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Mission: Impossible

Kobra übernehmen sie

Mission: Impossible

1966 - 1973

Anzahl Folgen:
171 Episoden in 7 Staffeln


Steve Franken - Akim Hadramut bei Kobra übernehmen sie
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†  24.08.2012

als Akim Hadramut

2 Episoden (1967)

ab Episode: 2.05 - Die Sklavenhaendler, Teil 1

Geboren am 27.05.1932
in Brooklyn, New York, USA

Steve Franken starb am 24.08.2012 in Canoga Park, Los Angeles, Kalifornien, USA , im Alter von 80 Jahren an Krebs

Staffel 2 - Alle Folgen mit Steve Franken

Die Sklavenhaendler, Teil 1

The Impossible Missions Force takes on the absolute ruler of a Middle East nation who is running a secret slave market. Barney poses as a slave, part of an effort to construct a replica of the slave cells, before escaping. Phelps poses as a slave trader and Rollin as an Interpol investigator. Finally, Cinnamon will be the bait for the trap. The ruler of the country has a brother who married a British wife, Amara. The brother, if he assumed power, would abolish slavery in the country -- but he has accepted assurances that slavery doesn't exist there. As part of the plan, Willy abducts Amara and she is put in the IMF replica of the slave cell.

Die Sklavenhaendler, Teil 2

Phelps & Co. continue their plan to smash the renegade slavery operation of the absolute ruler of a Middle Eastern nation. Phelps, posing as a slave trader, works his way into the confidence of the ruler. In that role, Phelps "sells" Cinnamon into slavery. Meanwhile, the rest of the IMF team is preparing to pull a switch that will force the ruler's brother to confront the situation and force the end of slavery in his nation.

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