfect for Diane, all she needs is to convince Sam not to hang in the house his favorite picture: dogs playing poker.

Staffel 6 - Alle Folgen mit Al Rosen

Home Is the Sailor

Things at Cheers have changed. Sam has sold the bar to a large corporation and with the proceeds of the sale, bought a boat and is sailing around the world. As employees, Woody and Carla are forced to wear corporate uniforms. The new manager, Rebecca Howe, is a beautiful but tough as nails boss who has worked her way to this position from a business school background. Norm and Cliff no longer frequent the bar, as don't many of the old regulars, except Frasier. Norm gave the "new" Cheers a shot, but as a new crowd started populating the bar, the old refrain, "Norm!" as he enters, has left their vernacular. Diane's book deal didn't work out, and is in Hollywood writing for television. And Carla and Eddie have broken up. But the one constant: Carla is again pregnant, this time with Eddie's child. Into this new world, Sam throws everybody for a loop and returns to Cheers; apparently, he sank his boat when he hit a reef in the Caribbean. He came back to the bar, not in an effort to buy it since he has no money, but rather to find a job as a bartender. However there aren't any positions available. The other bartender, Wayne, is a dour man who knows how to make every drink known to man. Sam decides that a good approach to getting a job at Cheers is to go through Rebecca. When he meets her, he is amazed at his luck since he figures he can get a job AND sleep with her. Rebecca however takes an instant dislike to him. Sam honestly appeals to her on an emotional level: he sold the bar to run away from the memory of Diane, but now that he has returned and sees the changes, those memories are no longer a problem, yet the bar is as close to a home as he has ever had. Rebecca feels sorry for him, and offers him a part time relief bartender job. But Sam thinks he has the upper hand when he secretly overhears a telephone conversation between Rebecca and Evan Drake, a VP with the company for which, as a side note, Rebecca has the hots. Mr. Drake wants her to hire Sam full time for his "marquee" value. She does so, but needs to fire another one of the bartenders, that person being Woody. However Carla has hatched a plan to get Wayne fired or to have him quit voluntarily instead. Wayne, in a bet with Carla, says he will quit if that night, he can't make a drink for which a customer requests. All the old gang, who haven't been into the bar in ages, including Norm, Cliff, Alan, Steve and Tim, come in and ask for a "Screaming Viking", a drink that doesn't exist, but that Woody happily prepares. Wayne, knowing that he is being had, storms off in a huff and quits. Although Sam thinks his problems are solved, Rebecca ends up firing him since he has shown her up. Sam asks for a second chance, and Rebecca, needing a bartender, does give him the opportunity. Sam and Rebecca come to an understanding about their professional relationship.

'I' on Sports

Dave Richards is looking for a replacement television sportscaster to fill his position and thinks Sam would be the perfect person: he knows sports and he looks good. Although initially apprehensive about his abilities to do it, Sam agrees to fill in for the week. If he does well, this stint could lead to a whole new career in front of the camera. With Woody's help, Sam makes up a lie to Rebecca to get out of working at the bar for that time, and although Rebecca eventually finds out the real reason for Sam's absence, she allows him time off to do his sportscasts. Sam's reporting of the news is adequate enough, however it is his commentaries that are the problems. They start off being bland, worse than watching paint dry. When everyone advise him on how to make the commentaries better, Sam makes the next commentary not only bland, but bland and incorrect and indecisive. Then to make them more exciting, he decides to deliver the next one in a rap style. Sam thinks he is doing well. Then the final sportscast goes from the sublime to the ridiculous as he tries what he thinks is the pièce de resistance, ventriloquism. It is then that he realizes that he was not cut out to be a sportscaster. Much like his earlier lie to Rebecca, Sam enlists Woody's help to regain a little dignity with the gang in the face of his on-screen humiliation.

Little Carla, Happy at Last: Part 1

A week after Carla tells Eddie that she's pregnant with his child, Eddie walks into the bar; Carla feels this could be her lucky day. He indeed does ask her to marry him. She's excited beyond words. She's even more excited in the fact that Eddie tells her that she no longer has to work since he can support them both. They start planning their wedding, but being the two most superstitious people in the world, they have a lot of superstition obstacles to overcome. With all that to consider, they figure they have to marry in exactly eight days, or postpone the wedding until 2042. Sam plans on having a reception for them at the bar, Rebecca initially indignant that Sam suggests doing so without her authorization, until he suggests she invite her unrequited love and boss, Evan Drake, who is a sports fan, to meet famous goalie Eddie. All the plans for the wedding go smoothly enough, until the wedding day, when Carla and Eddie inadvertently break the most superstitious rule of them all: he sees her on their wedding day before the wedding. Carla thinks they're doomed. Although deep down still superstitious, Eddie on the other hand states that superstitions are nonsense and starts tempting all the superstition fates by purposely breaking them, such as breaking a mirror and spilling salt. One by one, bad things, according to Carla, start to happen, but Eddie sees the bright side. Carla learns she's going to have twins; Eddie says they're twice blessed. Carla's son and his wife, Anthony and Annie, come in with the news that Nick's TV shop, where Anthony was working, has gone under, they have no money and thus need to move back in with Carla; Eddie says it is then a good excuse to buy a bigger house with the salary increase he is expecting. Anthony hates the fact of "a new father"; Eddie brushes it off as regular kid behavior, and sees it as a sign of a son who loves his mother. The next bad sign is that Eddie's mother hates Carla on first sight. Mama Lebec thinks Carla is a gold-digging hussy who is trying to trap her son by getting pregnant. Mama Lebec runs off and Eddie follows after her. Eddie comes back, which makes Carla change her mind - she now thinks their impending marriage can withstand anything life has to throw at them. However Eddie has also changed his mind: he calls off the wedding because of Mama.

Bidding on the Boys

Rebecca is planning a bachelor auction at the bar to raise money for Children's Hospital. She doesn't ask Sam to be one of the bachelors for auction, which results in a contest between the two regarding Sam's sexual power. In an effort to raise more money, she does ask Woody to be in the auction. Flattered, he agrees but lives to regret it as he is bought by a tough, chain-smoking woman who scares not only Woody but everyone in the bar. Sam ends up being the last auction item. Meanwhile, Lilith and Frasier are in pre-wedding mode. Frasier suggests something that is totally off the radar for Lilith, namely a pre-nuptial agreement. Lilith is shocked and hurt. This act by Frasier could jeopardize the wedding. It becomes even more of a possibility when Lilith, in a last minute coup over Rebecca, buys Sam in the auction for $2,000. Rebecca is relieved as she was only bidding for Sam on Carla's advice to jack up Sam's price. But both Sam and Frasier are stunned by Lilith's move. Before Sam and Lilith head off on their date, Sam and Frasier formulate a plan for Frasier to be Lilith's knight in shining armor and come and rescue her and sweep her off her feet while she's on the date with Sam. In the hotel room on their date at the Cape, Sam talks up Frasier while Lilith tries to seduce Sam. But Sam waits and waits and waits for Frasier to show up. Finally, Frasier bursts in on them just as Lilith has got Sam in a compromising position. Frasier is shocked, but Lilith eventually admits to him that it was all an act as she knew he was coming to rescue her. They clear the air and Sam quietly slips away to let the engaged couple continue on with their lives.

Pudd'n Head Boyd

The Drs. Cranes are a little stressed at each of their respective practices, and Sam suggests they take a vacation. They immediately go on vacation mode in preparation for their impending Caribbean cruise. On the cruise, they both are sea sick for the entire time, but have a great time away from their patients regardless. Meanwhile, Woody has joined a local theater group. He tries out for the company's original 4-hour play called "Authors in Hell"; he ends up being the understudy for the Mark Twain role. He wears his costume into the bar each night in the hope that he will go on, and at work he spouts Mark Twainisms to everyone. Into the bar walks a new customer named Mary. Mary is an older woman who is a bit nearsighted and who has recently become a widow. Mary and Woody as Mark Twain hit it off. Carla suspects that Mary has no idea that Woody is really a young man and that Mary is falling for Woody. Carla convinces Woody as much as well. Woody as Mark Twain spends a lot of time with Mary on what could be construed as dates. He doesn't have the heart to tell Mary the truth. Finally he does. She knows that he's not really Mark Twain and that he is a young man, but didn't have the heart to face him with such information since he always starting spouting Twainisms whenever she tried. So instead of becoming lovers, they become favorite aunt/nephew.

A Kiss Is Still a Kiss

Frasier is not having a good day. First his latest paper is attacked by a noted colleague, then second he comes down with an uncontrollable case of the hiccups. But his troubles are nothing compared to Rebecca's. Evan Drake, her boss and unrequited love, comes by the bar at a time when she is a physical mess as she has just finished changing the tire on her car. That and the fact that she has turned down every date from men in the company has led Mr. Drake to suspect that Rebecca is a lesbian. He states as much to Sam, who does not refute the statement. Rebecca is horrified. Mr. Drake invites Rebecca and whomever she chooses to be her date - perhaps a woman? - to a black-tie function. Since Rebecca has not had a date in the two years she's been lusting after Mr. Drake, she doesn't have a man upon who she call to bring. Sam volunteers, and based on circumstances, Rebecca takes him up on his offer. She needs to convince Mr. Drake that she is heterosexual by bringing a male companion. At the party, Rebecca asks Sam to be her spy on the life of Evan Drake. Sam finds out that Mr. Drake is separated from his wife. With that information, Sam convinces Rebecca to tell Mr. Drake her true feelings for him. Rebecca decides that Sam is right and approaches Mr. Drake, but instead of saying that she is attracted to him, she jumps on him, kisses him madly and just says to him, "take me". Mr. Drake is disgusted at her behavior, which he thinks is brought about by too much alcohol. He sends her home, and she is embarrassed and dejected. Sam takes Rebecca back to the bar where she mopes. Mr. Drake comes by as well, thinking that he has overreacted and wants to apologize to Rebecca. Sam intercepts the message and uses it to his own advantage with Rebecca. Sam tells Mr. Drake that Rebecca was trying to make Sam jealous after a tiff. Conversely, Sam tells Rebecca that Mr. Drake is angry at her, didn't buy the jealousy story and they need to make him think that they are indeed making up by being caught in a passionate kiss. As Mr. Drake walks in on Sam and Rebecca, Rebecca does grab Sam in a passionate embrace. She wants to change that embrace to a strangle when she finds out the truth about Mr. Drake's visit to the bar and that Sam was lying just to get her to make out with him.

My Fair Clavin

Cliff has bought himself a new condo in a singles building. He starts dating Sally from the building. The guys at the bar are anxious to meet Sally, but Cliff says that Sally wants Cliff all to herself and would rather stay in all the time. In reality, Sally is a shy, Plain Jane who would really love to go out with Cliff, but Cliff is embarrassed by her looks. Cliff asks Rebecca for advice about Sally, although he tells her that it is Sally who is embarrassed by her looks, not Cliff. Rebecca suggests a make-over as described in beauty magazines. So Cliff becomes Sally's Henry Higgins and transforms Sally into a beautiful woman. When Cliff sees her, he suggests that they go down to the bar for the evening - he is no longer embarrassed. At the bar, Sally garners a lot of attention, which is making Cliff feel like he created a monster. Sally is happy with her new looks and the new attention she is receiving and won't revert back to her old Plain Jane self, even for Cliff. They just have to live with the transformation as part of their relationship. Meanwhile, Rebecca has started smoking again to relieve some stress in her life. However she quickly realizes that it was a mistake and wants to quit, a task more difficult than she anticipates. Frasier suggests that she associate smoking with the most vile act she can imagine. As such, she tells Sam that if she smokes another cigarette, she will sleep with him. Sam does whatever he can to catch her smoking, specifically enlisting the help of Carla to follow her into the ladies' room. When Sam finally catches her smoking, Rebecca resigns herself to doing the deed with Sam. Because of Rebecca's total disgust about the act and her resignation to actually doing it, Sam is no longer in the mood and says no to her. What was he thinking?!

Woody for Hire, and Norman of the Apes

While discussing exciting things in their lives, Woody tells the gang that he was just an extra on the TV show "Spenser: For Hire" (1985), and that he had rubbed elbows with its star, 'Robert Urich' . Everyone is excited until they see the episode on TV, where Woody claims that the ubiquitous "white shirt" on the screen is him. After that, everyone in the bar is skeptical of his story. Unfortunately for everyone, they miss 'Robert Urich' who stops by the bar and who chums off with Woody. Meanwhile, Norm is painting Cliff's apartment. Norm is expecting to get paid, Cliff expecting it to be a freebie, especially in light of the fact that Norm painted Ma Clavin's house for free - when Norm was not a professional painter - and that Cliff regards painting as menial work that even a trained monkey could do. Cliff demonstrates this by bringing in a monkey to act as a painter. Norm is not amused and he and Cliff are no longer on speaking terms. However being best friends, they mend their rift. But one good act deserves another, so Norm gets a monkey to come into the bar dressed as a postman to deliver a package. Elsewhere in the bar, Rebecca has booked the pool room to a woman's book club every Sunday night. The women are not as innocent and bookish as they appear as first they drink the bar out of its stash of alcohol, and second whoop it up with unwitting Sam and Frasier - Woody gets away from their pawing hands. But Frasier gets the upper hand in the situation when he gets more money stuffed down his pants from the ladies than Sam does.

And God Created Woodman

Cliff goes into the mail order shoe business. At only $19.99 a pop, all the guys in the bar decide to get a pair. When the shoes arrive, the guys are all amazed at how comfortable and good looking the shoes are. However the shoes do have a flaw: they squeak. Nine pairs of squeaking shoes go running around the bar for that evening. Meanwhile, Rebecca thinks that she finally has her ticket out of the bar. Daniel T. Collier, the Chairman of the Board of the corporation - which by the way is called Lillian - has asked her to organize a party for him at his house. After much convincing on Sam and Woody's parts, Rebecca hires them for the party to tend bar. The party is going well until Woody empties some garbage into what he thinks is a garbage can, but is really a priceless antique vase. What's worse is that Rebecca accidentally breaks it while she's emptying it out. She's devastated. As he feels her job is more important to her that his to him, Sam decides to take the fall for Rebecca. But Woody beats him to the punch and tells Mr. Collier that he broke the vase. Mr. Collier is upset that this piece, significant to his collection, is gone forever, but more importantly he has a strong admiration for Woody, who stepped up to the plate in his admission. Mr. Collier a.k.a. Pinky spends the evening chumming around with Woody doing childish pranks, while Rebecca reluctantly takes Woody's place behind the bar schlepping drinks. Collier even invites Woody on a trip to Vail. But because Rebecca feels that Woody's good fortune should rightfully be hers, Woody admits to his buddy that Rebecca was really the one who broke the vase. Collier is livid and threatens to fire her, but only keeps her on on the recommendation of his good buddy, Woody. The next day, Collier comes into the bar with a look of consternation on his face. Rebecca thinks he's changed his mind and is going to fire her. However, he is mad that he found his broken vase in the kitchen and does not know who did it - he suspects it was one of her staff - as he was drunk during the party and can't remember anything from the evening. Initially Rebecca and Sam are going to deny everything until Woody comes bounding into the bar with the ski suit and pounces on his good buddy, Pinky, who now has no idea who Woody is. Finally, Sam does what he was going to do the previous evening and confesses to Collier about breaking the vase. Collier, as mad as he is about the vase, admires Sam's admission. Pinky has found his new Woody.

Tale of Two Cuties

Carla has given birth to her twins, and this is causing some short term waitressing issues at the bar. Sam decides to hire Annie Tortelli, Carla's daughter-in-law, since the Tortelli's are facing some financial hardships. However, Evan Drake would like Rebecca to hire his "friend", Laurie. Having already hired Annie, Sam and Rebecca let Annie work solely for tips. Sam and Rebecca's waitressing problems don't end there. Annie is falling for Sam, especially since Anthony is unemployed and a bum by Annie's standards and since Sam made an offhanded comment about Annie being beautiful. Sam solves the problem by, behind the scenes and unknown to Anthony, getting Anthony a job as the assistant night manager at Burger Burger Burger. Anthony once again becomes Annie's macho stud husband. With Laurie, Rebecca suspects that she is Evan Drake's young lover, to which Rebecca is devastated. Rebecca has open animosity toward Laurie, and uses words like slut, harlot and tramp to describe Laurie. But Rebecca needs to find out for sure if Laurie is indeed Evan Drake's lover. When Laurie offhandedly makes a statement to the fact that Evan Drake wears boxer shorts, Rebecca has her proof - why else would Laurie know such a personal detail. Finally Rebecca confronts Laurie, saying that she knows why the powerful Evan Drake would want her hired. Rebecca asks her if there is mutual love between Evan and Laurie, Laurie responds yes. Out of reflex to the response, Rebecca strikes Laurie in the face. Rebecca is horrified at what she did, even more horrified that Evan Drake walks in at that particular second. But Drake and Laurie's mutual love is not what Rebecca thinks: she is his daughter. Rebecca manages to explain hitting Laurie by saying that she has a nerve disorder, the medication for which she hasn't been taking of late. Miraculously, he buys the story. Elsewhere in the bar, Frasier is angry at the guys for ruining the ending of book after movie, and gets back at them by divulging some of the biggest movie endings of all time.

Yacht of Fools

Evan Drake invites Sam and a date onto his yacht for the weekend, Drake implying that it should be Rebecca since Sam and Rebecca are supposedly boyfriend/girlfriend. Sam has someone else in mind - Julie, perhaps the most superficial person in the world - instead. Rebecca finds out and of course insists that Sam bring her so that she can get closer to her unrequited love, Evan Drake. Sam reluctantly agrees, but brings along his "sister" Julie as well. Drake is enamored with Sam's sister and makes a play for her unbeknownst to Sam or Rebecca. Julie wants Evan Drake as well because he's rich. Ultimately Sam and Rebecca find out about the Drake/Julie tryst and are both hurt that they've lost their respective "playmates" for the weekend. Rebecca in particular feels that perhaps she's lost her chance at love while she's been pining for Drake, implying that that person may be Sam. Just as Sam and Rebecca are about ready to do it, Drake comes in and confesses that he was about to take advantage of Julie as he has been lonely since the break up with his wife, but ultimately did not act on his desires for Julie. This act reignites Rebecca's passion for Evan Drake. Sam on the other hand is all hot and bothered by his close encounter with Rebecca, who is again saving herself for Evan Drake. But Julie is now available again. Or perhaps she's found someone else on board, like Lorenzo the hunky shipboard steward. But Sam needs some relief from his sexual build-up, and tries once again with Rebecca. But Rebecca is one step ahead of him.

Let Sleeping Drakes Lie

Evan Drake is in Europe and has hired Norm to paint his house, Norm tells Rebecca that she can come over and look around the bedroom, which is what he is up to. While Rebecca is up there Mr. Drake comes home early and so Rebecca has to hide. Mr. Drake, a very light sleeper is tired as hell and just wants to sleep. Norm can't think of anything and so has to leave her there, after telling the gang at the bar he is sent back there to bail her out. After many failed attempts Norm finally succeeds in two things one getting Rebecca out, and two convincing Mr. Drake that he(Norm) is crazy. Fraiser tells the gang about a patient he saw that morning who is REALLY hot for dancers or anything having to do with dancing, after Fraiser leaves a beautiful girl comes to the bar looking for Fraiser because she had a session with him that morning and left a package in his office Sam likes her and decides to dance his way into her pants. Sam is dancing his brains out and nothing so he asks Fraiser about the beautiful girl he counseled in the morning, Frasier tells him he saw two beautiful girls in the morning one dance-loving and the other fire-loving(pyromaniac), Sam is trying to figure out pyromania when he hears sirens and runs out of the bar.

Airport V

After being cut by the Bruins, Eddie finally gets a job. He is a penguin, not of the Pittsburgh variety, but rather a dressed-up penguin in The World of Ice, an ice show. The first stop on the show's tour is Seattle. Carla is reluctant to visit Eddie on the extended Seattle stop as everyone finally finds out she is afraid to fly, or to be more precise she is afraid to crash. After the gang discusses ways to help Carla, Frasier decides that he could hold a week long pteromerhanophobia workshop ending with an actual flight on a plane. Carla agrees to participate. On the flight, Carla and her three other workshop participants are nervous, while Frasier tries to calm their nerves. Starting with a comment about ice on the wings from Carla, Frasier slowly becomes totally unglued and paranoid about flying. But Frasier's irrational behavior shows Carla that really there is nothing to fear about flying. Meanwhile, Murray Treadwell, a local restaurant critic, stops by the bar. When the bar was managed by Sam, Treadwell gave the bar a rotten review, so Rebecca will do anything to rectify that. Treadwell implies to Rebecca that he will give the bar a good review if she goes out with him. Rebecca does go out with him but does not compromise herself and sleep with him. Despite that, Treadwell does the give the bar a good review. But everyone makes the assumption that the review was not for the bar but for Rebecca's performance in bed.

Our Hourly Bread

One by one, Woody, Sam and Carla go into Rebecca's office asking for a raise. All three come out of her office with obligatory new titles. In other words, Rebecca has duped them. However she confesses first to Sam then to everyone in the bar that she cannot afford to give anyone a raise since the bar has been losing money for the past three months and the corporation is threatening to close the bar and take its losses. After brainstorming, the gang at the bar come up with an idea for a raffle for a Caribbean cruise. Despite thinking it's futile, Rebecca goes along with it. But the bar is packed for the duration of the contest and the idea is a success. Woody pulls and announces the winner as being number 99. Or is it? He looks at it again and announces that he was wrong, that it really was number 66. Both 99 and 66 argue that they are the rightful winner, and a mob mentality ensues in the bar. Rebecca appeals to both 99 and 66's sense of fairness, but that doesn't work. They both threaten to sue and complain to the corporate bigwigs. Rebecca's budget won't allow two winners. On Sam's advice, Rebecca resorts to tears and stories of her own personal bankruptcy if she awards two winners. 99 and 66 both cave in, but the mob mentality takes over again and the group feels that both, being such compassionate and down on their luck people, deserve to win. Finally, Sam comes up with a solution that has an unwitting and absent Frasier in it's core. Frasier bought a painting for Lilith for their 1-month anniversary, an abstract piece by Tidwell. The gang all think it looks like, in the words of Lilith "two dogs co-mingling". Lilith further states that she heard that Tidwell sold it for some ungodly amount to some ninny. Obviously Frasier ends up not giving her the painting, which leads to Sam giving it away as a co-first prize in the raffle. 66, a Tidwell fan, gladly accepts the painting and lets 99 take the cruise. That problem is solved. In Woody's mind, a further problem arises when he pulls the number for the consolation prize. He pulls number 11, and then looks at it upside down in panic. By the way, Frasier ended up giving Lilith his Mercedes for their anniversary.

Slumber Party Massacred

In Sam's unfortunate presence (unfortunate for Sam in more ways than one), Anthony and Annie tell Carla and Eddie that they're expecting - meaning Carla will become a grandmother - and that they plan on continuing living at her house after the arrival of the baby. Carla is angry and goes into a deep depression. Carla implies that her issue is that she has gone from being a child herself to being a grandmother, missing out on her own growing up, including her adolescence and middle age. Being a grandmother means her life is almost over. This news in turn affects Rebecca as Carla is in hibernation while she awaits "the angel of death" so Rebecca is short staffed at the bar, and she herself has to schlep drinks to the customers; Rebecca is a reluctant and lousy waitress. The gang think that something that Carla referred to - a slumber party - might get her out of her funk, as in the words of Lilith, recreating a childhood ritual often helps in getting one out of depression around aging. However, Rebecca is unfamiliar with the rituals of slumber partying. She enlists the help of Lilith (equally unknowledgeable) and Lilith's childhood friend Dorothy (ditto), who can only be described as a clone of Lilith. With information from one of Lilith's teen-aged patients, Rebecca, Lilith and Dorothy throw Carla a surprise slumber party. Carla is not amused. She just wants to be left alone. She does agree to the party if they agree to leave her alone if after an hour she is not feeling any cheerier. The final act of the depressing party is the guys come over to crash it. Even that doesn't cheer Carla up and finally Carla convinces them all to leave and leave her alone. She tells them that she needs to work through this on her own. But it's an unwitting act by Cliff that finally gets Carla out of her slump.

Bar Wars

The gang are celebrating their second anniversary of beating Gary's Olde Town Tavern in bowling, their one and only victory in the Gary war. But they are also on a winning streak. The act of Gary stealing and breaking the bowling trophy reignites their bar war, of which Rebecca is unfamiliar. She refuses to participate. The Cheers gang starts with dribble glasses, which even by Al's standards are "pretty weeny". Gary's retaliates with fake exterminators claiming Cheers has a rat problem. As this causes bar customers to run out in fear, Rebecca is now in war mode herself. Rebecca authorizes prune juice in the Kahlua bottles, sneezing powder in the ventilation system and greased bars stools, while Gary's chops off the legs of the Cheers' bar stools. Even after Rebecca agrees to a truce and a date with Gary, she finds sheep in her office. The war is still on and date off. The final Cheers act is overriding Gary's television system during a satellite access only prize fight with a showing of the Norm and Cliff poetry evening. Beyond the pranks, the gang at Cheers become paranoid about every stranger that comes into the bar. The first stranger is an innocent guy just wanting to relieve a little stress from his wife's hospitalization. The second is Red Sox power hitter Wade Boggs, who was sent by Gary to sign autographs at Cheers. It looks like Wade Boggs, sounds like Wade Boggs, but does that make him Wade Boggs? The gang thinks not and decide to pants him. After checking the wallet in his pants, his driver's license and credit cards do identify him as the real Wade Boggs. They however still need the sense of victory over Gary's, and celebrate the fact that they have THE Wade Boggs' pants. In their minds, "we're number one, we're number one..." But in the words of the sage Al, that's "pretty weeny".

The Big Kiss-Off

Sam out to prove that he is STILL hot and Woody out to prove that he IS hot compete to see which one of them can kiss Rebecca first before midnight. While Woody asks Rebecca to help him rehearse a romantic scene Sam comes into the bar in Uniform because he has inlisted. Rebecca becomes suspicious over what's going on asks Carla who is happy to do something that will embarrase both Sam and Woody tells Rebecca who decides to set up the guys and in the end they both get a liplock, from each other.

Backseat Becky, Up Front

Evan Drake wants to speak to Rebecca about something important. She thinks it is finally to tell her that he loves her. In her mind, all the signs are there: since his divorce, he has had many of his business meals at Melville's so that he can be close to her, and he is currently in her office using her phone with his mouth inches away from where her own mouth is so often. He however tells her that he has accepted a job to take over the corporation's Japanese division and is off to Japan for good that evening. She is so devastated, she faints right in front of him. Sam feels that she needs to tell Drake how she feels before he takes off, or else she'll be in romantic limbo for the rest of her life. Sam even plans a party for Drake to give her such an opportunity. At the party, she starts to tell him, but they are interrupted time and time again until he has to leave for the airport. She's missed her chance. Or has she? Sam apprehends Martin, Drake's chauffeur, which allows Rebecca to be Drake's chauffeur for his trip to the airport. The one time she does have both the guts and opportunity to tell him that she loves him, he doesn't hear since the dividing glass partition in the limousine is up. When she is about ready to tell him again, he mentions that they need to pick up Kristie, his girlfriend who will be accompanying him to Japan. She is once again devastated, even more so by the fact that Drake and Kristie make out in the back seat, causing Rebecca to crash the limo. While Drake and Kristie grab a cab to the airport, Rebecca gets stopped by a police officer and is hauled to jail for resisting arrest. Sam, in what he calls his vulture position, bails her out in every respect. He sees this as his opportunity finally to bed Rebecca. Things are going just as he planned as Rebecca is in as vulnerable a state as she's ever been. Then she says that he's the best friend that she has in the world. That puts a kibosh on Sam's plans, at least for the time being, as he can't take advantage of his friend in that way. He still wants to help her the best he can but knows he can't be trusted in her presence. The state of her bra is proof of that.

Staffel 7 - Alle Folgen mit Al Rosen

How to Recede in Business

Rebecca is still smarting from Evan Drake's departure to Japan. So instead of men, she focuses her energies on furthering her career - she figures that Evan Drake took all the key players from the company to Japan with him, and thus all those that knew she is a "washout" are now all gone - and buying a Mercedes. But realistically, her defenses are weakened, so when Sam asks her out again, she accepts, albeit without much enthusiasm. Just as Rebecca and Sam are about to go on their first date, Rebecca's new boss, Greg Stone, comes to the bar. Rebecca must has a boss fixation since, for her, it is love at first sight. He bursts her bubble though - he figures the bar did better under Sam's direction, so he is appointing Sam the new manager and fires Rebecca. She's in utter shock. They end up both being miserable, Rebecca for obvious reasons, but Sam because he hates managing a bar in a corporate style. So he begs Mr. Stone to give Rebecca her job back; Mr. Stone agrees, although with some pretty heavy conditions such as a pay cut, going back to school, sharing the office with Sam and waiting tables during busy times. Carla suggests to Sam that he use the fact of getting her job back, minus the conditions, to get Rebecca to bed. The plan is working well for Sam until Rebecca finds out the job conditions. After she walks out on her date with Sam, she is ready to walk out of the bar forever - that is until she finds out her Mercedes has arrived. So it's back to Cheers and the corporate grind for Rebecca.

Swear to God

Sam is in the middle of picking up an attractive woman named Suzanne in the bar, when he's called by another former lover named Denise who wants to see him as soon as possible. So many women, so little time. He chooses to see Denise, while he puts current prey, Suzanne, on hold. However Denise doesn't quite want a liaison: she tells Sam that he is one of two possible men who fathered her newborn child. Sam is shaken at the news, and swears to God that he will forgo sex forever if the child isn't his. Well actually, he changes that to three months, which is like a lifetime for Sam. He quickly finds out that he is not the father, and is relieved. He is just about ready to head off for an evening of debauchery with Suzanne when Carla reminds him of his vow to God. Because of Carla's strong Catholic background, she convinces Sam, with a little help from Woody dressed as Moses, that a vow to God is something one should not take lightly. Besides Carla, Sam asks for advice from Father Barry and Frasier, the former who won't let Sam off the hook, and the latter who suggests he funnel his sexual energies into other endeavors, such as learning to play the piano. It doesn't help that another old flame, Rachel Patterson, comes by the bar on a short layover she has in Boston. Weak Sam eventually breaks and heads off with Rachel. However, he comes back into the bar a changed man: he was about ready to do the deed with Rachel in a hotel room when all of a sudden he noticed a Bible in the nightstand. They switch hotels and Sam notices the same Bible in the next hotel room and the next. According to Sam, it must be a sign from God. Just as Frasier is about to set him straight on Bibles in hotel rooms, he is stopped by Carla, who wants Sam to live up to his vow to God. They let Sam live with his misconception. Sam's made it through this episode with Rachel, but it's going to be a long three months with a lot of piano playing.

Executive Sweet

Woody has some honey bees delivered to the bar and keeps them in the office for safekeeping. Luckily he does as they do get loose and they seem rather angry. Rebecca has another pest with whom to deal, namely her new boss, Martin Teal. Greg Stone has been fired from the company, and Mr. Teal has taken his place at corporate. He wants to meet with Rebecca. In the elevator at corporate, she is hit on by a vertically-challenged man-child in a suit, to whom she basically tells to go back to his mommy. Later, she is horrified to learn that the man-child is Martin Teal. He takes an instant like to her in more ways than one. He not only reinstates her as the sole manager at Cheers, he wants to date her. To get him off her back, she lies and tells him that she is already romantically involved with someone, namely Sam. Back at the bar, Rebecca agrees to Sam's earlier proposition to go out on a date, just to maintain the façade for Mr. Teal. Sam quickly sees through Rebecca; he looks forward to meeting Martin Teal, the man from who Rebecca is trying so hard to get away. But Martin Teal, a man used to getting what he wants, has more than a romantic liaison with Rebecca in mind: he wants to marry her.

One Happy Chappy in a Snappy Serape

Rebecca is still in a quandary over what to do about the marriage proposal from Martin Teal. Martin, her boss, is a weaselly little twerp in her own words, but she doesn't want to jeopardize her career. She talks Sam into rekindling their fake relationship to the point of being in a fake engagement to throw Martin off her trail. Martin however makes a preemptive move by sending Sam down to Cancun on a bartender exchange for a month, Sam who is thrilled by this opportunity. While away, Sam thinks nothing about Cheers or Rebecca. When Sam misses the corporate jet back to Boston, Martin takes that as a sign that Sam has forgotten about Rebecca and his job in Boston, and once again hits on Rebecca. Rebecca manages to hold Martin off in the short term while she works on her supposed "grief". She heads down to Cancun herself to plead with Sam to come back, even to the point of threatening him at gunpoint. When Sam still won't go back to Boston, Rebecca leaves in total dejection. Back in Boston, Rebecca concedes to Martin by getting into a drunken stupor. Martin asks her to marry him once again and she accepts. He is well prepared and has Justice of the Peace with him for the ceremony right then and there. Just at that moment, Rebecca's knight in shining armor, Sam, comes bounding back into Cheers to save Rebecca from Martin. Luckily, Martin not only sees that Sam has "won" Rebecca, but he doesn't fire her from the corporation. After Martin leaves, Rebecca passes out. Unlike the several other such opportunities he has had with Rebecca, Sam finally takes advantage of her vulnerable situation: he draws a mustache on her.

Norm, Is That You?

The Crane's are having their apartment redone and have called in renowned designer, Ivan. They've also called in Norm to do the prep work and painting. However, Ivan's ideas are all form and no function. On top of that, he's dictatorial. So they fire him - nicely of course. Inadvertently, Norm, by just moving a chair in their living room so that he can spackle a wall, causes Lilith and Frasier to gush about the great placement of the chair in its new location. From this, Norm really does show his talent for what he calls color and "where to place the ottoman", and he is hired to design and implement the Crane's apartment. It turns out to be exactly what they want and it looks great. From this, the Crane's recommend Norm to their yuppie friends of friends, Kim and Robert Cooperman, who also want their place redone. Norm's initial meeting with the Cooperman's doesn't start off well. Frasier tells him that the Cooperman's are snobs who expect their designers, to use Frasier's term, to be "stylish" i.e. gay and flamboyantly so. To get the job, Norm pretends to be what the Cooperman's want. He eventually gets hired and does another great job. From this, the Cooperman's want Norm to do their mountain cabin as well. But the Cooperman's also have another gift for Norm: a man. To get out of revealing his true identity, Norm fabricates a boyfriend: Sam. As good a friend as Norm is, Sam can only take the lie so far and Norm's true life is revealed. The Cooperman's are hurt and vow to take their business elsewhere. That is until Norm offers a compromise. The gang at the bar are also hurt that Norm didn't confide in his new life to them, but they quickly get over that with a few special deals. Elsewhere in the bar, Rebecca is afraid that she's looking a little fat, and Sam in particular ribs her about that.

How to Win Friends and Electrocute Yourself

The Cranes are going on a driving vacation, and Lilith admits to Sam that she doesn't know how to drive and would like him to teach her. He soon regrets saying yes as she becomes an aggressive, maniac driving machine, with Sam taking the brunt of other drivers' wrath against Lilith. Meanwhile, Rebecca gets her photo taken for a newspaper article. However her photo gets misprinted - in the obituary section. Cliff isn't dead but goes on like he might be soon. He is going into the hospital for an appendectomy. He's making a big deal about the life and death nature of the surgery. While in the hospital, he gets no visitors. Everyone at the bar assumes that someone else has gone to visit him. Frasier volunteers only since he has to make rounds at the hospital anyway. When he arrives at Cliff's room, he finds out that Cliff has already been discharged. Frasier makes some disparaging remarks about Cliff which Cliff overhears. Cliff is hurt that no one came to visit, Frasier leveling with him that perhaps it is because of his insensitive and obnoxious personality. Cliff thinks that some fast acting and drastic measures are required to strengthen his so-called friendships, and decides on shock-aversion therapy. Against the advice of the therapist, Dr. McManus, he takes the shock-aversion treatment with him to the bar. Dr. McManus has a remote to shock Cliff every time he makes an insensitive or obnoxious remark, the shocks unbeknownst to everyone else in the bar. Cliff starts out well enough but soon gets shocked every other second, which cause Cliff to grab the remote and chase the therapist out of the bar. The gang is sorry that Cliff felt he had to resort to such measures to feel like he had friends. All is back to normal with their relationships, except for one, who has got a hold of the remote.

Jumping Jerks

Woody, Norm and Cliff come bounding into the bar after a drunken evening of watching The Magnificent Seven, and are feeling all macho. They talk about the lack of danger in everyday life, and crave for such. Another patron in the bar, Bob Speakes, is a skydiving instructor and suggests that they give skydiving a try. The three are all talk and no action, but finally agree to do it after Bob and Carla talk them into it, Carla more like goading them. The next day, the three are up in a plane ready for the jump. They all chicken out, the first men ever in Bob's history of teaching that have ever chickened out. However, the three make a pact that they will say to the gang at the bar that they did it, keeping the story nice and simple: they jumped, the chutes opened, they landed. The two problems are Cliff, who needs to embellish the story to pump up his own so-called extraordinary achievements, and Woody, who has never told a lie in his life. Carla doesn't believe that they did it, until Woody, who is nervous in the lie, says that they did. He manages to convince Carla in the lie. Sam is jealous of the three as he's always wanted to skydive, and talks the three of them into taking him up for a jump. They can't weasel out of it, but especially Woody feels that given another chance, he could do it and the lies he told would no longer be lies. Back up in the plane the following day, the three chicken out once again and the truth comes out that they didn't jump before. But Sam also chickens out, and suggests they continue with the lie. Back at the bar, the guys talk up a storm, and Rebecca suggests that they do one more jump holding a banner advertising Cheers, the act filmed by a camera crew. They all talk her out of the idea until she infers that the macho bravado of the act might be enough for her to go to bed with Sam, which is enough for him to agree. The third time out, the four chicken out again. However at the last minute, Woody, who is feeling guilty about the lies and deceit, decides to jump, which he does with abandon. Sam is buoyed by Woody's action, and he talks Norm into jumping with him. They do it. Cliff, alone in the plane with Bob and Rick the pilot, has no intention of jumping. However Bob has ways of making people jump without them knowing it, and Cliff is out of the plane. After all is said and done, the possible Rebecca liaison with a skydiver: she has a date with Bob, the instructor.

Please Mr. Postman

Cliff is saddled with the task of training a new postal employee, and he's not too happy about a rookie getting in his way. However he changes his tune when he meets her: Margaret 'Maggie' O'Keefe. Maggie is as passionate about the post office as Cliff and she vows, with his mentoring, to be the second best postal employee behind him. Maggie's post office passion transfers itself to Cliff, Cliff as surprised and as nervous as he's ever been to this revelation as it will be his first time with a woman. At their scheduled rendezvous at an out of the way motel, things are going well until a policeman comes by asking the motel guests about the stolen postal truck, obviously the one Maggie used to drive to the motel. She talks Cliff into lying for her. Although the story they tell the postal authorities works, Maggie no longer feels the same for Cliff since they sullied the good name of the postal service. They decide to tell the truth, resulting in her being fired and Cliff demoted for six weeks, delivering mail in "dreaded zone 19", the zone with the rottweilers. At least he can be with Maggie once again. But being the devoted postal employee that she is, Maggie has other things in mind. She's off to Canada to work for the Canadian postal service and she wants Cliff to go with her. But not even the love of a good woman is enough for Cliff to abandon the U.S. and its postal service. Meanwhile, in Sam's never ending quest to bed Rebecca, Frasier suggests that he find the one sensory stimulus that turns Rebecca's crank. She admits to Sam that she does have one, it being a song from her teen-aged years. Sam discovers that it's The Righteous Brothers' "You've Lost That Lovin' Feeling". Rebecca manages to disguise the fact that that is the song in front of Sam, but pours out her sexual emotions on the first man she sees after, that being Norm.

Golden Boyd

Rebecca is asked once again by one of the corporate bigwigs to organize a party. This time, Vice-President Walter Gaines wants her to throw a luncheon at his house as a European homecoming for his daughter Kelly. Rebecca drags along Sam and Woody to tend bar at the get together. Sam has a great time as he figures out the way to a good tip is to tell an 'ex-famous-pitcher now doing menial labor' hard luck story. Woody doesn't have as good a time as he butts heads with Kelly's boyfriend Nash, he and Nash taking an instant dislike to each other. It goes as far as them making a date for a fight at Cheers the following day. It can't really be called a fight as Nash decks Woody with one swift, quick blow. Kelly finds out about the fight and comes to the bar, although she's too late to stop it. Sam and Carla and finally Woody think that Woody dating Kelly would be a good way to get back at Nash. He goes about it the old fashioned way by asking Mr. Gaines for his permission. Although Mr. Gaines admires Woody's old fashioned approach, he basically laughs at Woody for his presumption. But to Woody's surprise, Kelly, who's opinion is the one who really counts, decides to go out with Woody as she feels unappreciated by Nash. Kelly and Woody end up having a nice date, at an event unfamiliar to Kelly: a monster truck pull. Nash finds out about the date, and he isn't mad as he understands Kelly only did it to make a point. Kelly and Nash make up - or so everyone thinks. Kelly comes back to Woody saying that she had more fun with Woody than she ever did with Nash. Woody has a whole new unrefined life left to show her.

I Kid You Not

Ludlow is Carla's son, fathered by Frasier's mentor, Dr. Bennett Ludlow. Ludlow has some of his father in him: he's an intellectual and enjoys cultural things in life, like the opera and classical music, unlike Carla's other children. Frasier and Lilith want to take Ludlow to the opera, both because they want to help Ludlow further his interest in the arts, but also to find out if they are parent material as they're thinking about having children of their own. Ludlow is enamored with the opera and Frasier and Lilith are equally as enamored with Ludlow and want to do more cultural things with him. Carla feels like she's losing him to another social class. After a week of Frasier and Lilith doing everything with Ludlow, Carla puts her foot down when they want to take him out to the most exclusive restaurant in town, if only because she wants some time with her own son. But Carla gives in yet again. However Sam talks Frasier and Lilith into asking Carla along as well. At dinner, the Cranes ultimately see another side of Ludlow - after all, Ludlow is only six years old and does have some of Carla's genes as well. The dinner goes so poorly for Frasier and Lilith, Frasier reconsiders his initial thought of wanting to be a father. Despite that statement, Lilith has news: she's pregnant. The Cranes are elated about their situation. With others in the bar, Woody is going to his first country club dinner with Kelly, and wants to drive there instead of taking the bus like he and Kelly usually do. Carless, he asks Sam, the man who lives for his Vette, if he can borrow his car. Initially Sam laughs in his face for even asking, but Woody somehow manages to talk Sam into it. But Kelly and Woody are going to end up with a chaperone for the evening. In actuality, Sam's Vette is going to have it's owner not let it out of his sight.

Don't Paint Your Chickens

Sam is dating a young woman named Erin. Sam meets Erin on the pretense that he is totally into athletics - tennis, hiking, cycling, running to name a few activities - since she implies that's what she's into. After a few dates, he becomes so tired that he feels he needs to call it off with her. But to maintain his macho pride, he tells her that he wants to break it off with her since she is just slowing him down. Ironically, she says that that might be a good thing since she really is looking for someone with who to lay back in bed and share a bubble bath. A little less active are Norm and Rebecca. Norm hasn't had a painting job in months. Rebecca just had another interview at corporate, but seems to be is getting nowhere in the company. So she suggests to Norm that she use her considerable marketing skills to help him market his painting company. Norm is reluctant to do so, until Rebecca threatens him with something called his bar tab. Rebecca has an expensive marketing plan up her sleeve. In Rebecca's mind, Norm's company is her new career when they get their first new client based on the marketing. When she finds out that she didn't get the new job at corporate and lost it to someone less qualified, she decides to go down to corporate to tell off the CEO, Mr. Anawalt. After she leaves, Norm finds out they lost their one and only client. Norm manages to tell her before she tells off Anawalt, but she decides that she needs to stick to her guns this time and take a stand. She accuses Anawalt of incompetence in terms of his marketing decisions, especially in the choice of the marketing executives. Instead of firing her, he admires her initiative and promotes her. Just then, the FBI come in and haul Anawalt away in handcuffs on charges of insider trading, which he admits is the truth. Rebecca is back to overseeing the slinging of beer at Cheers.

The Cranemakers

Rebecca and the company are forcing Woody to take a vacation, something he has not done since he's started working at Cheers. The company is sending him to Italy, and he's not happy about it. But he goes. He ends up having a great vacation, but not in Italy. He missed his flight and spent the entire week at the airport, meeting people from all over the world. Meanwhile, Lilith is well into her pregnancy and is becoming the stereotypical Earth Mother. Frasier is embarrassed by the way she's acting. However he changes his tune when he listens to the baby's heartbeat for the first time. He then becomes Earth Father. As part of this revelation, the Cranes relinquish the materialism of their lives and decide to live out in the wilderness in a cabin Frasier intends to build, and live solely off the land. Realizing that they are true urbanites, Sam convinces them to try it for a week in a friend's cabin first before making up their minds for good. They agree. They start out with the best of intentions, but nerves soon start to fray since neither brought matches and they can't start a fire. Frasier spends the entire time at the cabin trying to create a spark with two rocks. He is unsuccessful. They quickly and simultaneously come to the same conclusion: they want to go home, to the decadent, materialistic world they love so much.

What's Up, Doc?

Sam hits on a beautiful woman in the bar, she who promptly shoots him down. She is Dr. Sheila Rydell, a clinical psychiatrist and a colleague of the Drs. Crane. Because she shot him down, Sam wants her more. Cliff suggests that he approach her on a professional level, that he should make an appointment to see her with some psychiatric problem. Despite the touchy nature of the issue itself, Carla convinces Sam to use the problem of impotence, as all women love to help a man rectify such a problem. He does go in to see her at her office and she sees right through his story. When he confesses that he made up the story just to see her again and to ask her out, she accepts, thinking that the clinical part of her job is creeping a little too much into her personal life. They have a good time at dinner, but it's Sam that can't separate her personal and professional life. She admits to him that she does have a negative professional opinion of him, that he is an aging Lothario who only has sex in his life. But she still wants to sleep with him since she suspects he's good at it. Sam is offended and promptly ends their date. He's a bit depressed because he thinks that the doctor may be right. But Rebecca, after some thought, convinces Sam that he has other interests in life, namely the Three Stooges.

The Gift of the Woodi

Rebecca, self professed as "too darn beautiful", and is looking to Lilith as her new role model in getting ahead in the business world. However what works for Lilith works for Lilith: corporate offers her the job that Rebecca wants. Woody is getting closer to corporate as well as he dates Mr Gaines' daughter, Kelly. It's Kelly's birthday and Mr. Gaines invites Woody to her party. The gang at the bar thinks he's doing it just to put Woody in a bad light in Kelly's eyes as Woody can't afford to buy Kelly an expensive gift to which she's accustomed. In fact, she does get one expensive new car after another as birthday gifts. Frasier suggests a gift from the heart. As such, Woody writes a love song and sings it for Kelly. As much as Kelly likes the song, she is still wondering where her present is. As much as he loves Kelly, he thinks this may be the end of their relationship. He tries to match her other gifts by buying her an inexpensive piece of jewelry, something that he can't really afford. He finally gets through to her that he is poor and that an Automated Teller Machine is not an infinite source of money. True love comes through. But love is a two-way street: Kelly was going to buy Woody a Porsche for his birthday, but now...

Call Me, Irresponsible

There are a lot of transactions taking place in the bar this evening. Despite Rebecca's concern about its legality and its affect on the bar's license, Sam organizes a basketball betting pool worth $500, $125 for each of the four quarters. Two reluctant bettors are Woody, who doesn't like to lose money or take money from his friends, and Rebecca, who eventually sees that $500 is more than she normally makes in an evening's work. Woody promptly wins each of the first three quarters, irking the guys by first being smug about it, then acting nonchalant about it. However the winner of the last quarter is Rebecca, who is promptly caught by an off duty police officer in the bar. Under pressure, she tells the detective the money is not illegal gambling winnings, but earned moneys from her work as a prostitute. The second transaction happens between the Cranes and Norm, the former who have hired the latter to decorate their unborn child's nursery in as neutral and unbaby-like a scheme as possible. And the third sets of transactions happen primarily between the gang at the bar and the local florist. It's Carla's second wedding anniversary to Eddie, and she is without Eddie for the evening as he's on the road with the ice show. But Carla is certain that he'll come through with a romantic gesture for their anniversary regardless. He's got five and a half hours until midnight and nothing yet has happened. Fearing that Eddie won't come through, the guys buy Carla some roses, but she knows they're not from Eddie as the guys have signed the card "Edward", whereas Eddie's real name is Guy. Then sensing that Eddie may actually forget, Carla sends herself some flowers, signing the card with Eddie's name. However, her fraud is discovered when the florist calls the bar to say Carla's credit card has been rejected. Then daughter Sarafina calls the bar saying that Eddie has sent a package home and that Anthony's going to bring the package to the bar. It happens only to be Eddie's laundry. As Carla resigns herself to the fact that Eddie did forget, he calls the bar to wish her a happy anniversary. Apparently, he was on his way home when he was called back for an unscheduled rehearsal. Carla is relieved. However, she suspects that Sam may have called Eddie to remind him. Sam won't tell. Perhaps he can't since Carla has placed a curse on his tongue if he did warn Eddie.

Sisterly Love

Rebecca's estranged sister, Susan, is in Boston to shoot a commercial. She's an actress specializing in horror movies. She stops by the bar in the off chance that Rebecca might want to see her. Rebecca doesn't. Sam finds out that much of the sisterly discord is from the Susan stealing Rebecca's boyfriends when they were younger. Sam uses this information in his attempt to bed both sisters. He tells Susan that Rebecca and he are an item, after which she agrees to go out with him. He tells Rebecca that Susan is interested in him, to which Rebecca replies that to get back at Susan, Sam should break off their date and Rebecca would go out with him in Susan's place. So Sam postpones his date with Susan to take out Rebecca, with his date with Susan now later in the evening. However Susan can't wait and appears at the same time Sam is supposed to go out with Rebecca. For Rebecca, this is the last straw with Susan. Rebecca pulls out a gun and shoots Susan. Sam is mortified. But Rebecca isn't, nor is the rest of the gang at the bar, nor is Susan, who is still alive. Susan's acting talents came into good use as it was all a gag on Sam. Rebecca and Susan planned the whole shooting incident to get back at Sam for his come ons to both. In fact, Rebecca and Susan are grateful to Sam as this was the act needed to bring them back together as loving sisters.

Staffel 8 - Alle Folgen mit Al Rosen

The Improbable Dream: Part 2

Rebecca is whisked off her feet by Robin Colcord. He has taken her on his private jet to several cities on the west coast, lavished with expensive clothes and jewelry, and pampered her with spas and facials. Sam on the surface is getting on with his womanizing life, but a dream with Rebecca turning into Al unmasks some deeper feelings. Telling the gang at the bar about the dream, Sam gets differing opinions from the gang, including differing professional opinions from the Drs. Crane. But Sam comes to the self-conclusion that he really does care deeply for Rebecca, something he feels that Robin doesn't. So he takes the chance and decides to tell her that he does really care for her. Just as he is ready to do so, Robin beats him to the punch and tells her that he cares very deeply for her. Sam has missed his chance with Rebecca, at least for the time being.

The Two Faces of Norm

Sam is trying to save money to buy back the bar, but things are going slowly. Rebecca suggests he sell his beloved Corvette. After deliberating, he decides to do so. But he makes the process so difficult as the buyer has to be as committed a Corvette lover as he is. Finally he sells the car, but after snide remark and after snide remark about his replacement vehicle - a Volare - he needs to get his Corvette back. Finally Frasier is the one who convinces the buyer to give Sam his car back. The buyer was Lilith. Meanwhile, Norm is swamped with painting work, so Rebecca and Woody suggest he hire some painters to work under him. Norm is reluctant as he is not boss material. In other words, he figures he will have no backbone to demand work from his employees. But he does end up hiring Rudy, John and Scott, who end up being more buddies than employees. Their work ethic is lax. When Norm thinks out loud that he needs to hire another tough guy to handle the employee situation, Frasier suggests that all he needs to do is develop an alter ego. This alter ego become Anton Kreitzer, the last name being Vera's maiden name. Kreitzer is like a Nazi dictator. To further the masquerade, Norm even rents office space for him and Kreitzer, and hires a meek secretary named Doris, who obviously has never met Kreitzer despite sitting outside his office every day. Rudy, John and Scott want to confront Kreitzer for his rough treatment not only of them but of Norm as well. Norm has to rush down to the office before Rudy, John and Scott get there. Norm manages to avert Rudy and the others from meeting Kreitzer. However after that situation is averted, Rudy goes back to the office when Norm isn't there and finds that Kreitzer's office is all a front. Rudy assumes that soft-hearted Norm Peterson does not exist, and that Norm really is Kreitzer. The gang at the bar don't help Norm convince Rudy otherwise.

The Stork Brings a Crane

Rebecca discovers that it is the bar's 100th anniversary and plans a centennial type celebration, which is to include the Mayor of Boston, Raymond L. Flynn. The festivities don't end up being what she anticipates. First, she is the only one to dress in gay nineties costume. Second, the Mayor's office apprehends the ever over ambitious American, Cliff Clavin. Third, Mr. Weaver, a 106 year old man who Rebecca finds that lived in the neighborhood when the bar opened, is a lecherous dirty old man hitting on all the women. He even resorts to faking a heart attack so that women will bend over in front of him. Fourth, the barbershop quartet that Rebecca hires annoys all the bar regulars, especially Sam. And fifth, the two week overdue Lilith goes into labor. At the hospital, Lilith finds out that it was false labor. Lilith's hospital roommate, Gail Aldrich, is all alone in Boston while she's having her baby, so Sam and Frasier go off and help her out since Lilith is not in labor. In the meantime, the doctor sends Lilith home. So when Sam and Frasier return to Lilith's room after helping Gail give birth, they find that Lilith is carrying a baby of her own. She gave birth in their absence. Apparently after being discharged, Lilith couldn't find Frasier, so took a cab, where she promptly went into real labor and gave birth. Although not the ideal way Frasier and/or Lilith would have wanted the delivery to happen, they'll take it.

Two Girls for Every Boyd

When Sam comes into work with a day's facial hair growth, he, Cliff, Norm and Frasier decide to have a $20 per person 1-month beard growing contest, judged by Carla and Rebecca on length, body, fullness, luster, sheen, bounce and the ever important beer absorption ability. The day before the end of the contest, Sam, Norm and Frasier's beards are looking full and lush, while Cliff's is still straggly. The day of the judging, Cliff miraculously comes in with a full beard, which he attributes the the Clavin genes of sporadic but quick hair growth. Carla thinks he's lying and has a glued on beard but a hard tug at his beard proves that it is real. After the judging, Cliff is deemed the winner. However, unbeknownst to anyone, Cliff's beard is fake which he affixed with a super strength but damaging to skin adhesive. Meanwhile, Woody is offered his first leading role at his theater group, that of the young lover George Gibbs in Thornton Wilder's Our Town. He is excited about doing the part but doesn't tell Kelly as he doesn't want her to know that he has a romantic scene with an actress, even though it's just make believe. However the scene isn't very romantic as there is no such chemistry between Woody and Emily, his leading lady. The fault is all Woody's as he feels like he is cheating on Kelly. Lee Bradken, the director, tells Emily that she has to coax a performance from Woody or else he is going to have to fire him. So Emily uses all her feminine wiles to seduce Woody, only to have their scenes be real. Woody construes Emily's come-ons as being real which makes his performance even less real in deference to his love for Kelly. Emily tells Woody the come-on was a fake purely to stir some emotions from inside him. Finally Emily takes matters into her own hands and gives Woody a passionate kiss, which Kelly witnesses. Kelly finds out that Woody has lied to her about being in a play, and is angry since she feels he doesn't trust her. Woody and Kelly clear the air. But nothing that Emily has done has evoked an emotionally charged performance from Woody. That all changes when Emily tells him that Lee is going to fire him unless he can tell her he loves her. In Woody's mind, fear is the key to great acting.

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