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Keye Luke als Master Po bei Kung Fu
Image: Keye Luke as Master Po in Kung Fu

Keye Luke†  January 12, 1991

Born June 18, 1904
in Guangzhou, China

Keye Luke died January 12, 1991 in Whittier, California, USA, passing away at the age of 86

Keye Luke - Bio

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Keye Luke (Chinese: 陸錫麒, Cantonese: Luk Shek Kee; June 18, 1904 – January 12, 1991) was a Chinese-American actor. He was known for playing Lee Chan, the "Number One Son" in the Charlie Chan films, the original Kato in the 1939–1941 Green Hornet film serials, Brak in the 1960s Space Ghost cartoons, Master Po in the television series Kung Fu, and Mr. Wing in the Gremlins films. He was the first Chinese-American contract player signed by RKO, Universal Pictures and Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer and was one of the most prominent Asian actors of American cinema in the mid-twentieth century.

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