7.13 Golden Boyd - Cheers

Episode: 7.13 Golden Boyd



1982 - 1993

Number of episodes:
275 Episodes in 11 Seasons


Cheers - Episode 7.13
Cheers - Season 7
Season 7
Number of episodes:
First Air Date:
October 27, 1988

- Season 7

7.13 Golden Boyd - Cheers Episode Guide

Golden Boyd

Rebecca is asked once again by one of the corporate bigwigs to organize a party. This time, Vice-President Walter Gaines wants her to throw a luncheon at his house as a European homecoming for his daughter Kelly. Rebecca drags along Sam and Woody to tend bar at the get together. Sam has a great time as he figures out the way to a good tip is to tell an 'ex-famous-pitcher now doing menial labor' hard luck story. Woody doesn't have as good a time as he butts heads with Kelly's boyfriend Nash, he and Nash taking an instant dislike to each other. It goes as far as them making a date for a fight at Cheers the following day. It can't really be called a fight as Nash decks Woody with one swift, quick blow. Kelly finds out about the fight and comes to the bar, although she's too late to stop it. Sam and Carla and finally Woody think that Woody dating Kelly would be a good way to get back at Nash. He goes about it the old fashioned way by asking Mr. Gaines for his permission. Although Mr. Gaines admires Woody's old fashioned approach, he basically laughs at Woody for his presumption. But to Woody's surprise, Kelly, who's opinion is the one who really counts, decides to go out with Woody as she feels unappreciated by Nash. Kelly and Woody end up having a nice date, at an event unfamiliar to Kelly: a monster truck pull. Nash finds out about the date, and he isn't mad as he understands Kelly only did it to make a point. Kelly and Nash make up - or so everyone thinks. Kelly comes back to Woody saying that she had more fun with Woody than she ever did with Nash. Woody has a whole new unrefined life left to show her.
First Air DateFebruary 9, 1989
Directed by
Created by
Written by
Ted Danson als Sam Malone bei Cheers
Image: Ted Danson as Sam Malone in Cheers


as Sam Malone

270 Episodes (1982-1993)

from Episode: 1.01 - Give Me a Ring Sometime

Birth Name:
Edward Bridge Danson III

Born December 29, 1947
in San Diego, Kalifornien, USA

Kirstie Alley als Rebecca Howe bei Cheers
Image: Kirstie Alley as Rebecca Howe in Cheers


as Rebecca Howe

147 Episodes (1987-1993)

from Episode: 6.01 - Home Is the Sailor

Birth Name:
Kirstie Louise Deal

Born January 12, 1951
in Wichita, Kansas

Rhea Perlman als Carla Tortelli bei Cheers
Image: Rhea Perlman as Carla Tortelli in Cheers


as Carla Tortelli

270 Episodes (1982-1993)

from Episode: 1.01 - Give Me a Ring Sometime

Birth Name:
Rhea Jo Perlman

Born March 31, 1948
in Brooklyn, New York, USA

John Ratzenberger als Cliff Clavin bei Cheers
Image: John Ratzenberger as Cliff Clavin in Cheers


as Cliff Clavin

268 Episodes (1982-1993)

from Episode: 1.01 - Give Me a Ring Sometime

Birth Name:
John Deszo Ratzenberger

Born April 6, 1947
in Bridgeport, Connecticut, USA

Woody Harrelson als Woody Boyd bei Cheers
Image: Woody Harrelson as Woody Boyd in Cheers


as Woody Boyd

198 Episodes (1985-1993)

from Episode: 4.01 - Birth, Death, Love and Rice

Birth Name:
Woodrow Tracy Harrelson

Born July 23, 1961
in Midland, Texas, USA

Kelsey Grammer als Dr. Frasier Crane bei Cheers
Image: Kelsey Grammer as Dr. Frasier Crane in Cheers


as Dr. Frasier Crane

201 Episodes (1984-1993)

from Episode: 3.01 - Rebound: Part 1

Birth Name:
Allen Kelsey Grammer

Born February 21, 1955
in St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands

George Wendt als Norm Peterson bei Cheers
Image: George Wendt as Norm Peterson in Cheers


as Norm Peterson

270 Episodes (1982-1993)

from Episode: 1.01 - Give Me a Ring Sometime

Birth Name:
George Robert Wendt

Born October 17, 1948
in Chicago, Illinois, USA

Vaughn Armstrong als Telek R'Mor (1.06), Lansor / Two of Nine (6.02), Vidiian Captain (6.23),Alpha-Hirogen (7.09) und Korath (7.25) bei Star Trek: Raumschiff Voyager
Placeholder Image: Vaughn Armstrong as Telek R'Mor (1.06), Lansor / Two of Nine (6.02), Vidiian Captain (6.23),Alpha-Hirogen (7.09) und Korath (7.25) in Star Trek: Raumschiff Voyager
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as Mr. Osborn (7.13) and Uncle Val (7.19)

2 Episodes (1989)

from Episode: 7.13 - Golden Boyd

Birth Name:
Vaughn Dale Armstrong

Born July 7, 1950
in Sonora, Kalifornien, USA


as Mark

9 Episodes (1987-1990)

from Episode: 5.13 - Chambers vs. Malone

Born June 15, 1950
in Chicago, Illinois, USA

†  March 24, 2016

as Detective McGuiness

2 Episodes (1989)

from Episode: 7.13 - Golden Boyd

Born February 17, 1941
in Rochester, New York, USA

Fredric Cook died March 24, 2016, passing away at the age of 75


as Mr. Walter Gaines

8 Episodes (1989-1993)

from Episode: 7.13 - Golden Boyd

Born January 1, 1945
in Brockton, Massachusetts, USA


as Nash

1 Episode (1989)

7.13 - Golden Boyd

Birth Name:
Tyrone William Power IV

Born January 22, 1959
in Los Angeles, Kalifornien, USA

Josef Rainer als Hospital Guard bei MacGyver
Placeholder Image: Josef Rainer as Hospital Guard in MacGyver
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as Kelly Gaines

24 Episodes (1989-1993)

from Episode: 7.13 - Golden Boyd

Born June 25, 1963
in Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA

†  August 2, 1990

as Al

45 Episodes (1984-1989)

from Episode: 1.16 - The Boys in the Bar

Born May 9, 1910
in Maryland, USA

Al Rosen died August 2, 1990 in Hollywood, California, USA , passing away at the age of 80

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