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1986 - 1990

Number of episodes:
102 Episodes in 4 Seasons

A furry alien wiseguy comes to live with a terran family after crashing into their garage.

Bill Daily - Larry in ALF
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Bill Daily als Major Roger Healey bei Bezaubernde Jeannie
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as Larry

4 Episodes (1987-1989)

from Episode: 1.20 - Going Out of My Head Over You

Born August 30, 1927
in Des Moines, Iowa

Staffel 1 - Alle Folgen mit Bill Daily

Dr. Lawrence 'Larry' Dykstra

Going Out of My Head Over You

Brian has to lie to his friend who wants to come for a sleepover that the Tanner's basement is flooded, because ALF must be kept secret. Willie then tries to explain to Brian that lying is always wrong even though Brian has to keep lying because of ALF. Lying to the Ochmonecks is also tiring Willie, not to mention having to put up with ALF's antics. Kate suggests Willie talk to Larry, a therapist they know. Of course, Willie has to prove that ALF exists and is not his hallucination, which means that Larry and ALF meet.

Staffel 2 - Alle Folgen mit Bill Daily

I'm Your Puppet

Gordon (A.L.F.) tries ventriloquism. The attitude of his new "friend", Paul the dummy, turns contentious - then things get weird.

We Are Family

A dejected Gordon (A.L.F.) wants to expose his existence to the world. Willie has an idea to help him through the crisis.

Staffel 4 - Alle Folgen mit Bill Daily

Mind Games

With ALF feeling bored and useless, Larry advises the Tanners to ask for his opinion on their problems and make him feel more important. However, this plan backfires when ALF decides that he wants to become a shrink and starts to analyze everything they say and do.

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