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Late Home Tonight, Part I
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Late Home Tonight, Part I
Geschrieben wurde Late Home Tonight, Part I von Roger Waters
Standing at the window
A farmer's wife in Oxfordshire
Glances at the clock it's nearly time for tea
She doesn't see
The phantom in the hedgerow dip its wings
Doesn't hear the engine sing
But in the cockpit's techno glow
Behind the Ray Ban shine
The kid from Cleveland
In the comfort of routine
Scans his dials and smiles
Secure in the beauty of military life
There is no right or wrong
Only tin cans and cordite and white cliffs
And blue skies and flight flight flight
The beauty of military life
No questions only orders and flight only flight
What a beautiful sight in his wild blue dream
The eternal child leafs through his
War magazine
And his kind Uncle Sam feeds ten trillion in
Change into the total entertainment
Combat video game
And up here in the stands
The fans are goin' wild
The cheerleaders flip
When you wiggle your hip
And we all like the bit when you take
The jeans from the refrigerator and
Then the bad guy gets hit
And were you struck by the satisfying
Way the swimsuit sticks to her skin
Like BB gun days
When knives pierce autumn leaves
But that's okay see the children bleed
It'll look great on the TV
And in Tripoli another ordinary wife
Stares at the dripping her old man hadn't
Time to fix
Too busy mixing politics and rhythm
In the street below

Late Home Tonight, Part I - Infos zum Song

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What do the Arabic words in 'Late Home Tonight' mean?

Translation courtesy of Fady Alajaji:

Some of the phrases were really hard to grasp because they were being spoken very quickly in the background of the high tempo beating drums. Anyway, I tried my best and here is the translation (although not very accurate) of what I could grasp.

At the end of the song, while Roger is singing the following:

"And in Tripoli, another ordinary the street below"

A woman is shouting in the background in egyptian arabic. Apparently she is complaining to her husband and blaiming him for her sufferings. Here words run as follows:

"....And then what! Why don't you ever help me? You leave me at home all the time and go join your fat friends in your endless useless discussions..."

"I work for you and your family from dawn to dusk, and you don't give a damn!"

"I badly need to rest, I just wish the devil's angel will soon come and take me with him!"
Then the beating drums start, and here everthing is very chaotic. There are different voices in the background. I was able to distinguish a TV (or radio) commentator talking (but I can't get what he's saying) and at the same time there is a crowd shouting slogans in arabic. I could not grasp all their words. This is what I could get:

" great; God is great...."
"Death, Death, death to the ... (imperialists?)..."

I am not sure if the last word is "imperialists." Anyway, you get the meaning. I think it's kind of a demonstration of fundamentalist muslims. However, I'm not really sure.
At the end of the beating drums, right before the missle explosion, the voice of the TV commentator becomes more clear, and he says the following:

"....his days are rarely spent at for her, she stays alone, she stays alone at home... while all the men are out gathered at the square, she's left to loneliness and (oblivion?) ......."

That's it folks. I want to point out that this translation is not completely accurate, and it's not completely word by word. Arabic cannot be translated word by word into English because it won't make any sense. However, overall I think the translation is 90% accurate.

By the way, I think Roger got these arabic phrases from an Egyptian movie and mixed them into his song. I am certain the Arabic is Egyptian Arabic and not Lybian Arabic as it was meant to be; since this song is supposed to be about the bombing of the Lybian capital, Tripoli.

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