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1978 - 1979

Number of episodes:
21 Episodes in 1 Season

When the 12 Colonies of Man are wiped out by a cybernetic race called the Cylons, Commander Adama and the crew of the battlestar Galactica lead a ragtag fleet of human survivors in search of a "mythical planet" called Earth.

Laurette Spang - Cassiopeia in Battlestar Galactica
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Laurette Spang als Cassiopeia bei Kampfstern Galactica
Image: Laurette Spang as Cassiopeia in Battlestar Galactica


as Cassiopeia

21 Episodes (1978-1979)

from Episode: 1.01 - Saga of a Star World

Birth Name:
Laurette Spang-McCook

Born May 16, 1951
in Buffalo, New York, USA

Staffel 1 - Alle Folgen mit Laurette Spang

Saga of a Star World

The Twelve Colonies of man are annihilated by the Cylons. Adama, commanding the last surviving Battlestar, takes it upon himself to lead all remaining survivors aboard 220 ships to find a new home. After the Galactica's fighter pilots successfully navigate a path through the Nova of Madagon minefield, the spoiled Sire Uri proposes to settle down on Carillon, where food and entertainment are provided by the natives. Adama however, suspects a Cylon trap.

Lost Planet of the Gods: Part 1

Out on patrol, Apollo and Starbuck come across a great void, while Boomer and Jolly are infected with a plague that soon infects the remaining Viper pilots. Soon, Apollo and Starbuck find themselves having to train a group of female cadets, including Apollo's fiancée, Serina.

Lost Planet of the Gods: Part 2

Adama orders the fleet to set a course into the seemingly endless void, where he expects to find the lost planet of Kobol, mother-world of the twelve tribes of man. Apollo and Serina are 'sealed' in marriage while Starbuck is being held captive on Baltar's Basestar. When Baltar learns of the search for Kobol, he follows the Colonial fleet for a face to face confrontation with Adama.

The Lost Warrior

Apollo crashes on the Wild West like planet Equellus after being pursued by four Cylon fighters. Nursed back to health by a widow named Bella and her son Puppis, Apollo takes on crime boss La Certa and Red-Eye, a Cylon centurion turned formidable gunfighter who killed Bella's husband Martin.

The Long Patrol

Starbuck's unplanned double-date with Cassiopeia and Athena on the recently-reopened luxury liner Rising Star is interrupted when the Galactica picks up long-range transmission traffic indicting human life in a distant solar system on the other side of a vast asteroid dust field. Starbuck is recalled to duty to pilot the Starchaser, an up-powered reconnaissance viper denuded of weaponry and bearing a voice-activated computer - Computer, Oral Response Activated, known simply as CORA - that can handle the vast increase in performance in the new viper. Starbuck is enthralled by the new viper, but less enthusiastic about CORA, who bears a personality that grates on Starbucks nerves. Starbuck picks up two star-craft from hundreds of years vintage and in the process he is double-crossed and knocked unconscious by a smuggler of liquor. Starbuck later finds himself incarcerated on Proteus, a prison planetoid that is a surviving body from hundreds of such penal facilities scattered through the stars by the Colonies during the Cylon War, facilities that made munitions and liquor for the war effort. Proteus is now manned by the distant antecedents of its original guards and prisoners and continues to make ambrosia for Colonial warriors, even though hundreds of years worth of ambrosia have never left the planet - and the planet may not even survive, as a Cylon patrol that has detected Starbuck's now-stolen viper has spotted the planetoid while the stolen viper is being pursued by Apollo and Boomer.

Gun on Ice Planet Zero: Part 1

A special task force, mostly made up out of convicts, is dispatched to destroy a giant Cylon operated pulsar cannon on the planet Aracta directly in the Colonial Fleet's path. Having lost a cadet on the planet earlier, Starbuck is eager to join the expedition for once. Boxey and Muffit also join the group as stowaways.

Gun on Ice Planet Zero: Part 2

As Apollo and the team of convicted specialists brave the snowy mountain to blow up the Ravashol Pulsar, the criminals plan their escape. Starbuck is still determined to make a detour and rescue cadet Cree, but the Theta clones object to the destruction of their creator's weapon.

The Magnificent Warriors

After the Cylon's destroy two of the fleet's Agro ships and cripple the last remaining one, Adama hopes to swap an old energizer for seed on the the planet Sectar in Quadrant Zeta. Unfortunately Siress Belloby won't give up the energizer unless the commander courts her. Down on the planet, the inhabitants of the small Agro community of Serenity are looking for a new dispensable constable to hold off the Borays who raid the town each high moon.

The Young Lords

Shot down by Cylons, Starbuck crash lands on Attila, a planet on the far edge of Omega Sector and finds himself rescued from a phalanx of Cylons by a family of children. Kyle, the young leader of these self proclaimed warriors, soon hatches a plan to trade Starbuck to Outpost commander Spectre for his captured father.

The Living Legend: Part 1

A year has elapsed since the Galactica began the voyage of the fugitive Colonial Fleet on their quest for the mythical planet Earth, and fleet wide supplies of fuel are now critically low, to the point where the civilian fleet must shut down ship thrusters and coast through space. Patrolling well ahead of the Fleet, Captain Apollo and Lieutenant Starbuck come under fire - but after a prolonged pursuit their attackers turn out to be Colonial Vipers! These Vipers are flown by Lieutenants Sheba and Bojay, ace pilots from the battlestar Pegasus, a battlestar thought destroyed two years earlier in the Cylon empire's conquest of the allied human world Molecay. Apollo and Starbuck are flown to the Pegasus and meet its legendary commander, Cain. Eventually the Pegasus reaches a rendezvous with the Galactica and Cain, greeted as a conquering hero for returning from the dead as well as for returning Apollo and Starbuck alive and well, informs Commander Adama about Gomoray, the capital planet of the empire of Delphia, a civilization that has been utterly exterminated by the Cylons. Gomoray is now a Cylon outer capital and contains a vast store of Tylium fuel that will restock the Fleet perfectly, but Cain is more concerned with using the Galactica to help him conquer the planet, an attack plan Adama adamantly vetoes because two battlestars cannot conquer the heavily-armed Gomoray garrison, and it will expose the civilian fleet to Cylon base stars. Cain accedes to a plan to intercept and capture a pair of Cylon Tylium tankers for the civilian fleet, but insists that a squadron from the Pegasus be involved. The reason why becomes evident when the combined phalanx from the Galactica and Pegasus finds the two tankers and take on its escorting force of Cylon Raiders - while Apollo leads the fight against the Cylons, Cain uses that as cover to blast both tankers out of the universe, thus forcing the Galactica to go along with an invasion of Gomoray to capture its fuel stocks. Adama, however, orders some of the Pegasus' fuel supply siphoned off and transfered to the civilian fleet, and forces Cain to confess to sabotaging the tanker mission; Cain is thus relieved of all command and Colonel Tigh placed in command of the Pegasus. This leads to a confrontation between Galactica officers led by Apollo and Pegasus officers led by Sheba, Cain's daughter, and Bojay - a confrontation aborted when a gigantic armada of Cylon Raiders under the personal command of Baltar finds the Flet and attacks the Galactica, landing telling fire into the Galactica's port flight bay and strafing civilian ships throughout the fleet, overwhelming the Galactica's badly outnumbered Viper phalanx. But the besieged Galactica has one last trump to play, as Cain is immediately reinstalled as commander of the Pegasus.......

The Living Legend: Part 2

A commando team consisting of Apollo, Starbuck and Boomer of the Galactica and Sheba and Bojay of the Pegasus goes down to Gamoray to destroy the anti-assault batteries. Cassiopeia insists on joining them as a med-tech. Their mission clears the way for Commander Cain to lead a suicide attack against three Cylon base stars commanded by Baltar.


Fire in Space

The crew of the Galactica struggle to fight massive fires on board caused by Cylon suicide incendiary attacks.

The War of the Gods: Part 1

Silver Spar Squadron is overtaken by a Ship of Lights and subsequently disappears. Investigating a red planet, Apollo, Starbuck and Sheba find a crashed starship and a lone survivor, the mysterious Count Iblis. After Sheba takes him on a tour of the Galactica and other ships in the fleet, the charismatic Count offers to perform three miracles of the Colonial's choosing if they will surrender leadership of the fleet to him.

War of the Gods: Part 2

Count Iblis has delivered the Colonials enemy, Baltar before the Counsil of Twelve. As the Colonials celebrate, Adama and Apollo come to the conclusion that the secret to Iblis' identity can only be found within the wreckage of the ship where he was first encountered.

The Man with Nine Lives

On the Rising Star, Three Borellian Nomen on a Blood Hunt are searching for a certain Captain Dimitri. Their prey, an old con artist now calling himself Chameleon, convinces Starbuck there is a chance he might be his long lost father in order to sneak past his pursuers and onto the Galactica.

Murder on the Rising Star

Starbuck is engaged in a game of triad (by Earth standards a mixture of basketball and football) and is consistently struck by hot-tempered bullying Flight Sergeant Ortega, whose low-blows to Starbuck finally result in a fight and ejection of both from the game. Starbuck nearly resumed the fight with Ortega but is stopped by Cassiopeia. Both men separate and after Ortega cleans up he is confronted - and found shot to death. Starbuck is seen rushing to the shuttle bay before Ortega's body is found - and when Starbuck's laser gun is tested it is found to be the murder weapon. Now incarcerated, Starbuck is at wit's end protesting his innocence and driven to force an escape. He boards his viper but is persuaded to stop by Apollo, and Apollo, checking on Ortega's background, learns that Ortega knew a man named Charybdis - who turns out to be the man who was Baltar's personal pilot and a co-conspirator whose sabotage of Inter-Colony Defense computer systems made possible the complete success of the Cylon attack on the Colonies. Apollo and Boomer learn that Ortega had blackmailed three men into boarding the Rising Star illegally during the Cylon attack, but the only way to smoke out the real traitor is to get the cooperation of Baltar, who proves to be the unlikeliest of heroes in saving Apollo and Starbuck.

Greetings from Earth

Apollo and Starbuck come across a vessel they think may have come from Earth and take it aboard the Galactica. On board are two adults and four children in a state of suspended animation. Adama disagrees with the Council of Twelve about opening the sleeping chambers, for that may mean endangering the humans within. When the adult male, Michael, wakes up, he finds it difficult to breath the air on board the Galactica. Apollo, Starbuck and Cassiopea decide to escort the Lunar Shuttle Avion to its destination, hoping to find out if the travelers home, Terra, may be related to the planet Earth.

Baltar's Escape

With all of their enemies seemingly defeated, the Counsil of Twelve proposes to revoke the martial law that has been in effect since the destruction of the Colonies and give Commander Adama a permanent Council envoy, Siress Tinia. Meanwhile, Baltar plans his escape from the prison barge by enlisting the help of the Borelian Nomen and Commandant Leiter's enforcers.

Experiment in Terra

The mysterious Ship of Lights reappears, hijacks Apollo and his viper in space and sends him on a quest to save the planet Terra during peace negotiations with the Eastern Alliance. One of the beings of light takes human form to guide Apollo, and makes him take on the appearance of a missing Terran named Charlie.

Take the Celestra

During a celebration honoring Commander Kronus, Starbuck recognizes an old flame of his, Aurora and breaks off a date with Cassiopeia to follow his lost love to the Celestra. On their arrival, Starbuck and Apollo find themselves in the midst of a mutiny.

The Hand of God

On a night off, Apollo takes Starbuck, Cassiopeia, and Sheba to one of the least-explored areas of the Galactica - the last of the ancient battlestar's astro-navigational domes, an area Apollo has been repairing in his spare time as relaxation and as an outlet for his passion for deep-star exploration. The dome's scanner is set for long-range communication, and to their surprise they receive a signal, an image of an ancient spacecraft similar to what the Colonies once flew. After showing the signal to Boomer and Commander Adama, they are sent on a long-range Viper patrol to a distant solar system on the transmission's line - and to their horror they discover a Cylon base star orbiting one of the system's planets in its search for the Colonial Fleet. They escape to the Galactica undetected, and Adama considers avoiding the system, but then decides that he's tired of running and begins preparation to attack the base star. Apollo recommends infiltrating the base star to cripple its centralized command chamber before the Galactica attacks, and to their surprise Adama is able to secure information from Baltar, who is allowed to barter knowledge of the Cylons in exchange for freedom, Adama willing to risk that Baltar will also see eventual rescue by the Cylons. The Galactica thus begins its most important mission yet as battle is joined between the ancient battlestar and her Viper fleet against the stronger Cylon raider phalanx of the base star.

Laurette Spang als Cassiopeia

Autor - February 8, 2009

Laurette Spang als Cassiopeia
Laurette Spang in der Rolle der Cassiopeia. Ursprünglich nur für den Pilotfilm gecastet, sollte sie auf Carillon von den Ovionen getötet werden. Das Drehbuch wurde jedoch noch umgeschrieben und sie bekam eine Hauptrolle in der Serie. Ihr ursprünglicher Beruf Soziolatrice Zwinker passte dann aber nicht mehr so ganz zu der Rolle und man machte eine Krankenschwester aus ihr.

Laurette Spang hatte viele Gastauftritte in Serien wie Notruf California, Die Strassen von San Francisco, 3 Engel für Charlie, Love Boat, Magnum und Ein Duke kommt selten allein.

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