The Rolling Stones Live - St. Jakobsstadion Basel 30.7.1995

The Rolling Stones - Basel St. Jakobsstadion - 30.07.1995
Bild: Keith Richards - The Rolling Stones - Basel St. Jakobsstadion - 30.07.1995

The Rolling Stones Live

The Rolling Stones


St. Jakobsstadion Basel

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Ein Fan schrieb damals: During the Black Crowes set we got Chuck Leavell sitting in on one of the songs. They finished by 8:30. The stage was prepared fast, and The Stones were on by 9:10. On Angie and Shine A Light Andy Snitzer joined in on Keyboards. Normally he plays saxophone. The Black Crowes keyboard player joined in with Chuck on keyboards during Start Me Up, just like yesterday. We got Shine A Light for the first time ever on a big stadium. A great concert and a great crowd tonight.

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Rolling Stones
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Rolling Stones
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