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Allround Database for my favorite Music, TV-Series, Movies, Games, Concerts, Events and more…

Concerts and Music

All personally attended Concerts since 1991 , with Images and Information about the Lineup and the Setlist. My favorite Bands, their Albums and Songs can be found in the Category "Music".

Movies and TV Shows

From my children and youth program of the 70s and 80s, to my today's favorite Series and Films. Includes Episode Guides as well as lots of Information and Pictures about the Actors and the Crew.


It all started with "Leisure Suit Larry", my first EGA-Adventure-Game with an english Textparser. This List contains all my favorite old-school Games as well as my todays favorite Games.


All about my favorite Musicians, as well as about the Actors, Writers, Directors and Crews of my favorite Movies and TV Series