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Mitch Pileggi als Steven Caldwell bei Stargate Atlantis
Image: Mitch Pileggi as Steven Caldwell in Stargate Atlantis

Mitch Pileggi67

Birth Name:
Mitchell Craig Pileggi

Born April 5, 1952
in Portland, Oregon, USA

Mitch Pileggi - Bio

Mitchell Craig "Mitch" Pileggi (born April 5, 1952) is an American actor. Pileggi is known for playing FBI assistant director Walter Skinner on the long-running popular series The X-Files. He also had a recurring role on Stargate Atlantis as Col. Steven Caldwell. He appeared in the 2008 film, Flash of Genius.

Mitch Pileggi - Spouses

Arlene Warren


Married with Mitch Pileggi from 1997 to

Birth Name:
Arlene Rempel

Born December 30, 1966

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