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Episode: 9.16 Hunting Ground

CSI Miami

CSI Miami

2002 - 2012

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232 Episodes in 10 Seasons


CSI Miami - Episode 9.16
CSI Miami - Season 9
CSI Miami
Season 9
Number of episodes:
First Air Date:
October 3, 2010

- Season 9

9.16 Hunting Ground - CSI Miami Episode Guide

Hunting Ground

The team discovers that somebody is hunting illegal immigrants in the Everglades.
First Air DateMarch 13, 2011
Directed by
Created by
Written by
David Caruso als Lieutenant Horatio Caine bei CSI Miami
Image: David Caruso as Lieutenant Horatio Caine in CSI Miami


as Lieutenant Horatio Caine

232 Episodes (2002-2012)

from Episode: 1.01 - Golden Parachute

Birth Name:
David Stephen Caruso

Born January 7, 1956
in Forest Hills, New York, USA

Emily Procter als Calleigh Duquesne bei CSI Miami
Image: Emily Procter as Calleigh Duquesne in CSI Miami


as Calleigh Duquesne

232 Episodes (2002-2012)

from Episode: 1.01 - Golden Parachute

Birth Name:
Emily Mallory Procter

Born October 8, 1968
in Raleigh, North Carolina, USA

Jonathan Togo als Ryan Wolfe bei CSI Miami
Image: Jonathan Togo as Ryan Wolfe in CSI Miami


as Ryan Wolfe

182 Episodes (2004-2012)

from Episode: 3.03 - Under the Influence

Birth Name:
Jonathan Frederick Togo

Born August 25, 1977
in Rockland, Massachusetts, USA

Rex Linn als Detective Frank Tripp bei CSI Miami
Image: Rex Linn as Detective Frank Tripp in CSI Miami


as Detective Frank Tripp

187 Episodes (2003-2012)

from Episode: 1.16 - Evidence of Things Unseen

Birth Name:
Rex Maynard Linn

Born November 13, 1956
in Spearman, Texas, USA

Eva La Rue als Natalia Boa Vista bei CSI Miami
Image: Eva La Rue as Natalia Boa Vista in CSI Miami


as Natalia Boa Vista

153 Episodes (2005-2012)

from Episode: 4.01 - From the Grave

Birth Name:
Eva Maria LaRuy

Born December 27, 1966
in Long Beach, Kalifornien, USA


as Walter Simmons

63 Episodes (2009-2012)

from Episode: 8.03 - Bolt Action

Born October 7, 1978
in Los Angeles, Kalifornien, USA

Adam Rodriguez als Eric Delko bei CSI Miami
Image: Adam Rodriguez as Eric Delko in CSI Miami


as Eric Delko

221 Episodes (2002-2012)

from Episode: 1.01 - Golden Parachute

Birth Name:
Adam Michael Rodriguez

Born April 2, 1975
in New York City, New York, USA

Jamie Hector als Benjamin 'Knox' Washington bei Heroes
Placeholder Image: Jamie Hector as Benjamin 'Knox' Washington in Heroes
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as Jean Guiton

1 Episode (2011)

9.16 - Hunting Ground

Born October 7, 1975
in Brooklyn, New York City, New York, USA

Christian Clemenson als Charles Pellew bei CSI
Placeholder Image: Christian Clemenson as Charles Pellew in CSI
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as Dr. Tom Loman

52 Episodes (2009-2012)

from Episode: 8.03 - Bolt Action

Born March 17, 1958
in Humboldt, Iowa, USA

Neil Hopkins als Liam Pace bei Lost
Placeholder Image: Neil Hopkins as Liam Pace in Lost
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as Steve Raymer

1 Episode (2011)

9.16 - Hunting Ground

Birth Name:
Neil Edward Hopkins

Born May 13, 1977
in Trenton, New Jersey, USA

Eddie Jemison als Mr. Dorsey bei CSI
Placeholder Image: Eddie Jemison as Mr. Dorsey in CSI
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as Parker Boyd

2 Episodes (2003-2011)

from Episode: 1.15 - Dead Woman Walking

Born January 1, 1963
in New Orleans, Louisiana, USA


as Wesley Habeck

1 Episode (2011)

9.16 - Hunting Ground

Birth Name:
Chelcie Claude Ross

Born October 26, 1942
in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA

Christopher Redman als Airman Shep Wickenhouse bei Stargate SG-1
Placeholder Image: Christopher Redman as Airman Shep Wickenhouse in Stargate SG-1
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as Michael Travers

25 Episodes (2008-2011)

from Episode: 7.03 - And How Does That Make You Kill?

Born January 1, 1980
in Toronto, Ontario, Kanada

Kevin E. West als Detective Calderwood bei Lost
Placeholder Image: Kevin E. West as Detective Calderwood in Lost
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Kattia Ortiz als Nurse  bei Scrubs
Placeholder Image: Kattia Ortiz as Nurse  in Scrubs
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Richard Wharton als Kenny Valdez bei CSI
Placeholder Image: Richard Wharton as Kenny Valdez in CSI
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as Henri PD

1 Episode (2011)

9.16 - Hunting Ground

Born November 15, 1988
in Atlanta, Georgia, USA

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