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2002 - 2012

Number of episodes:
232 Episodes in 10 Seasons

CSI: Miami follows Crime Scene Investigators working for the Miami-Dade Police Department as they use physical evidence, similar to their Las Vegas counterparts, to solve grisly murders. The series mixes deduction, gritty subject matter, and character-driven drama in the same vein as the original series in the CSI franchise, except that the Miami CSIs are cops first, scientists second.

Ryan McPartlin - Josh Avery in CSI Miami
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as Josh Avery

4 Episodes (2012)

from Episode: 10.15 - No Good Deed

Born July 3, 1975
in Chicago, Illinois, USA

Staffel 10 - Alle Folgen mit Ryan McPartlin

Josh Avery

No Good Deed

A by-the-book accountant is killed after being run over in the ocean by a motorboat, and the team soon discovers that he made a lot of enemies by exposing their illegal activities.

Rest in Pieces

CSI links a dead body found buried on the beach to an old nemesis, Esteban Navarro. And a closer investigation of the crime scene could uncover a wealth of other shocking Navarro family secrets.

Law & Disorder

After a murder helps uncover a scandal involving a city councilman, Horatio discovers that a sleazy defense attorney from his past may be blackmailing his clients into helping keep his other clients out of jail.

Josh Avery

Habeas Corpse

Nachdem Horatio klar wird, dass entweder Samantha oder Avery für Vogel arbeiten und einer von beiden wichtige Beweise manipuliert haben muss, nimmt das Misstrauen im Labor weiter zu. Inzwischen will Ryan Wolfe den Staatsanwalt Avery zur Rede stellen. Doch dann verliert Ryan sein Bewusstsein; als er wieder aufwacht liegt er neben dem toten Avery in dessen Wohnung. Horatio ist gezwungen Ryan zu verhaften.

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