5.06 Tan 'N' Wash - Cheers

Episode: 5.06 Tan 'N' Wash



1982 - 1993

Number of episodes:
275 Episodes in 11 Seasons


Cheers - Episode 5.06
Cheers - Season 5
Season 5
Number of episodes:
First Air Date:
September 25, 1986

- Season 5

5.6 Tan 'N' Wash - Cheers Episode Guide

Tan 'N' Wash

Diane goads over Sam the fact that she is dating other men, namely Chad. Sam doesn't seem to care, but does. Diane probably is only doing it to bother Sam. After a few dates, Diane calls it off with Chad, she's says because she knows that it is bothering Sam. Once again, Sam feigns indifference in front of her. Meanwhile, Norm has added financial counselor to his resume and has made a tidy profit for one of his grateful clients. The gang at the bar all want in on Norm's next big investment opportunity, but he is reluctant to even tell them what it is as business and friendship don't mix. Easily plied with free beer by Sam, Norm does reveal his next investment: Tan 'N' Wash, a combination tanning salon, coin operated laundry. Norm swears the timing is right for such a venture - winter is approaching, and everyone always needs clean clothes. Everyone is skeptical as to the concept, but Sam, Diane, Cliff and Carla all buy in fearing losing out on Norm's winning streak. The timing may not be perfect after all as Boston is experiencing an Indian summer, and the public is continuing to get their tans the natural way outdoors. The four investors are all antsy at the investment, some are mad at Norm, but all want out. Reluctantly, Norm lets them out of their financial obligations. Immediately after that, the weather in Boston changes to snow, and Tan 'N' Wash becomes a big success. Norm is making a lot of money and is flounting his riches. The four investors are now mad because they didn't stay in, and mad again at Norm for his success of which they could have been a part. Just as Norm is about ready to leave Cheers forever due to the ill will, they all come to their senses and apologize to Norm for their childish behavior. That's when he tells them that he didn't take their money out of Tan 'N' Wash after all, and he hands them all their first big dividend checks. They're elated. As they all bask in the glow of their riches, the roof literally and figuratively falls on Tan 'N' Wash: the weight of the snow collapsed the roof of the building and they had no insurance. That's the break in venture capital investment.
First Air DateNovember 6, 1986
Directed by
Created by
Written by
Ted Danson als Sam Malone bei Cheers
Image: Ted Danson as Sam Malone in Cheers


as Sam Malone

270 Episodes (1982-1993)

from Episode: 1.01 - Give Me a Ring Sometime

Birth Name:
Edward Bridge Danson III

Born December 29, 1947
in San Diego, Kalifornien, USA

Shelley Long als Diane Chambers bei Cheers
Image: Shelley Long as Diane Chambers in Cheers


as Diane Chambers

123 Episodes (1982-1993)

from Episode: 1.01 - Give Me a Ring Sometime

Birth Name:
Shelley Lee Long

Born August 23, 1949
in Fort Wayne, Indiana, USA

Rhea Perlman als Carla Tortelli bei Cheers
Image: Rhea Perlman as Carla Tortelli in Cheers


as Carla Tortelli

270 Episodes (1982-1993)

from Episode: 1.01 - Give Me a Ring Sometime

Birth Name:
Rhea Jo Perlman

Born March 31, 1948
in Brooklyn, New York, USA

John Ratzenberger als Cliff Clavin bei Cheers
Image: John Ratzenberger as Cliff Clavin in Cheers


as Cliff Clavin

268 Episodes (1982-1993)

from Episode: 1.01 - Give Me a Ring Sometime

Birth Name:
John Deszo Ratzenberger

Born April 6, 1947
in Bridgeport, Connecticut, USA

Woody Harrelson als Woody Boyd bei Cheers
Image: Woody Harrelson as Woody Boyd in Cheers


as Woody Boyd

198 Episodes (1985-1993)

from Episode: 4.01 - Birth, Death, Love and Rice

Birth Name:
Woodrow Tracy Harrelson

Born July 23, 1961
in Midland, Texas, USA

Kelsey Grammer als Dr. Frasier Crane bei Cheers
Image: Kelsey Grammer as Dr. Frasier Crane in Cheers


as Dr. Frasier Crane

201 Episodes (1984-1993)

from Episode: 3.01 - Rebound: Part 1

Birth Name:
Allen Kelsey Grammer

Born February 21, 1955
in St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands

George Wendt als Norm Peterson bei Cheers
Image: George Wendt as Norm Peterson in Cheers


as Norm Peterson

270 Episodes (1982-1993)

from Episode: 1.01 - Give Me a Ring Sometime

Birth Name:
George Robert Wendt

Born October 17, 1948
in Chicago, Illinois, USA

as Steve

28 Episodes (1984-1993)

from Episode: 2.14 - No Help Wanted


as Paul Krapence

55 Episodes (1983-1993)

from Episode: 1.20 - Someone Single, Someone Blue

Born December 25, 1945
in Fairmont, Minnesota, USA

†  August 2, 1990

as Al

45 Episodes (1984-1989)

from Episode: 1.16 - The Boys in the Bar

Born May 9, 1910
in Maryland, USA

Al Rosen died August 2, 1990 in Hollywood, California, USA , passing away at the age of 80

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