It's a Miracle - Roger Waters Songtext

It's a Miracle
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It's a Miracle
Geschrieben wurde It's a Miracle von Roger Waters
Miraculous you call it babe
You ain't seen nothing yet
They've got Pepsi in the Andes
McDonalds in Tibet
Yosemite's been turned into
A golf course for the Japs
The Dead Sea is alive with rap
Between the Tigris and Euphrates
There's a leisure centre now
They've got all kinds of sports
They've got Bermuda shorts
They had sex in Pennsylvania
A Brazilian grew a tree
A doctor in Manhattan
Saved a dying man for free

It's a miracle
Another Miracle
By the grace of God Almighty
And the pressures of the marketplace
The human race has civilized itself
It's a miracle

We've got warehouses of butter
We've got oceans of wine
We've got famine when we need it
Got designer crime
We've got Mercedes
We've got Porsche
Ferrari and Rolls Royce
We've got choice
She said meet me
In the Garden of Gethsemene my dear
The Lord said Peter I can see
Your house from here
An honest (family) man
Finally reaped what he had sown
A farmer in Ohio has just repaid a loan

It's a miracle
By the grace of God Almighty
And the pressures of the marketplace
The human race has civilized itself
It's a miracle

We cower in our shelters
With our hands over our ears
Lloyd-Webber's awful stuff 3468
Runs for years and years and years
An earthquake hits the theatre
But the operetta lingers
Then the piano lid comes down
And breaks his fucking fingers
It's a miracle

Man1: Sergeant, gimme the flashlight!
Sergeant: We'll only be left with nothing but that oil lamp!
Man1: You don't need it, I need all the help I can get out there!
Now let me have it!

*switch TV channel*

Woman: I've had a ball!
Woman: Oh! My eyes!

Andrew Lloyd Webber's awful stuff

geschrieben von am 06.06.2006
in der Rubrik It's a Miracle

Waters ist absolut kein Fan von Andrew Lloyd Webber und dessen Musik. Waters scheut sich nicht, dies in der Öffentlichkeit auch Kund zu tun.

Zudem wirft Waters Webber vor, die Eröffnungstöne zur "Ouverture" vom "Phantom der Oper" geklaut zu haben.

Die Tonfolge des Intros zur "Overture" ist C# C B Bb A C#. Diese Tonfolge ähnelt stark dem Teil in Echoes von 6.06 to 6.16.

Allerdings scheint dies eine durchaus gängige Lautfolge zu sein.

Roger Waters auf CD & DVD ist meiner Meinung nach der beste, schnellste und meist auch günstigste Onlineshop Europas.

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